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Siya Ke Ram 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mantra filling Kaikeyi’s ears against Dasharath and Kaushalya. Kaikeyi says its okay that they are spending time after patching up. Mantra says so what, Dasharath should have come here and tell you, instead sending Daasi, Ram is responsible for all this. Kaikeyi gets angry and asks her to stop saying against Ram. She says yes, I m upset Dasharath did not come, but I trust my love. Dasharath is not doing this to hurt me. Did you think of Kaushalya, she has been alone for many years, did you know her pain and love, you won’t understand love. Mantra says I m telling this for you. Kaikeyi asks her to go back, I don’t need you and scolds her. Mantra gets shocked.

Kaikeyi says you will spoil my relations with Dasharath and my sons, go from here, my brother is coming,

go back to Kaikey with him. The villagers see a storm in the field. They get together and see Parshuram coming on his horse. The villager thinks Janak’s life maybe in danger and runs to inform Janak.

Sita plays with her sisters. Sita sees the storm. The man runs and tells about Parshuram coming. He asks guards to inform Janak, Parshuram has killed many kings. The guards shut the doors and ring the bell. The girls hear this and think will Parshuram kill Janak, even Kushadwaj is not here to protect him. Sita recalls Shathanand’s words and says I know how….

Dasharath likes the horses and asks Kaikeyi’s brother to thank Maharaj. Her brother says dad has chosen the horses himself and also sent a message. He reminds the promise what Dasharath gave to his father before marrying Kaikeyi. Dasharath says I did not promise him, when a Raghuvanshi promises, he does not forget. Her brother says even we don’t forget. Dasharath asks are you challenging or warning me. Her brother says what are you saying, we are relatives. Dasharath says Yudhjeet, I have told what I had to, go and meet your sister now.

Kaikeyi takes a sword and sees her sons. She shows her skills. Sumitra and Kaushalya look on. Sumitra says Kaikeyi is Sampurn, she is so skilled. Kaushalya says yes, she can prepare our sons for any war. Kaikeyi asks her sons to start. She sees Bharat not able to do well, whereas Ram masters the skills. Bharat says Maa, I m tired. Kaikeyi says I m not your Maa at this time, I m your teacher, continue the practice. She praises Ram and says its proved that Ram has observed her skills well. Yudhjeet comes and Bharat gets glad. Kaikeyi stops him and asks him not to insult weapon. Bharat apologizes and says I was glad to see Mama ji. Sumitra says Kaikeyi’s brother has come, we should make special food for him.

Kaikeyi asks Bharat to meet him. Ram greets Yudhjeet and asks is he fine now after his old injury. Yudhjeet says you remember it till now, I m better after you asked. Kaikeyi says my Ram is such. Yudhjeet asks them to see the horses. Kaikeyi asks him why does he not look happy. He says its not possible to hide anything from you, dad is fine, but once I give him the message, he will not be fine. He says Dasharath has forgot his promise. She says impossible. He says I met him, he told he did not promise. She asks what promise, when did he promise. He says when he came to marry you, he promised Pita ji. She asks what was it.

Janak stands to welcome Parshuram, who is blessed by Lord Shiv and asks the guards to open the door. He asks Sunaina to prepare to welcome. Sunaina says you should be worried for yourself, don’t know his motives. Janak says whatever his motives, my duty is to welcome him by respect. He asks her to go and do necessary arrangements. Parshuram comes there. Janak welcomes him and smiles. Sita goes to the temple and sees the huge Dhanush. She prays and says this is the only option infront of me to protect Janak. Parshuram gets down the horse, holding the weapon. Sita lifts the Dhanush.

Janak touches Parshuram and gets blessed. Parshuram says I get confused seeing you, shall I think of you as king or Rishi, there is no king like you, no pride, greed and desires, you have Dharm and this makes me think that if every king becomes like you, the world would be peaceful. I wanted to meet you as you are Shiv’s Ansh. Janak asks him to come.

Parshuram and Janak go inside the mahal temple. Janak gets shocked seeing Sita with Dhanush. Everyone come there to see. Sita says no one can harm Pita ji in my presence. They all look on her.

Kaikeyi reminds Dasharath about his promise. He says he has shot the deer to keep the promise. They argue over the heir.

Update Credit to: Amena

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