Siya ke ram 7 April an analysis

We may leave the world but our actions are an example for the world. The way we lived has value after death. Nothing lasts forever yet nothing totally ends
Living the life our Parents imagined and following their values and being their shadow but creating an image for ourself is the first and Formost duty of every human
And kaikeyi frees ram from promise but ram is bound by a promise.
Truth can not be changed to our will and ram upholds truth. In this matter we can’t be ignorant. Death always fills with sorrow but we should live their dreams, make their sacrifice a reason for their success but instead we tend to take revenge on the modern world
What ram now upholds is only putr dharm and nothing else but the putr dharm does not consider about self happiness instead gets happiness when the world is happy
As a devotee when we ask something we are granted but Bharat why was he denied was Parvati question but ram wants Bharat to understand the worlds good
He was thinking that ram had to return as he was his brother. He loved but did not expect to be loved back
Now raja Janak an epitome of dharm
He took decision by mind not heart and this makes us understand that sometimes even that may be right. His wisdom and knowledge made him accept the truth in Rams words
This is the power of knowledge. Bharat is guilt ride for no mistake of his such was his love but when ram question about true love
When we truly love someone we respect their opinion and trust them and Bharat suddenly wanted to sacrifice by living in forest but when ram reminded him of his duty he accepts it obediently but still the love for his brother he decides he will fulfil his brothers wish but as his representative. He accepted Rams words but knew his dharm and took a perfect decision
Sometimes sacrifice is an answer for everything
Let’s wait for tomorrow to see how ram consoles a broken mother with a repentant heart

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  1. Great dear
    Conti is writing
    Bharath -a perfect brother
    Ramji’s every word was just stirring my heart
    Great work dear

    1. Sry *continue writing*

    2. The ocean may transgress shores but I will never violate a promise given to my father
      Forgot to type this line

      1. Wow, nice lines and nice analysis di:)

  2. Supreetha (Soups)

    Awesome Sanju!!!! I think you should start writing books on these topics…interesting interpretations I must say 🙂

  3. Nice dear.Bharat and Ram act was realy heart touching.

  4. Nice episode. Bharat n Ram act was realy heart touching.

  5. superb dear. bharat and ram part was awesome + emotional

  6. Superb Sanju…..Its Awesome……….So Emotional….

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