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Siya Ke Ram 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaikesi dreaming bad about Raavan’s death. She wakes up and shouts no….. She says for entire Asur clan’s protection and Lanka’s safety, Sita has to become Asur. Sita is seen sitting under the tree. She does some yagya and drops her blood in the fire. She gets some magical golden kalash and smiles. Hanuman and all the vanar army chant Jai Shri Ram….. Ram goes ahead. Ram Ram…..plays………… Hanuman, Laxman, Sugreev and the army follows Ram. They stop on the shore. Hanuman says Lanka is on other side of this sea, we have to find some way to go ahead. Ram says till we find some path, we will make our tents here.

Kaikesi gives the pot to Trijata and asks her to make Sita drink this. Trijata says sorry, but whats in this. Kaikesi says don’t try to know it,

just do whats commanded. Trijata obeys and goes. Laxman says we have to take vanar army to Lanka, you shoot this sea with your arrow and dry it, and make way to go to Lanka. Ram says no, unnecessary deeds are to show power, we can’t do this, we have to work ethically and only then we can win over Adharm. Sugreev asks how will we cross this sea. Ram says there is a life in this sea, if we have to go to that side, we have to take permission from Samudra Dev and request him for a path. He prays to Samudra Dev and asks for his prayers to get accepted. He says I want to free my wife Sita from Raavan, I want to go to Lanka with vanar army, please show me some way to go to the other side, help us.

Devi Parvati tells Mahadev that Prabhu Shri Ram is requesting Samudra Dev, but what happened to Samudra Dev, he is not appearing and not giving a path. Mahadev says all Asurs have hidden inside the sea and were staying inside sea, and Samudra Dev also captured their Asur qualities and pride, so the unlucky sea is not giving any path to Ram today. She says but Ram has to find some solution. He says yes, Asur person just understands power, not any love and request, now Prabhu will show his power to Samudra Dev. Ram sees the sea currents……. Ram Ram….plays………….

Trijata takes the pot and thinks there is something in this which is not good for Sita, but what shall I do, I can’t make this reach Sita. Sita smiles seeing her and asks why are you worried. Trijata says nothing, everything is fine. She gives fruits and the pot to Sita. Ram tells Samudra Dev that he has made request to get a path to go Lanka, but you seem to have pride on your greatness, I want to go Lanka to install Dharm and free my wife, but you are forgetting Dharm and gone on Adharm’s path, so your destruction is necessary now.

He prays and aims the arrow at the sea. He says Samudra Dev, I will end your existence forever today. It starts thundering. Sita is about to drink the water and it flows inside the drainage line. The black water mixes in the sea and explodes. It was such evil power.

Samudra Dev appears and stops Ram. Everyone look on. Sita and Trijata get shocked seeing the huge dinosaur. The soldiers go to stop the dinosaur. The dinosaur blows fire and burns them. Trijata looks on and gets scared. Sita worries for Trijata and runs to her. Sita comes infront. More soldiers come and shoot arrows on him. Sita asks Trijata did Raavan send this dinosaur to us. Trijata says no, this is born by Kaikesi’s poison, she wanted you to drink it. Sita says some other living being has drunk this poison and this demon is born, the danger was coming on me and passed to someone else, I have to do something. She checks the pot and smells it.

Samudra Dev apologizes to Ram and says because of your anger, I will get dried and my existence will end, all the living beings residing in me will die, you are ideal of Dharm and customs, you have great compassion and pity in your heart, I m ready to show you path to Lanka. Ram says but I have prepared the arrow and can’t take it back, show me some way where I can leave this. Samudra Dev tells about the mountain where Asurs live, leave this arrow there and end all the Asur demons and make that mountain free of sins.

Ram shoots the arrow in that direction. The mountain breaks by the arrow. Sita tells Trijata that this is much poisonous liquid, any living being can become Asur by drinking this. Trijata asks how to stop this dinosaur. Sita says it can be stopped by some pure form.

Sita sees a bow arrow fallen on the ground and picks it. She prays. It thunders. Dinosaur walks towards her. Trijata asks Sita to move, its coming towards her. Sita shoots the arrow at the dinosaur. The dinosaur falls down and turns into a crocodile. Trijata gets glad. Samudra Dev tells Ram about taking help from nar and nir, and they all can reach Lanka, I will help you and make path for you, I will protect the path till you return, now allow me to leave. He disappears.

Jamvanth asks Hanuman where are nar and nir, you have invited them, where are they. Hanuman says look friends, nar and nir have come to help us in battle, Prabhu now no one can stop us from reaching Lanka.

Sugreev tells Ram that Sita has come back from Lanka. Ram and everyone get shocked. Sita goes to touch Ram, and Vibhishan shoots her down by an arrow. Ram gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  4. The epi seems nice… Bt they’re jus concentrating on Lanka and Lanka n Lanka.. It has become ravan Ki paap bhari Lanka… Uhf… Dnt u think guys that they’re NT focusing on ram sita bt ravan❓❓❓❔❔❔ cmnt….

  5. Lakshmila

    my new dp is before ram-siya’s marriage

  6. shwetha murthy

    Episode was truely funny.Seems like sita is over ruling every men’s heroism in siya ke ram.
    We know that Sita was brave.But seems like siya ke ram direction team is back of sita’s bravery so much that they are eager to explore her bravery everytime. But its not necessary.Lanka scenes are lovely and classic.Since its called as Lanka adhyay they have to show more Lanka scenes and many of us love to watch Lanka scenes more than vanar-ram,lakshman scenes.Want to see some chemistry bw sulochana and meghnad ,missing their pair from past few episodes.Soon, Shurpanaka is coming back to Lanka.

  7. Priya di d article u posted is nice… N tqs fr ur love ❤……u na write d OS if u r totally free.. Waiting for it.. S di my head na.. It pains alot… U know guys my lil cousin brother called me an Egyptian mummy ????….. Jus coz of d bandages ???? hehe ??

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  11. Guys SPOILER ALERT fr tday epi
    Acc to Precap sita (illusion) will reach next shore n ram will c her… She’ll come near ram…
    Vibhishan will come jus then (coz he came 2 know of ravan’s plan)
    He’ll tk an arrow ? n shoot sita while ram n others will b shocked ???….
    Ram ask him what did he do.. He’ll gv his introduction as Vibhishan and he’ll tell dat he’s ravan’s bro… He’ll tell that this was illusion of ravan….

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  13. Swastika I’m fine dear n I’ll take care …dear… Luv you ? …

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  16. I hate this show.., stop making imaginative stories…. These imaginative stories ruin the prestige of gods…. Though it is possible that these Ramayana n Mahabharata r imaginative bt they Mk it Mr imaginative….

    1. Supreetha (Soups)

      Welcome Radhika! Guys please it’s her wish if she wants to comment…it’s anice open forum..please don’t get offended

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    Wlcm to skr family ? di…. First of all I’m glad 2 hv a critic in our family ?…. Secondly u r ryt that the show is making imaginative stories. Thirdly u r again right that these stories ruin the prestige of our gods… Fourthly u r half right that they Mk it more imaginative n there is possibility of these stories being imaginative, bt they’re not imaginative as there’re many evidences to prove their reality….. Lastly it’s my request to you dears that u all nt criticize her as she’s right, n ppl hv their own choices… Wlcm Radhika di once again and enjoy ????

  18. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Wlcm to skr family ? di…. First of all I’m glad 2 hv a critic in our family ?…. Secondly u r ryt that the show is making imaginative stories. Thirdly u r again right that these stories ruin the prestige of our gods… Fourthly u r half right that they Mk it more imaginative n there is possibility of these stories being imaginative, bt they’re not imaginative as there’re many evidences to prove their reality….. Lastly it’s my request to you dears that u all nt criticize her as she’s right, n ppl hv their own choices… Wlcm Radhika di once again and enjoy ????

  19. pls stop this radhika di. if u really hate it then no need of posting cmnts here.

  20. remember we all r skr lovers

  21. guys ignore these haters

  22. siaurmi aka swastika

    who are u radhika u do not have any right to say that ramayam & mahabharat are imaginative u for first know bow to behave ur self… & skr is not an imaginative show …. plz mind ur lamguage radhika

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