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Siya Ke Ram 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita telling Shathanand about Gautam realizing his mistake after cursing Ahilya, so he kept a solution that a Raghuvanshi will free Ahilya by his touch, after knowing everything about her. He asks is this true, who told you. She says I have heard myself when Gautam was talking to Janak. He says it mans this is possible and thanks her for helping everyone. There can’t be any problem on Mithila till you are here. She asks who will help Mithila as Kushadwaj has gone away from here. Hs says you, as you can lift this Dhanush, you can face any problem now.

Jawali tells his devotees about truth. Ram comes with his brothers and says you said right. Jawali says great, all four prince are here, is everything fine in Ayodhya. Ram thanks him for making him face truth, he felt

fear was baseless. He says we want to greet you by respect. Jawali gets surprised and says you are the one which I can’t become, I have made way of protest to get truth and you have become patient and selfless, my way is easy and your way will be tough, you will succeed. He blesses Ram and smiles.

Mantra tells Kaikeyi about Ram hugging a Dhobi, and asks her to do Shuddhikaran of Ram. Kaikeyi asks Mantra to make her ready, that Dasharath forgets everything seeing her. Mantra understands and asks is her heart dancing like peacock. Kaikeyi says I don’t miss home, as I just want to be with Dasharath. Mantra says your letter would have reached your father by now.

A man tries to control a horse. An old man comes out of tent and praises the man. Its Kaikeyi’s brother and dad. Her brother says he will take this horse to Ayodhya, Bharat will be glad seeing this horse. Her dad says he does not know what to do, Bharat wants to know by his drawings, get Bharat here, I will tell him how should be the prince. His son says Dasharath is responsible for this, as he keeps his sons secure. Kaikeyi’s father says if I got that curse, I would have been more afraid and secured my sons, remind Dasharath about his promise. His son says yes, he will remind the promise and Dasharath will keep this promise.

Mantra makes Kaikeyi ready and praises her beauty. She says she has sent Daasi to call Dasharath and teases her. She leaves. Kaikeyi recalls Dasharath and Kaushalya and says today he will just see me and love me. She goes to open the door and says he got so late. She opens the door and sees a Daasi. Daasi says sorry, Dasharath asked you to take rest and he will not come tonight. Kaikeyi gets shocked and upset. She says I know where is Dasharath.

Kaushalya talks to Dasharath and tells about Shanta. He is glad to be with her after a long time. They laugh. She says Kaikeyi would be waiting for you. He says I have sent a message. She says even then she will be waiting. He says I have sent message that I will not come in her Kaksh tonight. He holds her hand and says he wants to hear all the things from her which she wanted to share with him since years. She says she wanted this day to come when she will share things, but today she feels there is nothing to say. She cries and rests in his lap. Kaikeyi cries.

Kaikeyi comes to Ram and sits by his side while he is sleeping. He wakes up. Ram asks her what is she hiding and asks her to share things. He sits in her feet. She asks if we expect something, are we selfish, if our expectations fall flat, can’t we get upset. He says yes, but we have to think do we want to come out of sorrow and selfishness, we have to find some solution, its possible by talking to our loved ones, I have seen this myself, if talks is much in any relation, it will become easy. She gets pleased and says whenever I see you my son, I wish why did you not get born by my womb. She hugs him and cries.

Sita protects Janak and lifts the Dhanush to stop Parshuram.

Update Credit to: Amena

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