Siya Ke Ram 6th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 6th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita apologizing to Dasharath. She says this happened because of me, I entered that Kaksh and made you realize the forgotten past, I have made you hurt. He says no. She says heart has some pain hidden and some of them keep hurting us, its necessary that we don’t hide it in heart and free it. She holds his hand and says you called me daughter, by this right, I m telling you to share your problems with me, free your burden. He asks how to hide it from you, don’t know why I feel I can share it with you, maybe because you are also related to this matter.

He tells her everything about Shravan’s death, and his father’s curse. Fb shows that moment. Dasharath cries. Sita wipes his tears.

Raavan fumes and recalls Surpanakha tying rakhi to him. He asks her what

nek she wants. She says for a sister, brother’s blessing and love is the biggest gift. He recalls that in FB. He tells Maylavaan that Surpanakha married my enemy. Surpanakha comes there and cries. She asks for his blessings so that he can go. He says I don’t bless my enemies and keeps sword on her neck. She looks at him.

Sita thinks to talk to Ram about Dasharath’s problem. Ram comes to the Kaksh and sees Sita worried. He asks what happened, are you thinking about Mithila. She says I did not feel I m away from Mithila after getting so much love here, I want to talk about your dad. He asks what is it, that you are thinking so much. She says there is some past incident, which you don’t know till now. She tells him everything…. She says Shravan Kumar’s parents cursed Dasharath and this is cause of his worry. Ram recalls Dasharath worrying for him always, and not expressing the reason of his worry. He says so this is the thing, by which Dasharath is always afraid, I m thankful to you Sita for making me know this truth. I will have to meet Dasharath right away. He leaves.

Surpanakha says even I m upset, I can’t live knowing you did not bless me, its better that you kill me by your hands. She stars crying. Raavan moves the sword away. She asks him to kill her. Raavan gets emotional. She repeats the same. He says Surpanakha, my sister and hugs her by forgiving her. She gets glad. Vidyuthjeeva comes there and asks him to end their enmity and accept this relation. Raavan says I love my sister a lot, I m sending her with you by forgetting our rivalry, be careful, she wants to spend her life with you, she assumes this is her happiness, you should never hurt her. Vidyuthjeeva says sure, don’t worry. He thinks that Raavan can forget enmity, but I can’t, I will kill you whenever I get the first chance.

Mandvi sees the painting and says if I went along you, it would be good, I can’t bear this distance. Mantra comes there and says whenever I see you, I feel why don’t you get more respect than Sita, when will that day come. Mandvi says never, its not possible, if it was possible, I would have not let that day come, whats your problem, what did Sita do, why do you want this, why are you bad towards Sita. Mantra says I don’t have time to think this, I m worried for you, world does not give things to those who don’t ask for rights. Mandvi asks rights? Mantra says right to become queen, Dasharath promised Kaikeyi’s father that Kaikeyi’s son will be his heir, that day has come. Mandvi says no need to bring me in this, you always give me more importance and show that I m important than them, don’t you know eldest son is the heir, my husband is not Dasharath’s eldest son, remember this well, I m not interested in doing anything that breaks the family, I can’t hear a bad word against my sister Sita, you can leave from here. Mantra gets shocked and leaves.

Ram comes to Dasharath’s Kaksh and sees Dasharath in ill state. He sits by his side and holds him. Dasharath sees Ram and gets up. He asks you here at this time. Ram says you always say when I m infront of you, everything is fine. Dasharath holds Ram’s hand. Ram massages his leg and says I have come infront of you, I want to solve all your worries. Dasharath says I did not understand. Ram says I came to know about the curse from Sita…. Why did you not tell me before.

Dasharath says I did not wish you to know this. Ram says you stayed all life with this burden, and worried that if this curse turned true then what will happen. He says Bharat and Shatrughan are not here, even then we know they are fine, whats true which we feel or our prediction of bad future, there is relation between Lord and devotee. Dasharath tells about his love for Ram, just a father can understand the worry and love for a son. He says I have four sons, but I m afraid to be away from you, I love you the most, I get bad dreams since many years and that scare me. Ram asks was there any benefit by getting scared, if this curse is fate, then it will be fulfilled, its good to accept the curse and spend life. He says it will be good when you make me away from your heart. Dasharath says this can’t happen till I m alive. Ram asks then why to get afraid of bad fate. Dasharath says it’s a test of infinite love, you freed me from my bad dreams and its prediction. He cries and says Sita did right by telling this to you, she did big favor on me, she did my Uddhar….

Dasharath says I have decided to do Raj-Abhishek of Ram. Sumanta asks Ram and Sita to come, Dasharath has called them. Sita wonders where this change will lead to.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Nidhi

      Awesome answer from mandavi?? should see manthra’s face then?
      Anyways….zara tomorrow is your social exam right? 🙂 all the very best dear?? I’ll pray for you? don’t worry keep calm and write the exam…
      Well wisher please do try to reply me on that fanpage I asked you something so… 🙁 I hope you don’t mind for that… 🙁

    • Nidhi

      And one more thing I wanted to ask you amena di?
      We all are really thankful for your super fast updates….
      Actually I guess this is not only my wish but everyone’s wish here as exams are going on….
      Amena di it will be nice if along with the update you even put some pictures of the episode… 🙂
      Please di? It’s my request to you as a fan of siya ke ram…as many people here aren’t able to watch the episode so it will be nice if you do so by putting pictures di…. 🙂
      And di no need of immediate pictures after posting the written update later also may the next day too if you put the pictures its fine di please try and understand our problem di? as many of us here aren’t able to watch the serial die to exams….
      I’m really sorry if I hurt your feelings di…didn’t mean to do so??

      • Nidhi

        Sanju… Shivaratri is an hindu religious festival but is celebrated all over India.. 🙂
        It is celebrated as Lord shiva gets married to parvati devi due to immense love towards him and the tapasya she does….we celebrate this festival by not sleeping the whole night and putting fast for Lord shiva 🙂
        I hope you got it 🙂 … If you didn’t please let me know I’ll explain it in a detailed manner 🙂

        Yes akanksha true… 🙁
        Please amena di approve our request as many of us here are having our exams… 🙁

      • Sanjana(Sara)

        Di please don’t mind because of indian and pakistani people i am angry. They are saying ill things about bangladesh since we lost the match..and its obvious to get angry if someones says bad about your country..please don’t mind anyone ?

    • Nidhi

      Hi harini dear 🙂
      Scroll down I replied to your other comments too 🙂
      I hope this comment gets posted..

  1. Bhoomi

    Loved todays episode… The best part was of mantra & mandvi? .. Waiting for remaining update ..

  2. Akanksha sharma

    very good mandvi thats the spirit….that cruel manthra just deserves the harsh words i wish i was present there then i would have told that evil manthra….

    • Akanksha sharma

      very good mandvi thats the spirit…. did very good confonting that evil manthra???????????…….. well said mandvi… ???????

  3. Sneha

    When Mandvi gave that reply to Manthara I was like yeah that’s what she should receive for all those negative sayings. I liked Ravan and Surpankha scene. Boohoo I think vanvas is near????

  4. amulya

    Loved ram-dashrath convoy. And the way mandvi talked to manthara was awesome. It showed how the bond between all the sisters was so strong. She gave manthara a fitting reply

  5. harini

    Hii.. I am new to this site for giving comments.. N today I loved the way Mandavi gave answer to manthra.. We don’t get star plus here so this is only the way to check.. So plz keep updating.. Thank you

    • Nidhi

      Yes ireena devga di used to comment here 🙂
      But since one month I guess she is busy so she is unable to do so… 🙁 missing her alot..

      • Ireena

        thnq 4 d [email protected]…??
        actually i thought that devga would be here as it is one of the most commented….

      • Ireena

        oh!!thats really sweet of u ?☺i can just remember few name and u have remembered mine!!!were u there too???sorry i have forgotten actually after a longgggg time,but so far i can remember with my weak memory u were there 4 last few days….dont know whether i m right or wrong

      • sweetie pie ??

        Hehe thanks ☺?… I also can remember only a few names but urs was once of I didn’t actually comment in that page at that time….but still I read all ur comments

  6. the episode starting was good till sita and ram scenes after that i was happy the ravan accepted surpanka but that vidyuthjeeva is more evil than ravan and i was very happy that mandvi insulted that cruel manthra manthra deserves humiliation good mandvi keep it up

    • Ishita

      I wanted to discuss something with u all
      I am a delhi girl obviously i am open minded
      And want to speak what i feel
      I feel that some of the girls are afraid of giving their real names
      It was shocking for me however i respect ur decision as u all r like my sisters
      In delhi i am needed to be open minded as if i am not no one can feel my existance
      I believe that south india is really safest place in india
      And really want to visit whole south india though i have visited odisha
      I am not against ur decision
      There must be a good reason why are u doing dis but i am just explaining my part so that u don’t think that i am a cheap girl showing her photo as a dp and writing her real name
      Its all just bcoz i am bought up in dis kind of environment???i am really sorry if i have hurt any one of u
      And nidhi dear i surely understand being a girl its nothing to worry
      And really believe me i m not gonna tell ir name

      • Ishita

        And one of the most imp thing that i hate fake people who are having two faces
        And i really believe that none of u are like dis

      • Nidhi

        Ishita!?? don’t worry dear we can understand…why will we even think like that? That too about our sister???
        And why will you even hurt anyone of us?!!❤️
        You are making us sad by telling this dear?
        And of you again talk like this I’ll give one nicely! ?
        Remember no one will think of you like that here!! 🙂

      • We totally agree with you. ….why u heart any dear…….We all r having different opinions. …….but I like ur opinion. ……even I like such people who having 2 faces. ..

      • Ishita

        Sorry nidhi
        And thans for understanding me?
        There’s a surprise for u
        Extra questions?Nationalism in india
        Q. Which three early satyagrahi movements were organised by mahatma gandhi?
        Q.what was rowlatt act ?
        Q. Give brief description of rowlatt act?
        Q. Briefly explain the incident of jallianwala bagh
        Q. What was khillafat movement
        Q. Why did gandhi ji choose non cooperation movement
        Q. How non cooperation became a movement
        Q. What were economic effects of non cooperation movement
        Q. What were the  reasons of gradually slowing down of the non cooperation movement in cities
        Q. What do you know about peasants movement in awadh
        Q. Describe the movement of tribals in andhra pradesh
        Q. State the role of plantation workers in assam in non cooperation movement
        Q. What were the causes of the withdrawl of the non cooperation movement
        Q. Write a short note on simon commision

      • Nidhi

        Thank you so much ishita! 😀
        I was feeling that I had to browse Internet for important questions and I found them finally :’)
        Thank you so much ishita! <3

      • Akanksha sharma

        no dear… i appreciate ur thought… i think no one got hurt dear.. girls should have open mindedness… no dear why would we think so… nobody thinks such abt u even we r girls… thenwhy would we… yaar.. no issue dear.. even akanksha is my real name

      • ishita di how can you even think that we think about you like this you are our dear sister and we can never think about this like you. Infact i appreciate your open mindness

    • Hey my dear, I Really Appreciate u For the courage u shown here through comments…………… We don’t think bad about u……….Instead We will feel proud on U ………. U R exactly wright dear………….Identity is the most important part in a human life………Its shows our character…………Really Now I feel Proud on U to share Ur opinions with us………So happy my dear little sis……….☺???

    • craze about skr

      no ishita………………..for me u r looking as a brave girl……………..for giving ur real name nd ur photo amso u should have a bravery na……………….nd off course,,,,,,,,,,,,,,iss photo mein tum bahoth sundar se dek rahe ho………………..sorry if there is any grammatical mistake ..nd ya we r living in south and i too love it …..i like ur north side also……………………

  7. Good episode.

    The only two things that rocked today’s episode was the raavan-surpanakha scene and mandvi- manthra scene. 🙂

    Loved the way Mandvi appreciated her sita didi and ignored all her rights. Really siya is so lucky to get her.
    I literally hated the covnvo of dashrath and Ram. I think even lakshman , Bharat and shatrughan should be able to get their rights. 🙁 :@ . I just hate when ram and siya alone get all the appreciation 🙁

  8. Akanksha sharma

    Oh god vanvas has come so near……oh god…the sweet and innocent sita…dont know…that this change will lead to an ill fate……i will miss…bhavi….shrusha….and specially laksmila..a..lot…if urmila…really goes to sleep fr 14 yrs then what will happen….we wont be able to see her…ohhh plzzz god i wish i can change the story…bt i cant unfortunately

    • Akanksha sharma

      oh god vanvaas has come so near????the sweet and innocent sita and ram dont know whats going to happen with them…. this change will bring their ill fate.?????i will miss bhavi… shrusha.. and lakshmila.. specially.. if urmila really goes to sleep fr 14 yrs then what will happen….. then wont be able to see her.??????. oh lord…. i wish i could change the story.. ????but i cant unfortunately

      • Nidhi

        Yes akanksha will miss everyone 🙁
        Especially lakshmila! 🙁
        I hope I could change the storyline but can’t 🙁

      • Nidhi

        Yes nupur looking at them makes me feel like they’re teddy bears only!?
        Such cuteness!❤️❤️❤️love them so much!
        They and their silly and cute fights!☺️☺️

  9. nupur

    Awesome epi.Nice answer to manthra by mandvi.Mandvi u go girl!!!Now waitin 4 2moro.O no now vanvas ll com so soon:(:(
    Hey Nidhi.Why ll we 4get u?Anyone 4gets der family or wat?We all r wid u n i knw u ll rock ur sst xam lyk a rockstar,so dnt worry.Just 2 remembr it lyk s story n u r get,set,go?M satin dis 4rm personal exp.SO ALL THE BEST DEAR?
    Also I heartily welcome all d new members 2 skr family.WOW!!!Now we r one big,fat,happy FAMILY!!!!YIPEEE???

    • Ishita

      Uper i forgot to tell u that it would be imposible for u 2 send me request
      I can sed u fb request if u tell ur full name and some hint by which i get to know that
      Its u
      Or mess me on my acc
      I am with the name angel ishita arora

  10. yana

    Hey i think today i m first………well liked mandvi scenes
    …siam scene also……..overall good epi

  11. Soujanya kundu

    Very nice epi…
    Waiting for kaikeyi’s reaction after knowing about ram’s rajya abhishek….

      • Soujanya kundu

        Yea I am also going to miss laksmila BT they are not giving much laksmila scene it should be given

      • Nidhi

        Yes soujanya more lakshmila scenes shall be shown now itself because again we won’t get any Oppurtunity to look at them till the vanvaas gets over….?
        I hope CVS will listen to our request and show more happy scenes before vanvaas starts….

    • Soujanya kundu

      Yea u r r8 nidhi when vanvass scene will start there will be no lakshmila scene.Its humble request to CVS to show more laksmila scene as we can see ram sits scene after vanvass also BT no lakshmila scene

  12. amulya

    Nidhi I saw your comment in yesterdays page. We all will miss u a lot and obviously we won’t forget u. We r all like a family how can we forget each other?❤ and all the best for social!!

    • Nidhi

      Aww! <3 thank you so much amulya! :*
      Thanks for your wishes a lot ^_^
      All the best for your exams too! 😀

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      but they are…… from march 14th we have a new serial called as Dehleez and my favorite actor Harashad Arora is the main lead………. eagerly waiting for it. its a good news to ALL ZAYA FANS……… love u man……….

      oops sorry forgot about siya….. the repeat should be…….. at some other time atleast………

    • Nidhi

      No akanksha di… I commented long back none of my comments got posted?? don’t know why?


      • Nidhi

        I don’t know why telly updates to post them few of my comments they are all getting moderated like since 6 hours!????

      • Nidhi

        Why sorry amulya it’s ok 🙂
        But getting irritated! 6 hours?!
        Telly updates please post my previous comments please! 🙁

      • Akanksha sharma

        Same here guys ……facing the same problem….today I commented first …but my comments didn’t get posted ….don’t know why…what enemity..did we have with tellyupdates…why they r doing this to us…though the comments were related to siya me ram.only bt didn’t get posted

  13. Its Awesome…………….. I like it so much…………….At last Dasharath told that secret to Sita……….By Reading Precap,I think vanvaas is Near………….And by the way My chottiss,Tomorrow is Maha Shivarathri Hai na…………….So I will take vrath & visit Shiv temples……So for 2 days (means kal 5:00 am to Tuesday 8:00pm tak)I can’t be able comment properly…………. But I will try my level best to contact with all of u through comments…………….. as possible for me……………..Happy MAHA SHIVARATHRI To all my dear sisters…………….May God bless u all………..& Gud nyt dears…………Have a Nice sleep & sweet Dreams……..??☺??

  14. a correction on update raavan didn’t put talvaar in her neck she herself do that.
    sorry a meena di I don’t want to hurt you.??

  15. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Hi everybody pls check my ff and comment matsh ff season-2 ,virushi ff satrangi sasural and young love pls comment

    • Nidhi

      Yes di manthara got baba ji is thullu on her face and her expression said it all!???
      Not able to stop my laughter at all!

  16. craze about skr


    • Nidhi

      Sita wonders that what will happen after rajya abhishek of Ram… 🙂
      I guess Dear because I haven’t watched the episode due to my exams… 🙁

    • Akanksha sharma

      Iqura actually there was lightening in clouds . . . And thundering as well . . .ram and sita were standing in balcony after seeing this whether change she thinks . . . what change nature is signing towards . . .

      • Nidhi

        Oh thanks akanksha di?
        Actually I didnt watch the episode too because of my exams that’s why… 🙁

      • Thank you akansha di now i understand they were talking about whether thank s alot for this and nidhi di it was even and not wven sorryy typing error

      • Nidhi

        Iqura! No sorry between sisters!?? forgot or what?
        Though I told sorry?
        Short time memory loss..,?? can’t help it..?

  17. Preety Sid Bieber

    Know kekeyi’s drama start nd ram siya n lakhan go to banwas…for a long honeymoon???
    Btw lxman is a vrry rspctble bro..
    Nd 2dys epi is good bt not so intrsting only 4 me..sita plz dont cross da lxmn rekha..its rqst nd advise to hlp ur future..on jungle…

    • Akanksha sharma

      Heyee nippy what happened to u dear…???..suddenly.. get well soon dear….ya I will surely pray fr u I am visit shiv temple tommorow…on the occasion of mahashivratri…..I will pray to shiv ji fr ur fast cure….as exams are there…bt don’t worry dear…our wishes and prayers are always with u…may ram ji shower his blessings on u …and u get well…I know u will..till then have rest and regular medicines…and live health is very first priority…. Luv u dear??????????

    • Nidhi

      Don’t worry nippy…you will get well soon as all our siya ke Ram family members are praying for you 🙂
      Will be waiting for you to get well soon nippy 🙂
      And awesome dp! <3

    • craze about skr

      thanks alll…………….i think ur prayers only making me feeling better now guys……………..really lucky to get u all………………………..

  18. amulya

    Happy mahashivarathri to every one☺.
    Tellyupdates pleaaaaase post this comment and my other comments too. None of them are getting posted even after such a long time. Please

    • Nidhi

      Thanks amulya!?
      Wish you the same???

      Exactly! Telly updates please post this one and other comments too which are getting moderated since 8 hours now!? this is very annoying because at times we comment things which are urgent and important!
      Please please please please please please please post them all!???

    • Akanksha sharma

      2 u too dear amulya…. har har mahadev??????may this grand occasion brings all happiness to ur doors… ? ? ?

  19. dia

    Well done mandavi….thus manthara is…..i missd lakshmila and shrutkirti today…..bharat and shatrughan won’t be seen… sad….even queens are not shown…..

    • Nidhi

      Missed everyone today ….
      But manthara’s expression after what mandavi told her was speechless!??? baba ji Ka thulu she got??

      • dia

        Nidhu manthara’s expression was lije she got a punch on face….baba ji ka thullu is what she deserves….

        How are your exams going??….

      • Nidhi

        Yes dia di she actually deserved it 😛
        My exams are going fine di thanks for asking 🙂
        And what about yours di??

  20. Hi ……how r u all. ……….missing you all a lot. …????

    Awesome. ……mandvi is Awesome today……☺☺☺
    All of u dp is superb. ……..???

    evil manthra ????

    I welcome all the new comers…….????

    Sweetie di……I read ur all comments. …It is awesome…,


    • Akanksha sharma

      u know what zara i was just remembring u…. u will live fr ages…. lambi umar as permummy’s sayings…. was missing u a lot dear really… ya of course dear mahashivratri is very special festival.. as per hindu believes. its said that on this day only lord shiv got married to mata or goddess parvati who has done a lot of efforts to get him she did tapsya fr so long… and lord shiv got impressed and accept her desire of marrying him willingly.. and it is believed that on this day shiv ji open his hairs called jatayen and all the insects like ants, mosquitoes, flies… which he trapped in his hairs get free thats why after shivratri.. we used to see them. a lot. and its said that he ties his hairs on janmashtmi.. birth if lord krishna.. every year.. thats why almost all the insects get eloped… after janmashtmi.. as all the insects again get wrapped in shiv ji’s hairs… i dont know if u all belive in this or not but i am just saying which i listened frm my granny.. if u have some doubts or queries then u can ask… dear… the main importance of this occasion is that shiv and parvati got married… people on that day worship lord shiv using belpatras… dhatura… milk.. not boiled.. kaner flowers.. and lots more bt fr me just selfless devotion matters not devotees… i hope u got it dear..

      • Akanksha sharma

        its not things… bt i mistakenly wrote not devotees…. devotees matter a lot to lord shiv…. its typo error.. sry

    • Nidhi

      We are all fine Zara 🙂
      All the best for your social exam on Tuesday even I have my social exam on same day 🙁
      And yes regarding the information of shivratri haripriya and akanksha already helped you out 🙂
      And thanks for you wishes Dear :*
      Wish you the same 😀

  21. Haripriya S

    Hi all today’s episode is good to read….and mahe thanks for the correction…. I liked the way mandvi answered manthra….. This just makes me feel like kaash meri bhi aisi behen hoti….. It was marvelous and sorry guys I was not able to comment yesterday as there was net problem…..

  22. sonia

    Hi, everyone, I m new here,today’s episode was good especially mandavi and her reply to manthara, but one thing they showed was wrong.
    If I m not wrong Raksha Bandhan tradition is started at when Krishna saved Draupadi and that was later years. Then how come Shurpnakha was tying Rakhi on Ravana’s hand in Treta Yuga

    • Haripriya

      Hi Sonia welcome to siya ke ram fanclub and may I know where u are from and which class do u study
      Sorry if it’s personal ?

    • Nidhi

      Hi Sonia welcome to siya ke Ram fan club 🙂
      We are all happy to have you here..
      And yes may we know where are you from? And in which class are you studying for a better conversation between us? 🙂
      I’m really sorry if I hurt you didn’t mean to do so… 🙁

    • welcome sonia di to siya ke ram fan club
      and didi their are many stories about raksha badhana so please search about it on wikipedia and in wiki you can click on myths and parables you will get it

  23. Mandhavi is aswme but mantra will try to find out another plan n she will use kaikeyi as d key and send off ram to van vas and sita n lakshman will join with him and when bharat know he will arrest mantra n put in her no light cage n he will break the mother-son relationship with kaikeyi. the heart broken kaikeyi will realise her mistake n ask 4 forgiveness but bharat will ingnored her n ask her to leave as she is d one who make ram and d other 2 to go van vas n make his father on the death bed.
    wht abt u guys?…………..

  24. harini

    Hii I am new to comment here.. But I read them everyday. I liked the way mandavi answered manthra today. N I believe that she would only be able to transform kaikeyi’s mind bt not mandavi’s..

  25. nupur

    Get well soon nippy n tkcr dear
    Ishitha y ll we thnk lyk dat.we all r ur family na.all hav der own viewpoint wich make dem special in der way.d same applies 2 u too.u r unique in ur own way n we all luv u 4 tht:):)

  26. Ipshu

    I have been following Siya ke Ram since the starting here but this is the first time I will post a comment.I think there is still some weeks left before they actually leave the palace because according to the pattern followed,every incident takes one week to finish.Like the Svyambar took one week,the wedding took one week,the journey from mithila to ayodhya one week etc.

    So I hope we still have some ayodhya and lakshmilla scenes left 🙂

    I hope they publish my comment 😛

    • Nidhi

      Oh hi ipshu welcome to siya ke Ram fan club 🙂
      May we all know where are you from? And in which class? 🙂
      I’m sorry if it’s personal dear… 🙁
      Didn’t mean to hurt you…
      And yes even I think they will take one week for vanvaas track also 🙂

    • sweetie pie ??

      Hi ipshu ….welcome ?…….hehe yeah ur prediction may be correct ….btw which class r u of n which place…..sorry to ask it. ..u can say just if u would like to

    • Akanksha sharma

      Ya actually u r r8 dear ipshu….aapke muhn mein ghee shakar….”sweets in ur mouth”…and ya welcome here….dear

  27. Preety Sid Bieber

    Thank uuuu lvly guys…..n happpy mahasivratriiiii 2 all of uuuuu….enjoy…
    Btw nidhi d Qsn is vry impoetnt 4 for u…n if u hve any prb in ur study dn tell me as a frnd….i cn alwys hlp u…

  28. well no one is bothered abt me I am also madirakshi mundle fan and SKR Fan too n offcourse
    I am Fan of Swasan,Ishveer,Swalak,Raglak,Abhighya,Swaragini.

    • Akanksha sharma

      Heyee sriranjini….we all know u r here dear….if u got hurt…then i am really very sry….dont think so dear….u r also a sweet member of this sweet family..dear

    • Nidhi

      Sriranjini I replied to almost all your comment in yesterday’s page but they’re still getting moderated dear..?
      Sorry If I hurt you….
      You are most welcome to siya ke ram fan club 🙂
      Don’t feel bad we are all there for you dear ?

  29. Honey

    Thank you guys. I am so glad that you people have allowed me to join in this club and also thanks for the love. You can call me as honey. I am studying in 9th grade in America.

    • sweetie pie ??

      No thanks dude….bcoz everyone here is a fan nd there is no permission needed to join…..anyone can ☺

    • Nidhi

      You are sarayu only right??
      Sure dear why not? As I told you every fan of Siya ke Ram is most welcomed here…?
      We are all lucky to have a new member here 😀
      Many new ones are joining and I’m really happy about it!?
      Ok I’ll call you honey only… 🙂
      And I’m nidhi in class 10 from Hyderabad 🙂

  30. sweetie pie ??

    Today’s episode was super…..??….I don’t want vanvas to happen ?……nd after vanvas I beard that ram nd sita r going to get separated …..ayoo I don’t want that also ?……!!!

    • Akanksha sharma

      Seriously sweetipie….even i am so scared of that incident…i think they should have bring vanvaas sequence a bit later….they should show some happy moments of all 4 couples….and ya u r in 11th…so may i know which board u r having…and when will ur exam end …..tell only if u r willing…

      • sweetie pie ??

        Hehe…ya but what to do ??…nd they most show more laxmilla scenes ..mine is CBSE boards ….our exams ends on march 24 what about you ?

      • Nidhi

        That is sweetie pie di???
        Will really miss lakshmila…
        Oh thanks for telling us about that di?
        All the best both of you for your exams! 🙂

      • Nidhi

        Sorry for the typo error its all because of this auto correct?
        I meant to say that is what sweetie pie di^
        Sorry for the error!??

      • sweetie pie ??

        Yaa…hope they show us more laxmilla scenes right now or else …it will happen after 14 years ??
        ..ommggg…..all the best to u also dear………it’s okay dude I can understand becoz of this stupid auto correct even I make typoh mistakes

      • Nidhi

        Yes di even I hope they show lakshmila scenes now itself 🙁
        Again we will get to see them after 14 years of vanvaas and by that time I guess there won’t be cute fights anymore as they’ll get a bit older 🙁
        So it’s my request to cvs to please show more happier scenes of lakshmila and other couples before vanvaas,…. 🙁

      • Akanksha sharma

        Mine on 21st march dear…and I am also having CBSE board…..and I am non med student…. May I know ur stream dear….

    • Nidhi

      Yes even I don’t want vanvaas track to start so soon?
      I want some happy scenes between the couples..
      Di yes can we know which board of 11th? Only if it’s not personal…
      I’m sorry if I hurt you di? didn’t mean to do so,….

    • Nidhi

      No sorry between us ireena 🙂
      By the way can we all know where are you from? And in which class?
      I’m sorry if it’s personal…didn’t mean to hurt you?

  31. Tanu............:-)

    In the whole epi mandvi’s scene was the best what a loving Sis
    Hi di’s how r ur exams going on

    • Nidhi

      Hi tanu our exams are going on well dear 🙂
      What about your 8th exams? 🙂
      Yes even I liked the scene where mandavi got manthara’s nose cut!?

  32. Sanjana

    Nidhi di no problem about fan club site you can tell it after our exams
    Waiting for the huge surprise

    • Nidhi

      Thanks for understanding dear?
      and yes after our exams I promise we’ll let you know about it for sure 🙂

      • Nidhi

        And sanjana all the best for your annual exams dear! 😀
        Do well! 😉
        Keep calm don’t take any stress 🙂
        Will miss you!?

  33. Akanksha sharma

    A very happy all of my sisters..and brothers here ……i wish all ur prayers and wishes come true and u all have a bright future ahead……may lord shiv….shower his blessings on u…all the time…

    • Nidhi

      Thanks akanksha di?
      Same to you too???
      May all your dreams come true di 🙂
      And you’ll come out with flying colours 😀

    • Haripriya

      Thank u so much Akansha di and hopes he also fulfills ur prayers and wishes and bless u

  34. Nidhi

    Hello everyone! 🙂
    Happy MAHA SHIVRATRI to all of you???
    May Lord shiva turn all our wishes and dreams into reality ?
    And show you all the right path always, guide you all and be with you all…all the time?
    For all the elder sisters I know I can’t bless you all but as your chotti sister I can wish you right? 😉

    • Akanksha sharma

      Thanx dear . . . . .ur luv reflects by ur thoughts . . . .luv u dear . . . . May god bless u alwayz

    • Haripriya

      Wish u the same Nidhi di and hope Mahadev fulfills ur wishes and dreams . I know I wished u more times but still ?and luv u di ????

      • Nidhi

        Haha? true we both wished each other a lot of times but it’s ok
        Thank you so much for your wishes dear??
        Even I hope mahadev fulfils all your dreams and also always be there for you to help you as well as guide you 🙂
        Love you too haripriya!?

      • Haripriya

        Your welcome Nidhi di and one thing I need to say that Mahadev fulfills my wishes as he gave darshan of himself and Mata Parvati in my dream. He fulfilled it as this was my birthday wish

  35. Akanksha sharma

    Look….at the dp nidhi….the only offscreen pic of madira and ashish . . . . . . I found it after . . . Visiting . . . Countless . .sights . . Lol . .not really

    • Nidhi

      Oh I’m sorry then akanksha di?? for making you search all the sites…
      And thank you so much for the picture??

  36. nupur


    • Nidhi

      Thanks nupur di wish you the same??
      Thanks for your wishes too?
      Om namah shivaya???
      Yes di we can understand about database problem it’s happening with me too 🙁

    • Haripriya

      Thanks Nupur di and wish you the same and hope Mahadev fulfills ur wishes and dreams

      Yes di it also happens with me

  37. Akanksha sharma

    Its not sightes . .its sites . . . Sometimes the phone uses its own dictionary . . .ignoring me and my words . . . .dont know why . . . .??????

    • Nidhi

      Yes akanksha di same here too ??
      It’s all because of auto correct…
      And yes di thanks for the picture of Ashma?
      As I asked you yesterday for it… 😀

  38. Hi everyone. …..good evening guys…….

    ALL OF U DP SUBERP. ….???

    NIPPY GET WELL SOON. …….????


    • Nidhi

      Hi rishika welcome to siya ke ram fan club ?
      All of us here love siya ke ram❤️
      May we all know where are you from? And in which class are you studying?
      I’m sorry if its personal dear…? didn’t mean to hurt you….

    • hi rishika welcome to siya ke ram fanclub on the behalf of every one because some of them are busy with their exams

    • Akanksha sharma

      Welcome dear…..rishika …..may we know ur class and place where u live dear…..if its not personal…only then

  39. Nidhi

    Bhoomi, nupur di and sanjana really sorry dear??
    Didnt mean to hurt anyone of you ….
    Actually WW and I decided let it be a surprise for everyone that’s why.,, 🙁
    I promise (pakka waala promise) you all after our exams we will give you one HUGE surprise for sure.., 🙂
    Pic we reveal it now itself it won’t be any surprise right? I hope you all understand ??
    I’m really sorry If I hurt anyone’s feelings here…. ??

  40. Nidhi


    • Nidhi

      You posted this comment it’s ok! But please do post my previous comments too telly updates!! It’s a humble request from my side??
      Please…..its kind if important and urgent please try to understand and post them all please…

      • Nidhi


      • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

        no worries nidhi……. from march 28 we will not face such problems……. agree na?

  41. aishu

    hello everyone…I wud lyk to join u all by posting my views…I am Aishwarya from Mysore.

    • Nidhi

      Thanks for your wishes mahe?
      Happy MAHA SHIVRATRI to you too???
      Thanks for your compliment too?

      • Nidhi

        Sure ayushi welcome to siya ke ram fanclub?
        Thanks for your wishes! ?? wish you the same!
        And may we all know where are you from? And in which class are you studying in? 🙂
        I’m so sorry if it’s personal dear,,,? didn’t mean to hurt you….

      • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

        oie nidhi check ur email id…… there s something for u……..

      • Nidhi

        Ok well wisher? sure ….
        Though I haven’t opened it yet I’m sure what I’m expecting is only there?
        Thank you so much!??

      • Ayushi

        Thanks nidhi for the warm welcome and I’m from karnataka hassan and I’m studying in 10th…..why about u?

      • Nidhi

        Glad to have another classmate ayushi?
        Welcome dear?
        I’m also in class 10 and from Hyderabad 🙂


    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      thank u wish u the same.

      welcome to siya ke ram fan club dear………

  42. twinkle

    hello everyone not new here commented just once 😛 wellwisher already welcomed me 😛 and coming to the episode it was awesome as usual 🙂

    • sweetie pie ??

      Hehe…so funny u r ??…ya the epi was fantastic ..but the prob is vavas is near ???

    • Nidhi

      Hello twinkle?
      Once again welcome to siya ke ram fanclub?
      May we all know where are you from? And in which class are you studying? 🙂
      I’m sorry if it’s personal dear….didn’t mean to hurt you?
      And yes awesome episode but vanvaas track is going to start today?

      • twinkle

        thanku nidhi di and yes from hyderabad and class 7 ( maybe the youngest here )(soon will be in class 8) no yarr it was really not personal . and ya vanvas is near but will surely enjoy it

      • Nidhi

        Hey twinkle glad to have another citymate?
        You are not the youngest here you have classmates too 😉
        You have few of them in class 6 too! So don’t worry 😉
        Yes vanvaas track is coming closer and closer and closer??


      • twinkle

        wow means you are from hyderabad right ? class 6 wow its good .nidhi di please tell me few names of my classmates . nidhi di enjoy the vanvas track

  43. Nita

    Hey everyone since my board exams are starting from tomorrow definitely no TV for next 12days but I’ll try and come on telly updates cause I’ll miss u guys a lot….
    All the best every1 for your exams…
    So bye for now…..luv u all…luv Siya ke Ram..don’t forget me my sisters…

    Will miss Siya ke Ram for these 12days…


    • Haripriya

      All the best Nita di for ur exams ??and hope u come out with flying colours and try to come and luv u too di ??

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      will miss u too di……. try to be frequent…… and ya at the same time do well in ur exams………

    • Nidhi

      Nita di!?
      All the very best di??
      And why will we even forget you di? You are in our hearts di❤️
      So no question of forgetting 😉
      Will miss you so much nita di?
      Don’t worry di you will do really well in your exams 🙂 I’ll pray to God for you?
      And how can we forget our sweet sister di???

    • Bhoomi

      Nita di all the best ???

      Happy birthday in advance ??????

      I will also comment on your birthday ……

  44. Bhoomi

    Hello everyone ?

    All new comers – Harini, Sonia, Ipshu, Honey, Rishika, Aishu, Ayushi, twinkle welcome to SKR fan club ….. ?

    Nidhi no sorry yarr…… I know u dont want to hurt us……. I m waiting for the surprise egerly …. Its ok ….. Study well … And give exams without tension …..

    Guys everyones dp is ??? …. Love ❤ everyones dp …….

    All the best for exams ?

    I know no sorry …. So no sorry for commenting everything in one post……

    Love u all my sisters & brothers??????

  45. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    hi guys what s happening?

    abi i m extremely sorry di chellam…… i saw ur dp but didnt get time to tell about it…… siddu looks pakka………

    i m so sorry guys actually i m busy with shivarathri…….. today i will be in temple from 7 to 12……… so even reading update is difficult……. and i had network problem yesterday……. and now i m getting ready to go there……….. having a tough time……. i will try my level best to come here……. somehow through my mom’s phone i will try to comment……

    i request u guys not to change ur dps so thta tomorrow i will come n comment about it in detail…….

    and about the fan club site as nidhi wait till march 28 afternoon 3’o clock……… sorry for not telling about it to u all…….. and nidhi check ur id……….. i have send u 2 emails………

    abi once again so sorry…… i didnt read any other comment…. i just saw ur comment only so thought reply u…………

    and of course all dps superb……….

    and whoever has given links thank u……..

    and whoever said my dp nice n wished me thank u……..

    hope tellyupdates post the comment bcoz i wont even be able to check whether it got posted or not… its okay only till march 28 then see what we will do………..

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      and nidhi when ur free pls introduce all the new comers……

      i welcome all the new comers ayana, twinkle, ayushi and sorry if missed anyone bcz i didnt see all comments. pls pardon me……..

      love u all………..


      telly updates pls post my comment……..

      • Nidhi

        Well wisher I’ll introduce them to you on March 11th? I’ll be relieved after my social exam then ?
        Love you too?
        I replied back to your mails check your ID.., 🙂
        Ok I won’t change my dp le? don’t worry!


  46. Sanjana

    Today my maths exam went very well thanks to your prayers and wishes
    May all your prayers be answered on this maha shivaratri and may Lord shiva bless you with good health happiness and prosperity
    You will always be there in my prayers
    INDIA WON yay
    All the best for your exams
    Welcome to all the newcomers I came just now from school so sorry for late welcoming
    Ayyo nidhi do we are not at all hurt in fact we are waiting for the surprise
    Zara di no mentioning thanks between sisters
    Tellyupdates post my comment pls

  47. Sanjana

    Nidhi di and sruti Di all the very best for your Hindi exam may you come out in flying colours
    Zara Di all the very best for your social exam
    Craze about skr Di take care
    Rest a lot and you’ll come out of the illness
    Jai Sita ram

    • Nidhi

      Thank you so much sanjana 😀
      All the best for your annual exams too! 🙂
      May lord blessings be with you always 😀

  48. Sanjana

    Ww Di may I know which board you are studying as you said your from tamilnadu I am interested to know

  49. Hi,I m new here and i love to watch skr show. The epics of Ramayana is my favourite from my childhood. So,I encourage all the kids and children to watch it. It teach us lots of things in our life.?

    • Nidhi

      Oh hi daisy di?
      Welcome to Siya ke ram fan club… 🙂
      And sure di we will watch it 😀
      May we all know where you from di? And which class are you in?
      I’m sorry if it’s personal di..?

      • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

        same here di……….. welcome to siya ke ram fan club n about u pls…………

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.