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Siya Ke Ram 9th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram, Laxman and Sita walking in the jungle. The boulders fall down and they all see that. They get alert and move. Laxman asks Ram and Sita are they fine. Sita walks ahead and her leg gets stuck under rock. Ram tries to free her feet. Laxman warns them about more boulders falling down. Laxman and Ram try to free her feet. Ram moves her in nick of the time and saves her. Ram lifts her and they smile. He walks taking her in arms, and Sita looks at him. Ram walks barefoot, and they reach some part of the jungle. Laxman asks Ram to look there. Ram goes and looks down the cliff. Sita is in pain. Laxman says I will get some herbs.

Ram rushes to Sita and holds her feet. She asks what is he doing. He asks why did you not wear slippers, jungle way has thorns. She says even you are

not wearing slippers, then how can I wear. He says wound won’t heal if left open. She says no. He says are you hesitant to make me hold your feet as I m your husband, I did not expect this from you. She says nothing like that, I like to do my work myself, I would have stopped my sisters too, I will do the aid. He says I respect your thoughts, but by situation now, let me do the aid. He ties a cloth and does aid. They smile.

Mandvi comes to her Kaksh and gets shocked seeing Bharat in simple ordinary sanyaasi clothes. She asks whats this. He says forgive me Mandvi, I have to go. She asks why and when. He says this bhavan is hurting me like thorn, the comforts here have become curse for me, wherever I see, I just see the injustice done with Ram, I was the reason, I recall Dasharath’s death, Sita, Laxman, Urmila, Mata Kaushalya and Sumitra, and entire Praja I m reason for their sorrow. He cries. She says whatever happened, it was not his mistake, what will happen now is in his control, then why is she doing this. He says this is my repentance.

He says is this not wrong to neglect duty, you are ruining Ram’s ethics, is it right to hurt your family, you are leaving family when they need you, when just you can give them peace, would not keep Ram’s promise. He says how shall I live after realizing what happened here, how shall I agree to these changes, this state is not right for a king, this is not right for Rajya too. She says I thought you are a good thinker, and you think for others before myself, but your decision will affect entire family and coming generations, even after knowing this, why do you ….. give me one reason to believe this wrong decision as right.

He says I don’t have anything to prove my decision right, its not possible for me to fulfill all duties, the person who is not right in his eyes, how can he be right infront of other’s sight, no…. this decision is necessary for my mental balance and peace, I need your support, I could not become a good son and husband, I want to try to become a good human. She says I can’t say that I will walk with you like Sita went with Ram, see my fate, Sita has given me duty to take care of my sisters, and Matas, especially Kaikeyi. He reacts angrily and asks her not to take Kaikeyi’s name infront of him. She says I will wait for your return and they cry.

Mahadev says Bharat has placed a real brother and sevak’s example, he has proved that keeping family life, its possible to be away from desires. Parvati asks how is his behavior related to devotion. He says like Bharat got Ayodhya throne, the entire humanity will get their wishes in the form of children, richness and all luxuries according to their deeds, people forget Lord being trapped in these comforts and luxuries, some leave everything and forget everything in their devotion, Bharat will do everything being Ram’s sevak.

Laxman gets the herbs and gives to Ram for Sita’s cure. He says we should not go ahead, this place has many problems, we should remember we are not alone, we have a woman with us, so we have to careful and alert, if we were alone, we would have not been worried, but Sita is with us, we need a place for her, she took vanvaas decision for 14 years, but she is Raghukul vadhu and prestige, how will she sleep under the open sky, how will she go ahead with this wound. Sita asks Laxman does he think she is burden, she did mistake to come to van, did she become a reason of worry and discomfort for him. he says no, I was just worried. She says my intention was not to increase your worries. She asks Ram does he think same like Laxman, does he think she is burden on their vanvaas, if he keeps quiet, she will think he agrees with Laxman. Ram says I m proud of your decision, you know nature, trees and birds. You are supporting us, you are not a burden on us.

Ram says Laxman I understand your emotions, but staying at Chitrakupt is not right, its close to Ayodhya, Ayodhya’s people will come and ask us to return, we have to be away from Ayodhya to live sanyaasi life. Laxman apologizes to Sita and says I was worried seeing your wound. Ram says I will come back soon. Laxman says where is Ram going and sees Sita’s feet wounded. He asks Sita to stay here and goes to see Ram. Sita hears a kid’s cry and looks at the cliff.

Bharat says if I stay in this raj bhavan, I will lose my mental balance, I m feeling guilty, I feel like being responsible for Dasharath’s death, I decided to lead a tapasvi life and stay in a small hut. Everyone get sad and cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Could not see today’s episode but the written update indicates that the episode was very nice.

    1. Yes Bro….Episode was Superb……..Especially SIAM scenes…..

    2. yes!!! the episode was superb

  2. Picture from the sets of siya ke ram.
    Don’t think Ashish is doing it offscreen. Its rehearsal. Location: Mumbai

    1. Thanks for the pic bro

  3. Hi .I guess I am first today. Thx amena di for ur update. And today’s episode was good.and siya and ram scenes were good and poor ma sita .Bharat and mandvi scene was emotional. Today the episode was good.Sanjana ur analysis is has been a long time. I think this is the time to introduce my self. My real name is Pooja. And I am in Singapore. I am 15 years old. I am actually a south Indian and speak Tamil. Lastly I am extremely sorry if I have called anyone my senior by their name thank you.

    1. Hey Pooja,Don’t be formal dear……..Soooo u r a south Indian…..I am also ……..From Kerala……..?

      1. hey sisters it seems that WW is very much busy…where r u sis…missing u a lot…

    2. hey pooja u r in which class sis…

    3. hi pooja di and sorry to say that 2day you are not first

      sry if i hurt u

  4. Feeling sad for Mandvi now Bharat will leave her alone in the Raj bhavan

    1. Yes dear……..Soooo Emotional scenes between Mandvi & Bharat today…….

    2. yes even i am sad for mandvi.

  5. Lakshman’s respect for sita and ram siya’s love for each other is portrayed well in today’s episode

    1. Of Course dear……….SIAM is Awesome……& Lakshman is a Perfect Brother……

    2. yes it was seen clearly today

  6. Such a Superb Episode…….. SIAM is Awesome……..Bharat acting is also ???

    1. yes sis the episode was superb…

    2. hi rachu di missed you alot
      and yes siam was awesome
      and bharat (sujay sir) is a good actor

  7. I heard bharath and mandavi both will leave is tat true????

    1. Really??? I don’t know About this Priya………

    2. Shraddha Sharma

      No…. bharat leaves but live in small hut and mandvi used to go to visit him, to feed him food, etc. But she used to return back and do duties of bahu… in my eyes she and urmila was a perfect example of aadarsh bahu and wives not sita. I am not saying that what sita ji did was wrong but its was written in destiny.. but what mandvi and urmila did was also not less if not equal… as mandvi and urmila used to live like sanyasni even in rajmahal, i don’t know will they show all this or not.. but i have book related to character’s life in which they have written all the sacrifices done in ramayan.. and writer’s can twist somethings according to them but they should not do so..
      I am really sorry if iI hurt anyone’s feelings related to Ramayan…

      1. Shraddha Sharma

        Why my comment is on moderation till now??

      2. Veronica crouze

        Actually sita was right in her own place…when she decided to go with ram she didn’t know that laxman was also going… And no wife in ds world would let her husband go alone in vanvas…in urmilla’s case she knew that with laxman there were sita and ram…and in mandavi’s case bharat was staying in a stable place and he did’t need to wonder aroun and he had representives and other person with him & mandavi would go & visit him any time & got news of him…bt in sita’s case 14 years there was no possibility of getting any news of ram…so it was her duty to go wth at first she is someone’s wife,dn someone’s bahu….

    3. According to the facts available it is said that Madhavi accompanied Bharat. She lived with him in the Hut and build her bed a feet lower than him to give him respect. I am not sure what they will show but that’s what I know… Wish that helped you

    4. sorry priya di but i do not know about it

  8. Supreetha (Soups)

    Siya and Ram scenes were so sweet! 🙂

    1. yes indeed the siam scenes were sweet

  9. very nice and emotional episode!!!

    1. yes it was a nice and emotional episode

  10. Don’t know why but i didn’t like the way sita talked to lakahman…..

    I liked bgaravi scenes byt plz show shrusha also

    hyyy sisties……how are you all…..remember me right??

    1. No sita asked laxman about his thoughts in a place of his mother! A mother has a right to scold and ask anyrhing to his son right? She also did the same to laxman before ravana abduction

    2. yes di gokul krishna is right
      even i liked bhavi scenes want the cute couple shrusha scenes
      di we r f9 and hope that u r f9 too
      and yes we remember you

  11. Thanks for updating Amena di 🙂

  12. Actually priya there are 2 different opinions about it some say bavi left together and some say Mandvi stayed behind to take care of her family let see what siya me ram follows

  13. Sanjana(Sara)

    Nice episode. Missed urmila today. Ramsiya scene was nice.
    Hi all. How r u?
    Welcome to all new comers.

    1. yes sara di it was a good epiosde
      even i missed urmilla
      and yes ram siya scenes were nice

      hi. i am f9 and hope u r f9 too

      1. Sanjana(Sara)

        Hi iqura, i am fine.

    2. Hi Sara.. how are you dear..? and ya missed urmila..

      1. Sanjana(Sara)

        Hi di, i am fine how r u di ?

  14. Vanshu ? ? ? ? ? (vanshikha)

    Hi ? am new plz welcome me, I m in class 8 n perhaps d smallest here
    Good epi

    1. hi vanshu welcome to siya ke ram fanclub
      don’t worry u r not the smallest even i’m in 8th class

      and yes it was a good episdode

      1. sorry i forgot to introduce myself
        i am iqura
        i am in class 8th just like u
        i am 12 years old
        i live in indore (madhya pradesh)

    2. Hi vanshu.. welcome to our skr family dear.. don’t worry u r not the smallest there is someone in 7th standard..

    3. Supreetha (Soups)

      Welcome dear Vanshu to our happy family 🙂

    4. Sanjana(Sara)

      Hi di, welcome to skr family. I am sanjana from bangladesh. I am in class 7. I am 13 years. May i know where r u from and whats your age di if not personal..?

    5. hi Vanshu!!!! even I m from 8th class. May I ask from where are you if not too personal??

  15. Vanshu ? ? ? ? ? (vanshikha)

    I m gr8 fan of skr bt mssed d epi ??

    1. everyone in this skr family is a grt fan of siya ke ram
      its ok if u missed the epi you can see it on hotstar
      or at the repeat telecast at 2:30 pm

  16. the episode was good
    and sorry i was not able to comment because of studies
    i am sorry for that
    i welcome all the new comers ( sorry for late welcoming)
    and i missed all of my sisters and bro’s

    1. Sanjana(Sara)

      Hi iqura. Yes episode was very nice. Missed you a lot. But study is also important. Study well. And you dont have to be sorry to your sisters and brothers, you forgot skr family rule?

    2. Hey iqura seeing your comments after a long time… were ur exams dear????if I m not wrong you came now in 8th std right??

  17. Akanksha sharma

    Hllo 2 all almost all the old members….missing…….missing them frm the core …..even i am missing from this now a days… sooorrryy….only due 2 studies …..welcome back iqura….hw r u…

    1. Hi Akanksha.. how are you dear…? missed u and ur sweet comments.. anyway study is more important.. so study well.. dp superb..

    2. Hey dear welcome back…..

  18. Akanksha sharma

    Guyzzz anybody know where is amulya….missing her a lot…come back dear


      no di…. i dont where she is…….. but ur dp cute…… yukthi mam looks cute with the bird…….

  19. Nice epi luv ashish and mandirakshi

  20. Supreetha (Soups)

    Guys, I don’t know if you can view this but if you can, please do check my write up HARI AND HARA episodic analysis and do comment 🙂

    1. Ya di I have commented there . It’s really Amazing

  21. Nice Epi
    Superb acting
    Hats off

    1. Guys I am a girl
      Not a boy

  22. Hello guys …. i will be commenting only at evening .. cuz i hv chess & drawing class at morning… my mom is a blackmellor … oh god …. any ways… How r u all ???

    Episode ws superb…. felling sad fr mandvi …

    Welcome all the new commers … i am bhoomi .. finished my 10th board exam … going in 11 nw … i am frm nasik … plss introduce yourself… you can call me bhoomija

    Missed u sanju, brindha, rachu di, akanksha di, iquara, dia di, maithli, yahzini, skr fan, nita di, haripriya, ranaji, jai di, ww, nidhi, amulya, sita di, sruthi di, & all family members ……

    1. Hey Bhoomi….missed u too dear….. how can I forget my birthday twin??? N its gud to know at least someone remembers me…

    2. Missed you too di


      hi bhoomi…. saw ur comment in fan site at word…… actually was out of station…… missing u too………. its okay comment when ever u can……. take care……. and yes sad of mandavi n urmila……….

  23. Nice episode…

  24. hey sisters I think WW is very much busy…where r u sis…I am missing u a lot (the one who used to welcome all new comers in our family)…

  25. yes where is WW…and zara…where r u both…and happy to see akanksha sharma after so many days…welcome back sis…

  26. Just 67 comments????? What happened to this club? I just left for a few day(well actually a lot of days??. have come in 8th and suddenly there is a lot of study pressure) and where is ww di, nidhi di, zara di, sanjana di? what happened to them? why did they stop commenting?

  27. Dear shradhha
    I couldn’t help commenting on ur comment though I promised myself
    Sita did her patni dharm rightly and there were 3 other Bahus to take care of the family
    Urmila to followed patni dharm by keeping her promise
    Mandvi followed her sisters order and patni dharm too as some say she used to stay in nandigram
    Whatever it no ones sacrifice is less
    But Sita went through a lot of difficulty in her life

    1. I had contacted tellyupdates as we are not able to comment in yesterday’s update
      They said they will look into it and reply soon


    Hi all……. i m back….. actually i went out of station for 2 days….. i thought from twitter someone would have informed u guys….. its okay………

    coming to skr it rocked as usual….. i dont understand why there is no comment section for yesterday’s episode??????? TELLYUPDATES PLS CHECK IT OUT………….

    TO BAD………

    okay let me welcome all new comers….. WELCOME TO OUR SWEET SIYA KE RAM FAN CLUB AND FAMILY……….

    Telly updates pls post all my comments…..


    I welcome Sneha and Vanshu aka Vanshika to our Sweet Siya ke ram family and fan club……

    i m wellwisher from Tamilnadu, finished 10 th few days……

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  30. Dear frndz….
    After long days at hospital .. I am back to my family….
    Feeling so happy… For being a part of Skr fmly.
    Hi reshma di .. Missed u a lot….

  31. craze about skr

    yhoooooooooooo…………………yey…………………..hi everyone………………….iam back…………….i dont say that u guys forget me coz i know that u guys will not forget me ….hahaha………………………iam so happy that i had finished my exams well……………….and i want to know ur reslts dae guys………………………..

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