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Siya Ke Ram 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavan drinking wine in his Kaksh. His inner self/reflection in mirror tells him that wine will not satisfy his hunger, he needs love. Raavan says I don’t want love, I just want to marry Sita because…. His inner self says don’t lie to yourself, you got jealous hearing the way Sita said …my Ram…. You want to get such love, which Sita has for Ram, even Mandodari can’t have such love. Raavan shouts enough. His inner self laughs on him. Raavan breaks the mirror in anger. He hears Sita saying my Ram….. and gets angry. He says you have to forget Ram, because you won’t go anywhere, you will always be with me, with Raavan. He laughs.

Surpanakha does the yagya. She gets some magical weapon and smiles. She says now who will save you from me Sita. She laughs. Its morning,

Sita is sleeping. Raavan walks to the garden and sees her sleeping. Sita wakes up and sees him. He says I realized yesterday, you are unhappy because I did not behave good with you, I told you are special, but my behavior is ordinary, you are staying here where anyone can come anytime, everyone should not be allowed to meet special person, so I decided to change all this. He goes out of the garden and uses his powers to create a maze around Sita. She looks on. Surpanakha comes there and hides the weapon.

She asks Raavan what did you do. Raavan says this maze is for sure, but not an ordinary one, that anyone can know its secret, it will keep changing. She says you did good, now Sita can’t run anywhere. He smiles and says the maze’s motive is to stop anyone from reaching Sita, any person or weapon. She shows the weapon and says I have made this myself. He says you want to gift this to me right. He forwards hand. She gives the weapon to his. He crushes it to powder. He says next time, make such weapon which does not break. He leaves.

Raavan sits playing veena. Vibhishan comes and asks what are you doing, Sita did not have food since many days, she did not drink water too, you made a maze around her, if this goes on, she will give up her life soon. Raavan says its my mistake that I thought you will change after growing up, do you remember, when we were young, some kids in school has beaten you up, you came to me crying and how did I control them. Vibhishan says you lied to them that whoever will fight will you will fail. Raavan says great, your devotion did not spoil your memory, what happened then. Vibhishan says you failed all of them, as they could not fight well. Raavan says I failed their belief first, they accepted their failure before fighting with me, I did the same thing again, I have made Sita believe it, and now its time to change her trust and shock her.

A woman comes and asks did you call me. Raavan smiles seeing her. Raavan says my younger brother can’t belief that this Kaksh can ruin right away. He laughs. Vibhishan looks on. Raavan signs the woman and says ruin it. The woman asks Vibhishan to look in her eyes, and hypnotizes him. She closes eyes and then stares at him. Vibhishan gets shocked seeing the Kaksh getting burnt. Raavan and that woman laugh. Vibhishan says fire, whats all this. Raavan says Vibhishan. The spell breaks on Vibhishan. He gets shocked seeing the Kaksh fine. Vibhishan asks whats happening. Raavan smiles and says she is Trijata, she is an illusionist and hypnotist. He says Trijata, I have special work for you, show such future/illusion to Sita where her husband has died and she has become my queen. Trijata says sure……

Raavan says its impossible for anyone to fail me in cleverness, my ten heads can face ten problems together, like someone is scheming in this Bhavan, she feels I don’t know anything, but I know it. Surpanakha gets angry and says I will make a weapon, that will be a stree/woman. Raavan says everyone tries to think ahead of me, but… Sulochana asks Meghnadh to help her. She asks but can I trust you? Raavan says one can win if he can understand the enemy’s attack before. Vibhishan says maybe enemy is not planning to attack you, maybe you are ready to face enemy’s attack, but you have a final fight with devotion and its power, what then… Raavan gets thinking…

Trijata goes to Sita. Sita turns away seeing her. Trijata says I think this woman’s fate is to become Raavan’s wife, its such good luck, biggest happiness is waiting for this woman, Raavan’s love is waiting for her, and she wants to stay here in this maze, any other woman would have grabbed this chance. She walks to Sita and says maybe you don’t know importance of Raavan’s proposal, its fine, I will make you understand, I will show you your future, look in my eyes, you will see your fate. Sita looks in her eyes.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. the episode was sad one i am really exited for tommorow
    I am sorry as i was not present here because i was helping my friends in their homerworks and assignments
    A BIG SORRY FOR THIS and i know my di’s and my younger sister will forgive me
    and a happy ramzan to all my sisters as i would be fasting i would have atleat half an hour free so i would comment
    and a big welcome to any new comers
    and welcome to all my sisters who would have returned like me

    1. No sorry di !! Eid Mubarak 😀

      1. Malvi di u always forget that i am younger to you i am class 8th and thanks for accepting me once again

      2. hello iqura i’m also in 8th

      3. Oops OK iquara

    2. Eid mubarak!!u l be fasting ah???even i l be in our hindu festivals…

      1. Not eid priya di RAMZAN MUBARAK and yes i will be fasting

    3. Ramzan Mubarak iquara.?????

      1. Thanks a lot nabanita di and it is IQURA and not IQUARA

    4. Ramzan Mubarak iqura…. Hi I am PADMAJA new to this family ……. Joined 10 days before….

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Hi u r back iqura dearie love you and a happy ramzan month… Enjoy cutie Ni sorry allowed na ? ? ☺

      2. happy ramzan month dear iqura

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      5. Hi and thanks a lot for your wishes vaidehi di

    5. Welcome back iqura…
      Happy ramzan..

  2. What was the precap?

    1. There was no precap sanju

  3. Didn’t see the epi.. But nowadays no hanuman scenes and ram lakhan scene… only LANKA 🙁

    1. Ya bcz its not ‘ramayan’ its ‘siya ke ram’ !!! Get d difference !! 😉

      1. ya and they r only foccusing on sita, bt y ravan ??????????? its not “ravan ke ramayan”

  4. actually I don’t know few things as I am learning Internet,how can I copy and paste any linkor any viedeo link or post viedeo.Can I post a viedeo of more than 60 seconds,plzconfirm.

    1. Ya u can bhai….just if u long press one title it l show copy u click it…then where u want to paste… Long press at that position it l be pasted thats it..ya u can post it…

  5. I didn’t watch epi…actually i want to know one thing trijata reaction shows positive or negative???

  6. These 15 hidden stories from the Ramayana will giveyou a whole new perspective to this legendary Indian epic……………please must read…..and cmmnt………

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Joy bro nyc ha ha ? knew 10 stories but really really nyc were the others I dint knew…… Awesome…

    2. Thanks a lot for the links bro

  7. Hey,I have created a fanpage of Bharat andMandavi through my facebook a/c as ‘Official Bhardavi’,but can anyone tell how couldI get fans,is it necessary to pay for promoting page.One question,it is asking for aUnique web adress,what does it mean

  8. if you saw this link….plz cmmt down….

  9. Nice episode but I could not see the first fifteen minutes. I’ll see it tomorrow. The rest was good.

  10. Awesome edit of the Lanka couple in modern form. Meghnad and sulochana.
    Yukti Kapoor playing basketball.
    Sulochana, mandodari and vibhishan pic together.

  11. Sad epi…. trijata will help sita… but here she is going to hypnotise sita….. pls any one explain me….

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      She will hypnotize her but later wen she’ll c the future of ravan’s death she’ll console siya… And ya. Then she’ll always b strength of sita.. Siya won’t b weak by her hypnosis u c..

  12. Very sad to watch :-(. This means Ram will not save her until Dussehra. That’s too long away. It means we will be watching another 4 months of Sita torture by Raavan? Too sad to watch. I will not watch this show until Ram saves Sita. 4 moths is too long to keep watching torture 🙁

    1. sad for siam too can’t bear the separation

  13. Sanjana(Sara)

    Hi Ramzan Mubarak to all.
    Welcome back iqura.
    Can anyone please introduce all the new comers 2 me

  14. There was a precap-trijata was doing a yagna and saying that sita cant escape from her magical powers

  15. ramzan Mubarak to all…
    nice epi…
    add me in ur fb GRP frnds
    my email I’d is [email protected]
    mail me
    hangout g name Vijay Raghavan

  16. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Hi ? cutie dears first of all ramzan Mubarak to all dear friends..

    Guys I won’t b commenting from tomorrow for a whole week ?????? and will miss my dears ??????… Actually we have a competition all rounder Competition and my cousins insisted me to come so.. I’ll have to participate and won’t comment ?????? I’ll miss my dears… After a week I’ll check all comments so suchi dear u post ur ff.. Priya di u post ur pov.. And all who aren’t here.., Hope you will come back soon ?… Enjoy without me ??? love ❤ u.. Dunno how I’ll live without my dears ? ? ?.. The epi was fantastic.. I knew ravan will break the mirror and he did… Happy for surpanka.. She’ll never enter in d vatika ever again ?

    1. we will miss u dearie

    2. All the best vanshu !! Do well and rock the performance !! Its impossible fr us to enjoy without you !! Will catch you soonest 😀

  17. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Links for Mahabharata fans..

    And next in siya ke ram…

    I’ll post next part of my ff after one week.. I hope u wont mind that delay..
    please read and comment

  18. Hi everyone, I am the regular reader of all comments passed on by you guyz n gals. Anyway, it was superb to see the serial SKR as we never try to assume about the happenings with Sita Mata at Lanka as it was never mentioned in RAMAYANA itself because RAMAYANA was simply Male Oriented version only.

    1. hello dear bro

      1. Hi Vaidehi, How r u, Sis? What are you doing?

      2. i’m fine dear bro. i’m in 8th and u ????????????????

      3. Oh…. You are like my daughter (same age of my son)….

      4. Which part of South India, you are living? What is your father doing?

  19. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Hey guys did Vibhishan meet Sita????

  20. no vibhishan didn’t meet sita yet.
    couldn’t see the epi.
    btw what is the precap guys ???

    ashish sharma ji jaldi se wapas ayi ye apni vacation se. missing u

    1. now, “siya ke ram” has transformed into “ram ke bina sita” or “ram ke bina ramayan”

  21. if u fan of #SKR plz keep voting team skr and ashish…madi….kartik….bijayanad……just one day to close votinng line……there no need to any personal id….u can register many random id and login……many id as much you like different id…and password…..this will be work….plz vote as much you can………….. 9 jne wiil be held this award……..

    1. Already did long ago !!

  22. o tqs joy da really excited for gold awards

  23. I was so fond of Siye ke Ram but this serial has become Suparnakha ke Sath Ravan . Really disgusting. How come story is stuck in Lanka ? What happened to Ram ? Didn;t he start his journey with his Brother Lakshman ?Lakshman mentioned to his brother -being a Purushottam you must not break down – and both brother set on foot to find Sita. Whole day they walked , walked and walked……….. Will they not meet Saver, Ekchatra i? Then Hanuman & Sugreev? Where are those stories? And Sita -is so pure and immersed in Ram that nobody could do anything to her .
    Here the story of Suparnaka , his brother Ravan etc are going on. Horrible , Horrific story .

    1. Hi…. First of all, we have to understand that this serial is about the Ramayana story from the eyes of Sita Mata… Just imagine, if you will be in Jail or in anybody’s custody, how you will know about the happenings outside. Ofcourse, through some medium only. Like last week, we have seen some scenes of Ram and Laxman because one Pigeon told to Sita Mata about the happening after Ravan captured her from forest.

  24. Hope Siye Ke Ram will show Ram finding Sita soon . I can’t tolerate the Suparnakha and Ravan’s Story . I don’t understand why Ravan , his sisters are being so important . Sita is Sita -no one can do any harm to her. She is eternally pure . She is Tapasvi.
    God Knows -why useless stories are telecasted ?whereas Ram along with his brother’s journey & meeting Hanuman -awaited .

  25. Siye ke Ram-where is Ram ? What is he doing ? Left shooting ? And Ravan ?? Ravan has signed a pack that he will get to be watched more in SKR so please rename this serial . Make it Ravan mai Lanka or Sita ne Dekha Ravan & his family or The Ravan-HORRBLE demon of Lanka . But not Sita ke Ram . Then Valmiki Ramayan would have got importance . If Valmiki becomes alive for a day, he would get shock seeing this serial where bad elements are getting so much importance .
    Ramayan is a text book in many school -Hindi Text book. Kids know the story. Why director is making it EKTA Kapoor’s horrible story ??

    1. Hi Rani, Just imagine that now only we came to know that what will happen to Sita Mata while she was kidnapped by Ravan & kept in Ashok Vatika for almost 8-9 months. Through this serial only, we are knowing about the tortures she was faced at that moment. No one knows about Surpankhas role in Ramayan, now only we came to know that she was trying to kill Sita Mata but always be protected by Ravan only.

  26. Ramayan is studied by school book as a Hindi book. Even school children knows the Ramayan Why then Ramayan is twisted like Ekta Kapoor’s story ? It is not a story. It is a message . It is part of our Hindu culture. Showcasting bad elements & making horrible story is a unacceptable.

  27. ram is coming….he starts shoot in jungle……

    1. is that so bt when will it be telecasted ??????????

      are baba ei showmakers ra kno je ram ke dakhachena. mone hoy oder “ram allergy” hoyeche. and ravan ke khub bhalo lagche dakhate.

  28. Hey everyone , how r u all . Happy ramzan Mubarak. Missing u all a lot but I won’t comment from today as to concentrate on my studies . maybe will comment when I get time . Welcome all the new comers to this sweet family. Will miss u all my lovely sisters and goodbye????

    1. Same here !! That’s OK. Hope you are enjoying 9th

      1. It’s boring actually dear

  29. Guys, currently Lanka khand is going on. Ravan & lanka play very important role now. Don’t forget if there is no ravian, no ramayan so as SKR. Do you all know, SKR is the first show which has bought out the real character of surpanka. We shd all appreciate SKR team!! Just coz we miss ram scenes, don’t pass on negative thought around the show. Specially to Rani and PS. Well responded Pradeep!!

    1. Thanks…

  30. In this part only, we will get to know about courageous sita..Admist of all the evil powers, how she sustained to survive..To understand this you should witness the evil powers. and ofcourse there is no good without realizing what is bad..Everyone may know only ramayan..but do you think they would have experienced it.. If you want to experience every single detail of untold ramayan, continue to watch SKR. Else pls stop watching and post harsh and unwanted comments here.

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