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Siya Ke Ram 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trijata asking Sita to see her fate in her eyes. Sita looks in her eyes. Trijata worries as nothing is happening and says look in my eyes carefully. She says impossible, how can this happen, you should see what I want to show you. Sita says I m happy seeing what my heart eyes are showing, who knows you may see what I m seeing now and you may understand it too. Trijata leaves.

Sulochana tells Meghnadh that there is nothing imp than husband’s trust for a woman, you assured me that I can trust you. He says you trust me, then it will be right if I know whats the matter. She says I want to know the maze secret. He asks why, what is the need to know the secret of the maze. She says Sita will be leaving from here tonight. He asks what do you mean, how is this possible. She says

if you don’t know, you will be saved from lying. He worries. She says you understand that Sita’s place is not here, I don’t want you to do Adharm of lying to your father. She holds Meghnadh and says I m asking you to help your wife and do your Dharm. She holds his hand and says you can do this for me. He says I heard maze changed its shape every day, its shape won’t be same tomorrow. She says but it will be same today. He cups her face and says yes.

Trijata comes to Sita again, and gets some women beating plates and making noise. Sita looks on. Trijata makes a white-black powder line and then fills colors. The women set the black magic kund. Trijata sits there and starts doing her evil magic, while staring at Sita. She cuts her own finger and does her tilak. She sits chanting the mantras. She says now you can’t be saved of my power, now you will see your husband’s death in my eyes, now you will know the motive of your arrival here, you will see your future with Lankapati Raavan. She laughs and stares at Sita. She tries to show destruction to Sita. Sita smiles. Trijata gets shocked seeing Raavan’s death. She sees all her magic ruined, and that skeleton head melted by the fire. Sita asks what did you ssee..

Mandodari tells Sulochana that I don’t know how will this happen. Sulochana says I prepared everything, you just keep Raavan with you tonight, I will enter maze and get Sita out. Mandodari nods. Vibhishan comes and asks what after that. They look at him. He asks Sulochana to answer him, you have to send Sita safe from Lanka, will you be able to do this, you will need a boat, did you arrange it, answer me, if not then, I can arrange that. Sulochana and Mandodari get glad.

Sulochana says but… why do you want to help us. Vibhishan says because I m worried for my brother Raavan, if we don’t do anything in time, it will be destruction, he has done many bad things, but this time it will be a reason for his ruin, its necessary to send Sita away from here, only then I can save Raavan from the upcoming harm, because I have a doubt that if Sita stays here, she will become a cause of Raavan’s death some day. Mandodari asks Sulochana how will you convince Sita from running away, you said she refused. Sulochana says I can try again. Vibhishan asks how will you come out of the maze. Sulochana says my husband is doing his dharm towards me. Vibhishan gets shocked and asks Meghnadh, are you sure, no, he can never do anything against his father. Sulochana says a son won’t help, but a husband will surely help. You arrange the boat, I will reach there with Sita.

Raavan says Trijata would have made Sita think to marry me by showing that future, Sita would be seeing the dreams of becoming my queen. He laughs. Trijata comes there and is tensed. She says Lankesh….. He says just tell me fast what happened, did you create magical illusion. She says yes, I have seen it too. He drinks wine and laughs. He says I had this expectation from you, go and be with Sita, show such sight again and influence her heart. She gets speechless and leaves. Raavan says Sita and laughs.

Sulochana goes to Sita. Trijata stops her and says you here, by whose permission did you come here. Sulochana asks what a foolish question, you think anyone can dare to come here with Raavan’s permission. Trijata says but I was with Lankesh just now. Sulochana says Raavan has sent me, he is happy as you all are taking care of Sita, so he has sent sweets. She asks Daasis to distribute it. Trijata stops her. Sulochana says Raavan won’t like hearing that you doubted on his dear son’s wife. Sulochana shows the flowers and says Raavan has sent this for Sita. Trijata smiles and asks Sulochana to go. Sita smiles seeing Sulochana.

Sulochana gives the flowers to Sita and says this is for you. Sita smiles and takes the flowers. Trijata and Asur women sit eating sweets. They all get dizzy. Sita smells the flowers and sees everyone falling down. Even Sita gets dizzy and holds her head. Sulochana holds her. Raavan sits to dine. Mandodari asks Daasi to serve Raavan. Raavan signs them to stop, and asks Mandodari won’t you serve me today. She apologizes and serves him food. He says I feel like everyone in this Bhavan is adamant towards their duties. She says no. He says I was informed that you are worrying a lot for the guest, you did not feel necessary to take my permission to meet Sita. She asks whats the need to say indirectly like the maze, you can tell it straight if its about Sita. He shouts and asks why did you go to meet Sita. She says Sita loves Ram a lot, what you want, its not possible. She cries. He gets angry and starts leaving. She says Sita is not a guest, but bounded here, don’t go.

Surpanakha says I will get such woman to kill Sita, a Rakshakh like Singhni. She kills someone. Sita is shown.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. Trijata will now become like a mother to sita. It’s good that she had not told that she has seen raavan’s death otherwise she would have been punished. I don’t know how vibhishan, sulochana and mandodari will get sita out of Lanka hiding from so many guards and raavan also and that too sita unconscious.
    Missing ram and laxman scenes. But soon their scenes are coming got their offscreen pics in jungle.

  2. Ashish and Karan and siya ke ram team in the jungle. Sita’s search has begun.
    Ashish and Karan fun in the jungle.
    Onscreen bros but great friends offscreen. Ashish and Karan masti.
    Karan aka laxman. Outdoor shoot. Photo clicked by Ashish.
    Danish aka hanuman. Forest shoot.

    1. good work bro. cntnue sending links

    2. vanshika arora

      Is it ramoji film city area?

      1. hope so

  3. Hi guys…i was busy as my badi ma and bade papa came with my cousins..that’s y cant take phone from noon..i couldn’t watch tdy epi..

    @AMAN BHAI – bhai sorry for not replying to ur cmnt…i hope u see this…see bhai i dont know anything abt fb first of all..i dont have account n fb even i dont know how to use it..but i can help u…skr frns r there n fb think so…i l ask somebody to explain u..and i m sure they l guide u…

    @PRADEEP – welcome to our family… If u dont mind.. Pls introduce urself bhai…and me ..i m stepping into 11 ….even i m from south india…

    @VIJAY BHAI – bhai u dont give ur mail id again pls as its not safe bhai..i quitted hangouts bhai so i cant….but i l say my frns in skr family to invite u there…i think they dont see it …if they see they l surely reply u..i l ask tanu… Dont worry….

    @VANSHU – all the best dear…come back soon…

    @HARI – i can understand cutie…. Miss u…hope l be n touch n mail…


    If u see this pls reply…

    Dear i was busy these days now only i read all parts in one go ,…but i cant cmnt here its raining… net prob….pls dont mind….and dear i m extremely sry i cant read ur swaragini ff…u know i dont like swasan.. I tried to read it for u but cant dear…..i m teja fan mean ragini fan….it doesnt mean that i hate swara…but the story line of swaragini made me to dislike swara character…. See i m big fan of ragsan …i cant imagine any other pair.. I do read raglak ff….i like raglak too but not that much which i do for ragsan…if u r a daily reader of swaragini ff’s u l no i m reader of only ragsan ff…i do read raglak ff thats one or two which only have raglak not any swasan….so pls don’t mind dear…from the first scene of ragsan i m there fan..i can’t imagine swasan ,..Even i m not watching swaragini……but i do ragini based ff…i cant take anymore partiality shown in swaragini serial…so pls dont think that i m not reading ur ff… Pls sry dear…do reply if u see this cmnt of mine…

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Di is okay ? I m not watching swaragini from 5 months….. N if u don’t c my comment in ystrdy pg I won’t b commenting for a week love u
      …. ?

      1. Oh ohkay i saw it…love u too….

  5. Nyc epi but a bit confused how meghanad helps sita but still i love this epi and it shows the kind hearted people in lanka☺?

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Nyc epi…

  6. good epi bt how can meghnad hlp sita ????????/

    missing all the old members

    1. Ram alergy!tui Paris o bote????tui 5 june er page ami je toke reply dilam.dekhisni?

  7. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Suchi dear where’s ur ff??? U said will post on Tuesday.. Today is Tuesday perhaps…

    1. vanshu i’m too busy wid my projects dear so cannot write it now

  8. Seems to be good episode but I couldn’t see it as it was raining here at chennai . I’m busy nowadays and I’ve lots and lots of homework making me mad but yet I take at least 5-10 mins tym to chat wid u all… So my comments would be late sometyms ! 🙂 SKR FAN thanks for the links 🙂

  9. Vanshika crazy for skr

    I saw negative thoughts regarding the shows name In ystrdy page,.. Understand dears soon ram ll b back with a blast n hope will meet Hanuman soon

  10. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Dears a tiny bit doubt
    Ystrdy they showed sita sleeping….. I’ve heard she dint sleep eat n drink for 10 months so how??????

    1. I also thought this know where sita is kept in Lanka the place is still there.this name is sita elaia.even there all can see the hanumanjees fingerprint.even in which stream sita maiya took bath and dry her hair is also exist.
      I am realy amazed to know this means ramayan is not only a story written by balmiki,it realy happens at any time??

  11. I have some suspection about neghnaad.he became agree with his wife so easily?
    And anyone can tell me who plays the role of trijata?I saw him before any other serial but could not remember which serial.can anyone tell me this?

  12. Silpa k sivadasan

    Hi guyz
    Do u remembr me
    I know i havnt comntd 4 some time becoz of my entrance exams and results
    I want to say sorry bt i know sorry is not allowd here

    How r u all…?
    Ww skr fan ranaji nidhi zara sanjana malvi nita di ahana ishita vanshika and all others

    1. Ya we remember u di…we cant forgot u ,..wts ur results di??

    2. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Hi ? di how r u… It’s okay happy 2 c u..
      We r Fyn hw r u?? Do u know me??? Di ww di, sanju di, nidhi di, Zara di, hvnt b commenting here for sum tym as r busy… Hw were ur results?? U rocked na..,

    3. Hi di and we really didn’t forget u welcome back

    4. I’m good di !! How are you?? Hope u r rocking !! 😀

  13. Love this episode get me cling to the TV set right after work I tune in. Unfortunatly, why is siya ki ram series moving very slowly ram isn’t shown much and even hanuman either!…… sad to see how woman are being treat very bad from decade

  14. Priya sister are u from south or north india…because it is also here in A.P.

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Yes puju dear she’s from South India

  15. Raining here in A.P. in which place I am living.

    1. I m from south bhai…but not ap….i m from tn…

    2. don’t get wet in rain or else u’ll fall sick. OK puju ???????? watching skr ???????

  16. vanshika arora

    They should balance both sides…they should show lanka & ram’s journey together. Not a full episode full of just sita or just ram…d episode is more dn 20 minutes. They cn easily show both if they show only 1 part it’s become’s good they r showing sita’s life in lanka in details.

    1. Ya u r ryt…ram ka dukh bhi to dikhana hai..bas sita ka hi nahi…bcoz ram completes sita…. Hei na???

    2. I agree with u they should really balance both the sides

  17. Guys don’t u people feel that its really slow moving… I think i m sry to say…but i truly feel that skr is gng to show each n every day of sita in lanka..i mean they r gng to show every day work sita spent n lanka…hare yar kitna slow….see i didn’t mean to anybody… But we can’t say only positiveness of our fav serials…we should even see the negativeness n that…

    And ha yar y they r showing only sita pain…i accept that its of sita perspective par iska matlab yeh toh nahi na ki ram ko aisa hi chod den…actually is vakth they should show ram’s pain… If not then peolle l surely feel ram is wrong that he cant feel her pain and he didn’t love her…they l feel that ram is not worth to worship..i think they should concentrate on ram too…as he is not the part of sita life ….he is the life of sita…so they should concentrate him too….

    Do u people feel as same like me??

    1. sita is happy to shoot with ravan… skr gives many scene of them……so i think ram missing……just saw this link…..

      just kiddinng…..and fun……

      1. Haha….really….

    2. Yes sis…agree with u…the show is little bit slow…but they are showing Lanka part nicely with all characters involvement (sulochana,mandodhari,meghnad,surpanaka and vibishan….etc)

      1. Ya bhai….but i feel they should show ram too…

    3. Hi Priya, Thanks for your message for welcoming me. I appreciate it for the good sake. Basically, I belong to Kerela state and settled in Gandhinagar but right now I am working in Saudi Arabia.

      Secondly, I understand the feeling you people are having after watching the serial SKR. I don’t want to go against your feeling but my understanding is that we should know about the happening in Lanka itself. Till now, we didn’t know that Meghnad is having a good heart & really would like to save Sita Mata because till now we have read or Seen in Ramayan about the feelings of Shri Ram only. We all know about Shri Ram & what HE has done after Sita kidnapped by Ravan. Through this serial only we can have to know about Lanka.

      1. Yes bhai u r ryt……but actually they can show both ram scenes and lanka too…bcoz in my view after reading one version of ramayan …ram was the most person who gone through alot of pain after sitaharan…. Sita always has the hope that ram l come ..eventhough ram had hope he always thought that ravan should not harm sita n anyway …bcoz ravan has enemity afterall.. So ram’s pain should be shown atleast for 2 mins..thats it bhai..but ya good to see lanka parts..

      2. Yeah…. lil sis… I agree … but I have a doubt that if the maker will show both Ram & Siya scene together then name of the serial to be change i.e. instead of SKR it must be Ramayan only. Look, sister, from beginning we all know that this serial is about Ramayan from Sita’s look…. Then if she is in prison how could she know about Shri Ram’s pain. Only if anyone will inform her or through any Asuras only who will inform Ravan about Shri Ram’s actions…..

    4. Priya di you are right but i think by showing lanka scenes they are trying to show that not every person in lanka is hard hearted

      1. crrct dear iqura didn’t know dat some1 in lanka was atleast not hard hearted.

      2. Ya lanka has good peoples too…there l have many…. I l write one part of my POV regarding them soon…

    1. Thanks for the link joy

  18. ha nabanita di ami dekhechi 5th june ‘er page ta. tumi amake “tui” bolbe. ar amar mone hoy je showmakers der “ram allergy” hoyeche tai ora” ravan” medicine khachhe. LOL……….. just kidding.

  19. hey guys i think that the full team of skr is suffering from “ram & lakshman allergy” & bcoz of dat they are now having “ravan medicine” to be cured from this allergy… LOL just kidding

    1. Really vaidehi di even i am thinking like that only

  20. iqura i’m also in 8th so no di pls. nyc dat u agree wid me

  21. guys 1 doubt

    if lord rama (the avatar of lord vishnu) had only 1 wife- sita, y did shree krishna (avatar of lord vishnu) didn’t stop arjun from marrying so many wives ???

    pls hlp.

    1. Haha super qn…i have one doubt???? How did u connected arjun and ram here???

      1. priya di actually i wanted to say dat if ram believed in one girl marriage, in his next birth y did he not stop arjun from marrying more than one girl ??? after all they were best friends and we r everytime wid our best friends if they ever make mistake. right ???

  22. o guys pls tomra sobai aro beshi kore cmnt koro na pls……….

  23. Okay sister….I ‘ll not get wet in the rain.watching siya ke ram dialy..I will not miss siya ke ram even 1 day..because I like it so [email protected] sister can I please know your name.I am so sorry that I don’t know your name.

  24. Dears please please forgive me guys my school starts from tmrw so can’t be able to come regularly to those who I promised that I’ll mail please forgive me I was busy with my admission and I’ve got my books so after a week I’ll come coz I need to read my books

    1. Tanu even my schl starts from tmr…trust me i l wait for ur mail…

  25. Hi schl is going to open tmr…i l be busy in my studies…for one week there wont be so stresss….but i l not be regular like before…but pakka i l cmnt but somewhat like 1 to 5…

    MAIL frns: guys i promise u all…i l be n touch… Whenever i m free i l visit n chat …pakka promise…

    Guys i m thinking to post one information as an article… If i didnt then i l post it as an cmnt n tonight’s page….

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