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Siya Ke Ram 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parshuram seeing Sita as a Devi. He says I did not come to harm your dad, your dad is a great man, who works for his Praja and benefits them, you can keep the Dhanush. Sita keeps the Dhanush. She touches Parshuram’s feet and he blesses her. Sunaina takes his blessings too. Sita goes to her sisters and leaves with them.

At Ayodhya palace, Kaikeyi comes to Dasharath’s Kaksh. He says you look very good in warrior’s costume. She asks why did you not tell me about that promise, to make Bharat your heir. He says it means Yudhjeet provokes you, I understood his intention was to tell this instead of getting horses. She asks did Yudhjeet say right. He says I will answer you later, I have to talk to Yudhjeet first. He leaves.

Parshuram tells Janak that Sita is not

an ordinary girl. He keeps his weapon near the Dhanush and sits praying to Lord. He says your daughter’s future is linked with this Dhanush. He takes his weapon back and tells Janak that this Dhanush will decide who will be suitable groom for Sita. Janak says this Dhanush, but how? Parshuram breaks the thread of the Dhanush. He says that person will join this thread, he will be Sita’s groom, only that person will be able to do this who will be Sita’s husband in every birth. He says I have done Shiv Darshan and now I would like to leave. He blesses Janak and Sunaina and leaves.

Yudhjeet says I feel lucky seeing you both welcome me. Kaushalya says we get glad, we don’t have brothers, our sons call you Mama as well. Sumitra asks him to start eating food. Dasharath comes there and says I want to talk to him. Kaushalya says let him have food. Dasharath requests everyone to go out. Kaushalya and Sumitra leave with the Daasi.

Dasharath asks Yudhjeet why did you tell Kaikeyi. Yuhdjeet says its related to my sister and nephew. Dasharath says Bharat is my son first, relations will change if this promise matter goes on, tell your dad Rashtrpati that only deserving son will become my heir, and that’s Ram, the promise did not get fulfilled as the conditions did not meet, I won’t bear any interference. Yuhdjeet greets him and leaves. He sees Kaikeyi outside. Kaikeyi cries and tries to talk to him. Yudhjeet angrily leaves.

Kaikeyi goes to Dasharath. The sons ask Dasharath about Yudhjeet. Dasharath asks them to sit and dine together with him. Kaikeyi goes to her Kaksh and recalls Yudhjeet’s words. Dasharath comes to her and asks why is darkness here. Kaikeyi says some truth should be known in dark. He says he is not afraid of light. She asks how can he say this when he has… He asks what. She says you have hurt my trust. He says don’t talk in your dad and brother’s language. She says but its truth, you promised my dad that my son will become your heir, you have hidden this from me till now, and you are not keeping it. He says you are blaming a Raghuvanshi and my Kul for not keeping promises, we keep promises by giving life. She says you broke this tradition, you don’t have courage to accept truth, that you gave this promise.

Dasharath says yes, I gave promise to her dad, I told him if I get a son from you, he will become the heir, did you give me the son, did you fulfill the condition, you could not give me even a daughter, if I did not sacrifice Shanti, you would have not become a mother. After the Rishi did yagya, my four sons were born and I got freed of that promise, don’t forget my first son is born by Kaushalya, my Ram, it was all by my sacrifice, what did you contribute in this, how can you raise question then… She cries and asks did I not give you a child, its possible it was my fault, but you had two more wives and did not get son from them, think whether it was your fault. He asks her to be in limits. She says both should be in limits.

She says I did not imagine you would hurt me to prove your words right, Kaushalya and Sumitra would have been hurt if they heard you, did you think just woman is responsible for the child, did you think this when you married me, I loved you and gave my life to you, I made your happiness the aim of my life, was it for this day when you hurt me, you feel I did not contribute anything. He says you made me helpless to say this, my elder son Ram will become my heir, as Ram is the most deserving and capable. He says sometimes. Its necessary to see by other’s perspective. He leaves. Kaikeyi cries. Guru Vashisht concentrated and feels something. Sumitra heard everything and cries. Guru Vashisht looks at the storm over Ayodhya. He says something happened which shouldn’t have, I have to do Ayodhya.

Sita asks Kargi to become a teacher in Maharishi’s place. Kargi says Maharishi will not agree. Kaikeyi is angered at Dasharath.

Update Credit to: Amena

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