Siya Ke Ram 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Siya Ke Ram 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram saying there are many sounds in the world, we go from world, but every sound, word, thought are always alive in the world, that’s why Dasharath has sacrificed his son, doing Tyaag of his love for his son, just to protect his promises, he has given up his life too to keep his promises, you tell me will this be right that I have this big duty on me and I sacrifice it, its son’s right to fulfill father’s work and duty, till son completes the work, he can’t get free of his duty, Dasharath gave promise to Kaikeyi and its my duty to fulfill it, I swear I will fulfill it in any situation.

Kaikeyi runs to him and apologizes to him for her big sin. Ram says no, don’t say this, it was according to fate, you did not do any sin. She says no, its not by fate, I did all

this, you got vanvaas by my promise/wish, I will free you of my promise my son. She cries. She tells Guru Vashisht that she takes both her promises back, she trashes her wishes of Ram’s vanvaas and Bharat getting the throne, she makes Ram free of her promise. She asks Janak to request Ram to favor Ram’s return to Ayodhya decision, its betterment for Rajya, Praja and family. Janak says Ram, do you have to say something. Ram says Rajrishi, whatever Maa Kaikeyi said is right. He says Maa, you freed me of your promises, but will you be able to free me of Dasharath’s promises. She says Ram and cries….

Ram says Dasharath gave two promises to Kaikeyi, which he fulfilled and died, now its my duty to fulfill those incomplete promises, how will I get free of son’s duty, if I return to Ayodhya, then the two promises will be incomplete and my son’s Dharm will be ruined, I just wish you take the decision, you have great thoughts and knowledge, I will accept your decision. Janak praises Ram and Bharat, and says hearing both of them, I m shocked. He says Ram’s thoughts has his Dharm and duty and Bharat’s thoughts are right for his Rajya and Praja, I feel Bharat’s thoughts are right, Bharat is fulfilling his Rajya Dharm with love, my heart wants to take decision in Bharat’s favor. Bharat folds hands and smiles with tears in eyes.

Janak says but sometimes we have to go ahead to fulfill Dharm and duty, son’s duty is such that its first Dharm of every son to fulfill his father’s promises and pending work, that’s written in every tradition and customs, son gets peace, prosperity and happiness after fulfilling his duty, who does not want Ram to return Ayodhya and do good to the Praja, everyone want the same, but Lok Dharm and Ved Dharm says that Ram’s thoughts and opinion are right, that’s why by this Sabha, I would like to conclude….. I m taking decision in Ram’s favor. They all get shocked. Ram and Sita fold hands and greet him. Janak says to get free of son’s duty and Dharm, Ram has to spend life in van for 14 years. Ram Ram….plays……… The family cries. Bharat shouts no…… and cries. Ram and Sita look on.

Devi Parvati says Prabhu, Lord is always infront of devotee, Bharat was tried to convince Ram by love and devotion, why did Ram not accept his request. Mahadev says no Parvati, Bhakt’s love was not less, Bharat is Ram’s brother, so his love is that of a brother too, he has placed Karuna Maryada today, human has biggest Dharm and motive in his life, Ram is placing this Maryada in the world, that world’s good is impoortant than a person’s good, if Ram returned to Ayodhya, it would be Ayodhya’s good, but now by his doings and behavior, it will be entire Vasudha/world’s good.

Bharat cries sitting alone and says why did I forget my emotions won’t have any value infront of Ram’s Dharm, Ram is fulfilling Dasharath’s promises, Janak gave decision according to Dharm, what about me, where shall I go, I m stained and guilty, I m such man from whom his everything is snatched, don’t I have any motive in my life, don’t I have any Dharm and duty, why is Ram not accepting my wish. Ram comes to him and says Bharat. Bharat looks at him.

Bharat holds his feet and says I can’t listen to any discussion, come back with us to Ayodhya, I don’t want anything else. Tilak samaju…..plays……. Ram holds him and makes him stand. He turns away and says Bharat, I always felt you love me selflessly, was that my illusion. Bharat asks what are you saying. Ram says I m saying true, it appears so that you just love Ram bodily (wishing to be with Ram always), not Ram’s ethics, thoughts, virtues and duty. Bharat says you know my devotion and love, why are you saying this, its right that you don’t want to return to Ayodhya with me. Everyone come there. Bharat says but I will stay with you in van for your ethics, Maryada and Dharm.

Ram asks him to stay in Ayodhya if he really wants to fulfill his duties. He asks Bharat to go back to Ayodhya and look after Praja, this way he can do good to the world in his own way, serve Ayodhya’s Praja being the king, you know Dasharath’s customs and prestige, now protecting that is your duty, go to Ayodhya and protect Dasharath’s prestige, because its good for all of us and entire world.

Bharat sits down and folds hands. He says I m your Sevak and I will obey your command, you asked me to return to Ayodhya and do my duty towards Praja, so I will return to Ayodhya, not as king, but as your Sevak/servant. They all look on. Bharat says I will do my duty towards my Praja for 14 years, but not by sitting as throne, just being your representative and servant. Everyone cry. Ram looks on.

Kaikeyi tells Ram that you have forgiven me, how will I forgive myself, how will I live without you for 14 years son. Bharat tells Ram that if you don’t wish to return with me, then atleast give me your slippers. Bharat takes Ram’s slippers and holds slippers touching to his forehead with respect. Ram looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode
    May I know who are ur favourite actors in Mahabharat and siya ke ram
    One each
    Mine is Krishna aka saurabh raj Jain and
    Sita aka madrakshi

    1. mine is krishna , arjun , abhimanyu and sita 🙂

      1. Shaheer sheikh aka Arjun&
        Yukti kapoor aka urmila &
        Karan suchak aka lakshman ¡¡!! 🙂

    2. Hi sanju . my favorite actor in Mahabharat is draupadi aka pooja sharma and Krishna aka saurabh raj jain…. And in siya ke ram is sita aka madirakshi and ram aka ashish dharma……

    3. My favourites are sumithra and vidhur

    4. Krishna & Ram/Sita ?

      (Although I like almost all the characters…Abhimanyu, Arjun, Karna, etc.)

    5. Sarayu(honey)

      Mine is shaheer sheikh as arjuna in mahabharat and ashish sharma as ram in siya ke ram

    6. Supreetha (Soups)

      My favourites are Krishna, Shakuni mama in Mahabharat and in Siya ke Ram everyone and everything…actually the same goes for Mahabharat too but the two above in my view were the best

    7. my favorite from Mahabharata and Ramayana are Krishna(sourabh) and sita…

    8. My fav is Krishna and draupadi in mahabharat and ram ,sita and urmila in Siya ke ram

    9. my favorite ….are urmila,lakshman from siya ke ram

      and arjun , krishn and Karan from mahabharat…

    10. My Favourite is Krishna, Arjun&Abhimanyu From Mahabharata…… & SITA ,RAM from Siya ke Ram……….? Others are also good…..But I like them most……….

    11. Actually i loved the whole cast but if i m asked to pic out a few it will b
      Krishna, Arjun, Draupadi, Karna, Shakuni n Abhimanyu…..
      Siam, laxmila, bharat, Kaikeyi, Shrusha, Sumitra n actually all. I cannot name a few…

      1. Sorry I know I have selected a lot of them but what to do…I love all of them…

  2. Saurabh raj Jain aka Krishna was really amazing
    He portrayed it perfectly
    And the way he used to lower his eyes when something bad was about to happen, strong speech, naughtiness
    He was really an amazing actor
    And relation between draupdi Krishna and Arjuna draupdi
    He is really a talented actor

    1. I also like Arjuna,dtaupadi,krishna and also karna ! He must be remembered always!

    2. Yes di.. He is just too awesome 🙂

    3. yes u r right…and I liked the way he used to smile…and especially the way he spoked in last episode

    4. Yes di Saurabh sir acting was superb and can’t express them in words . I totally love his smile

    5. Yes Sanju,U r Absolutely wright………..His Acting is Awesome………Especially His Smile……..I Really love his SMILE……. He is Perfect………

    6. Hmm yes…n I loved the way Draupadi n Krishna used to convey thoughts to each other through eyes…..

  3. Check out my analysis on tonight episode

    1. OK I will check it sanju…..


        brindha and sanju dp samma…… but confusing…… its oaky…… but Pooja looks cute in it….

      2. DP of all draupadi look so cute. Some from recognizing Arjuna and b4 cheer haran. Amazing

      3. Thank you ww di…. Ur dp is also looking nice…..

    2. OK SURE

    3. Sanjana(Sara)

      Who is in your dp di? And di i will definitely read your analysis

      1. Sanju , her dp is of Draupadi from mahabharat

    4. Nice dp Sanjana di

      1. Sure I will read it ?

    5. Sure Dear…..I will Read…..

  4. Nice episode. It would have been very difficult for rajarshi janak to take the decision. He would have to come up of the father’s emotions.

  5. nice episode 🙂

  6. great episode………..

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      Pooja your dp is very nice

  7. Awesome episode.didn’t expect janak answer in ram ‘s favour but good decision .Bharat acting was superb. And Kaikeyi atlast seeked forgiveness from ram

  8. Hi everyone. How r u all??? Today’s episode was gd…..
    Get well soon nidhi di…


      dp samma…..

      1. Thank you ww di…. Ur dp also very nice….. Samma yaa iruku….

  9. Hi everyone hope there will be some laxmila scenes tomorrow coming to the episode today’s episode gave us many valuable thoughts to think of and ram and Bharat scene was very emotional I was about to cry while watching it. Sanjana ur DP looks nice dear

  10. Silpa k sivadasan

    Superb epi as always

    Hi every1 how r u all
    Welcome to all the new membrs
    U hav to follow just one rule that is

    I KNow i hav broken it many times but wil try to nvr repeat it(@nita di)

    Where r u in thrisur..?

    Guyz i m just getting mesmerized by skr everyday
    Its the bst show in tv nowadays

    1. Haha Silpa I was just kidding dear….

    2. Haha Silpa I was just kidding dear….
      Rules r meant to b broken….??(sry I didn’t mean that)

    3. l’m in chalakkudy.. and where r u in thrissur..?

      1. Silpa k sivadasan

        I m frm parappukara
        Its near nandikara
        Wat do u do dear

        Nita di
        How r u sweety
        Wat abt ur xam
        All going well…..?

      2. Hey dear. all well. Bharatnatyam(BN) exam is on 24 n CPT in June. So I still have time.
        But I m really tensed abt clearing the BN exam. Its my final year n I have last chance cause after thus I’ll be leaving my hometown for higher studies. So then there is no second chance..
        How abt u ?? What r u planning to do??

  11. Marvellous ?
    Amazing ?
    Very good?
    Heart touching?

    Anything neneeded? Siya ke ram is the best ! Sujay reu aka Bharat oh my gosh !! Stoling not only mine but each one’s heart 🙂

    # Can’t wait for tomorrow

    1. Agree Malvi….today Bharat’s acting was awesome…..
      In this 3-4 episodes he has really stolen my heart….

    2. Agree to ur words malvi di…. Yes 3-4 episodes bharat’s acting was awesome.

      1. Wow !! Thank you brindha and Nita di. Yes his acting is really awesome !

  12. great episode….but i did not understand that skr trp is low…but why….? This is best than other drama serial…this weak its trp rating is 1.9. (according by barc trp weak 13)……anyone explain it…..

    1. Actually people love senseless dragging serials that’s the reason
      And when something sensible is shown it is not supported much
      Thank god but starplus did not care when mb or Skr ratings fall

      1. u r absolutely right sis…siya ke ram is the best show currently running on tv…I must say very much good then that sns, mere angane mein, silsila pyar ka(I am sorry if I am hurting anyone’s emotions)…

  13. Nice episode! Lord ram took dis decision for world’s peace and charity!thats why wherever ram’s feet touches in a land those land became holy place! Yen namma tamizh natula rameswaram adula onnu dane! Even sri lanka!

    1. As Ram is a god wherever his feet is placed the land becomes holy . Every god ‘s feet on the land makes it pure and holy .

      I think ur a new comer if I am right and please do tell about u

      I am Haripriya in 9th standard and I’m from Vellore

  14. Siya ke ram in Mumbai.
    Sita and maharaj dashrath offscreen pic.
    Two families of Snigdha akolkar
    Sweetest Bhabhi with cutest devar: Sita and shatrughn in cheerful mood.


    The cast of popular TV show “Siya Ke Ram”, including actors Ashish Sharma, Madirakshi and Karan Suchak, got emotional while shooting for an upcoming sequence together.

    While shooting for a scene showcasing the death of Raja Dashrath (Dalip Tahil), the entire on-screen royal family of Ayodhya got together. As it was probably their last time working with each other, the cast got emotional and decided to shoot for the sequence without glycerine.

    “It was very, very emotional. Everyone was teary-eyed to another level altogether. Only we know how we managed to shoot for the scene because we knew once the scene is over, we would not be shooting such a scene together again,” Ashish, who plays the role of Ram in the show, said in a statement.

    “Yes, there would be separate scenes but this was a last scene for all of us together as Ayodhya’s royal family and as family off screen too. All of us had a group hug for five minutes and took a while to recover from the entire atmosphere,” he added.

    “Siya Ke Ram” will next focus on Sita (Madirakshi), Ram and Lakshman’s (Karan) journey in the jungle along with Raavan (Karthik Jayaram).

    1. do u work in skr???

    2. SKR fan u r like a ‘khabri’ for us, directly from the sets of Siya ke Ram. Thx a ton….?

  16. Here is the comparison between Ramanand Sagar Ramayan, 2008 Ramayan and presently shown siya ke ram by Hindustan times.
    This is a gift that just keeps on giving. Whenever TV channels are in doubt about what they should feed their viewers that isn’t the same, run-of-the-mill saas-bahu saga, they take shelter in mythology. Yes, it is more often Hindu mythology than anything else but the viewers don’t seem to mind.

    Currently, the Hindi TV scene is riddled with mythological and historical shows and guess which one is more popular than all of them combined? Another adaptation of Valmiki’s holy text of Ramayana, Siya Ke Ram.

    In 1986, exactly 30 years ago, Ramanand Sagar too caught the right nerve when he decided to televise the epic. The show was so incredibly popular, it even got its name on the Limca Book of Records for the World’s most watched mythological series. Streets would go bare, people would dine earlier than usual just to make it in front of the TV in time. Or at least that is what my parents have told me as it was long before I was even born.
    Over the years, I have managed to watch the countless reruns of the show and on the basis of that, here is a comparison between the 1986 series and the 2015 series. However, apart from these two, Sagar Arts made another rather miserable attempt at Ramayan in 2008 with NDTV Imagine and we will talk about it too.

    The Characters:

    One very noticeable pattern in all these character comparisons will be how the actors just keep getting younger and younger. While Gurmeet and Ashish are more or less of the same age, Arun Govil looked like a Ram in his 40s.Arun Govil’s voice was his biggest asset. It was so gentle and calming, you could actually listen to him with your eyes closed and attain spiritual bliss. Ashish Sharma is a muscular, powerful Ram with a perennial pokerface. But he does look a lot more like a prince than Arun Govil. One can have no complaints against his acting which is always up to the mark and never too loud. Gurmeet Chaudhary, however, was always over the top at everything he did. Always super angry, super romantic or super gentle, if that is even possible for anyone to be.

    This is where Siya Ke Ram wins with quite a margin. They have always said it that the show is a retelling of the epic from Sita’s perspective and this gives Madirakshi a lot more room to be impressive. She is not mute or opinionless like Deepika Chiklis’ Sita. Yes, she is still self-sacrifising and demure like we know Sita to be, but she is also interesting. The initial few episodes of the series, where she was at the forefront, she was not just a beautiful princess but one who helps her father and the people of her land in moments of need. Madirakshi is also more expressive without ever going overboard. Talking about people going overboard, Debina Bonnerjee overdid everything, just like Gurmeet. She would make the most forced faces like the one above and do things like talk while smiling through her teeth even when the scene called for a normal conversation. The 2008 version was too much into going all out with everything.

    Of all these actors, perhaps Akhilendra Mishra is the only actor people know from other than this role. He is a great actor, no doubt and also pretty scary. But the shoddy job done by the series could not be saved even with Mishra on their side. While all three of them look big and scary, Karthik still has a long way to come close to Arvind Trivedi, who made Ravana iconic with his pot-belly with a heavy moustache. Karthik is big too but in a ‘gym-jock’ way rather than a ‘fat-demon’ way. But it does seem logical that Ravana should be muscular because how else would he be able to wreak havoc on an entire army? Surely not with a pot-belly.
    Karthik too is not perfect. His accent was not popular among the audience as many Hindi words would give him trouble. Like rather than saying ‘dha-nush’ he would always say ‘daa-nuss’. They did get a voice actor to dub over his words but it is all too evident on screen and a tad irritating.

    Now that we still haven’t been introduced to Danish’s version of Hanuman, we can only compare the three based on their looks. Dara Singh was brilliant. Period. There are two things expected of anyone who plays Hanuman- a) that he is big and muscular and b) that he is funny. Dara Singh was the perfect mix of both these qualities. Vikram fell short on both these criteria. He was not very big, which we could have overlooked had he been funny.Danish is huge! So here is a check on that. But his make up doesn’t seem too convincing from the initial pictures of him released online. But hey, we’ll wait till we see him onscreen.

    The Sets and Costumes
    The 1986 version was all about super bright colours and we can understand that considering how the Indian population was just getting introduced to colour television, sure the producers would go ballistic with the pinks and the reds. Apart from the colour, the sets were rather simple and so were the costumes but hey, that was definitely a glorious venture considering the time and era.
    On the other hand, looks like with time, the aesthetic eyes doesn’t always get sharper.And it was so yellow’. The entire 300-episode series was made in such overbearing yellows and sepia tones. All men were made to wear shiny, brown lipsticks, oodles of kohl and nothing about their make-up was natural.Making an epic TV series means CGI is inevitable. In Siya Ke Ram, the computer graphics help give an appearance of grandeur and the largeness of the scale of the story. The attention to detail and the costumes are beautiful as well.Notice the lamps behind the actors, the divan, the beautiful artworks and the colourful sheets. Everything is done to make it look like a king’s room.Sure the CGI goes a bit awry from time to time.

    The Story
    While the earlier two versions stuck closely to the original work by Valmiki and Tulsidas’ Ramcharitmanas, Siya Ke Ram is taking full liberty with the content. For instance, they included the story of Ram’s elder sister which was something not many knew about. They even snuck in the sidestory of Ravana getting his sister Surpanakha’s husband killed because she married out her clan. So far, none of these tangents have been boring or unnecessary. The great acting from even the secondary characters like Kaikeyi (Grusha Kapoor) and Dasharath (Dalip Tahil) is enough to keep viewers hooked. While the 1986 Ramayana definitely has the nostalgic value, Siya Ke Ram is also one of the better things to watch on Hindi TV right now.

    The comparison will become more clear if you will see the pics of all the Ramayan’s versions by visiting the page.
    You can also vote for your favourite Ramayan version and see the results also.
    Here is the link to visit the page.

    1. thanks for the info brother

    2. Thanks for the info bro……

  17. Soon ram,sita and laxman is going to enter dandaka forest where the main part of ramayana,aranya kandam starts!

  18. Nice episode…. Looking forward for tomorrow episode…

  19. vry nice and ya Thanmathi Bharat Sence was vry emotional.

  20. Tanu............:-)

    Hi di’s
    Hope u did not forget me

    Nice epi
    I hope nidhi di and Zara di are feeling better
    And hi sanjana di, pooja di ,twinkle di , ww Zaya fan ,skr fan ,Reshma di, Akanksha di, Malvi di, Sumi di ,iqura di, dia di, yazhini di, Vaishnavi di…………………… So many In skr family can’t name

    I am So sorry if I forget anyone’s name

    How r u all missed ur all’s comments

    Hope u will remember Me

    1. how can we forget our sisters ? how are you ? may I know in which class are you studying because you addressed me as di and I am in class 8

    2. Hi tanu….we will never forget u dear…..

    3. No di . we will never forget any1 . how are you doing? 🙂

    4. Hi Tanu and we can’t forget u . I’m fine and how are u ?
      I think u know about me but anyway I will introduce myself
      I’m Haripriya in 9th standard and I’m from Vellore and please do tell about u


      hi tanu…… of course we remember u dear……. n yes today’s was really moral full…..

    6. Hy Tanu, How r u????I am fine dear……What a Question is this???How can Anyone forget their family member????

  21. Guys there is a talk in my neighbourhood they always want to see sita as a victim and are not ready to accept her as brave and righteous I understand that is their opinion but they want me to answer their questions I want to know the answer in your point of view hope u don’t mind answering

    1. No ! Sita was always a brave women with self confidence,devotion and determination! Valmiki ramayana also says dis! She was victimised only twice first when ravana abducted her and when she decided to comitt suicide that too only becsuse of no sign from ram! Not because of ravan’s blackmail!

      1. Veronica crouze

        when did sita try to commit suicide??? r u talking about agnipariksha or going back to earth?

      2. Veronica crouze

        why didn’t ram want to take sita as his wife after d war?did he really suspect sita?he stayed with sita for long 13years all d time!!!wasn’t ds time enough fr him to know how sita’s character was!!! i find agnipariksha mire cruel than d banishment… cz during d banishment ram trusted sita bt during d agnipariksha even ram didn’t trust and support her….

    2. Ps check out my analysis on why Sita can never be a victim which has become the mindset of many people
      And also if u like this check out many other analysis that I have posted

      1. Sita always used to have a grass blade in her hand whenever ravana meets her in asoka vatika. She said that it is enough for her to kill him with DAT blade. But she want her husband’s fame to get spoiled! She also said that his speech is equivalent to DAT of grass blade. She is the brave woman but not born with godly power

      2. Sorry some typing mistake. She don’t want her husband’s fame to be spoiled

    3. Sometimes I find it hard to convince my grandmother (and other elders..relatives) on a variety of religious topics..With age many people become stubborn..and they view themselves more experienced and thoughtful than us. Well..many people worship Goddess Durga/Kali etc praising her as “fierce, brave, powerful” but when you see them outside they hardly respect the common woman. After many years of conditioning it is hard for them to accept that the Goddess Lakshmi (and on earth Mother Sita) as a strong woman. I personally have no problem in a woman having all those qualities, because many times some women who are called strong etc, are just extremely overpowering dominant women who do not respect anyone. Firstly, if Sita Devi was meek,humble,gentle,chaste, she is obviously going to be looked down upon.. and then here is the other extreme : When people see another woman being strong and independent they start praising her and when it comes to their own women they expect them to also be like that and at the same time be the forever homely ‘bahu’ but hardly recognize the already existent power within them.
      You do not have to be a working woman to be strong, nor do you have to be a just need to do the right things and automatically no matter what anyone says you will feel strong within. But no one understands..and its hardly possible to make people understand..but you can try. The same way no one understands the working woman or the housewife aka the fierce goddess and the gentle goddess. You can not see SIta as a victim without making Ravan or others the hero. If you see Ram as the hero then you will truly see Sita as brave. And Thanmathi, I used the examples of modern day women just becoz I feel that many people view Sita and the surrounding women as the same “cause of all problems’. I have tried explaining many things to my grandparents etc.. but they prefer to listen to many unauthorized sources and of course their being elder to me makes me just be quiet and I just tell them things they would appreciate. Anyway, hope you find a good way to convince them..and if not just brush them off. I know it hurts in the heart to hear all these things, and also it hurts even more when you are unable to explain properly. These days though people seem progressive their extremely conditioned thinking makes them hard to convince.

      I am extremely sorry if I misunderstood your comment. And also, other girlies here may have better be all ears.

      1. I agree with u Vrindha di

      2. I too agree with u…

      3. I agree with u vrinda di……

    Guys anyone on g+ pls join this community of skr and get latest updates

    1. Sanjana(Sara)

      I am already a member in it di.

  23. Hi thanmathi di….I feel wt they’re doing is wrong….. I feel that sita is brave and righteous…. She does her duty properly…. She is a good wife,daughter,women,princess ….. This is my opinion ….. Now its ur wish di…..

    1. I agree with u

      Btw, nice dp dear 🙂

    2. I agree with u sis…

    3. Thank you for agreeing with me srinidhi and vanshika di…..

  24. Hi frnds hw r u all…sry I culnt cmmnt here fr 3 days…jst bcz I was quite busy…did evryne frgt me???…. Tdy epsd s nce nd awsm….kk guys gud n8 ..hve a nce day dnt frgt me mss u all….

    1. It’s ok di…we will never forget you 🙂

    2. Its OK yazhini di….. We will not forget u….

    3. I am fine di and what about u. No sorry di . How can I forget my sweet sis ?

    4. is this u in dp sis…


      Hi di….. its okay we understand…….. n hw can we forget u???? n yes ur dp as well as the epi is awesome……..

    6. Hy Yazhini, How r u???? How we can forget our sis ?????We will miss u too……..

  25. Awesome episode
    Ramji took this decision for lok kalyan

  26. sita aka madirakshi and ram aka ashishh and arjun aka shahier

  27. Joyce Samuel


  28. where is ww???


      present….. yesterday i went out then was helping mom in cooking…. then watched skr in tamil (horrible…. only ravana’s scenes…….) then slept…….. Hw r u di?

  29. I agree with u sis…

  30. sita mata was a very good mother also…u r right sis…

  31. New comers please do tell about u as I was not visiting here for few days

    Hi I’m Haripriya in 9th standard and I’m from Vellore

    1. sis u r from vellore so can u tell me how is VIT…

      1. It’s awesome di

  32. Can anyone tell me what happened to nidhi & zara..?


      actually nidhi and zara as soon as finished their board exams did monkey job and fractured leg and hand respectively….. zara is better now…. she chats in twitter with us….. nidhi only sends mail to me rarely…….. both are getting recovered bcoz of our love and prays for them…….

  33. do anyone remember once sakuntala serial was aired on star plus…if anyone has seen it…

  34. Nice
    Ashish sherma is very good I liked it

  35. My favourite is Arjuna,Draupadi,Ram and sita


    Hi everyone…..

    very ncy episode….. what ever be ur wish but following dharm…… JUST LOVED AND ADMIRED RAJARISHI JANKA……. hats of to his knowledge……


    Sanjana, Shruthi and all who ever r writing ffs, analysis u r all doing good job…..

    i have a request to u all:

    actually now a days we have less comments…… there are many reasons but i think ONE OF THE REASON IS bcoz of so much of other stuffs fans are getting irritated to read…. dont feel bad…..

    and i think we can have this all after skr ends…… bcoz we need a page to chat…… after skr only through these ffs and analysis we can talk to each other…..

    Episodic Analysis is okay……. but that too have a different dp pls…….

    Pls those who all are writing all these dont keep the WRITTEN EPISODE DP AS UR DP…… Quit confusing……



    Hope u all understand it…….. but its up to u to all to decide….. what ever u decide i will always will support u…………. UR SIS always will be with u…………

    thank u……..

    tu pls post all my comments……

    1. No ww di…. I can understand u ww di….
      I feel what ur saying is correct….
      Sorry if I have hurt anyone….
      But I feel ww di… Is correct ……
      Now its up to u all to decide …….


    sanjana u asked nice question……….. actually in mb i adore all characters…….. can give a list…….. i will only give their +ve points……. _ve later on

    Starting from Bhishma…… best warrior…… respected his father’s love that he gave up his pleasure………

    then pandavas for their unity and respect they have for each other…………

    Krishna for his everything…….

    Karna for his friendship and dhanam……….

    Duryodhana for being perfect husband…… if we see Mb well he is the only person who never had 2 wives…. was loyal to his wife…… trusted her when karna by mistake pulled her ottiyanam…… he respected her also to certain extent……. what else a wife needs?

    Sakuni a perfect brother……..

    Dronacharya a very lovable father……

    Dhiruthdastra for his warrior skill………

    for now all the males….. after lunch will tell about females and then ramayana…….

    1. Ww di…. Very gd description abt characters of Mahabharat …… I like ur description ww di……

  39. Hi,I m sneha here. A silent reader. Can I join this skr family here?

    1. Yes u r welcome to skr family…. Sneha

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