Siya Ke Ram 7th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 7th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Ravan questioning his mother kekashi for daring to give asur vish to Sita with out his permission, with out discussion in the rajsabha .
She argues that she had caused death of two of her family members so she deserved this,Ravan says sita could have died because of this , kekashi tries to argue but Meghnath has his own ideas to deal with Sita and rushes off. Lankesh warns of consequences .

On the other side of the ocean Vibhishan chants Jai Shri Rama and arrives To pay obeisance
to Ram, he introduces himself as Younger brother of Lankesh Ravan ,he had left Lanka puri because of the sins, misdeeds and tortures by Ravan .
All are skeptical about ravan’s brother’s hidden intentions , but Ram welcomes him and accepts him as he was a sharanagat . It

was his duty to save and protect all those who sought his sharan.
Hanuman says this was the time to welcome all those who escape from Lanka due to Ravan’s atyachar , and he narrates that in Lanka Vibhishan was the only one who followed dharma and helped him .
Rama tests Vibhishan’s ideas and finds him very knowledgeable. He welcomes him with open arms .
Ram praises Vibhishan and he too praises Shri ram
The entire vanar sena shouts Jai Shri Ram ..

At Lanka Meghnath comes to Sita and orders her out of Lanka , he releases her. He orders trijata too out of Lanka , but sita says she could not leave as she had vouched not to leave Lanka until she punished Ravan for his misdeeds .
Meghnath retorts that in Lanka she had to follow orders .

Meghnath sends Sita off on a boat . She floats away carried by the waves rudderless ..

On the other side of Ocean Nal Neel begin creating the bridge with the help of stones, Hanumaan writes the Ram’s name on every stone , all chant Jai Shri Ram .
Hanumaan notices a boat floating towards them in the ocean he wonders if this was Ravan’s saazish. As the boat arrives at the shore all are shocked to find a woman sleeping in the boat .Hanumaan identifies her as Maata Sita
He alerts Lord Ram. Ram is surprised and gets emotional , goes running to meet his beloved .Sita wakes up .

At lanka Ravan accuses Meghnath for being Pitri doshi and Rajdoshi , for disobeying father’s orders , sending Sita out of Lanka and breaking rajniyam. He would have to repay this crime by his life .
Lankesh draws out his dangerous looking sword and places it at Meghnath’s neck as Kekashi looks on grimly.

Precap for tomorrow
All watch with pleasant surprise as Sita approaches Ram. Ram watches Sita intently
Just as Sita is about to touch Ram’s shoulder Sita is hit by one arrow and she falls to the earth

Update Credit to: Sutapasima


  1. SKR fan

    Nice episode. A bit confusing. I know its just an illusion but where has sita gone from Lanka and isn’t raavan knowing these all? Track is going too fast. Ram setu nirmaan so soon. Now ram’s sena is completed. Ashish and madirakshi would have been shooting together after so long.
    Oh missing amena’s update.

  2. SKR fan

    Ram and sita.
    Bharat and Mandvi.
    Lakshman and Urmila.
    Shtrughn and Shrutkirti.
    Brahmarishi vishwamitra.
    Guru vashisht.
    These are all the siya ke ram cartoon characters. Four ayodhya couples, two Lanka couples, hanuman, guru vashisht, brahmrishi vishwamitra, jatayu, parshuram and Ram and sita in vanvaas look.
    Snigdha akolkar wishing eid Mubarak.
    Please see these pics especially the cartoon characters and please reply how are they.

  3. Sanjana

    Amena Di I knew u wouldn’t be available today as ur are a Muslim na
    A very happy eid Mubarak Di. May this eid be happy and prosperous one for u
    And fasting it’s very difficult. Hats off to u guys to be able to do it. It is done to be freed on sins committed knowingly or unknowingly right?? So let it be a new beginning for u leaving bad habits if any and I pray that u may able to keep any resolution u take up
    God bless u for ur good work Di
    Once again a very happy eid Mubarak Di
    And a request pls post ur analysis tomorrow whoever posts it today urs is needed especially for this episode.

  4. Sanjana

    One most important aspect of episode update alone will give
    All are skeptical seeing vibhishan and ram says we have to accept those who surrender he then goes to vibhishan and asks him what is important bhatrudharm or raj dharm. Vibhishan replies love is above any dharm. He is devoid of love and has come here and hopes to be accepted by ram.
    Hats off CV’s

  5. Thanmathi


    |Registered Member

    Vibhishan has been accepted by Ram and Meghnad is really angry that all that’s happening in Lanka is because of Sita and decides to send her backHe orders Trijata to send her back which Trijata does unwillingly and Sita is sent back to the other shore by a boat…Sita sleeps in the boat and reaches the shore. All the Vanars see her and are wondering who she is…Hanuman recognises her and sugreev informs RamRam becomes fully emotional and runs towards the shore and sees her and is overwhelmed and so is SitaEveryone is emotional and Sita comes towards Ram and tries to touch his shoulder and before that She is shot by an arrow and falls down
    Everyone is shocked and see Vibhishan except for Ram who I think might have sensed that the woman was not his Sita…Ram was expression lessAnd also Ravan is very angry with Meghnad and wants to punish him and keeps his sword on Meghnad’s throat. And tomorrow’s episode it is that Ravan is confidently telling Sita that he will kill Ram in front of her and Sita is lighting so many lamps and The bridge is built.

  6. Akshayarekhasubramaniyan


    |Registered Member

    Amena eid mubarak. Happiness should always be with you . And i neither watched 8pm slot nor the repeat. So i will wait till u write the update cauz i feel comfortable with your updates,afterall I DONT KNOW HINDI ACTUALLY IAM A TAMILIAN ?.See you soon amena

  7. Nabanita

    Yea we all forget to wish amenadi!
    Eid mubrak to you.but please anyone update today’s episode??

  8. rr

    This started out as such a well written / directed epic to being ridiculous in the past few weeks.
    The dinosaur / dragon – ‘asur’ in the last episode …just to please kids? i dont get it..what happened to siya ke ram? Ever since lanka focus started..i just skip through the episodes.

    • Uthra M A

      It seems as though the makers are in a hurry to finish it. I do appreciate the creative thinking throughout Sita’s scenes in Lanka, but the dinousar was a little out of the way. They probably wanted to project Sita as somebody who takes action when the need arises. So they make up new stories to show her that way. Intention was good but the output was not upto the mark SKR has created so far. I can sense the makers’ passion has reduced in the past week.

      • Uthra M A

        But overall, inspite of the minor shortcomings I love Siya Ke Ram. The beautiful aspects far outweigh the flaws.

  9. Ritzz

    Hi I am new here and I like Skr very much.. but 2 be honest the dinosaur epi was insane… no intention 2 hurt sentiments…and vibhishana met rama after he reaches lanka not before and rama prayed lord shiva before he started constructing the bridge… skr is skipping many imp scenes and showing unnecessary scenes…. we want our old skr back….reply if u agree….

  10. Nabanita

    The precap is-ram and his all banar sena shared their way to cross the ocean by the bridge.lankesh came to sita (in ashoke vatika) and told her that she will see his husband and devar death in front of her ice.sita was lighting some diya then.she looked rudely on lankesh☺

  11. Sara

    Ram -setu construction is awesome. Ram’s side story going wonderful but bit fast .. Sometime cutting short .
    And yes, Vibishan did come to Ram before Ram setu making . SKR showed that correctly . And Vibhishan was the one who walked first on the setu as he knows all Lanka’s secret .
    Meeting of Vibhishan with Ram was very nice .
    But illusion of Sita was created by Meghnad was during the war . I had not read that it was before Ram’s arrival in Lanka .

  12. Rani

    SKR was right -Vibishan met Ram before Ram-setu making. I shall like to see more of Ram’s side rather than Ravan.
    That Dino episode was totally imaginative and unreal.
    And now illusion of Sita . I know that it happened later . Meghnad showed cutting of Sita’s head to Ram’s group . And Vibhishan convinced that it was not real Sita.
    But here it is happening now.
    Will Vibishan be able to convince all of them ?? And how ?? Because never heard of .

  13. joy

    I think suddenly SKR team Skip some parts of Ramayan.. Hope they back their old track……. Also running very fast….. I think they want to participate Olympic games 2016……..any comment……. If you not able to seen any episode plz go to HOTSTAR…..

    • Ritzz

      One reason skr going fast is now the show telecast is only 5 days a week…but that does not mean that they will skip imp scenes….instead of that dino scene they could have shown ram praying lord shiva…

  14. Thanmathi


    |Registered Member

    Guys please say Na I’m going to post an article on proofs of Ramayana as I said before do you want me to post proofs of Mahabharata too??? I don’t want to give any wrong information so I’m reading so many books and articles. So please reply if u see this quickly coz only if you want then I’ll search for it in library u can understand what I’m saying Na???

  15. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Guys anyone tell me y Dey r in a hurry?????????
    They’re running like if they hv to catch some aeroplane ✈…
    They’re draggin on Lanka side???? N what was that .. They don’t show ram praying to lord Shiva????? OMG ‼‼‼ …. Pls tell what’s happening????? ❓❓

  16. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Ummm…. I’ve some questions…. Will you guys help me ❓❔❓❔‼⁉ pls lovely sisters ? ? ???…. Help…. Sry if I hurt ur feelings……..
    Q.1. Did that Dinosaur part happen really????? I mean is it true???? What they showed ystrdy??? N what was croc??? Pls xplain it to me… I’m blank abt it… That’s NT mention in valmiki Ramayana (perhaps)
    Q.2. Hw many wives did ravan have???
    Q.3. Vibhishan was thrown off the empire by ravan (wasn’t he???? Verify pls)

    • Supreetha (Soups)

      Hey Vanshu!!!! How are you sweetie? Your answers-
      I don’t think there was any such Dinosaur incident….Ravan supposedly had 2 wives Mandodari and Danyamalini….
      Vibhishan was thrown out of Lanka by Ravan and after the end of the war he was made the King

    • Ritzz

      I don’t dinosaur is real dinosaurs and in Ramayana?? ?? Seriously this is the only blunder they made otherwise all other things good……
      As far wives of ravan wives were mandodari and dhanyamalini if he had other wives I don’t know…..
      And yes vibhishana was thrown out by ravan for supporting ram and he took refuge under ram…that thing skr shown correct…hope u r clear…

  17. joy

    Hey @vanshika ? dinosaur part never happened.. It’s the SKR teams own creativity…. But there are no need to show us another part of Jurassic park??
    Another? I think they show ram praying Lord shiva next episode (it’s just my hope) bcoz when we talking about any big story missed then next episode shows it… So wait and watch…….. Comment plz

    • Ritzz

      I hope things change in future… I want the war between ram and ravan to be grand…hope they don’t skip scenes further… whatever may be its flaws… I LOVE SKR… ?

    • Thanmathi


      |Registered Member

      Don’t worry sweetie u vl post only Ramayana proof but on one condition u should post mb proof only when you can. I’m saying it again and again Na sry but what to do as an elder sister I should say this

  18. joy

    SKR team dragging ravan Lanka man times…. Don’t know why this happens????
    When ram part are showing suddenly cut than showing Lanka family drama…….. There are no no no need this……. After the Sita haran we saw the?? Lanka ke family drama??
    Cmmnt plz

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      I think the war against ravan will be a bit small…. N Lanka is dragging…..
      Siya scenes are also sometimes meaningless…. Whatever I luv skr….

      • joy

        Yes vanshika I also like SKR too very much even it dragging or not…. I saw all episode. Only one I see among all serial…….

  19. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    I’m fine soups di…. How’re you??? After long time…. Oh okay dii I got my answers,… Love u ? and tq.,

  20. Rani

    SKR team wants to make Ravanyan under the name of SIye ke Ram . So they cut short Ram’s side story and gives so much importance to Ravan . And all sorts of imaginative stories of Ravan& his family is made.
    Ravan’s soul has gone inside the writer of the SKR.

  21. Veena

    Ram prayed to Samudradev( ocean) and asked for the route/marg . He waited for 3 days and then wanted to use arrow to dry out the ocean as Samudradev didn’t reply . that part is correctly shown in SKR. WONDERFUL.
    I want to know which book says he prayed to Lord Shiva before making Ram-setu. I have also read Ramayan but not the Devdutta book.
    Because Ram is the Avatar purush . He was endowed with powers but he himself didn’t know.
    And yes, Dino episode should not have been shown -why to show unreal stuff ? I shall like to see more more more of Ram’s side .

    • Ritzz

      Yes rama praying 2 lord shiva before construction of ram setu is not supported by original ramayana… but in some versions it is written… u can read about rameshwaram place in Tamil nadu in wikipedia… it is mentioned…

  22. VIDHYA

    my 6 year old daughter is a diehard fan of this serial. but unfortunately she has been missing the episodes due to music classes.. that too at the crucial time. and the repeat telecast is also done at odd hours. earlier star plus used to play the whole week episodes of various serials on sat and sun. if siya ke ram could be played on sundays morning, it would be nice

  23. VIDHYA

    everything is happening so fast. may be the serial is going off-air even before schedule… the crux of sita’s story is her apaharan how she was rescued and then how she sacrificed herself into agni to prove her sanctity… but the way the story is being rushed i dont think the team will be covering these parts very well.

  24. Swastika

    Episode was a nice one.. Ran siya scenes were superb…. Nitya welcome…. Ritisha di welcome…. Vanshu di how are u… Hey can anyone tell me how to change written update profile pic???? Suchetna di I am also on twitter in my mom’s name kanika… In which name u are plz tell me… OK???

  25. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Guys I’m back home ? now…i mean discharged yesterday night ? evening

  26. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Guys skr trp has increased….. Bt I think that if they’ll drag Lanka it may low.. (hope it don’t happen) ??

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