Siya Ke Ram 8th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Siya Ke Ram 8th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bharat telling Ram that if your decision is not to come with me, then give me your slipper, so that I place these slippers on throne and do my duty, don’t refuse my request. He folds hands and cries. Everyone look on. Ram gets touched. Kaikeyi and Mandvi cry. Ram removes his slippers and nods to Bharat. Bharat sil gur sacheev…..plays………. Bharat takes the slippers. Guru Vashisht smiles. Bharat holds the slippers and cries seeing therm. He touches slippers to his forehead with respect. Ram smiles. Everyone cry.

Ram holds Bharat and hugs him. Ram wipes his tears. Bharat and Ram smile. Later, Janak is alone in the hut and recalls his decision. Sita comes there and finds him worried. She says Pita ji… he says once I did your kanyadaan and did your bidaai to your

husband’s bhavan, I dreamt of your happiness, and today I m doing your bidaai away from happiness and towards this vanvaas. She says you have told me Dharm customs, you did not give me vanvaas, you have sent me towards Dharm and duty, I m proud that you took decision in favor of Dharm, not daughter’s happiness, your selfless decision will always inspire me.

He says but how will you live in van for 14 years, you will face many problems, my heart is aching thinking this, if my decision was not supporting Dharm, but it could save you of these problems. She reminds him what he said, to save self esteem in any situation. He recalls his words. She says I learnt from you to protect Dharm, the one who protects Dharm, Dharm always protects that person, you protected Dharm, Dharm will protect us, don’t be sad thinking of my problems, your blessings are always with me. He says which father will be happy seeing daughter in Tapasvi clothes, but I m satisfied that you have made Raghukul pure by your sefless love, Dharm, strength, virtues, you made entire world blessed, you will always inspire people and people will remember you always..

Guru Vashisht tells Ram that they will return to Ayodhya now, and blesses Ram to have a safe journey ahead. Ram greets him and hugs her mothers. Sita hugs Janak and greets Guru Vashisht. Laxman too greets everyone. Kaushalya tells Sita that we were making you stay in Ayodhya, but seeing you with Ram here, my heart got peace. She blesses Sita and hugs her. Sumitra asks Laxman to do his Dharm and duty, and always keep his heart at Ram’s feet. Ram goes to Kaikeyi and says Maa. Kaikeyi says you have forgive me Ram, but how shall I forgive myself? How will 14 years pass without you son?

Ram says I know your heart has love for me the most, till I return, don’t let that love end, in these 14 years, your motherly love will be my strength, I will return and I will take your love, you shower your love on me that time. She says Ram and cries. She hugs him and cups his face. Ram greets Sumanta and then goes to Bharat. Bharat says I will live as sanyaasi and sevak, I will wear simple clothes and eat simple food, I will do my duties and wait for your return. He cries and says if your return gets one day late after 14 years, then I will enter burning fire. They all cry. Bharat says if there is one day delay, you will not get your sevak alive. Ram holds him and says I promise that after 14 years complete, I will surely return.

Bharat cries and hugs him. Laxman sees Urmila…. Guru Vashisht says its time to leave. Laxman cries. Bharat keeps Ram’s slippers on his head. Ram, Sita and Laxman look on. Bharat cries and walks ahead, along with everyone. Raghukul reet sada chali aayi…………plays………..Ram says Laxman, everyone know this place, we will leave from here tomorrow morning. Laxman says sure.

Bharat comes back to Raj bhavan. He places Ram’s slippers on the throne. Everyone look on. Bharat cleans the slippers and gives respect. Guru Vashisht says Bharat, this is not time to get emotional son, you have to fulfill your duties, before family, you are dutiful to Rajya, being emotional can’t complete any work, get up son, do your duty, fulfill expectations, in Ram’s absence you have to manage Ayodhya’s rule and duties. Bharat folds hands and says forgive me Gurudev, I can’t take Ram’s place ever. He cries. Everyone look on. Bharat walks out of Sabhagrah. Shatrughan calls him out. Kaushalya worries and signs Mandvi to go after Bharat. Mandvi goes after Bharat.

Ram, Sita and Laxman walk in jungle. Sita’s foot gets under a stone and gets stuck. She screams and Ram and Laxman get worried. Ram tries to free her foot and Laxman warns him of a huge stone falling down over their way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    And I have decided not to post any more analysis this month anyway sruthi Di will post episodic analysis as I am busy with school and tution?

    If I write in hurry its not so perfect and I am not satisfied with that?

    As hobby can’t obstruct duty and
    also will pay heed to WW Di’s request?

    SITA guari or Kali
    Pls read it is an request?

    As in May I will have holidays to write?
    And those who are commenting in my analysis
    Thanks a lot didn’t have time to thank individually ?
    Humbled by your comments?

    God bless u all and may all ur dreams come true?
    Keep smiling ?
    Loads of love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    And glad to have received a lot of replies on ur favourite mb or skr actor?
    And Ww Di I had asked about actors and if that made u write about the characters I am happy?
    Mythilli Di long time missed u a lot and how is ur sister ruhi if I am not mistaken?

    Nidhi Di and Zara Di this is for u

    Nippy Di and thanmathi Di this is for u

    Skr fan bro this is for u

    Sruthi Di this is for ur analysis

    And reshma Di ,brinda and nita Di twinkle and srinidhi and supreetha(soups)thanks a lot for accepting my opinion wherever I comment?

    Veronica Di really appreciate ur questions and ?

    Vrinda Di u always post beautiful comments keep doing it???
    I really admire it and pls do it whenever possible

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    Skr addict and gokulkrishnan bro from pondy all the best in all ur future endeavours?

    Yazhini Di Sita Di and others who are preparing for entrance all the very best

    Hi ahana Di how are u and welcome dear sneha an there is another in the skr family with ur name I guess
    Silpi Di
    Pooja Di
    Ahana Di
    Dhara Di how are u all and all u are comments are nice
    Pls bear with my long comment as this will be my last comment for the month?
    All ur dps are awesome will miss u a lot but I need to study and I am determined in keeping this promise

    Ishita Di and Sanjana(Sara) and sruti Di and jay Di who are all part of the Twitter group
    Request u to comment here. Daily I will be reading all ur comments
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    Thanks for being my wellwishers I know I have broken the rule
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    Rashmi Di welcome to skr family
    I guess there a lots of tamilian so here I am also a tamilian if u don’t know me
    Happy Tamil new year in advance?
    I am sorry if I have missed anybody who has commented in my analysis
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    And I assure u will love the analysis pls give it a try
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    Pls pls pls read my whole comment and check out the analysis if time permits
    Pls tellyupdates post my comment I request u
    And I also request somebody to post the spoilers if there is any as I won’t visit this pg often
    If there are Telugu people in skr family the only I know is nidhi Di
    And is ram Navami on 15 April ?????anyway an info hanuman will be introduced
    On that day and does that mean Siam separation ?
    Discussions are getting interesting day by day though in the middle it was bit dull
    Skr family is the best and did anybody watch seedhayin ramaan today
    Lovely episode whatever it is I love to see in I’m mother tongue and those 3 sunaina brothers are typically like many people in the world today
    A realistic approach
    And sisters scene was lovely ,beautiful teasing with true love

    Bharat will become a sanyasi at nandigram right??????

    1. I’m fine Sanju di and how r u and will read ur analysis and already have read some . They r so amazing di

      1. Sanju di ??????????ur last comment????pls come back soon . I’ve read some of your analysis. That were amazing !! Even im too a tamilian. Advance happy tamil new tear wishes to you too ??

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        Nandri instead of thanks

      3. Sanju di I won’t accept thanks in any language so better not to say thanks

    2. What does the precap mean
      An rakchas attack
      And my god sita in pain and ram gets teary eyed and when ram tries to lift it his hand showed droplets of blood

      1. Veronica crouze

        Yes even i didn’t understand d precap….does anyone know d story???is it the story of viradha???cz as far as i know when they enter d dandaka forest they at first met demon viradha…

      2. Maybe Di I am not sure
        If it will be a surprise attack

    3. Sanjana dear, I’ll miss your analysis…. They were too good…..n Sanjana Wellwisher will beat me cause she is the one who made the rules?…..
      will miss u dear….but yes studies should be your priority…..but try n comment whenever you r free….at least 1or 2 per day….

      1. Bear the wrath of WW Di
        Thks for understanding

    4. ??(as thank u not allowed)

      1. Yah sanjubsiam will be separated
        But we have accept the fact,right??
        It will be a stepping stone for adharma to get demolished.

      2. Agreed bro

    5. I loved the line dharm will protect us by Sita

      1. Thks haripriya
        Malvi and nita Di miss u too

    6. Sanju.. We all will miss your analysis.. Praying for your Exams and you come back stronger..
      And u have given me such big responsibility.. Hope I make some justice to it.. Come back soon..

      1. Di no doubt
        In fact it’s not a responsibility
        I am requesting as I love ur analysis and I don’t have exams just school but am not getting time but will surely comment everyday in ur analysis

    7. Thank u sis…thank u for u swt love for me….hw s sis preparing fr xm…..tidy eps da s awsome… And friends hw r u all ….I hope for most f thm xms ovr….take care f u all….hop everyone fine…my prayers fr sanjana nd nidhi sisters to get well soon….happy to c ur comment dr!!!!bye gud n8 swt drms hve a nice day….

      1. No thanks Di and not actually exams just school and
        Di what does the get well soon msg mean I am perfectly fine
        Maybe u mistyped instead of Zara Di

    8. Thank you. I am from TN too…I live in USA. Thanks for the early new year wishes and same to you.

      1. Di I know u are from TN
        And do u celebrate Tamil new year
        U are so rooted in our culture and I appreciate u for that and
        When it is night in India it is day in America right so u check the update as soon as u get up?????
        Continue sharing the knowledge and thanks for acknowledging

    9. l’m fine sanju… how are you dear…? l will read ur analysis and will miss it…. pls try to comment once in a day dear… and ya.. superb dp… study well… k…

    10. l’m fine sanju… how are you dear…? l will read ur analysis and will miss it…. pls try to comment once in a day dear… superb dp…and ya study well… k…

      1. Fine Di
        And thks for ur wishes and will surely work hard

    11. Sanjana(Sara)

      Di we are going to miss you very much?. Please come back soon.
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    13. Hi sanju….very sweet of u dear…. Miss u a lot dear….
      I have read some of ur analysis it is awesome dear….it is amazing…..

    14. I will miss your comments this month di…Hope u study well and come back soon ?

  2. Awesome episode. Brilliantly shown every aspect. Sita janak scenes and Bharat cleaning the slippers were very emotional. Set was very nice. And the background song also.

  3. Sarayu(honey)

    All the scenes, waiting for the next episode, hope sita don’t get hurt (just kidding)

  4. Sarayu(honey)

    How are you all guys?

    1. I am fine sarayu di…

  5. Oh my god so scary precap and today’s episode was as usual very emotinal . Bharat’s acting was awesome and his love for ram is unconditional

    Hi my sweet sisters , How are u all? And I’m sorry for not commenting regularly because I’m chatting Twitter. From now I will comment regularly

    1. I’m chatting in Twitter


  7. Siya ke ram is getting shot in mumbai.Ashish Sharma tweeted:-
    Getting up in own bed wifey packing lunch babies wishing good day,off to shoot #Mumbai #shoot #SiyaKeRam #happy
    Madirakshi, Yukti and Bijayanand. Father daughter love.

    1. Babies wishing good day off means he is a father????

      1. Veronica crouze

        No…he means his dogs…he and archana considere them as their children, not as pets….so sweet of them…i like those persons very much who love their pets as children… Cz i hv also pets and my whole family consideres them as family.

      2. I don’t think he is a father…he probably is calling his wife baby.

  8. Nice episode !! 🙂 but emotional too !! But Bharat aka sujay reu I don’t know from where you have born but u rock every day and make us cry !! And I won’t to say these scenes the cast did it without any glycerine !
    4 seconds Lakshmila ????????????atleast I’m happy that I’m able to see this !! Guru vashisht interrupted or else he would have went and talked !! But no probs !! It happens. Precap ✌✌

    Happy Yugadi to the Kannada and Telugu people here ! And advance ram navami to everyone ! 🙂 🙂
    बोल सिया प्रभु राम चंद्र की जय। ✊

    #Can’t wait for tomorrow

  9. Tanu............:-)

    Hi di’s
    Today is Telugu new year
    So I wish u all a happy new year From telugu people

    Sry If I hurt anyone

    1. Happy ugadi tanu…

  10. Hey guys.. I m sneha here.. A new member.. Will I be welcomed here??

    1. Ya sure dear welcome to our sweet skr family and do tell about u
      Sorry if personal??

    2. Ya sure di welcome to our sweet family

      1. Sneha(Santhiya)

        Hello haripriya di, btw i m frm malaysia.. Doing my diploma in biomedical science now..

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        Btw di do u or other di’s have any account in twitter?? i joined there cause there is siyakeram update there.. like they will show wat happen in the episodes.. So we can tweet there??
        Hope i did not say anything wrong di..

      3. Di I am younger than u so no calling me as di. I’m Haripriya in 9th standard.

    3. Welcome sneha …..

      1. Sneha(Santhiya)

        Hello bhoomi di..

    4. Yes di I have a account in twitter. My id is haripriyachillu. My dp is of Sita and urmila

    5. Welcome to SKR fan club di:)

  11. All can call me as Santhiya also.. Sneha is my nickname..

    1. Hi santhiya… welcome to our skr family dear… may I know where u from and what are you doing..? anyway l’m Ahana from Kerala and just completed my degree.. once again welcome dear…

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        Hello ahana di.. Btw i m frm malaysia.. Doing my diploma in biomedical science now..

    2. Welcome to skr family sneha di….

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    3. All the best for ur exams di… Miss u too di….

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    Hi di’s
    Actually today is Telugu new year
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    Nice epi
    Scary precap
    Sry if I hurt anyone

    1. Why would u hurt us dear tanu Di
      Stop being so formal Di

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    1. Sneha hi I have already welcomed u in my comment
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      I m Nita…(OK u already saw that), I just completed 12 n preparing for CPT.

      Plz tell something about yourself if its not personal…. N yes here who all are elder than us we address them as di. But its your wish.

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      Hi di, welcome to skr family. I am sanjana from Bangladesh. I am in class 7.

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        Hello sanjana di, i m frm malaysia.. doing my diploma in biomedical science..

  15. Veronica crouze

    They left chitrakut sooo early…they only showed 1 episode of their staying there…i wanted to see more sita’s life style and roles in forest when they stayed in vanvas…i think sita’s abduction will be shown d next month..hoped fr a laxmilla scene…bt they didn’t show that…

  16. Veronica crouze

    What r they shooting in mumbai?

  17. Hi guys. I am a new member for this group. Hope u all would like me.

    1. Hi Sneha welcome to this sweet skr family

  18. Hi,Sneha welcome dear.May I know which class do I read in and wher r u from (if it is not ur personal )

  19. Nice..thanks for updating!

  20. Dear sanjana, Ashish has 3 dogs, he refers them as babies….scotch, carbon ,toofan:-(:'(:-);-)

  21. Emotional episode….

  22. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Hello guys WW swaragini gonna dubbed in polimer…????from 9th June mon-fri 9.00pm.. Kalyana kanavugal at 7.00pm slot.. I think ssk and swaragini has many mahayudh,sangam so they are telecasting it.. But I waited for tashan-e-ishq or ek tha raja ek thi rani but this show…


      what?????? OMG!!!!!!!! Actually now the current track is okay but hw can they telecast it??????? for sure we will throw tomatoes on them…….. i actually waited to see ashoka……… or dehlezz but i know very well polimer will never take these 2…….. hmmmmmmm……. lets wait and see the reaction of tamilians………

  23. Vanshu ? ? ? ? ? (vanshikha)

    Hi all of you here I m Vanshika aka vanshu n I m probably d most youngest here coz m in just class 8 plz plz plz plz plz add me 2 ur skr family m a gr8 fan of Mahabharata n skr I loved ur analysis sanju di, can I call u sanju❓ by d wy m sry I can comment only once a day n nt at night ? so …… But plz do reply dem
    I m from Delhi but presently in Ghaziabad, I m 13 yrs old n I ve been 2 south India n I ❤ d food I also mke it myself

    I cant watch skr daily so I read d updates n skr fan u r really a khabri
    N for d epi it was nice but precap ws scary? n love madirakshi ji awsme, i 2 missed lakshmila scenes ? n also dey r leavin so early from chitrakupt, I m sry if m NT able to comment regularly plz forgive me ??
    I hope u ll like me m NT dat bad ? m a cheerful person
    I hope dat u don’t mind
    …….,.,….. If I sy something like that bad

    I also want to write a analysis, hw can. I do dat?❔❔❔

    Ok bye ? I hope u read my comment

    1. Hi vanshika welcome to our sweet skr family . I’m Haripriya in 9th standard . You are not the youngest one dear. No sorry between sisters dear . There is a rule here thanks and sorry are not allowed.

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    And heyeee welcome 2 all the new comers….welcome sneha di and vanshu dear….

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