Siya Ke Ram 8th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita forwarding hand to touch Ram. Vibhishan shoots her down. Ram, Laxman, Sugreev and Hanuman get shocked. Sita falls down. They all look at Vibhishan. Raavan asks Meghnadh why did you cheat me. Meghnadh says sorry, I did not do Pitra droh and Raj droh, whatever I did is for Lanka and your good. Raavan asks do you mean you did not cheat me. Meghnadh says no, I just played a trick. Raavan asks what trick. Meghnadh says that woman is not Sita in reality. Vibhishan tells Ram that this is Kumbika in Devi Sita’s avatar. Kumbika comes to her real form. They all get shocked. Vibhishan says Meghnadh would have sent her to kill you Ram. Ram smiles and says friend Vibhishan, you proved real friendship by saving my life, you are my best friend from today. He hugs Vibhishan. Ram Ram….plays………….

Everyone smile.

Raavan says if Kumbika went to kill Ram in Sita’s avatar, then where is Sita. Meghnadh says I have sent Sita with Trijata to the jail/lockup at night. FB shows Meghnadh asking Trijata does she know what she has to do. She nods and says yes. FB ends. Meghnadh says this was easy way to kill Ram, so I have sent Kumbika there. Raavan says its my motive to kill Ram, I will do that, Ram should not die by Kumbika’s hand, stop her. Akampana comes and says no need to stop Kumbika now, because Vibhishan identified her and killed her infront of Ram. Raavan asks Meghnadh not to do such work again without his permission. He returns Meghnadh’s sword and goes. He asks Akampana what other message did he get about Ram. Akampana tells about two monkey warriors Nar and Nil, who started building bridge over the sea, Ram and his army will be soon here. Raavan laughs and says I m waiting for that moment, if Ram reaches Lanka soon, I will end Sita’s illusion soon. Kaikesi worries.

Sita asks Trijata why did you get me here in jail. Trijata says when someone’s confidence gets low, he tries to test other’s power, Meghnadh has tried to test Ram. Sita asks what. Trijata says Meghnadh has sent Kumbika to Ram, thinking she can kill Ram by her touch. Sita asks why did you not tell this to me before. Trijata says because I have belief on Ram, and there is good news, Ram started building bridge over the sea. Sita smiles.

Ram moulds the soil into Shiv’s idol. Laxman and Jamvanth look on, while Hanuman, Angad, Sugreev, Nar and Nir place big stones on the shore, and write Ram’s name on it. Mahadev says this shivling placed by Ram will be known as Rameshwar, my Aradhya has done my puja in human avatar and blessed me, that’s why this place will always be special to me, whoever will pray to me here with true heart, I will fulfill their prayers for sure. Ram keeps flowers on the shivling and prays. Ram Ram…..plays………….

Ram says the one who makes everyone’s work successful and ends sorrows, my greetings to Mahadev. Laxman and Sugreev also pray. Sugreev says bridge work is completed as per your command, what is the next command for us. Ram says we should leave for Lanka with entire army. They all chant Jai Shri Ram….. Ram looks at the bridge and steps on the first rock. They all follow Ram.

Ram and everyone reach Lanka. Trijata runs to Sita happily in ashok vatika. Sita asks whats the matter. Trijata says its good news, your love and belief have won today, Dharm has stepped in this Adharm land, Ram has stepped in Lanka along with his army. Sita happily cries and says Raghunandan.

Raavan says those Sanyasis’ death pulled them to Lanka, I was waiting for this time, now I will see who will protect them from me. An Asur says yes Lankesh, you are saying true, make Lanka’s glory high now. Akampana says but reaching Lanka is not an easy thing, we should take this matter seriously, its first time someone reached Lanka. Raavan says they have come to Lanka by my wish, not their own wish, we were waiting for them to come here, so they we kill them and show consequences of attacking Lanka. Akampana says its not about your power and pride, Vibhishan has joined Ram too, we don’t know anything about Ram, but Ram knows all secrets of Lanka by Vibhishan, if we have to fail enemy, then we need to know Ram’s secrets. Raavan says secrets are found about more powerful enemy, not of any coward and helpless opponents, I will see who will protect Sita’s belief now. He laughs.

Vibhishan shows miniature model of Lanka’s palace and entry points. He tells about the valleys in between where demons and dangerous animals stay, so its impossible to enter Lanka palace by crossing these four doors.

Hanuman says air route can help us in entering Lanka, but its tough to enter Lanka by these four doors/routes. Vibhishan tells about the north door of Lanka. Hanuman says Mata Sita is there. Sugreev says we should free Mata Sita and attack on Lanka soon. Ram says Sugreev, even my heart wants this, that I free Sita soon, but attacking this way will not be according to Dharm, before fights, we should try to solve every problem with peace, we should give a chance to enemy to chance, war should be always last solution, so we have to send our peace messenger and tell Raavan to rethink about the war, and there can be no one better than Angad for this. Angad gets glad.

Angad thanks Ram for giving this opportunity to serve him, and finds this his good luck. He says I will end work soon and come back. He takes Ram’s blessings. Angad chale……plays…………….. They all chant Jai Shri Ram. Angad leaves.

Raavan says Ram is such a fool to win war by monkeys’ support. Angad shouts Lankesh, if you and anyone present in your Sabha succeeds to move my foot, I promise you, Ram will leave from Lanka by accepting his defeat. He steps his huge foot on the ground, and looks at Raavan.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. SKR fan

    Nice episode. Now I don’t think lakshman will doubt vibhishan. How akampana knows everything? Why so fast? They showed ram setu nirmaan so fast and vanar sena reached Lanka also. Please don’t show things so fast.
    As I told earlier that ram Raavan yudh will start in July only. And seeing their speed it would start next week only and continue till one week only. And i think the serial will end by October .

  2. SKR fan

    Ram’s theme mangal bhavan is awesome. Can anyone be so patient like shri ram. In such a situation also he is thinking of dharm. That’s why he is ram. Jai shree ram. Precap is awesome. Angad is known for this only.

  3. SKR fan

    Archana Taide in ‘Santoshi Maa’

    Last seen in ‘Qubool Hai’, Archana Taide is set to enter the mythological show ‘Santoshi Maa’, which airs on &TV. A source closely associated with the show informs, “Archana will play Sindoori, who is smart, outspoken and calculative. She longs for true love and can go to any extent for it. She is prone to bouts of jealousy, but knows how to mask her emotions.” She will be seen entering Santoshi’s (Ratan Rajput) household and will be attracted to Dhairya (Ayaz Ahmed).
    This will be Archana’s comeback show after her exit from the popular TV show ‘Qubool Hai’ almost two years ago. Talking about her personal life, Archana tied the knot with actor Ashish Sharma on January 30, 2013. Her husband, who won the seventh season of the celebrity dance show ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’, is currently seen enacting the role of Lord Ram in the mythological show ‘Siya Ke Ram’.

  4. SKR fan

    Siya ke ram team wishes everyone Eid Mubarak.
    Lakshman, hanuman, sugreev, angad, nal, Neel, raavan, meghnad, akampana. Only our ramji I mean Ashish is missing.
    Boys day out. Actors in above pic.
    Danish aka hanuman and zubair Ali aka sugreev celebrated Eid. Madirakshi.
    Read this what vividha kirti aka sulochana has written about piyali munsi aka mandodari. Just read it and see her comment also.
    Team SKR catching ‘Sultan’. Trp celebration.

  5. SKR fan


    Siya Ke Ram makers get 8 replicas of all costumes to stay ahead of monsoon

    Popular mythological TV show Siya Ke Ram makers have got eight copies made of a single costume to deal with sudden showers.

    The Star Plus serial, majorly shot at the Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, has been under the weather scanner after monsoon hit the city. And the makers have found the most peculiar way out to deal with the uncertain rains.

    The show’s track is proceeding towards the iconic war between Ram and Raavan for which the entire cast and crew has been preparing day in and day out.
    The sequences that lead up to the war need to be shot at an open ground location but because of the erratic weather conditions, the actors often end up getting drenched.

    So the makers have found a way out by making eight copies of a single costume to ensure that they never miss out on their precious shooting time.
    “The production team has actually got eight replicas of our original costumes which means we have eight copies of one costume for every actor,” Madirakshi, who currently essays the role of Sita in the show,” said in a statement.

    “There have been times when we get drenched and the humidity doesn’t let our costumes dry on time, so to avoid any disturbance in the shoot, we have substituted costumes that work well for us,” she added.

  6. Ritzz

    Epi seems great…could not watch today? thank God they have shown shiva Puja which is presently called rameshwaram situated in Tamil nadu….

  7. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hi… Is there any yhm fan here???? For divek lovers.. Mera dp dekho.. Divek Sangeet performance.. It’s on soch na sake song.. They r looking cute na.. Accha I l upload their mehendi haldi and mrg pic once I get it.. Today is their marriage guys.. Ha once u people l see Divyanka ‘s mehendi u l be awestuck.. That’s so pretty.. OK excited???

    • Jai Shri ram

      U should this in yhm update page pls Priya a request from ur sis
      For this is page is solely for our Siya ke ram
      Raghunandan and Mata Sita
      Don’t take me wrong but am not for Indian soaps
      U are fan I understand but pls di not here this is for skr solely and discussion on useful topics ok do but this am not for it
      Just my PoV
      Pls don’t take me wrong am not telling don’t do it but do it in yhm update page.

      • Sanjana

        Guys I really like yhm
        Whatever guys like Jai Shri ram some silent reader I guess says it’s better not to bring it here for there might be people who are not fans like me
        But then no restriction u can share in this family where else would we go haina Priya Di

      • Priya15


        |Registered Member

        It’s OK dear.. But in this page.. I m having many frns who r some what yhm fans too.. U r taking it in a wrong way dear.. I just told abt my dp.. That’s it.. Even I m a fan for skr dear.. I m not commenter in yhm page.. Not even a silent reader of that page dear.. So I can’t go and say this there… Sorry if that cmnt hurted u.. I just did for my sisters who like Divyanka too. MY SIS VAIDEHI is a very big fan of yhm..

      • Priya15


        |Registered Member

        @SANJU.. Ya my dear.. That’s the reason y I shared it here.. I don’t know anybody in that page… I know sanju u r a yhm fan too.. U said to me..

    • Nabanita

      Ya priya saw Divayanka’s mehendi in one hand vivek and other hand herself cute????

      • Priya15


        |Registered Member

        Ya di.. That was so cute.. It become dark.. After that also it looks amazing mehendi ever.. Really hats off to that Artist..

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      I’m yhm lover di…. Saw the mehendi… So awesome… Cute ?…. Divyanka looked sooooo pretty ??

  8. joy

    Nice episode…. SKR back their track……. Feeling bad that next episode will Monday….. Some link share for you…….
    Happy news for all SKR fan see this?
    All the SKR boys but always and every time Ashish missing don’t know why… See this?
    Madirakshi birth celebration on set…. This time also our Ram missing….. Must watch ?
    It’s a sometimes old interview given by our favorite AshMa together… It’s not a vedio but they give together… Must see ?
    Plz Cmmnt……. It’s helpful for sharing more link…… Don’t forget to write your opinion ?

  9. Thanmathi


    |Registered Member

    Hi guys sorry I had to read so many books for posting the proof article I don’t want to give wrong info to you guys I’ll post the article by tomorrow evening very sorry for the delay

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Tanu dii don’t worry we’ll be waiting ‼ …. N only Ramayana, remember ha… Sooo u’ll have less mess haha ?… I’ve Mb one ok ?…. Kip smiling ?

  10. Siya

    Yaa …i m fan of yhm ….
    priya I know I have seen on Twitter…
    How are u ??
    Hii guys how are u all

      • Padmaja


        |Registered Member

        Hi sanjana he will challenge ravan dat anyone who is in ur court should move my right leg and i will accept my defeat… But no one in ravan’s court couldnt move angads leg,even meghanad.. And ravan come and
        Try to touch his leg… But angad stops him by saying, u shouldn’t touch my feet as u r a king and u have to accept the defeat…

  11. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    The epi was very nice and y they r showing ram scenes faster???? Atlest the war should not start by dis week….

    • Ritzz

      Yes in one epi ram setu construction and they even reached lanka…. it should not be so fast…at least they could have taken another one epi…i think skr will end…??

  12. Sara

    Wonderful episode . GOOD . Looking forward for Monday episode. Good to see all -Ram , lakshman, Hanuman and full vanar sena ‘s arrival in Lanka. Ram’s side story is always fast paced whereas Lanka story goes on torturing us. But overall nice episode.
    Ram setu looked awesome -great !
    Vibishan sharing Lanka secret to Ram and all- everyone listens whereas egoistic Ravan didn’t listen to Mama alapana. What a egoistic fool Ravan is .Nice contrast between Ram & Ravan-nicely portrayed .

  13. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    I saw epi of skr after 12 days ‼‼‼m happy to see the awesome episode …. They’re going too fast ‼‼.. Ravan is a fool…. He is jus toooooooo much ‼‼‼ … Bt now…., he’s gonna become a laughing stock ? ? ?,..,. Waiting for Monday’s episode ‼‼????????????

  14. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Angad…. Do it soon ????…. “lankesh, iss prakar mere charan chuna apko shobha nahi deta ??… Charan sparsh karne hi h, to Sri ram ke Ki jiye..??? haha ?,, ravan’s face would b worth seeing.. Wouldn’t it be??‼⁉ haha ?

  15. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Q.1. If ravan would hv pushed angad ? foot, would he hv been able to move it??
    Q.2. If ravan sought refuge in ram’s feet ? would Sri Ram forgive him???
    Q.3. If sita returned to ram, would ram not kill ravan???
    Q.4.if Lakshman got his target ? right n cut off surpankha nails not nose ? would ravan hv been sooooo eager fr revenge???
    Guys each n every one answer this poll…n tell me if I should continue,.. Love ❤ u all

    • ritika

      1. I don’t think so
      2. Yes, at least I think he wouldn’t kill him
      3. Oops I’m confused ?… O he loved his siite so perhaps happily he wont kill ravan bt at least he would punish him perhaps
      4. No not so eager bt ya he would revenge after all he’s angry old man ? ? ? ?

  16. Nabanita

    He my family is a regular viewer of s k r.yesterday my mom and dad say that in arun gavil Ramayana,the setubandhan episode is more good.the vanarsenas are huge and the setu is very long.
    But there in s k r the setu is so small that we can see it from one side to another side.It looks like it is not a ocean like a river only.And they make the bridge so first and cross the Lanka so first!!!!!!!
    Our whole family is fan of skr but to end the topics so quickly how can they do that?
    Please comment……..

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Hmmm di u r ryt… The setu was too small n it looked lyk a river…, they’re going like Olympians…..

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      OMG OMG suchi sis take care dear… ?????? is ok u cant comment bt take care cutie.. I’m Fyn now dear n I think I can resume school from next week ? ?

      • Swastika aka siaurmi

        Episode was mind blowing…. Ya Joy da I agree with u and suchi Di plz take care

  17. Sanju

    Guys I don’t know what’s wrong with typing errors
    I am sorry Priya di I don’t like any serial especially yhm all I hate them di
    I am not at all for them

  18. joy

    Ram-Ravan war shooting begin…….. I think this is this is the last month of Ravan aydahy….. In the August we will see Ramsita together again……… ?
    The show is running very fast…. I think there has a reason? I think Star plus forced it or SKR team know that anytime Star plus will give them a short time limitation…….. So they wanted to finish Lanka aydahy soon?
    This is the Main reason of SKR going so fast….. I could not see any other reason……((((allways SKR going slow but suddenly it going too very fast))))) you also know the Star plus habit……. They do same thing With Mahabharat…. Suddenly they gave them two months limitation time…. As a result we all know that at last Mahabharat team skipped big big part of Mahabharat………??
    Plz give your Cmmnt plz……. Waiting

  19. Swastika aka siaurmi

    Can anyone tell me that is skr going off air on October….. This would not happen because we all will die…. Cry????

  20. Sanjana


    |Registered Member

    But then I don’t disrespect it Priya Di it brought out awareness on how infertile woman are insulted and the how adopted mother can be yashodaa ma not necessary they became kaikeyi in situations
    Right Di
    I saw few pics in some paper today the dress was lovely. She has good fashion sense I guess and don’t feel bad pls just that I am not serial watching type that’s all

    @ thanmathi got an answer to the biggest question that haunted us you gave me satisfactory answer but have got a theory
    I had asked u ram as Lord could have chosen to have daughters but it was luv and kush, Sita gave birth to so my point goes like this what does Sita say every daughter expects her father in a husband so if ram had a daughter he could never have done kanyadaan for there exists one Vishnu and no other, the supreme one. So if he had a daughter he could never have done justice in marrying her and continuing a legacy. This seems logical what ur granny said but that’s best right Di

    • Thanmathi


      |Registered Member

      Sanju just now had time to visit tu ya I think u r right ur learning something from epics dear happy to have a sis like to I read the analyses of urs awesome dear but coz of some network problem I’m unable to cmnt there dear thanks for posting them sweetie. Ur theory is quite true

  21. vaidehi

    hi guys. i’m almost fyn now. stomach is not paining much. feeling better after crying a lot for the pain.

  22. siaurmi

    Omg our ram is suffering from food poisoning …. I read a segment on twitter ….. And their iconic battle between ram and raavan shooting had also started plz pray for ashish sir that he recover soon…..

    • N D

      What?asish Sharma is suffering from food poisoning.please ashish get well soon.
      And ram ravan was shooting started?it is an another bad news.It is going too can they do this?
      I am just now wanting to cry????????

  23. siaurmi

    Omg our ram means ashish sir is suffering from food poisoning……. And their iconic battle between ram and raavan shooting had also started….. Plz pray for ashish Sir….. Jay siya ram jai hanuman….

  24. siaurmi

    Ya padma di but where is suchi di ,vanshika di, tannu di… Why they are not commenting everything fine na?????

  25. vaidehi

    i was suffering from headache and i had also visited to an eye doctor. he has advised me to wear spectacles and so now onwards my cmnts will be irregular. my father has also strictly told me to watch skr at 8 p.m. only and not at 12 a.m. so bcoz of my tutions on 8 o’clock i won’t be able to watch skr. extremely sad for ashish sahrma. praying a lot for him and get well soon. our prayers are always wid u.

  26. Urmilla

    This skr series the worst !!!
    The actors who don’t know to act
    The director who did not read Ramayana
    All cock and bulls

  27. Sita

    Urmilla dearie…
    I have the same feeling as you have..
    And I had commented like u…
    But I understood this is not the place to comment such things..
    We shall form other group if u dislike this serial…
    How would it be if someone criticize ur favorite show character….
    The fans of this show will feel the same
    Let them be joy with the serial…
    I am a huge mb fan
    Vanshu dear u have said about the serial radha Krishna serial.. when would it air…..pls say me when u know…..if the serial started pls give a message to me..
    I am earnestly waiting I have waited and I will

  28. Ritzz

    Guys dont reply to this bashers…ignore them.. they are only discouraging us….this program is better than those crap saas bahu serials… fans keep watching skr…

  29. ritika

    Skr is one of the best shows on star plus and its one of the fabulous mythological shows airing on television… I love the cast, especially madirakshi aka sita n yukti aka Urmila… They’re so cute … The dialogues are nice and so is the screenplay…. Happy that the show at last has got a pace bt still in my opinion it’s quite fast… Anyways I’m eagerly eagerly waiting fr the next episode…

    • Vanshika

      Guys I’ve written the comment sorry frgt to change the name actually we’ve same id na so it get confused ? n ya this is lakshmila (suchi sis) idea that c write something on skr so I’ve written.. The next one to write should be….
      Padma di you.. You write something on skr n post it with name of next person… Okay ✉ ??????

      • Padmaja

        Skr is the first mythological serial which gave much importance to sita and gave the thoughts of sita in a beautiful way and this is the best serial in starplus and i like the actors madi yukku and karan very much among dem and it is the one and only serial iam watching… the dialogues was faboulous and the theme song for ram and sita is just awesome to the core… simply i love dis serial very much❤.
        And the next one is
        Swastika dear u.. u write something about skr dear . ..

      • Padmaja


        |Registered Member

        The skr is the first show which gave most importance to sita than ram and gave the thoughts of sita in a beautiful way…. and the show is just awesome to the core and the theme song for ram nad sita is just mindblowing… i like madi yukku and karan very much ib dis show and they r very gud actors as well… simply i just love dis show❤

    • Vanshika

      Vaidehi dear pls pls take care and get well soon… Missing you …?????? and take care of your eyes..

  30. Swastika aka siaurmi

    Suchi plz take care……… And ya we should ignore these skr haters…… Suchi di thik theko ar time pele skr dekhbe…. Love u di ???

  31. Vanshika

    Hey guys I’m really extremely sorry for not replying and commenting from last two days actually I was very very very very very busy with work school ? work pending of two weeks so I was unable to comment….. I’ll be irregular whole week..

  32. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    And guys iam suffering from heavy cold and cough so pls sry i wont cmnt today and pls forgive me and i will try my best to cmnt…
    And suchi dear take care of ur health dear..

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