Siya Ke Ram 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi Bharadwaj telling Ram that we have to do soul’s Tarpan/libation-offering holy water before sunset, as its last day of your vanvaas. Ram says its right. Rishi asks him to come along. Bharat is about to light the woods. Everyone cry and get worried. Bharat lights the funeral pyre and sits in the fire. Kaikeyi cries and says no Bharat….

Mandvi can’t see this sight and cries. Ram does rituals for soul peace by standing in the river waters. Sita and everyone look on. Bharat is still seen sitting in the fire. Laxman says we have to soon leave for Ayodhya. Jamvanth asks Ram to allow him to go. Ram says Ayodhya is close, stay with us as guests for some days, we will be glad. Jamvanth says that will be my good luck, but its time for me to leave, I will always remember

every moment spent with you, allow me to leave. Ram says fine and hugs him. Jamvanth greets everyone and leaves.

Hanuman is still on the way. He reaches the place and sees Bharat sitting in the fire. He worries and flies down to stop Bharat. He blows air on the fire. The fire gets put off. Everyone get puzzled. Bharat opens eyes and asks who has blown off my funeral pyre fire, who is creating hurdle in fulfilling my promise. Hanuman lands. He says forgive me Bharat, but I have blown off this pyre fire. Bharat says Hanuman you here… Hanuman says yes, I came with Ram’s message for you. Bharat asks Ram’s message…. what did Ram say, did he send you to say he is not coming back to Ayodhya. Hanuman says no, did this happen that Ram forgets his promise, Ram can come here with Sita and Laxman any moment. Everyone smile happily.

Hanuman says come out of this pyre and wait for Ram’s arrival. Bharat happily gets down the pyre. He asks Hanuman are you saying true. Hanuman says yes, Ram would have come here by now, but he has to stay at Rishi Bharadwaj’s ashram for some imp work. Bharat says I m glad seeing you, you have filled Amrit in my ears by giving this good news, my entire sorrow and regret ended, but I don’t have any gift to give you in return of this good news.

He introduces Hanuman to everyone and says he is Ram’s devotee, servant and friend. Hanuman greets the Matas. Kaushalya cries and says your mother is great to give birth to you, its first time in 14 years that we got a good news that pleased our heart, we have been waiting for Ram till now, we were restless to hear this that Ram is coming back. Sumitra says there can’t be any well wisher for Raghukul than you, you have Ram’s arrival message and gave new life to Raghukul, we will always be thankful to you. Kaikeyi asks Hanuman to just tell her when is my Ram coming. Ram calls out Mata…..

Everyone smile seeing Ram, Sita and Laxman coming along with others. Ram Ram…..plays………….. Ram gets emotional seeing his Matas. He sees Kaushalya crying and goes to her. He touches her feet and takes her blessings. Sugreev, Vibhishan and others smile. Ram hugs Kaushalya. Ram touches Sumitra’s feet and hugs her. Ram sees Kaikeyi and takes her blessings by touching her feet. Ram holds his face and hugs him, saying my Ram has come. Sita and Laxman too take blessings of Kaushalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi, and hug them.

Ram goes to Bharat and they cry. They hug. Ram Ram…..plays…….. Bharat washes Ram’s feet and cleans with his clothes. He touches Ram’s slippers to his forehead and makes Ram wear his slippers. Ram holds him and makes him get up. Ram hugs Bharat. Bharat happily cries.

Bharat says seeing you today, my life’s wait is over, I m free of my sins seeing you back, I feel like I have got a rebirth today. Ram says no Bharat, there is no brother in this world more sacrificing than you, I did not find you away from me in the 14 years of exile, you were always with me as my strength and belief, I did not forget you even for a moment. He sees Kaikeyi crying.

He says Bharat, son can be bad, but mother can’t be bad, mother has big right on son and son can’t get away from his duty, go and apologize to Kaikeyi and do a son’s duty, go. Bharat recalls his angry words to Kaikeyi. He holds her feet and asks her to forgive him. She hugs him and says Lord has made everything fine. Shatrughan asks Sumanta to inform Ayodhyavaasi that Ram has returned, now everyone will welcome Ram, Everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Sita and Ram smile.

Bharat asks Ram to sit on the Rajya throne and make all of them free of their duties. Ram and Sita get dressed in palatial attires and walk to Rajya Sabha. Everyone smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Can anyone post a fan fiction of death of four brother????? It’s my request

    1. Vanshika

      I’m here bro…. I’ll add it in next in siya ke ram ff only, or do u want it separately??? Pls reply..

      1. @vanshika If you post it separately than its look best……….bcoz many one could not recognize that you post one in two ???

      2. Anushya

        amazing idea and perfect person to execute it…

  2. Hi guys !!! How r u all ??? From tmrw my half yearly exams are starting so won’t be regular till September 27th……. I am overwhelmed with joy dat cmnts reached 86+….. Keep on cmnting and watching skr…… Epi was glamorous……

  3. U know guys i got a wonderful gift on my birthday…. When I turned on my laptop, I saw that under the icon of google chrome it was written ‘siyasiya’….. I donno know dat how did it so happened bt it is a miracle…. Lakshmianarayan’s gift to me…..

    1. Vanshika

      WOW… That’s amazing suchi dear

  4. Greatly missing the lankans….. And mithila family too ……

  5. Guys pls post the links of siya’s second vanvaas pics if u hv it…

    1. Anushya

      she looks so cute… is the baby kusha/lava?

  6. Haripriya felt vry happy after seeing ur cmnts after such a long time…. Joy bro u hv given us a damn great newzzz…. And hapy Diwali to all of u dearies…

    1. Sry its haripriya di

    2. I am happy too dear but I won’t be commenting regularly and i will comment on last day

  7. Thnxxx guys for all of ur wishes on my birthday…. Vanshu sweetie u can call me whatever u like dearie…. All of ur gifts r just awesome…

  8. Today I hv half day in schl so I will be back at 2:30p.m. …. I will try to cmnt…..

  9. Bye guys hv to go to schl noww…….

  10. Padmaja

    Hey thanks for all ur wishes and many of them r also writing exam na so all the best for u people…
    And we can hope for the best out of it…
    and siya ram will fulfil all our wishes
    Jai Siya ram…

    1. Guys this is pic of unseen promo and get ready for mahaepisode

    2. Anushya

      wow thanks nitya for the link

  11. Vanshika

    Thnx tharu di n preeti dear ?

  12. Vanshika

    Suchi dear IM so happy to see your comments… Thnx fr commenting n all d best fr your exams… ?????

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    Yahoo ? 100+ comments!!!!! Congratulations ?

  14. Maha episode coming…… Very sad….. I can’t see this anyhow…….. ???

  15. Swastika

    Hy guys episode was very much emotional and loved everything in the episode …. Just waiting very eagerly for today’s episode just after a long time we will see our siaram in rajwesh….. And the promo for sita’s second vanvaas is launched … Everyone those have exams all the best for ur exams my exams had also started .. Suchi do happy to see u commenting …. The links were awesome and yup….. On 12 September 1 hour mahaepisode after a long time its a mahaepisode sooooo much excited and ya comments reached 100+ very happy.. Bye guys see u all soon..

    1. Vanshika

      Bt I’m NT excited ?.. Its Siam seperation OMG ??????

  16. Priya15

    guys… r u all????my xmz r started guys..i l try to cmnt if i get time….hope its okay????

    the epi is awesome…emotional….i want to say one thing dont take this as COMPARISON..share ur views..

    lakshman jaisa bhai milna MUSHKIL hai…..par bharat jaisa bhai milna NAMUMKIN hai….

    guys brother like bharat is goal…who just got by rama..not by other brothers…he is the only one ever in world ……………

  17. all the best for ur exams suchi dearie , vanshu dearie , padma di , stuti , haripriya di . i am sure u will do well wid the blessings of god

    1. Thanks dear

  18. and all the best preethi and ishu

  19. Anushya

    so sad sita second vanvaas….. loved the precap of todays…. both ram and sita look stunning….. when will urmila wake up…..

  20. Vanshika

    Guys I’ve an extremely sad news ? ?
    Pls reply ??

    1. Anushya

      i cant beleive next week itself its vanvaas

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