Siya Ke Ram 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jayant flying in air and that stick following him. He thinks to get in his real avatar, then his magical weapon can get off. He turns into human avatar, and gets shocked seeing that stick still coming after him. he worries and says now just Ram can save me, I have to beg forgiveness. Ram aids Sita’s foot. She says if I tie the cloth tight, you will be feeling uncomfortable and wound won’t heal. She asks what happened. He says I feel that bad crow got his lesson. Jayant comes there and folds hands.

Ram stops the stick by his hand. Jayant says forgive me Raghunandan, I did serious crime, I know I don’t serve forgiveness, but you give me a chance to live. Laxman says this man deserves punishment. Jayant asks Ram to forgive him. LAxman says you will be punished. Jayant

falls in their feet. Laxman aims arrow. Sita stops Laxman and says he has returned to apologize, we should give him a chance. Laxman asks shall we leave him without punishment. Sita stops Laxman. Laxman stops. Ram says Jayant sees women by wrong sight, his sight is his mistake, human desires make person do wrong, Jayant’s deeds deserve punishment, but if Jayant has realized his mistake, then he should choose his punishment himself.

Jayant says its my eyes/sight mistake, so my punishment is only one. He gets a pointed weapon in his hand and hurts his one eye. He says a sinner like me, who has seen Sita and insulted her, and Sita protected my life, Sita is great, I m culprit of all three of you, forgive me. Ram nods. Sita smiles. Jayant thanks them and leaves. Sita gets up to walk. Ram stops her and holds her hand. They smile seeing each other.

Roma says I think Tara’s advice is right. Sugreev says I m not powerful and intelligent like Bali, why don’t you understand. She says I have a way, my father. He asks how can he help. She says let me talk to him first, then I will tell you.

Sita dries her hair and comes out of hut. She sees Ram worried and goes to him. She asks why does he look worried, will he not tell her. Ram says I m worried for your protection. She says I m more alert after Jayant’s incident. He says not just Jayant, I m saying about Asurs attack, if Chatayu did not inform us, it could be any worse incident at the village, I was not here at the time of Jayant’s incident, if any other powerful Asur came here…. He holds her and says if anything happened to you, I could never forgive myself. She says nothing can happen to me till you are with me. She asks why is my flower basket here. He says I was going to get flowers for you. She asks why. He says you should not go out of home. She says this is my home, how long will I not go out of these limits, I have to go out to get water, food, fruits and flowers, if I don’t care of necessities, how….

He says I will do all necessary works, I will get food, flowers, fruits and water, this way you won’t need to go there. She says you are a man, this household work won’t suit you. He asks since when are you differentiating between men and women, I think husband should help wife, they both should support each other to have balanced wife, our relation has equality, right. She says sure, but can you do these household work, I mean you did not have experience, you helped once and reminds him how his hands burnt. He says but the food we made together, it was very tasty, if you permit, shall I get lotus flowers. She smiles. He takes the basket and leaves.

Gandharao Raj talks to Sugreev and says I got to know about Bali getting killed by cheat, Roma told me everything, I know you can’t fail Mayavi, your confidence broke and Asurs got more confident after this incident, this is time to answer them, won’t you want this, you would want this, I have learnt one thing by experience, whatever happens has a reason, Bali died and this has a reason. Sugreev says the motive was to make me realize my weaknesses.

Gandharao Raj says its no use if you think you are not suitable to do anything, if you get chance to get suitable, won’t you try to do something for your Praja, I can make you yogya, I told you before marriage that I will make you best but I need your time, the time has come now. Sugreev says I don’t think I can become a good student. Gandharao Raj says I will decide that, but your Rajya Abhishek is necessary. Sugreev says I can’t decide this, Tara will decide this. Gandharao Raj says we will meet her, I did not meet her after Bali’s death, like I said, everything happens on a right time.

Tara greets Gandharao Raj. Gandharao Raj says it was bad whatever happened, we all are with you in your sorrow. Tara says this sorrow will be forever, but its important to manage Kishkindha, so I took a decision to make Sugreev Kishkindha’s king. Gandharao Raj says I respect your emotions, Sugreev does not have that confidence and ruling skills right now, that a king has. She says but I told him, he has no option now. Sugreev says but Bhabhi… Roma says we all agree, but you have to take a decision, my dad wants to give his teachings to Sugreev to make him confident and powerful, it will take some time, you tell him should he accept Kishkindha’s management before that or after. Tara asks how much time will it take. Gandharao Raj says not much time that Kishkindha gets any trouble. Tara asks Sugreev to get required skills, but accept the king’s duty first, Kishkindha will then wait for its king. Sugreev worries.

Ram goes to get some flowers. Surpanakha sits to beautify herself. She wears the ornaments and smiles recalling Ram. She wears bangles, earrings, necklace and applies tilak, recalling Ram similarly. She says I m feeling good to get ready for someone, my heart knows I will meet him again today. She sees her reflection in water and smiles.

Sita asks Ram did he face problem in plucking lotus from the river. He says no. she asks how did he get late. He says a woman was drowning there and I saved her, so I got late. She asks was that woman very beautiful. He looks at her. Surpanakha sees the jungle map and says so you stay here my life…..

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. suseela

    Nice episode. Hi, Jay I am fine sorry I am replying late I have since that at evening only.hello,priya how r u. Maghena how r u. Surya you told me that you are from TN. I will be waiting for you r reply’s. Bye

  2. Aaysu

    Sita ji will that lady very beautiful?? Haha ramji ka answer k lie bht Sara excited… Epi was really siya ji pulls RAM s leg two time.. Enjoyed a lot

  3. Coolio episode ! 😉 Excited fr the precap. Waiting fr Bali’s return !!

    If anyone found the new promo pls do share 🙂

      • Ya dear new promo!! That’s lakshman will cut surpanaka’s nose sita will scold him by saying that each and every apman of women will lead to destroy of the world…. And this insult of women will also lead to that only ….she is in. High point of anger and ram looks on. This epi l be aired on 13th may …..

  4. SKR fan

    Nice episode. Sugreev will get ready to fight against raavan. Was sita doubting on ram? Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

  5. I couldn’t watch tdy’s epi now only I came back home….. I hope the epi was awesome and

    Anil bro I saw ur comment I m glad that u got first day tic bro ……and the movie was awesome☺my frns bro said !!!!!

    Jay di I saw ur comment too and I m gng to open one email id tonight for some certificate purpose I l send u mail from my id itself and u pls say me how to contact u guys in hangouts….and fansite I l join there too….. And di now only my bro said there is tic for 24 on sun only that too noon show I don’t know whether we can go or not as we have to attend one function but everything l be final only tmr after my mamu’s return from chennai……but I hope I can go to 24 on sun hope for the best di!!!!!

  6. SKR fan

    Bali of Ramayana became the reason for the death of Lord Krishna from the Mahabharata!

    Bali, the elder brother of Sugreev, known for his strength, had a boon that whosoever engaged in a combat with him would lose half of his strength to Bali. Invincible Bali was challenged once by Ravan for a combat. Enraged Bali, grabbed Ravan by his head and took him round the world, making Ravan accept his defeat.

    Bali, when took over Sugreev’s wife and the kingdom of Kishkinda forcefully, Sugreev fled the kingdom and met Hanuman in the woods for help. In the interim, Ram killed a demon named Kadambh in the forest while searching for Sita and a curse-free Kadambh now asked Ram to meet Sugreev to help him from Bali.

    Ram decided to execute Bali after meeting Sugreev.

    Ram shot Bali from behind the tree, and Bali alleged that Ram had betrayed him as he didn’t challenge Bali for a combat. To this, Ram explained that if a man ill-behaves a woman, it is the duty of a righteous man to punish him. Ram then promised Bali that in his next life, he would become the reason of Vishnu’s death and thus take revenge of this incident.

    Bali was later reborn as Jara, the hunter, who was the reason of Krishna’s death in the Dwapar Yug!

  7. nupur

    Today’s epi was great…the jayant sequences were also good, Ram and Sita’s talks were beautiful too…now waiting for tomorrow…precap is just too exciting-l mean it ll be the 1st time when Sita Mata ll tease Ramji…oohhh what a scene it ll be???

    Hi my dear sisters and brothers? How r u all? Hope u r great…
    Sorry for vanishing from the page sometimes…what to do got busy with my fanfic and studies…also l won’t be able to comment for next 2 days because of exams but after that l ll at least give 1 comment each day…

    Will miss u all badly and don’t forget me?

    WW, l ll send u request on the fansite page tomorrow please accept it dear…

    I heard a story that Surpanakha’s son ll be killed by Lakshman? Is it true??? Please anyone clarify my doubt…

    Good night and sweet dreamzzz to all my sweet family members???

  8. SKR fan

    Madirakshi Mundle interesting facts:
    1.She said, “I’m blessed to be playing the role of Sita. It is my first Hindi show, and I’ve got an extremely special and significant role for my debut in the Hindi TV industry. It has been worth the wait”.
    2.Madirakshi wears ancestral jewellery ‘nathni’ which belong to her grandmother. She wishes to wear the same jewellery in her wedding whenever it happens.
    3.Madirakshi got her leg hurt with minor bruises while shooting for her introductory scene with horses in Siya ke Ram.
    4.Madirakshi Mundle said, “Especially the lehngas that I am wearing as Ayodhya’s newly wedded bride weighs approximately 25-30 kgs and the entire look put together with the hair and dupattas is equivalent to my weight”.
    5.The makers of ‘Siya Ke Ram‘ have ordered 100 kg of marigolds to give an authentic look to wedding sequence of Sita (Madirakshi Mundle) and Ram (Ashish Sharma).
    6.Madirakshi Mundle almost spent an entire day to get the perfect look for Swayamvar. She tried almost 20 lehenga’s to get the final look.
    7.In real life, the actress Madirakshi Mundle (Sita) and Kartik Jayaram (Ravan) are close friends.
    8.Madirakshi fears from insects.
    9.On any disaster dates till now, she said: “That’s for me to know and people to wonder about.”
    10.She loves to listen to songs, watch movies, doing whatever makes her happy.
    11.She loves all kinds of food.
    12.She favorite outfit is tracks pants, colorful dress and tee shirts while travelling to shoot and nice evening long dress preferably black white and red for evening wear.
    13.She feels Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit are best-dressed people in Bollywood.
    14.She likes to wear branded Armani and Rolex watches.
    15.Her favourite sunglasses are Armani, Ray Ban and Tommy Hilfiger.

  9. Meghana

    Sry all of u (i know no sry between sisters but even then…)as i did nt reply any of u today i was little busy with my cousin as hr bday was there

  10. suseela

    Hi. Priya I am also waiting to watch the movie but it was not possible because of my children. By the way I have 2 children my son name is visaradh,4 year’s Old. My daughter name is sahasra 2 year’s old. My husband name is Ramakrishna. He is mymother’s bother and I call him’ mavaya ‘.

  11. vanshika arora

    From when sita started 2 differentiate btwn boys & girls???!!! I thought she ws very open minded & believes in gender equality…

  12. stuti

    As usual nyc epi Siam scenes were really gud surphanakha getting ready to marry ram !!!

  13. suseela

    Priya I come to know that 24 film is nice director vikram direction is simply superb. In andhra movie reviews is nice. I hope I my watch the movie.

  14. Stuti

    Hello everyone….how r u all ? Gud na? Remember me or not…..sorry guys i just got vanished from d page…but what 2 do..1stly i was busy in my 10th cbse board exams then in my cousin’s marriage n now in studies

  15. Stuti

    So sorry 4 that guys…..hi ww r u here? Actually i went from twitter without informing me…. I m angry on u

  16. Stuti

    So sorry 4 that guys…..hi ww r u here? Actually u went from twitter without informing me…. I m angry on u

  17. Stuti

    Guys who r in 11 don’t u think 11 class is much tuff than 10th one….in btw as i know our skr is so unique , many new would ve joined our family in my absence so welcome new comers,…sorry guys 4 ur late welcome…so sorry

  18. Stuti

    Plz introduce urself new once again,…ok let me introduce my self,,. M stuti ve given my 10 cbse board exams from up , india

    • Meghana

      Hi stuti di i know u r old person welcome back di.myself meghana studying 9th class i m frm AP

  19. Stuti

    Ww ur result has come 2day na…how was it? M dam sure that ur result would be fantastic as our skr

  20. Skr spoilers

    Surpanakha goes to meet Ram, while he was plucking the lotus from waters. Surpanakha acts to drown and asks for help. Ram saves her life. Surpanakha then tries to attract him by her beauty. Ram does not get in her trap. Surpanakha tries different ways to woo Ram and get close to him. Sita gets to know about the pretty lady Ram met at the lake, and gets jealous. After Laxman gets to know about Surpanakha’s madness for Ram, Laxman gets into a fight with her. Laxman cuts her nose while trying to cut off her nails. Sita raises objection to a woman’s humiliation. She tells Laxman that the outcome of insulting a woman will be harmful for them too.

  21. stuti

    Oh ur name is also stuti unique! I’m new stuti joined just 2-3 weeks ago I’m from TN I’m in 9th. May I know whr are u from? Sry if personal

  22. Raka

    I never see any madirakshi mundle and asish sharma’s offscreen pics(even in star parivar awards pics).is the relation between them not so good?

    • Hi raka r u new here if so welcome and no dear they are good frnds in off screen too I mean if u see the vanvas starting shoot I mean in SBB they showed it when they leave ayodhya….I don’t know about pics ….

  23. Bala Krithika

    episode was turning to a new side .I don’t know any of you people but i know all of you are siya ke ram fans loving skr

    • jay

      Haiiik Bala Krithika…………….Welcome to the SKR family……Myself Jaysuriya(girl) From TN….

  24. Meghana

    Epi was very nice and siam scenes were filled with love and so cute but precap is very very interesting can’t wait fr it.

  25. Meghana

    Jay di r u in hangouts?i too hv that app but i dont know how to use it .di v must hv phone no.s fr tht i think, is it?

  26. Meghana

    Anil bro a small info tmrw 11 to 12 janaki ramudu maha epi ll come (bidaai epi) and 5:30to7:30 in maa gold(swayamwar epi) dont mss both

    • Anil

      OK sis… I vl watch… as my project presentation work is completed… Now iam free till June 12th…

  27. krishnai aka ww

    hi all… i m back….. this is my result:

    English: 80

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    Maths: 83

    Social: 95

    Science: 78

    Computer: 94

    My total 516 out of 600….


    Since i was out of station and cam home in mrng i m tired….. so cant reply anyone today…… sorry….

    priya mine is ICSE.

    Anil i had added u in the fan club site….. but nupur di, soups n priya had not sent any request…..

    Stuti (elder one) pls check out ur hangouts….. i had snet u invitation…..

    okay bye all….

  28. Meghana

    Guys can anyone tell me skr repeat telecast timings i know only 11:00 am is there any other timing?

    • Bhoomi

      Hi stuti …. i m frm mumbai…. waiting for my 10th board result….. plzz introduce yourself..

  29. stuti

    Are there 3 stutis in this family including me?! Wow unique! Never thought that my name was so common

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