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Siya Ke Ram 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram hugging the people. The people thank him and ask him to come when they need help. They thank him and cheer for Ram and Laxman. Ram says I came here on Vishwamitra’s saying. Vishwamitra says now we will head to Mithila. Shathanand tells Janak that invitations will reach all Rajyas. Janak says I know Sita is dear to you and you will do the best, you go to light diya in that ashram daily morning, that’s also important.

Janak tells him that one day that ashram will get its light. Shathanand goes to pray for Ahilya. Sita tells him that his prayers will get answered soon. He says your words got hope for me. She says you will meet your mum soon. He blesses her. Urmila asks Sita how can she say this. Sita says I felt so, I have belief as its echoing in my inner heart,

I m happy. Urmila asks is this related to Ram. Sita prays and smiles.

Vishwamitra, Ram and Laxman reach Mithila. Ram hears some lady calling him…. he turns to see…. He sees a dark place. FB shows Gautam Rishi cursing Ahilya to become invisible and stoned in this ashram. Ram visualizes this and opens eyes.

Vishwamitra asks what happened Ram. Ram says I felt someone called me from there. Vishwamitra and Laxman look on. Ram says Gurudev I have to go there. Vishwamitra recalls Sita’s words about Ahilya. He nods. They reach the place. A man stops them and asks Vishwamitra you here….. Vishwamitra looks at Ram and Laxman. The man greets Ram who killed Tadaka. Ram says I came here being a Raghuvanshi. The man says I heard you are coming to Mithila, I m glad meeting you.

The man asks them not to go that place, its cursed, no one goes there. Ram visualizes Ahilya’s stoned inside. Ram says nothing can be cursed on earth. The man recalls Sita saying the same, and thinks he feels like everything will be fine. He thinks he can’t let this happen, he has to stop them, if anything wrong happens with them, then… Ram proceeds to that place. Ram hears Ahilya calling out Ram…. Laxman asks Vishwamitra why is this ashram cursed, what happened here. Vishwamitra says its Maharishi Gautam’s ashram, he and his wife Ahilya used to stay here, one day when Gautam went for bath, Devraj Indra came there and was in disguise of Gautam, he cheated Ahilya, when he was leaving, Gautam saw him, he got angry and cursed Ahilya for losing fidelity. But then he realized his mistake and said when a Raghuvanshi comes here, and touches her humbly even after knowing her truth, she will be free from the curse.

The people stop them. They greet Ram and says we heard you killed Tadaka. They take Ram’s blessings. Ram says I did not do anything that you feel I m Lord, its my duty to protect you all being Dasharath’s son. Ahilya calls Ram. The man asks Ram not to see there, Gautam’s cursed wife stays there. Ram says I want to get her rid of that curse.

Ram touches Ahilya’s feet, and she gets into lively form, getting rid of the curse. She sees his Lord avatar and greets him. Shathanand thanks Ram. Vishwamitra talks to Sita.

Update Credit to: Amena

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