Siya Ke Ram 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guru Vashisht telling Ram that all ancestors in Raghukul have done this Ashwamedha yagya, and every time it was success, the reason is people respect Raghukul and have devotion in their hearts, none has tried to catch the horse or create hurdle in his way. Ram recalls Sita and thinks I got to know you when you stopped the horse Sita, I wish I could meet you again. Lav and Kush shoot at Laxman’s arrow and bursts it. Laxman thinks I will be glad if I lose to these boys, as they are seeking justice for Sita, but I have to free this horse. Lav and Kush fail Laxman’s arrows.

Laxman falls down. Lav and Kush smile. Soldiers run away. Sumanta greets Ram and says it’s a big disaster. Guru Vashisht asks what disaster Sumanta says two Rishi balaks have captured the horse,

when Laxman fought with them to free the horse, he lost to the boys and fell on ground. Ram worries. Guru Vashisht asks who are they. Sumanta tells them that they are two boys who came to say Ram katha, they got angry hearing about Sita, they said they will not free the horse till Devi Sita gets justice, they want to talk to Ram and seek the answers, as Ram got saved from answering them in bhavan.

Lav and Kush ask Maruti to tie Laxman to the tree. Laxman smiles. Lav says you have to be here as detainee till our motive is fulfilled, we are helpless, this is not our wish. Laxman says I have won many wars, I lost and I did not get sorrowful, as I m glad, its punishment for leaving Sita in jungle. Kush says its good you realized your mistake, if a culprit realized mistake and repents for it, he gets free of the crime, our mum says this. He says we should go ashram, if Mata knows we have captured the horse, it will be disaster. They ask Maruti to take care of Laxman and leave.

Hanuman feels sorry as he always served Laxman and today he had to tie Laxman, this is the only way which can unite Ram and Sita. Ram talks to Sita’s idol and says I was waiting for 12 years, that someone comes and stands against me, who comes to seek justice for you, you questions my decision, but who will dare to challenge Ram’s decision, I m glad that someone has challenged my decision, I m not upset, I feel glad and peaceful, as I could not do this and these two Rishi balaks have shown courage to do this.

Guru Vashisht comes there and asks Ram what decision did he take. Ram says those two Rishi balaks have challenged us by stopping the Ashwamedha yagya horse, we have to give answer. He asks Bharat and Shatrughan to go and free Laxman and the horse. Bharat says sure and they leave.

Sits scolds Lav and Kush for capturing the horse, and says I will never forgive you for this crime. Kush asks whats the crime. Sita says you created hurdle in Raja Ram’s Ashwamedha yagya, you have challenged him for war, you know its result. Kush says the result will be Ram and his family has to apologize to Devi Sita. She asks them to be quiet, and not say about anyone whom they don’t know well. Lav says its true that we don’t know much about Ram, but we know he did injustice with Devi Sita, and he can’t be forgiven for that. Kush asks Sita to say was it right to make Sita leave from rajbhavan, does this suit Ram to do this injustice, its called justice as Ram did this. She asks them to be quiet, I can’t hear any word against Ram. Hanuman looks on. Lav asks whom will you stop in the world, everyone will ask Ram, you taught us to stand against injustice and Adharm. Kush says if you want us to get justice for Sita, you want ask us to leave the horse.

Kaushalya says I felt those boys are ours, the way they were asking about Sita, I felt they are Sita’s sons. Kaikeyi says I think Sita’s child will also be like Lav and Kush, my heart also says if they are Sita’s children. Sumitra says its possible, they love Sita and they captured horse to get justice for her. Kaushalya says they told their mother’s name as Vandevi, they said they don’t know father’s name, I feel Vandevi is our Sita, we have to find out, come we will talk to Ram. Kaikeyi stops her and says even if Vandevi is Sita, can we get her back to Rajbhavan. Kaushalya says yes, its been 12 years, we don’t have right to interfere in her life, wherever she stays, she should live happily.

Sita cries and says Ram, whats this dilemma, the sons who should have been obedient to father, they got against their father, they should have protected their Raghukul Maryada, today they have become Kul’s enemies, my life had one motive, to handover Lav and Kush to you and then get free of my life’s duties, but I can’t tell them this truth, the one with whom they are going to fight is their father, the one on whom they will shoot arrows, is their family.

Lav and Kush go to Sita. Lav says Mata, we did big crime by capturing the horse without your permission, forgive us, we can bear anything, but not your sorrow and pain, we will go and free that horse. Sita says no, my sons can never do any crime, if you think injustice or Adharm happened with someone, then you have to fight against injustice and Adharm, for that person’s justice and rights, even if you have to fight against Ram, because there is no relation important than justice and Dharm in this world.

Lav and Kush go to Laxman and ask him to have food. Laxman says but I m detainee, I m your enemy, what can be your motive to give food to enemy. Kush says we are Rishi kumar, but we know about Raja and the war rules of kingdom. He asks Lav how will Laxman have food as he is tied to the free. Lav asks him to free Laxman. Kush frees Laxman. Laxman takes the food. He sits and eats food. He recalls Sita and cries. Lav and Kush see him crying. Kush says I m seeing first time that someone is eating food and crying. Laxman says its very tasty food and reminded me of someone, Sita used to make such food during vanvaas. Lav says but Devi Sita did not make this food, our mum Vandevi made this, have food, we have to tie you back. Hanuman comes. Lav asks why are you worried. Hanuman says its thing to worry, Bharat and Shatrughan are coming to fight. Lav asks Laxman to eat food, we will teach war rules to your brothers. Laxman looks on.

Lav and Kush fight with Shatrughan and Bharat, and win over them. Lav asks them to go and send Ram for war. Ram says Laxman, you are brave warrior and even you lost to those boys. Laxman says they want to fight and get justice for Sita. Ram says I know who can make those boys lose. Hanuman goes to fight with Lav and Kush.

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  1. Sara

    Surprised and Shocked – LUV & KUSH never got yudha vidhya from SAGE VALMIKI . SAGE VALMIKI taught them to sing and gave the knowledge VEDAS . All GURUS are not entitled to give DIVINE WEAPON. They learnt later when they joined their father
    EVEN IN SKR , it was shown that LUV & KUSH could not fight with Lavanshur and Kush wanted to learn Yudha Vidhya from RAM- even though lavansur story was twisted.
    REAL stories is LUV & Kush stopped the HORSE and HORSE was followed by Shatrughan . They wanted to fight but Sage Valmiki intervened and sent them to sing Ramayan during Ashwamedha Yudha .
    And after hearing Ramayan , Sita was called upon and asked to give second time Agniparisha BY RAJA RAM .
    SITA gave the test to prove her innocence and called upon Mother Earth so that the question of her chastity stop forever and asked her sons to forget their father.
    BUT SKR is showing interpolated version and NOT THE REAL UTTAR KAND .

    • Sharwani

      According to valmiki Ramayana this is the story we learnt and seen since our childhood…..u can go through south Indian Telugu movies LavaKusa and si ramarajyam so that u can get a clear idea dear…😊

  2. Preethi12345

    |Registered Member

    wow loved the episode soooo much.omg is kaushalya kaikey and sumitra going to bring back sita to the rajbhavan.but sadly this wont happen. and the precap is exciting but i have one doubt will lav and kush come to know that hanuman is maruti ?
    plz answer my question sisters!!!

  3. Richu

    |Registered Member

    I love luv kush Yarr……
    The way they fight for justice was great….
    Moreover sita gave them permission……

    The precap also👆👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😘😘👏

  4. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Soooooo awesome… Luv Kush stole the epi today…. Very cute.. Lakshman aka Karan also did fab job.. Waiting fr son-father meet…
    @sudeshna dear I’m on insta bt unable to login it’s saying I’m putting wrng password so my sissie will fix it on Sunday,.
    The first part of my Lakshmila ff was posted ystrdy wid second last epi of nxt in skr so who haven’t read cn read..
    N guys u know m watching ram Leela on red fort it’s amazing bt made me laugh alot. Ask y?? Hanuman is going to cross Indian ocean bt there’s no water anywhere 😝😝 lolz…
    Good bye n gud nyt dearies 😊

  5. Aman

    |Registered Member

    Acc to valmiki ramayan,lav kust sang ramayan but didn’t faught with brothers,it comes from later version

  6. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Wow wow wow awesome Epi… and Lakshman is defeated!!! Even Bharat and Shatrughnan Will get defeated!!! And Hanuman is going to fight with dem but I think he will be captivated by lav kush… A superb precap… waiting for next Epi.

  7. joy

    The mind blowing episode………all of the story are in the right track…………..
    But missed the episode after long time…… Yet to watch it HOTSTAR………….
    Precap is again interesting……… Also two brothers will be defeat…. And also hanuman will be capture bcoz he want to ram siya unit……… Then ram will come……. Then Sita stop ram and luv_kush to fight each other………………
    This will be Epic moment for all SKR fans………….
    But we just wait for Monday…………. Toooooo long time……………

  8. SKR fan

    Just saw the awesome episode. It was mind blowing. Monday would be even better. But I am waiting for Siyaram face to face meeting. Since the show will end in mid November and the last has already been reached so I think they would show Vaikunth Prasthan also. I wanted to ask one thing did Guru Vashisht taught Luv-Kush afterwards Yudh Vidya?
    And one more thing another grand show is going to start from Monday at 8:30 pm i.e. Chandra Nandni. How many of you will see that? I had to watch its repeat as at that time I see other show.

  9. Varshini

    |Registered Member

    just know saw the episode , it was just fantastic , i just loved the epi . luv-kush were awesome . thrilling precap , can wait more , but sadly we have to wait till monday

  10. Stuti27

    |Registered Member

    No words to say about yesterday’s epi ….. suppppppeeeerrrrr epi now hv to wait till Monday fr the nxt epi ….. anyways hatts off to skr team!!

  11. Vanshika

    |Registered Member


    • Varshini

      |Registered Member

      we will definitely pray for u dearie ,and i am sure u would have done well and would have scored good marks , why is the need to worry cutie

  12. Varshini

    |Registered Member

    how nice it could have been if i had a time machine with which i could go to monday 8 pm . i know i am talking childish things but this is what i feel . i cant wait more to watch skr

  13. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Wen Luv Kush said to Lakshman Aap bhojan khaiye, hum aapke bhai ko yuddh vidya sikha kar aate hai… I broke to laughter.. Who laughed at this scene??
    Guys I think u all know Arpit Ranka who essayed the role of Duryodhan in star plus Mb.. He’s essaying the role of Padmanabha Nanda in Chandra Nandini..

  14. Lakshmila

    |Registered Member

    some links

    pls pls pls psl psl pls cmnt guys

    • Varshini

      |Registered Member

      oh suchi dearie , thank u so much for all the pics , loved all the pics a lotttt. u have done a lot of work and collected these pics . thanks again . love u a lot

    • Vanshika

      |Registered Member

      OMG suchi dear so many links…….. Okay Il see one by one n comment..
      1. Nyc combo.. Madi n piyali.. Nyc..
      2. Ashma 😍😍😍.. Ahaha.. Super se upar..
      3. Wish this scene true 😍😍
      4. Seriously speaking you’ve refreshed old moments.. Cute Mata parvati n cute Chandrabhaga……
      5.kala chasma jachda hai madi k gore mukhde pe..
      6. Superb
      7. Wow yaar Mata gargi beautiful…
      8. Speechless cos Mithila princesses r awesome
      9.OMG OMG.. I want all 20 lehengas lolz 😁
      10. She made me scared 😓
      Yaar you’ve left me speechless very appreciable work can’t describe all of them you’re jus super hit… Love you 😍 n this is for you .. Exclusive edit.. Not exclusive, bt I’ve made this college.. Not joking yr ask those who follow me on insta if you’ve any doubt,.

    • Padmaja

      |Registered Member

      Really really superb links yr… cant explain ur work in words… loved it a lottttt… u have done an excellent work dearie. .. love u a lottttttt

  15. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys y soooooo less comments…. Where’re you all???

    • Preethi12345

      |Registered Member

      varshu, i would choose if u remember for all sita scenes a tune is played in the when lav and kush tel sita that they will stop singing ram katha .and that they will hate ram,for that scene there was a bg for sita . i love that song♥♥

  16. Sudeshna

    |Registered Member

    Hey everyone happy durga mahaashtami to all may maa,durga bless u all
    my favourite bgm are ramsiya love theme and both individual themes

  17. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Guys.. Skr gonna end???

    I mean there is just some part left….. They can’t drag it more than 2 weeks…. Is there any news like that??

  18. Siya

    Hey guys hope u remember me!!
    Yaa watched skr after long time its quiI interesting…and todays episode luv kush fight will be epic
    But still i like Mahabharata more who all were watching Mahabharata???

  19. Lakshmila

    |Registered Member

    some links

    pls pls pls cmnt and let me know whether u liked them or not………

  20. Preethi12345

    |Registered Member

    wowowow suchi amazing links there were so many but i loved them all and sita urmilla video of them acting like a deer was really cute and loved the onscreen pics too

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