Siya Ke Ram 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone stopping Ram from going to ashram. They ask why is he going to Ahilya, she did a sin, if he supports her, then their wives will get encouraged to do the sin. Ram proceeds. The men ask why is he doing this, that’s cursed place, stop. Laxman scolds them. Ram stops and says who are we to judge a person, their sin and good, its not our good to call anyone a sinner. The man asks Laxman to stop his brother, why is Ram inviting trouble, its sin, his life will be cursed if he enters that ashram, he will face problems all his life. Laxman worries and runs to stop Ram. He stops Ram and says don’t go ahead.

Laxman cries and says they are saying you will get the curse and sin on you, don’t go. Ram wipes his tears and says I don’t know whether I m that Raghuvanshi

or not, whom Ahilya is waiting for since ages, if its me, then I did late to come here. Vishwamitra looks on. Ram says biggest sin is to not help anyone when we are able to help, shall I not do my duty. Laxman says sure, but if anything happens to you, what will I tell dad and mums. Ram says nothing can happen when I have a brother like you.

Ram enters the dark ashram. Ram Ram…..plays………….. Shathanand comes there and looks on, as Ram proceeds to the ashram. He greets Vishwamitra. He recalls Sita’s words. Ram sees stoned Ahilya and cries. He calls her Maa…. He greets her and apologizes to her for injustice happened with her. He says I apologize on behalf of this society and touches her feet with compassion. Ahilya comes to live form. She takes a breath and looks around. She sees Ram’s Lord avatar. She cries and thanks him. The ashram lights up. Everyone look at the ashram.

The flowers bloom outside the ashram. Ahilya falls in Ram’s feet. Ram makes her get up. He says I m like your son, I did not do any favor on you. She cries. He asks her to come. Ram brings her out. Everyone look at her. Shathanand recalls Sita’s words.

Mangal bhavane…………..plays………. the darkness sheds and light rays reach the ashram brightening it up. Everyone smile. Vishwamitra tells Ram that this is Ahilya’s son Shathanand, he is Rajrishi Janak’s Raj Purohit. Ahilya looks at Shathanand.

Shathanand cries and holds Ram’s feet. Ram says you were away from your mum since many years. Shathanand greets Ahilya and hugs her. They cry happily. Vishwamitra and everyone come inside the ashram. Ahilya says I thought of this as curse, but your footsteps made it a blessing. She looks for Gautam Rishi. Gautam Rishi comes there and looks at her. Ram smiles.

Some people from Lanka come and trouble Mithila people. The man tells Sita that her marriage will happen with Raavan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amazing yr superb

  2. Ashish is too good in acting he shown lot of difference between the characters Rangrasiya Rudra and Ram really awesome

    1. agree

  3. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

    Siya Ke Ram:

    Raavan’s entry happens in the Sita’s Swayamvar. Raavan lifts the Shiv Dhanush and laughs. But he fails to string the Dhanush and it falls from his hands. Ram strings the Dhanush and becomes eligible life partner for Sita. Ram and Sita exchange garlands and will be getting married.

    1. Ravandidnt participated, because before swamvar he was mis informed that lanka is on fire!!

      1. really??????
        never heard of this

  4. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

    i have never heard of ravaan participating in sita’s swayamvar………..
    hope its not like CAS…………

    1. Me too… never heard raavan participating swayamvar ..

      1. Yes its true dat Ravan was also present in swayambar. Bt being a shiv bhakt even he could nt string the dhanush so he was insulted..
        Its written in ramayan..
        I hav read it in ramayan n in childhood i hav listened dis story from elders.

  5. Superb ep…

  6. Oh yes ravan participated in sita s swayamvar.he was able to lift thbe bow.but nt able to string it.this story is there in ramayana.

  7. I just want to know if it is true that Ram touches ahilias feet to uplift her curse can I get da source of the story ….. Conflict between what I know and what I saw in this episode

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