Siya Ke Ram 7th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Siya Ke Ram 7th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram going to the lake to get the lotus flowers. He gets some lotus and keeps in the basket. Surpanakha comes there looking for him. She says I m wandering with the belief that I will get you, and if I get you, I will lose myself. She smiles seeing Ram. She says I knew you will meet me and secretly admires him. She says if I was lotus, I would have been lucky to get chosen/plucked by you at this moment. Ram starts leaving from the lake. She says I will not let you leave without meeting me today. She gets thinking and smiles. She shouts for help. Ram stops and turns to see. He sees a woman drowning. Surpanakha says help, save me. She acts to sink. Ram shoots an arrow in the water. The water disappears.

Surpanakha smiles and thinks you will touch me for the first time today,

I was waiting for this time since long. Ram asks Devi, are you fine. She opens her eyes and looks at him. Ram is still standing very far. She walks to him. She says you saved my life, I m thankful, how shall I return this favor, my name is Surpanakha, I stay nearby, who are you. Ram says Devi, I m Suryavanshi Dasharath’s eldest son Ram, I stay in Panchwati. She says you are the one who saved villagers from Asurs, you alone failed Asurs attack, Lankesh Raavan is behind this attack, I heard Raavan is cruel and torturing, what do you think about this. Ram says nothing, I just know that he is also a Shiv devotee like me, I heard Raavan is a great knowledgeable king, but ego is making him such rude and cruel person. She asks is he not a bad man.

He says person is not good or bad, his deeds are good or bad, he gets fruit/reward as per the deeds. She smiles. He asks her to be careful of the jungle problems. Lotus basket falls and they both it to pick it. She picks the lotus and puts back in the basket. She helps him and touches his feet with a lotus. She gives him the basket. He thanks her and leaves. She smiles and hugs a lotus. She sees someone attacking Ram, and kills that man. She says whoever tries to attack Ram, I will not leave him alive.

Ram comes back to the hut. Sita asks him did he find it tough to find lotus lake or plucking lotus. He says no, it was an easy work. She says I did not mean that, you came late, so I felt…. He says a woman was drowning in lake, she called me for help, I saved her, so I got late, now everything is fine, nothing to worry, that woman’s life got saved. She asks was that woman very beautiful. He says Sita…. You have doubted whether I would be able to do household work and now this…. She says who knows that woman fell in love with you, you are so lovable, I don’t have any objection till she crosses her limits. He asks what are you saying. She asks him to say was that woman beautiful. He holds her and says no one is more beautiful than you in this entire world. They smile. She says its time for your Dhyaan. He goes. She sees the flowers and says this broken flower signals that something wrong or bad is going to happen.

Asur head shows the map to his army and says those Sanyasis stay here. Surpanakha asks whats this. He says Raavan has sent this Panchwati map. She looks at the model and asks whats this. He says Ram’s hut. She smiles and thinks so you stay here my life. He says we will attack here in village and then on this hut, we have to kill Ram. She gets shocked. Asur head says because Ram is most powerful, are you ready. Soldiers says yes. Asur head says we will kill Ram and laughs. Surpanakha shouts angrily.

He asks what happened Surpanakha. She thinks to stay calm, she loves Ram and this should be hidden. She calls all of them fools, attacking and failing them straight is impossible. She says Ram alone failed all our Asur soldiers, leave all this on me, I will make plan to kill those Sanyasis, you all obey my command. The soldiers agree. She thinks I have saved Asur chief’s life, because I will not leave anyone who tries to harm my Ram.

Sita smiles seeing the lotus and says I need eleven lotus for puja, but I have just seven flowers. She sees Ram doing Dhyaan and thinks to go to lake and get flowers herself. She leaves. Surpanakha sees the lotus and recalls Ram. She says its matter of some time, its definite that you will fall in love with me, you did miracle to save my life, the way you have seen me, I felt every wound on my heart started healing, I m sure you love lotus. She says I will get ready using these lotus flowers, so that when you see my next time, you get mesmerized, you won’t have any other option than falling in love with me. She smiles and says I will be in your eyes….. Laxman asks Sita where are you going. Sita says I need lotus, so I m going to lake. He asks shall I come with you for protection. She says fine, come. They leave. Surpanakha also goes to the lake to get some lotus. Sita walks there.

Meghnadh says Raavan did not believe that Bali can’t die so easily, Sugreev’s Rajya Abhishek started and even then Raavan does not believe. Malyavaan says if Bali died, Mayavi should have come back to Lanka, but he did not. Meghnadh gets shocked realizing this. Sita meets Surpanakha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow superb episode. Today also Siam scenes was fantastic,waiting for Tom epi,surpanakha n Sita meet Tom face2face.Hi,how r u all?

    1. hi richa di and yes the episode was superb

    2. krishnai aka ww

      hi dear.. i m f9… hw r u???? haha… tom epi/……. funny…….

      1. I m fine dear n congress dear for ur fantastic result.

      2. krishnai aka ww

        Thank u dear….

  2. Nice episode. No kishkindha scenes today.

    1. yes bhaiyaa it was a nice episode

  3. Grusha Kapoor in between shots wearing sunglasses.
    Please look at this awesome edit. It’s really funny ?.

  4. Hope u all might have seen the new promo. If not then here’s the link.

    1. Thank you so³ so² so³ so² much 🙂

    2. thanks a lot for these links bhaiyaa

  5. Ashish Sharma pens special poem for mother
    Due to his hectic shooting schedule, actor Ashish Sharma will not be able to spend time with his mother this Mother’s Day. Hence he has penned a special poem for her which shows all the “emotions and love” that he has for his mother.

    “Every Mother’s Day has been special for me and I have made it a point to celebrate it with my mother at all times. This year, my schedule demanded me to work,” Ashish, who is currently seen as Ram in popular mythological show “Siya Ke Ram”, said in a statement.

    “So I have written a special poem for her. The poem houses all the emotions and love that I have for my mother.

    “As a child, I clearly remember how she used to handle all the household chores with me in tow. I owe my life to her and this poem is just a small way of saying thank you to her for all these years,” he added.

    The shooting for the Star Plus show is taking place in Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad.

    1. Tnq fr info bro . So nice and cute of u ashish

    2. thanks for the info bhayya

  6. Sarayu(honey)

    Siam scenes are awesome.

    1. Yes they are, Sarayu.

    2. yes they were awesome honey di

    3. krishnai aka ww

      Hi Saranya di… glad to see u…

  7. Missed today’s epi but think siam scenes were nyc ….. Guys this is that priya only whom u know I commented in my new id

    1. yes priya di the siam scenes were awesome

    2. Krishnai aka ww

      okay… i think ur old id is in problem…… as u shared it openly here

  8. Today episode was nice. Egarly waiting for tomorrow episode. Today I didn’t watch the episode because I watching supersatr Mahesh baby. Bharamostvam audio release. Songs are really good. May 20 2016 movie is releasing.

    1. yes susheela di the episode was nice

  9. Oh ok priya di and epi as usual nyc one Siam scenes were awesome today

  10. Hi. Friends how r u all. Krishnai congrats to you.anil how are you .hi, Priya, Jay meghanna.

    1. F9 suseela di how r u ? Happy mothers day dear di

    2. Iam fine suseela garu…how r u??
      Me too watched audio release of brhamostvam yesterday…
      If u miss the epi watch it on hotstar..
      Just now watched it…superb episode…

    3. hi susheela di i am f9 i know u didnt ask but i still replied

    4. krishani aka ww

      thank u dear

  11. Does surpanakha truely fallen in love with ram?I don’t believe that!!!!!!by the way awesome episode.I think for first time I am commenting so early!!!

    1. Yeah Nabanita dI .I also don’t believe it.I think she liked ram only for his bravery.

    2. no not at all nabanita di and richa di she has not fallen in luv truly she only loves him for his looks and this lust and not love and yes the episode was awesome

  12. Siam ke beech me suparnakha
    Let’s see guys what happened

    1. yes aditi di lets wait and watch

  13. Missed the epi…

  14. Haha , Shurpankha lotus story. ROFL ?????????????
    Coolio episode !

    And by the way, Happy mother’s day to all the mothers and g.mothers of this group. Pls coneey to all mothers frm my side. Hope their blessings will always shower on me and all of u ??????

  15. Happy mother’s day to all mothers ?
    Eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s episode ?

    1. Me too eagerly wtng Di how r u?

      1. I’m fine di, wbu?

    2. R u older than me?

  16. Priya do u know about Gemini TV mogali rakulu serial once again in Gemini TV comming soon

    1. I don’t know di and I don’t know Telugu….

    2. Happy mother’s day di

    3. I know suseela di i m also frm AP right. mogali rekulu is again coming?OMG

    4. Once again happy mothers day dear di

    5. Happy mother’s day di!I think in a k r family you are one and only mother!so happy mother’s day from our whole family.

  17. Happy mother’s day to all the mothers mee too eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s epi

  18. Amazing episode….

  19. Hi, friends good morning.

    1. Gud morning do.

  20. Happy mothers day of all mothers in our skr family.

  21. Nice episode soya ram scenes fantastic…

  22. Sry siya

    1. krishnai aka ww

      oh oh.. its okay di… hw r u??? n yes siam r always rocking…..

  23. Happy mothers day to all mothers.episode was really awesome surpanakha’s plan failed and siam scenes were too fantastic and cute.wtng fr siya and asur’s meet. But today no sugreev scenes.missing hanuman a lot..

  24. hi guys….amazing n interesting epi… N stuti dear , there r only 2 stutis here… Me n u…actually i ve 2 ids….ww i ve replied u on yesterday’s page…plz check it out….n ya marriage was osam…enjoyed a lot….welcome back bhoomi….me too eagerly waiting 4 my result…do u ve any idea about when is our result coming?

    1. Tnq stuti di.i did nt reply yesterday so….

    2. May be on 6th june…. may i knw where r u frm??

    3. Krishnai aka ww

      yes dear i had checked it…..

      n replied too……

  25. thanks skr fan for links

  26. Happy mothers day to all mother’s!!

  27. The promo is super.but sita always get angry with lakshman!but I like lakshman’s characture more than ram becoz i think she understand sita’s situation so much,so he protests again ram decision about sita’s agnipariksha and banbas (later).how many of you agree with me?

    1. krishnai aka ww

      True…. no one can understand u better than ur child…. lakshman was like a son to sita….. sons always understand their mom very well how a daughter understands her father…..

      1. krishnai aka ww

        glad to see u back bhoomi here…

    2. vanshika arora

      Me….laxman’s far better dn ram….and he did right punishing surpanakha.just like jayant ws punished surpanakha also deserved punishment… Mistake is just matter whether it is done by man or woman he/she should be punished…law and justice is same fr all human..not fr particularly man or woman.

      1. I agree wth u vanshika di

      2. Agreed

      3. I agree vanshika (di)

    3. I agree wth u whole heartedly nababita di and even wth u krishnai di

    4. agree with you nabanita sis…

  28. Oh k stuti di

  29. Hi everyone…How r u all??? Hope u r great:):):)

    WW many many congrats on ur result…may ur wishes come true in the future too…
    I have just now sent u a request in the fansite…do accept it…Which stream and syllabus are u going to choose for ur 12th??? Any updates on Nidhi? Is she ok???

    And when r ur results coming out- Priya, Zara, Thanmathi, Stuti, Bhoomi, Nidhi, Ishita???

    Welcome back Iqura, Bhoomi and Stuti:):):)

    And can anyone tell me what do u mean by Hangouts??? Is it an app? Will it work on any windows phone? Please someone clarify….

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      Am going out will tell in detail tonight
      But pls do join skr family and all ur pals like ww ishita stuti thanmathi Priya Zara everyone are there but nidhi di is alright now but due to personal reasons she quit tu and not in hangputs too

    4. hello di….i m fine…n how r u?…glad 2 see u….i think my result ll come after 25 may….thanx di 4 welcome….n welcome back u too di

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      i m going to chose biomaths in state board di…. thank u so much di… i had accepted u di……

      nidhi s completely alright but due to her personal reason said that she wont come back…. she is missing u all………

      and about hangouts sanju has explained it clearly di…….

  30. Guys hv a look here star parivaar awards r cming soon in star plus

    1. krishnai aka ww

      Okay dear sure….

    2. krishnai aka ww

      But i think it got over na???

  31. Can anyone tell me where I can watch the episodes I’ve missed
    On which site I mean

    1. On hotstar u can watch sneha di

      1. Tysm dear
        What’s ur age??

  32. krishnai aka ww

    hi all…..

    thanks to all who congratulated me…. thank u so much…… nupur di, anil bro, priya, meghana, both the stutis, srinidhi, soups di and nabinata di…. thank u so much everyone…………

    bala krithika and raka welcome to our sweet Siya ke ram family and fan club…..

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    anil bro, nupur di, and priya u are a member in fan club site now… but nupur di only ven u comment i can start chatting with u in hangouts……..

    okay bye all…..

    epi was good….. sita is jealous wow………….. missing ayodhya and mithiali………. especially janak n urmila…….. mandodori slightly……. but i will see her soon…..

    today no hanuman scene………

    its okay……..

    okay bye all…..

  34. krishnai aka ww

    hi all…..

    thanks to all who congratulated me…. thank u so much…… nupur di, anil bro, priya, meghana, both the stutis, srinidhi, soups di and nabinata di…. thank u so much everyone…………

    bala krithika and raka welcome to our sweet Siya ke ram family and fan club…..

    anil bro, nupur di, and priya u are a member in fan club site now… but nupur di only ven u comment i can start chatting with u in hangouts……..

    okay bye all…..

    epi was good….. sita is jealous wow………….. missing ayodhya and mithiali………. especially janak n urmila…….. mandodori slightly……. but i will see her soon…..

    today no hanuman scene………

    its okay……..

    okay bye all…..

    i dont know why…. my comment arent getting posted…….

  35. krishnai aka ww

    Happy mother’s day to all mothers……..

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  37. No thanks between sisters ww di again Congrats and may u have a bright good future ahead ….

  38. I have a question
    sita is called bhoomija coz she was born from earth ….
    Called maithili coz she was mithila’s princess ….
    Janaki coz she was janak nandini or daughter of janak ….
    So why is she called vaidehi??

    1. krishnai aka ww

      Bcoz she s from vaidhe…. the ancestral land name of mithila…. n okay i wont say thanks here after….

  39. krishnai aka ww

    Where s ameena di???

    I missed the epi also….

    Guys any of u who had seen pls give a small summary in comment section…. dont all of u post it and make comment section look dull…. pls……

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