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Siya Ke Ram 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram asking Laxman to open his eyes, you never went against my command, I m asking you to open eyes, what will I answer Matas and Sita, you are my brother. Ram cries and says we have to free Sita, we have to initiate Dharm, Ram can’t do this without Laxman, Ram is nothing without Laxman, open your eyes, answer me Laxman. Everyone cry. Hanuman says there is a place in north direction, I found Laxman there, lying in dirty mud, I have seen Meghnadh going towards Lanka, it seems like Laxman and Meghadh fought, and Meghnadh used some power on him. Ram cries and says Laxman.

Meghnadh comes to Rajya Sabha with Laxman’s blood stained cloth. Raavan smiles and says human’s blood, does this mean the same which I m thinking. Meghnadh says its Laxman’s blood. Raavan asks about

Ram. Meghnadh says I will kill him. Raavan says why did you not kill Ram, you should have killed both of them and returned. Meghnadh says sorry, but Ram’s blood stained clothes will also be in your feet soon.

Raavan says you said right, Ram should get chance to cry and mourn for his brother’s death, he should know the pain and sorrow of losing a brother. Ram cleans Laxman’s body. Vaid ji comes. Ram asks him to see what happened to Laxman. Vaid ji checks Laxman and says Laxman has been attacked by thunder bolt, blood circulation stopped in his body, and his naval got stiff, his body is not functioning, don’t worry, I will do all possible things for his treatment. She asks Sugreev to make the herbal paste soon. Sugreev rushes.

Vishravas comes with Mandodari. Raavan says Devtas are free of sorrow and pain, but Ram is Vishnu’s human avatar, so he will feel sorrow and pain, even Sita should feel sorrow and pain like Mandodari felt sorrow for losing her sons. He asks Vishravas about his belief on Vishnu, when Vishnu dies tomorrow, you will pray to Lankesh. He asks Vishravas will he pray to him or not, there will be one name in entire world, that’s Lankapati Raavan. He shouts Brahmadev, you all cheated me, the time for revenge has come, I will capture all Devtas and make them my servants. Vishravas says this is not sign of victory, this is echo of Raavan and Lanka’s destruction. Raavan laughs.

Ram applies the lep to Laxman’s wounds. Hanuman asks will Laxman get fine. Vaid ji says these herbs will affect him, but if this fails, I don’t have any other herbs to save his life.

Ram says Laxman, you did not do any work without my permission, then why did you go to fight with Meghnadh today without my permission, open your eyes, your Ram Bhaiya is calling you. Everyone cry. Sita sits praying. Raavan throws the blood stained cloth in her lap. She thinks blood stained cloth, is it…. no this is impossible. Raavan says its your Devar’s blood. She asks what happened to my Laxman.

He says what happens with everyone in war, death, my brave son Meghnadh has killed Laxman. He laughs and says if you don’t accept this thinking as cheat, your Devar won’t get soul peace, I wanted to give you both Sanyasis’ death together, but I wanted to see Laxman’s death sorrow on your and Ram’s face, you feel sorrow now, like I felt on Kumbhkaran’s death, like Mandodari cried for her son Akshay’s death, the more you cry, I will get satisfaction. She says killing Laxman is impossible, he can’t die. She cries. He says now I get fun in this war, I wanted to see your tears, you are crying here and Ram is crying for Laxman there, Meghnadh did not kill Laxman, your adamancy has killed Laxman, I explained you to put varmala in my neck, but you did not agree, be ready now, even Ram has to face punishment for your mistake, Ram will also die. He laughs and leaves.

Mandodari tells Mayasura that Raavan has always done what he wanted, i have dedicated all my life to him, what is the result of this, Raavan has got cursed by his sins and Adharm, and all Devtas got against his Adharm. Vishnu has to come on earth in human avatar, Vishnu is standing in war ground infront of Lankesh. She cries and says I can see Kaal’s shadow in Lanka, I feel everyone is going towards death. She asks him to say what shall I do, I failed as daughter, wife and mother, I have lost by bearing Lankesh’s sins. He hugs her and says even I m shocked, Lankesh is mahagyaani and he is not understanding this, he can change his fate just by his deeds.

Trijata goes to Sita and says its true, Laxman got killed. Sita cries. Trijata says but this is also true, that Meghnadh killed him by cheat, not bravery. Sita wipes her tears. She says Laxman can’t leave Ram in war alone, he will not go leaving me in Lankesh’s clutches.

Vaid ji says herb is not affecting. Laxman’s life is in danger, by this herb, his body will have life for some time, but his death is close. Ram asks is there no other use of this herb. Vibhishan tells Ram that he does not know Meghnadh’s powers, Meghnadh has Asur and tantric powers. He sadly says I don’t know the cure for wounds done by such Asur powers.

Sita cries and prays to Mata Gauri for protecting all of them in this tough time, show some way to protect Laxman’s life. Trijata tells Sita that she knows some secret matter, which just Meghnadh knows, he gets his power by doing Tapasya, he used the powers first on him. Sita asks how does he save himself from the powers. Trijata tells about someone, and Meghnadh saves himself by his curing herbs. Sita says this is imp info, we should inform this to Ram, just you can do this work. Trijata says yes, I will surely do this.

Vaid ji says Laxman’s life can come back in his body by that herb. Ram tells Hanuman that just he can save Laxman’s life now. Hanuman flies off. A huge snake tells Hanuman that he will kill those Sanyasis.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Poor ram felt very sad fr him ….. angry on meghnad and ravan ….. he doesn’t realize that his death is near ….. and meghnad too

    1. ram abh uske bhratya dharm ka palaan karnenge……….

      1. aur hanuman uske bhakti ka dharm ka palaan karenge……………….

  2. SOO emotional episode , I felt like crying seeing ram and sita cry .

  3. plz show urmila,she was feeling restless in sleep,when he was hurt by shakti

    1. i was also thinking dat they should show urmila now…..lakshmila wanted

  4. plz show bharat also meeting hauman

    1. really ???????????/ where will he meet hanuman bhaiya ??????????????

      1. Padmaja

        Ya dear when hanuman flies lifting mountain he was hit by bharat as he felt he was a demon… so hanuman will fell down and he introduces himself as ram bhakth… after hearing dis bharat felt very sorry and hanuman will inform about lakshman’s condition… and he will leave from there…

      2. When sita,ram are coming to ayodhya by devraj indras akash rath then sita wants to meet with Tara,some,anjani all the vanar women’s.then ram tells hanuman before there reaching hanuman should go to Bharat in ayodhya and know the news to them of their coming.then hanuman meets Bharat.

  5. Akshay Kumar

    what utter bullshit what a load of nonsense what a piece of crap total rubbish

  6. Malvi

    Really overwhelming episode. None like Lakshman. I thought Sita will remember Urmila gearing Lakku’s death!! But that’s OK. Ram’s acting was chanceless!! Patha nahi which god manufactured Ashish sharma !! But I’m sure he is not born he is made !! “MADE IN HEAVEN”! ? waiting fr further episodes and I’m sure about one think that skr will not end in september. Don’t worry guys !

    1. haahahahahahahaahhahah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ITS ABSOLUTELY TRUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ASHISH SHARMA IS MADE IN HEAVEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      HOW MANY OF YOU THINK SO ??????????????????????

      1. Padmaja

        Ha ha ha… hmmm u both r crrct…. and i also think dat only…. and ashish was faboulous in his role…

    2. u r right malvi , ashish sharma’s acting is always superb

  7. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    Supr epi…waiting eagrly fr tomorrow’s epi as dis s an imp part Ramayana…

    1. Padmaja

      Ya u r crct dis is an imp part in ramayana… eagerly waiting for tmrw epii…

  8. . eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. me too waiting excitedly…………….

  9. emotional epi……………… too felt like crying

  10. Priya15

    Hey guys ….

    I saw epi fully after one week and u people made me cry.. That’s not done CVS… Anyways it was an emotional epi.. I m missing urmila alot… Guys Is Yukti busy in BALIKA VADU??

    Pls reply….

    1. no priya di , balika vadhu is over now , so I think yukti will be coming back to skr

      1. Priya15

        Hi dear how r u??.. Ya just hope so…

    2. Padmaja

      Hi dear ya it was an emotional epi… and sry i don’t know about yukti dear… but i miss her verrrrryy much…

      1. Priya15

        Hey no sry yar…. Even I miss her badly..

    3. Valika badhu ends many day before.And there yukti kapoor carecture is also no more important or heavy long.
      And when ram was telling in today’s epi that what he will be answer to matas and Sita I think he also should tell that what he will reply

      1. Priya15

        Oh okay di… Ya he should have mentioned urmila too

  11. Very emotional episode. Feeling sad for all of them. Do raavan know that lakshman is the incarnation of sheshnaag? I was not knowing that trijata suggested for Vaidya sushen. Now hanuman bring sanjeevni booti. I heard that an asur became rishi and sent hanuman in a pond of crocodile but never heard of this huge snake. Hope they will show Bharat and ayodhya scene when hanuman was hit by Bharat while he was returning with sanjeevni booti.

    1. Padmaja

      ya i also have heard dat he was stoped by a asur disguised as rishi… and the crocodile will get mukthi in the hand of hanuman

  12. Ashish Sharma chants ‘Shakti mantra’ on TV sets

    Actor Ashish Sharma, who essays Ram in popular mythological show “Siya Ke Ram”, says he chants the ‘Shakti mantra’ before shooting action sequences for the TV show.

    The Star Plus show is currently witnessing the war track between Ram and Raavan. It requires Ashish to perform some intensive fight scenes, and the actor says he gets inner strength by chanting the mantra.

    “I have been working out since two months for the perfect physique required for the war sequence. But it is not only about physical strength, it is also about the mental strength.”

    “Lord Ram used to perform ‘Shakti puja’ and that gave him inner peace and strength. I have been chanting the mantra every morning for a strong mental built after which I do my regular workout,” Ashish said in a statement.


    2. Padmaja

      Wow his hardwork has earned him dis name….

  13. Nita D

    No reply to my comment in the previous episode?? I know i haven’t commented since long so i guess i m not welcomed here anymore…

    Today’s episode was better than yesterday. And a very emotional episode as well….whether it be Ram, Sita or even Mandodari’s dialogues….n as i mentioned in the previous episode’s comment, i hope they show Hanuman-Bharat milan….

    1. Nita D

      Goodbye friends….i will come back on last episode as my darling sis WW u have requested for it….

    2. Padmaja

      Sorry dii.. pls don’t think like dat…. pls don’t think like dat dii… and u r welcomed always… and as u told u try to cmnt in the last epi dii

    3. Nita di please angry on us.actually I don’t undetstand why comments are decreasing day by day.I think many of us loss enthuasim to comment and became a silent reader of this page .please back guys.
      And the qn of forgeting you we don’t forget you ever.please I tell sorry to you on behalf of the full skr team.

    4. Priya15

      Hii di.. How r u?? R u angry at me??? Actually I m watching skr nowadays bcoz of workload.. So I couldn’t even visit tu for along time nowadays.. I didn’t visit strdy page…. So I didn’t saw ur cmnt.. If I would have saw I would have replied u.. Pls don’t think like that di.. U r my di.. Plsss….. I visited tdy bcoz I watched tdy epi… Pls don’t get angry sissy.. Hope u l not leave us alone…. Pls reply if u see this..

    5. Vanshika

      Nita dii m sooo diet dint see ur comment ??????? pls pls don’t don’t leave this site ??? pls don’t b angry sissy ?? no one has forgotten you. I think they may haven’t seen your comment . I say sorry from behalf of all sisters and family ?. Pls don’t stop commenting. Love u ?

    6. Thanmathi

      Di please don’t think u r no more needed this is your family Di actually our family are u angry on us I’m sorry on behalf of our entire family if u r angry

  14. I agree Urmila and Laxshman are linked she should have restlessness in her sleep

  15. guys pls visit yesterday’s pg………….. i hv something for u all……………….

    1. Padmaja

      Ya dear saw it and happy friendship to u and u r crct dat no belated wishes friends r always special…




  19. Padmaja

    Ohhh very emotional epi…. It made me cry….. And ashish acting was superb….. And urmila should feel restless now when lakshman was unconscious…. And want to see the scene of hanuman and Bharath Milan..

    1. Vanshika

      Yes diiii wish to see urmi soon..

  20. Padmaja

    @vanshu hey how can we forget u dear… hope u r fine now…. and pls take care of urself dear…

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx for not forgetting me ?? yes dii I’ll take Care n get well soon n come back bouncing merrily ? ?

  21. @vanshika,malvi,vaidehi and sudesna

  22. @Anshya
    Welcome to our skr family sis.we hope that you will enjoy the remaining beautiful journey of skr with us cheerfully. ???

    1. hi di , I am belle from class 9 and I am from tn . I am a new member here . nice meeting u

  23. Emotional epi

    1. yes stuti really emotional episode

  24. I am watching this serial very keenly and regularly. If i miss the show on TV then i must watch it on computer.It is supposed that Ram and Luxman are wise people then why he left alone to fight Meganath,a man full of evil and demon powers,. This show was broadcast earlier seven days a week then to accomodate another show it was limited to 5 days a week. I hope the organizer should reconsider to air it whole week.

    1. Vanshika

      You’re right. Skr should be aired whole week

  25. have not watched the episodes for so long, 🙁 only have to rely on teleupdates. Yesterday I was watching Jan’s episodes, where sita prepares ram for vanabas, it was so touchy. 🙁 really hope that siya ke ram extends.

  26. Anushya

    hey everyone, thanks for the warm welcome and vaidehi, im really sorry but i can only tell you that im 13 years old (class 8)…. anyways it was an amazing episode…so emotional

    1. Vanshika

      Hi anushya I’m also in class 8 13 years old ??? welcome here.. Have a nice time. Your dp is awesome. Love you ?

    2. hi anushya I am from class 9 . welcome here . have a nice time

    3. Padmaja

      Hi anushya happy to welcome u… and iam in class 11.. iam sure u will enjoy here☺☺

    4. Priya15

      Hi anushya… Welcome to our family my Lil sis… Don’t worry dear we can understand.. No need to say if u don’t want to.. We l not take it wrong.. As u r our cutie.. Once again welcome to our family…

    5. Anushya

      Thanks all of you…. I heard skr will be going off air in September…. is it true?

      1. Vanshika

        No no cutie pie.. Foolish ppl have spread these rumours so chill dear ?? this news has been confirmed as a rumour by madirakshi dii. So don’t worry ?
        N no thnx r allowed been friends ?

  27. nice epi

  28. Swastika

    Hey nabanita di than and also a very very happy friendship day to all my skr members …. Love u all ..from swastika aka Sudeshna…very very emotional episode and ya hashish sir is a great man he is really made to play the role of shri ram .. Very much excited for today’s episode

    1. belated happy friendshipday swastika

    2. Padmaja

      Hi swastika…. ur dp is awesome dear…. and belated happy friendship day…

  29. Swastika

    How is my new dp guys and anushya a very warm welcome to our sweetest skr family.. I am swastika from Jamshedpur, jharkhand….. U will have a very nice time here

    1. ur dp is too good dear

  30. Vanshika

    Really emotional episode…

  31. Vanshika

    Hey guys I hope you’ve not forgotten me ??? actually m really unwell sooo dint comment from 1 week,.. Happy belated friendship day to all my friends you matter alot toooooo me …. Love you ?

    1. belated happy friendship day vanshu dear .

      1. Vanshika

        Same to you dii ?

    2. Priya15

      Hii vanshu.. Hey sweetie how can I forget u??!.. Take care dear.. Belated happy friendship day dear..

      1. Vanshika

        Happy friendship day dear dii ? thnx fr not forgetting me ?

    3. how can we forget u dear ? take care of ur health

      1. Lakshmila

        Vanshu dearie take care sweetie

  32. Priya15

    Hii.. How r u all?? Hope u all r good.. Hare yar.. Mera toh jaan jaa raha hai schl Mei.. We r having sports day on Aug 11th students should take responsibility…March fast, choreography. And songs setting sab kuch.. Even though it’s amazing to enjoy with frns… Hands and legs r paining.. We can’t even get some time to sit….

    Actually I m really proud of JAY di, NABA di, NITA DI and all others who had completed 12th as they would have gone through these things.. I mean we feel that 11th std students r enjoying their life by bunking classes but wt works they do for all functions and events in schl that’s really difficult.. We l know when we do that only.. SALUTE TO YOU MY SISTERS…

    1. Vanshika

      Same here dii!!!! Meri bhi jaan jaa rahi h. Actually our school is till class 8th. So being senior students v hv to take care of function on Saturday (for independence day) and 17th August (for Raksha bandhan) really tiring. N moreover I’m ill also. Really hectic . That’s y not getting a single minute fr commenting here

      1. Priya15

        Can understand dear… Now they r asking me to come for compering…. Don’t know wt to do.. I m n March fast having pain in shoulders.. And now have to go for final round in selection for compering. Hope for the best…

    2. don’t worry di , I am sure u will manage everything well . u will definitely get selected in the final round of compering . our wishes and god’s blessings r wid u

      1. Priya15

        ☺☺☺i cant say tq to u dear…but keep those smilies from my side..

    3. Thanmathi

      All the best priya dearie for your final round selection

      1. Priya15

        ☺☺☺☺just pray for me tanu..

  33. But in our schl I don’t have to take the responsibility……. Nice na ????? ?

  34. Lakshmila

    Guys how is my new DP?????

    1. Lakshmila

      Hope u all watch today’s epi……. God bless us ?

    2. nice dp dear

    3. Anushya

      You dp is so sweet lakshmila Di

  35. A very warm welcome to u anushya dear sry fr late welcoming and vanshu we cannot forget u and pls take care of ur health ….. and ya can understand ur situation but I don’t have any responsibility this year …ver

  36. Anushya

    Nice to hear Vanshika…. anyone watches seethayin Raman here?

    1. Padmaja

      Ya i watch it dear..

  37. Maharani advaita

    Nice episode

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