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Siya Ke Ram 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram telling Laxman about the three kind of body/ Sharir – Sthul, Sukshma and Karn. He tells about the first one, Sthal, it is the physical body for the soul, for example like Ahilya had to get cursed and then get treated to revive her form, secondly, body does work psychologically according to Sthal roop, like Pashuram’s mother did, he obeyed to his father and killed his mum, the third one Karn is around our soul, the society makes opinion by hearing about a person, they don’t think of person, right or wrong, their opinion changes as per time and situation constantly, I did not doubt on Sita’s purity, I can never have doubt on her, but it was necessary to decide as a king for Sita’s betterment, to protect Sita from the society’s constantly changing perception.

Laxman says yes, now Sita has given Agnipariksha, no one will doubt on her purity now, everyone will respect her, forgive me to doubt on your decision, you were just protecting her prestige and respect. Hanuman hears them and gets restless to talk. He says there is something I did not tell anyone, I have to tell you. Ram asks him to say, what is it.

Hanuman says when I was returning from Himalayas with Sanjeevani plant mountain…. Bharat sees Hanuman flying and says who is this flying with the mountain, over Ayodhyapuri, did he come to attack here. He shoots at Hanuman. Hanuman flies down and keeps the mountain. He shrinks his size. Bharat comes to him and asks who are you, where are you going from here with this huge mountain. Hanuman says I m Ram’s devotee, he is in Lanka and fighting with Raavan, his brother Laxman got lifeless after a deadly weapon struck him, I m taking this mountain with Sanjeevani plant to cure Laxman, who are you to stop me on the way. Bharat cries and says I m Ram’s unlucky brother Bharat. Hanuman cries and says Ram’s brother, I m blessed meeting you today. He looks around and says I have to reach Lanka with Sanjeevani plant before sunrise, allow me to leave.

Bharat says I m so unfortunate, I could not help Ram and I have created hurdle in his work, forgive me. Hanuman says don’t say this. Bharat asks him to leave for battle ground soon, but give me request to Ram, according to his promise, If Ram delays even for a moment after completing 14 years of vanvaas, he will not find me alive in Ayodhya. FB ends. Ram says no, I can’t let this happen, our work in Lanka is over, Laxman inform Vibhishan that we are leaving, Hanuman gather vanar sena, we are leaving tomorrow.

Everyone get ready to leave. Sita hugs Trijata happily. Ram asks Vibhishan to allow them to leave, vanvaas is getting completed, we have to return to Ayodhya as per my promise to Bharat. Vibhishan says its very far, I have a request, you leave for Ayodhya in air chariot Ram says fine, I will return that to you after reaching Ayodhya. Vibhishan says sure, come. Sugreev asks Angad to get Nar, Nir and all vanar and proceed towards Kishkindha by sea route.

Sita hugs Mandodari. Ram and Sita get on the chariot. Everyone chant their names and smile. Hanuman, Laxman, Sugreev, Jamvanth also leave with them. Ram and Sita smile. They all leave.

Sita says we have seen many phases of life in vanvaas’ 14 years, whatever we lived, itw as our fate. She sees Ram silent and holds him. Ram recalls Bali’s death, and killing Kumbharan and Tarini in Dharm yudh. He says Dharm, truth, protecting life’s customs, some crimes happened for which I have to repent, else I will not get free of this guilt. She asks what do you mean. He says whoever got killed by me in Dharm yugh, I want to do their Tarpan by Dharm, I can’t enter Ayodhya without doing this, just Rishi Bharadwaj can do this, so we have to stop at his ashram. She thinks Bharat would be waiting for us.

Bharat puts the woods. Mandvi asks what are you doing. Bharat says Ram promised me he will come back on last day of vanvaas before sunset, I told him I will sacrifice my life if he did not come, if Ram does not come back today before sunset, I will enter this life and end my life. She cries and says maybe Ram got delayed by some reason, he maybe on the way, he said he will come soon. He says I just know he will cross all hurdles if he has to keep promise. She says you know Ram does not break his promise, wait for sometime, he will surely come. Bharat says I have waited for 14 years, I can’t wait for a moment now, if my eyes don’t see Ram today, I will close my eyes forever, I can’t bear this cursed and stained life. He cries and arranges the woods to make the pyre. She cries and runs to the palace.

Laxman reminds Ram about his promise to Bharat, if you don’t return before sunset, Bharat may end his life. Mandvi shouts Mata and tells Kaushalya that you can stop this disaster, Bharat is going to give up his life. Kaushalya, Sumitra, Kaikeyi and Shruthkirti get shocked. Ram asks Hanuman to inform Bharat about her arrival. Hanuman leaves.

Everyone rush to Bharat. Kaushalya says the sorrow which Ram did not bear in vanvaas, the more sorrow you have bear here by being separated from Ram, but I have a request, leave this decision, trust Ram’s love and his promise, he will surely come back. Sumitra says yes, there can be delay in coming back from jungle, but Ram will end your sorrow for sure. Bharat agrees and says the kul where there is ideal brother like Ram who keeps promises, if I don’t keep my promise, I will be known in the world as sinner and unlucky guy. Shatrughan stops him and says I won’t let you do this, Ram will surely come. Bharat says I can’t see the sign of Ram’s return, if Ram entered the boundaries of Ayodhya, we would have got the news. Kaikeyi asks him to stop. Bharat lights a firetorch and sits on the woods waiting.

Hanuman comes to Bharat and gives Ram’s message. Bharat says I m blessed meeting you, I m glad to know Ram is returning, all my sorrow ended. Kaikeyi asks Hanuman when is Ram coming. Ram comes there and says Mata…… They all get glad seeing Ram, Laxman and Sita.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aman

    nice☺☺☺ but don’t end skr

    1. Yes aman I’m salient reader I’m new and I agree with you

  2. Stuti27

    Lovely epi ….. awesome …. I almost cried seeing mandvi crying and bharat s love for ram …. after a long time ayodhya scenes …. waiting badly fr tmrw’s epi ….. at last ram returns to ayodhya … no words to say about 2day’s epi really gud

  3. One of the happiest episodes for me. Will miss Lanka. Ram’s explanation was so good though it could understand a little. Ashish had to learn such long lines and difficult.
    It was sita’s second ride on pushpak vimaan but it was very different from the first one. But it was ram’s first ride.
    Wow it was so nice to see Ayodhya. My eyes were waiting for this since the vanvaas started. Now I want to see how they will show Ayodhya family’s reaction to all that happened during the vanvaas.
    Pawanputra hanuman again fulfilled shri ram’s work. Tomorrow Siyaram and Lakshman will return to Ayodhya. But when they returned it was evening and dark and whole Ayodhya was lighted by diyas. But they are not showing this.
    And yeah Happy Diwali to all in advance.

    1. Padmaja

      Ha ha happy diwali in advance to u also bro✌✌✌….

  4. Raavan and Vibhishan both sitting on the Lanka throne together.
    Offscreen pic of Madirakshi from the sets.
    Kunwar pratham aka shatrughn, snigdha akolkar aka maharani kaushalya, prithvihatte aka Mandvi and yukti Kapoor aka Urmila at airport.
    Meghnad and akampana.
    Bye bye Lanka.
    Shrutkirti stills from siya ke ram. I cannot the top right pic. From which scene it is from.

    1. Maithlii Sinha

      The top right is the time when sita n her sisters had gone to vishwamitra’s ashram to help the villagers….when rakshasi tadka had attacked them…….

      Which scene is the left top and bottom ones…????

    2. Maithlii Sinha

      The top right is the time when sita n her sisters had gone to vishwamitra’s ashram to help the villagers….when rakshasi tadka had attacked them…….

      Which scene is the left top and bottom ones…??

    3. Anushya

      cute links… i love the second one…

  5. yay i loved todays episode almost started crying when is saw bharat .tom ram sita and lakshman are reaching ayodhya waiting for lakshmilla milan

    and how r u all
    missing u all a lot didis
    love u all so much

  6. Priya15

    Bharat is an amazing bro ever…. Ayodhya is back but missing my urmila hope she comes tmr.. Agar aisa Hua toh I l be in cloud 999999999999 haha..

    @PADMA. Ya sissy Thursday my xmz r starting and tmr I m having holiday…

    @PREETHI… I m fyn dear.. Hw s ur studies???

    @STUTI.. I m fyn cutie.. Wt abt ur schl??

    1. Padmaja

      And ya for me also but tmrw is not a holiday….

    2. my studies are going good priya di

  7. Aaru

    Aww..I’m waiting for a Lakshmila scene..after so many days I’ll get to see Lakshmila together..

  8. wow what an explanation.very emotional episode .please.don’t end skr bcoz there are many fans

  9. Shriya...

    Tomorrows episode will be one of the most happiest episodes of Siya ke ram …
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode….and finally ayodhya returns.. 🙂 (:

  10. Awesome epi. Eagerly waiting for next episode

  11. Awesome precap too . Just loving these wonderful happy ?. Episodes of skr

  12. Is it true that skr is ending ❔

  13. Nice episode and happy to see ayodhya family. Wow precap is so good siyaram back to ayodhya happiest moment

  14. shrinithi venkatesan

    waiting fr tmrws epi….fab epi today…hope tat it will be lovely tmrws…sisters hug,brothers hug….

  15. Padmaja

    Wow a faboulous epi…. and i am very happy seeing dis and waiting for lakshmila milan…..

  16. Vanshika

    Such happy happy epi m sooooo super excited on seeing ayodhya.. Bhardavi n kirti n all of ayodhya on screen after months!!!! OMG that’s toooooo nice today I was wishing that the episode shouldn’t end.. Waiting fr lakshmila Milan.. Siam.. Bhardavi.. Now next.. Lakshmila… OMG IM so excited ?

  17. Vanshika

    Such happy happy epi m sooooo super excited on seeing ayodhya.. Bhardavi n kirti n all of ayodhya on screen after months!!!! OMG that’s toooooo nice today I was wishing that the episode shouldn’t end.. Waiting fr lakshmila Milan.. Siam.. Bhardavi.. Now next.. Lakshmila… OMG IM so excited ? can’t control myself… Whoops… Wonderful…Prithvi Hatte rocked it today.. Nw hanuman will inform Bharat.. Yuhoooooo.. Ram returns… . Yipeeee… Waiting to c urmi.. Dearies I’ve started writing a Radha Krishna ff… Once gets posted plsssss read it dearies.,. N I’m also gonna write on Kirti Mandvi n Urmila after my urmandvi two shot… Byie dears love u all ? ?

  18. Stuti27

    Priya di my schl s awesome

  19. Diwali in SKR………….. Let’s celebrate it………… But I have one gift for all of you…………?? SKR is not end this month……. It got extention … It will end in Oct or November first week…….. All story will be shown………… The main creator of SKR confirm this news……………………. ?? happy Diwali news……………… ?? if you like my gift than plz Cmmnt…….

    1. Thank u so much for this news . This is the best gift of all ? ?

    2. Vanshika

      WOW.. Bro.. Such nice gift I’ve never gt in my lyf. U deserve a return gift ? ? ? ?… Umm m.,.. Yup I’ll post next in siya ke ram sooner this tm as ur gift ?,, thnx..

    3. thanks bro for such a wonderful gift

    4. Thnx bro..nice gift..

    5. Anushya

      joy amazing gift just love it….

    6. Shriya...

      Thanks bro .. Best gift forever…

  20. Hi, Joy, so happy to know this, hope it is true ?

  21. Aman

    nice but if sisters have ended their shoot, will their kids be shown, lavanasur etc.

  22. yes frm tom i think laxmila wll start

  23. Vanshika

    Hi priya di how’re you sweetie?? Love u n missed u very much .. Happy to c u back.m n all the best for your exams, love u

    1. Anushya

      lovely ff

  24. Vanshika

    Radha Krishna eternal love intro
    Radha Krishna eternal love 1..
    Guys pls read n comment..

  25. Sudeshna

    First a very very happyyy diwali to all the skr fans and ya it is confirmad by anirudha patahak creator of skr that it will end in nov 1or 2 week… This news make our skr diwali more more happyyyyy.
    Glad to see ayodhya family back Ram’s explanation was awesome bye bye lanka family…… Waiting eagerly for today ‘s episode
    Siyaram back in ayodhya and some beautiful siyaram scenes also waiting for us….. Love u all guys bye

  26. Vanshika

    Twinkle dear pls come back soon

  27. Anushya

    loved todays episode… bye bye lanka… hello ayodhya… waiting for lakshmila milan…. just want to see the expression on their faces when they see each other… and i absolutely LOVED yesterdays ram-siya hug…. it was sooooo lovely… especially the last part….. i think todays will be the most happiest and that lakshmila milan will be there…. skr fan amazing links…. finally ram, sita and lakshman are back to ayodhya… superb

  28. Stuti27

    Yaaay tnx a lot for the very good news …… the greatest news ever tnx a lot fr this news joy bro and padma di … luv u all a lot and a happy diwali

  29. Padmaja

    @ joy bro ssss u have given the best gift and I live to hear dis and I am feeling verrrryyy happy now thanks for it bro and the best diwali gift ever..

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