Siya Ke Ram 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sulochana asking Sita not to worry, I m doing this for you, so that you return to your husband Ram and get his love. She holds Sita. She asks servants to take Sita fast. They make Sita lie down on the cart. Sulochana looks at the maze and recalls Meghnadh showing the map. He asks her to enter the right door. She asks the men to come. They take Sita and walk a lot around the maze, with nothing certain to know the exit point. She recalls Meghnadh’s words, to enter a lane and walk according to the red leaves tree, then take a left from there. She says we are going right way, come, it will be sunrise soon and the maze will change itself, we have to hurry. She recalls Meghnadh asking her to walk straight after taking left. She hears the Asur Rakshasi, and says all those Rakshasi

have woke up and following us, come fast.

She worries as sunrise is going to happen….. She sees the sun rising, and turns to see the maze. She recalls Meghnadh telling about a huge wall with Lanka’s flag, by entering across the wall, she will come out of the maze. She does not see that wall and says we are lost and trapped in this maze. Mandodari signs Vibhishan and asks him. He signs no. Raavan comes to Mandodari and says great, its said that every sunrise take the darkness of every night, and gives a chance of new beginning. He sees Vibhishan there. He says my family gets busy in making plans with sunrise. Vibhishan leaves. Raavan sees Surpanakha going. He says everyone’s plans are against one person. Surpanakha asks the men to drag a cart. Raavan smiles and says I have an imp work, I will complete it and come. He leaves.

Sulochana recalls Meghnadh’s words that the way to get out of Lanka is towards eat. She says this should be north, and smiles seeing the huge wall with Lanka’s sign. Surpanakha says I will make such a woman, who is like Singhini/lioness goddess, I will get Singhini’s blood and hair of some Rakshasi. She looks at someone, and says but I want your heart, so that my Singhinika gets a heart. She kills someone.

Sulochana reaches the river and smiles. She says we have come out and sees the boat ready there. She smiles and says before Sita gets conscious/chetna, boatman should take Sita. Meghnadh comes there. Sulochana smiles seeing him. Raavan also comes there. She gets shocked. Meghnadh aims an arrow. Sita gets conscious and gets shocked seeing Meghnadh shooting. Sulochana closes her eyes. Sita shouts no. Meghnadh shoots the man. Sulochana turns and sees the man fallen. Meghnadh and Raavan walk to Sita and Sulochana. Sulochana says you said I can trust you. Meghnadh says you wanted me to cheat my father for a woman. Raavan says you did your duty Meghnadh. Sulochana says such duty, which started the end. She regrets seeing Meghnadh. Sita holds Sulochana and says end has already commenced. Raavan looks on angrily. Sita goes back to the maze.

Raavan says this maze is not required now. Meghnadh asks the reason for this thought. Raavan says Surpanakha did not do anything till now, which we expected from her, this maze was made to restrict her. Surpanakha gets a Singhini’s heart and says I will give this to fire, the fire will give me a Singhinika. She asks Agni to give her Singhinika. A Rakshasi appears there from the fire. Surpanakha smiles seeing her and says I was waiting for you since long. Singhinika asks any special reason for this wait. Surpanakha says Sita’s death. Singhinika laughs and says you killed a Singhini to get a woman killed. Surpanakha asks her not to forget who created her. Singhinika says I m thankful, but remember you have created me with Singhini’s heart and woman’s anger, I will kill Sita for your sake, but whats my benefit in this. She smiles. Surpanakha looks on.

Sita goes back to the garden. She sits and says its getting tough to bear, but I will be alive just for you. She cries. Sita falls asleep. Rakshasi Singhinika goes to her and smiles seeing her. Sita wakes up and sees her. Singhinika says your death is certain, if you agree to me, you will get less pain. She laughs and says I m sent here to kill you, such a weak helpless woman, this is like wasting my time, its my insult. She goes to Sita with a big axe. Sita closes eyes. Guards top Singhinika and gets killed. Sita sees that and worries. Mahadev and Parvati look on. Singhinika walks towards Sita. Sita moves back. Devi Parvati worries seeing this sight.

Raavan says this special Sabha is to introduce a special soldier, you all will be pleased meeting her. He calls Singhinika there. Surpanakha gets shocked and says now just my brother Kumbhkaran can help me. Kumbhkaran wakes up and says I will kill Sita.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome epi and interesting precap?
    Want ram laxman scenes soon. Waiting for that time ??

    1. yes awesome episode and even i am waiting ram and laxman scenes

  2. Nice episode. One question if sulochana didn’t know the paths of the maze then how she entered the maze? Who is this asuri created by surpnakha? Ram’s bow in the opening sequence is much better than
    what he has in the show. This is not a good maze as anyone could enter into it. This time this asuri has entered without any difficulty. I have heard that kumbhkaran used to wake up in six months but he is waking up so often.

    1. yes even i am question about it

  3. Today I have got so manyyyyy links. Have a look at them and reply.
    Ashish enjoying the forest view from the top of the hill.
    Trijata and sita offscreen love.
    Karan practising for the fight. Offscreen pic.
    Raavan and hanuman selfie in gym.
    Ram-hanuman Milan. Ashish, Karan and Danish offscreen pic. Fun. Joy.
    Meghnad, sulochana and mandodari enjoying the weather together. Fun outside.
    Ashish and Karan resting and chatting and laughing. Fun on sets.
    Kunwar pratham aka shatrughn in another mythological show playing suryadev.

    1. nyc pics bro. loved all of them.

    2. thanks for the links bro

    3. Nyc pics bhai…love all…

  4. Small screen’s Sita happy to shoot with reel Raavan
    Actress Madirakshi, who is currently seen playing the role of Sita in “Siya Ke Ram”, is glad that she is getting time to shoot with her friend and actor Karthik Jayaram, who essays the role of Raavan in the mythological saga.

    As per the ongoing track of the Star Plus show, Raavan has kidnapped Sita and taken her to his kingdom.

    “Earlier when we used to shoot at different units, we hardly got the time to meet despite being in the same city and the same hotel. Given our erratic schedules, we are left with very minimal time for ourselves. Now that we have reached the phase of Sita being in Lanka, I am happy that I get to see my friend Karthik,” Madirakshi said in a statement.

    Karthik is also ecstatic.

    He said: “There were times when we would shoot on sets next to each other and be in vanities across each other but we couldn’t meet but now things are different and I am happy that I can see Madirakshi more often. Now I feel that yes, we both are key parts of the same show.”

    1. enemies (on-screen) best friends (off-screen)

    2. wow such a good friendship

    3. Nyc frnship…..

    1. yes it was a good epi

  5. As expected meghnad is always gives priority to his father only….poor sulochana…she believed her husband…

    Feels like missing RAM scenes..
    but overall superb episode..

    1. yes even i was thinking about that only in last epi that how di meghnath change so quickly but today’s epi cleared my doubts and even i am missing ram scenes

    2. Me too waiting… But dont know can watch r not….

  6. ya me too waiting for dat.

    1. i mean for ram scenes

  7. Sharing one of the beautiful lakshmila scene where urmila vows sum thing to her dear husband ( zee TV Ramayana ) have a look :-

    Another lakshmila scene where urmila dreams of Lakshman returning from his exile and sings a beautiful song. Hear it :-

    Tellyupdates pls don’t remove off this comment !!

    1. The 2nd link was of ndtv ramayan’s

      1. nyc links dear malvi di. u rocked

    2. thanks for laxmilla clips they are awesome

      1. No thanks girl …. My pleasure darls !;-)

    3. Nyc…u know the first link…i expected it n skr….but they didn’t show…

      1. Same here !! Hope 2 see it after vanvaas .. I mean like this in a different way .

    4. Malvi i cannot able to watch the video only audio is coming…. Wat i can do ??

  8. sulochana never believe ur husband-meghnad pls dear

  9. missing the old members

  10. today sbs segment………..Dont miss this………..see 3 link……………

  11. o no kumbhkaran pls go to sleep again dear

  12. kemon acho sobai ??? amar school nxt thursday theke khulche. just a week left

  13. puju baby my real name is SUCHETANA BHOWMICK.

  14. bye guys meet u again tmrw. gd nt swt dreamzzz. (though its only 10:16 now)

  15. Vanshika crazy for skr

    I knew that fool will betray his wife…… Just wanna kill him…. Otherwise nyc epi…

    1. hahahaha foooooooooooooool mehgnad !!!!!!!! nyc description of meghnad…….

  16. Irritating story showing n specially sita dramatic story . Acting was worst by her.waiting 4 shree ram story

    1. Glad to see one person who hates sita and love ram….ya we all so waiting for ram…

  17. Hi everyone school today so I can’t CMNT much OK but I’ll be a silent reader

    vijay bro my g+ name is Ishwarya Thanmathi I have Mila and keerthi pic as my DP please send me invitation and I’ll add u in group

    Priya daily I’ll come at 9at night so if you want me to do anything please CMNT ok I’ll mail you weekends

    1. Okay tanu…i l come to mail at weekends nyt…and for few weeks i wont have loads of work…so l see whenever i m free

  18. oooo tanu di miss u hope u come back soon. have wonderful school days di !!!!!!!!!!
    and keep an eye on skr too

  19. guys 1 doubt

    y did shree krishna not stop arjun from having more than 1 wife ???

    1. pls pls pls hlp

  20. o gosh y r cmnts kept in moderation ???

  21. polls for u guys. no options provided. u al can ans both from ramayana and mahabharata.

    1. best patni

    2. best pati

    3. best daughter

    4. best villain

    5. best son

    6. best king

    7. best queen

    8. best sister brother

    10. best grandfather

    11. best grandmother

    12. best epic (either ramayana or mahabharata or both)

    pls poll ur votes sweeties

    1. 1.Draupadi and urmila
      12.hypothetical qn…both are best in one one way….

    2. sita and urrmilla
      sita and sisters and shanta
      bharat laxman and shatrughan
      and 10 and 11 i don’t know

  22. vanshika arora

    Hv u guys seen d u tube video??? There ram said yhat there ws problem with d upcoming sequence, they could not undrstnd how to show it.they had 2 wait fr a week.i think that’s why ram laxman wsn’t shown & they r only showing sita’s part.

    1. Which part di??

      1. vanshika arora

        D video which is of 11 minutes… Go 2 u tube.u’ll find it there.

  23. 1. sita and urmila
    2. Ram and lakshman
    3. Shanta and four sis in Ramayana
    4. Shakuni in mb
    5. Four Bros in Ramayana
    6. Ram
    7. Sita
    8. Shanta
    9.Three Bros in ramayana except ram
    10.sorry no and for this
    11. Sorry no and for this also
    12. Both epics

  24. Really tired of seeing Ravan & his family. Want Ram & Lakshman. My kids are crying for them. I guess terrible problem in shooting otherwise in Siye ke Ram -there is no Ram ???????????? Simply unthinkable. When will Ram start his onward journey with his brother???

  25. 1. Sita
    2. Ram and lakshman
    3. Sita and shanta
    4. Ravan
    5. Ram
    6. Ram
    7. Sita
    8. Sita and urmila
    9. Lakshman
    And I don’t know 10 and 11
    12. Both pictures

  26. Kya ye vahi sita hain jo bachpan me khel khel me shiv dhanush uthaayi? She keeps fainting always. Why are they showing her weak? She is a very strong woman both physically and emotionally

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