Siya Ke Ram 6th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaikesi dreaming bad about Raavan’s death. She wakes up and shouts no….. She says for entire Asur clan’s protection and Lanka’s safety, Sita has to become Asur. Sita is seen sitting under the tree. She does some yagya and drops her blood in the fire. She gets some magical golden kalash and smiles. Hanuman and all the vanar army chant Jai Shri Ram….. Ram goes ahead. Ram Ram…..plays………… Hanuman, Laxman, Sugreev and the army follows Ram. They stop on the shore. Hanuman says Lanka is on other side of this sea, we have to find some way to go ahead. Ram says till we find some path, we will make our tents here.

Kaikesi gives the pot to Trijata and asks her to make Sita drink this. Trijata says sorry, but whats in this. Kaikesi says don’t try to know it,

just do whats commanded. Trijata obeys and goes. Laxman says we have to take vanar army to Lanka, you shoot this sea with your arrow and dry it, and make way to go to Lanka. Ram says no, unnecessary deeds are to show power, we can’t do this, we have to work ethically and only then we can win over Adharm. Sugreev asks how will we cross this sea. Ram says there is a life in this sea, if we have to go to that side, we have to take permission from Samudra Dev and request him for a path. He prays to Samudra Dev and asks for his prayers to get accepted. He says I want to free my wife Sita from Raavan, I want to go to Lanka with vanar army, please show me some way to go to the other side, help us.

Devi Parvati tells Mahadev that Prabhu Shri Ram is requesting Samudra Dev, but what happened to Samudra Dev, he is not appearing and not giving a path. Mahadev says all Asurs have hidden inside the sea and were staying inside sea, and Samudra Dev also captured their Asur qualities and pride, so the unlucky sea is not giving any path to Ram today. She says but Ram has to find some solution. He says yes, Asur person just understands power, not any love and request, now Prabhu will show his power to Samudra Dev. Ram sees the sea currents……. Ram Ram….plays………….

Trijata takes the pot and thinks there is something in this which is not good for Sita, but what shall I do, I can’t make this reach Sita. Sita smiles seeing her and asks why are you worried. Trijata says nothing, everything is fine. She gives fruits and the pot to Sita. Ram tells Samudra Dev that he has made request to get a path to go Lanka, but you seem to have pride on your greatness, I want to go Lanka to install Dharm and free my wife, but you are forgetting Dharm and gone on Adharm’s path, so your destruction is necessary now.

He prays and aims the arrow at the sea. He says Samudra Dev, I will end your existence forever today. It starts thundering. Sita is about to drink the water and it flows inside the drainage line. The black water mixes in the sea and explodes. It was such evil power.

Samudra Dev appears and stops Ram. Everyone look on. Sita and Trijata get shocked seeing the huge dinosaur. The soldiers go to stop the dinosaur. The dinosaur blows fire and burns them. Trijata looks on and gets scared. Sita worries for Trijata and runs to her. Sita comes infront. More soldiers come and shoot arrows on him. Sita asks Trijata did Raavan send this dinosaur to us. Trijata says no, this is born by Kaikesi’s poison, she wanted you to drink it. Sita says some other living being has drunk this poison and this demon is born, the danger was coming on me and passed to someone else, I have to do something. She checks the pot and smells it.

Samudra Dev apologizes to Ram and says because of your anger, I will get dried and my existence will end, all the living beings residing in me will die, you are ideal of Dharm and customs, you have great compassion and pity in your heart, I m ready to show you path to Lanka. Ram says but I have prepared the arrow and can’t take it back, show me some way where I can leave this. Samudra Dev tells about the mountain where Asurs live, leave this arrow there and end all the Asur demons and make that mountain free of sins.

Ram shoots the arrow in that direction. The mountain breaks by the arrow. Sita tells Trijata that this is much poisonous liquid, any living being can become Asur by drinking this. Trijata asks how to stop this dinosaur. Sita says it can be stopped by some pure form.

Sita sees a bow arrow fallen on the ground and picks it. She prays. It thunders. Dinosaur walks towards her. Trijata asks Sita to move, its coming towards her. Sita shoots the arrow at the dinosaur. The dinosaur falls down and turns into a crocodile. Trijata gets glad. Samudra Dev tells Ram about taking help from nar and nir, and they all can reach Lanka, I will help you and make path for you, I will protect the path till you return, now allow me to leave. He disappears.

Jamvanth asks Hanuman where are nar and nir, you have invited them, where are they. Hanuman says look friends, nar and nir have come to help us in battle, Prabhu now no one can stop us from reaching Lanka.

Sugreev tells Ram that Sita has come back from Lanka. Ram and everyone get shocked. Sita goes to touch Ram, and Vibhishan shoots her down by an arrow. Ram gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. SKR fan

    Nice episode. But I am very very disappointed with the VFX. At least for this important part of Ramayan they should go to some nearby water body. The sea is looking very small. Also I have heard that the vanar sena was very large. But it seems very small. And ram prayed for three days to samudra dev but here they didn’t show even three minutes.
    Lord shiv’s explanation about samudra dev was something new to me.
    And didn’t they get any other animal except the fire breathing dinosaur.
    The mountain was looking like a stone.
    Anyone please tell me if these all happening in Lanka is imaginary or is it written anywhere.
    How crocodile got that evil drink?
    Nal and neel were the sons of lord viswakarma!
    Another Maya of Raavan. Vibhishan came on time.
    And sorry for pointing out so many mistakes in the show. But I have many expectations from siya ke ram. And I want it to be grand.

    • Padmaja

      |Registered Member

      ya i agree with u bro… Because i didn’t heard of dinosaur story at all… And ram will pray for days but they didn’t show it ..

    • riya

      Even i’m getting surprised… They r showing ram’s story in a hurry….seems lie they hv 2 catch d train…they r showing d war part in very shortly but showed other unnecessary things in details…they showed ravan’s unnecessary scenes dn ram & laxman part…they also avpided many imp scene like sugriv’s promise…i’m sry 2 say bt i’m very disappointed with just watching it fr madirakshi cz i like her a lot…i’m eagerly waiting fr luv kush part….

    • Nabanita

      Yea bro they show it very first…..
      I don’t know why they do this!!!
      But eager for the precap..☺??

  2. SKR fan

    Selfie madirakshi and vividha kirti.
    Birthday celebration.
    Inbetween shooting. Gymtime. Vibhishan and lakshman.
    Vibhishan in action. Selfie onset offscreen vanity van.
    Mandodari, sulochana and trijata morning selfie.
    Siya ke ram girls’ gang. Sulochana, mandodari, kekasi, trijata and madirakshi’s mom outdoor fun.

  3. riya

    As far as i knew ravan sent an illusion dead body of here they showed smthing else…ram ws looking so emotional less in 2morrow’s episode…He wsn’t happy seeing sita…

  4. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    @ALL..i didn’t watch the epi.. Bcoz here heavy rain.. Current off… Toh pls say Me the PRECAP clearly….

    • Nabanita

      Every one see that sita come to the other side of Lanka means where ram and banars are.sugreeb said that sita has come.sita come.ram rushed to sita.sita was going to touch ram then bivishan come and he shoot a arrow to sia.and sita failed to earth.
      It means may be ravan send a mayabi rakhsasi or something to stop ram and banars.vibhisan killed the mayabi.
      I am sorry if i do some mistake to understand you the matter.

  5. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    @VANSHU..i m n cloud nine after seeing ur cmnt sissy.. Happy to see u back…. How r u???? Is there any pain?? Okay tmr I m having holiday.. If I m free.. I l write one OS… especially for u.. It’s dedicated to u dear… Can I write it if I m FREE??? Need ur permission…

  6. joy

    Suffering fever from last 2 days… So did not active… Plz pray for me dear friend…. ??

  7. Malvi

    Seems to be awesome…but couldn’t watch it. I’m feeling so happy that I got Vanshika’s comment !! So happy darls !! And I’m chatting wid maithili di and haripriya and I didn’t even have any idea that they will be this good and sweet !! So much loves !! And waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  8. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    One doubt.. Does we didn’t even get ashmad pic in madirakshi’s bday celebration???? Waiting for ur replies..

    • Padmaja

      |Registered Member

      Ya dear i also have dat doubt…waiting for dat pic for lonnnnggg time…. But no pic of dem in offscren..

  9. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys.. Today is captain cool’s bday.. See my dp.. I m crazy fan of him… Is there anybody like me here who loves Dhoni to the core??? Even u all r then I won’t get surprised as he is like that… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DHONI BHAI…

    • Padmaja

      |Registered Member

      Ya dear i am a diehard fan of him.. I love him to the core… I am like u dear…… HAPPY BIRTHDAY THALA BY UR CRAZIEST AND DIEHARD FAN?☺

    • Nabanita

      Yea today is happy birthday of captain cool.
      Happy birthday him very much but less than virat kohli.
      Ha ha ha?????

  10. Thanmathi

    |Registered Member

    This is for my sweetie sis vanshu dear I read ur ffs dear I love it a lot. But my sweetie I have a small request. Don’t stress ur arm too much in typing please give it rest and u URSELF too should take rest now. We don’t mind waiting for

  11. Thanmathi

    |Registered Member

    Oh god it got posted mistakenly we don’t mind waiting for your ffs dear but we want to make sure that you take care of yourself well. Take care and take rest my sweetie I don’t mean to say that you shouldn’t type at all I mean to say is u shouldn’t give over workload to your hand u can understand Na???

  12. Sara

    I like SKR a lot. I am regular viewer but I am very disappointed the way they are cutting short Ram’s part of story . On the other hand lanka /Ravan part is exaggerated .
    May I know from where this drink of Ravan’s mother story has come ??? Never heard of .
    I have read Ramayan -please avoid variations .

  13. swastika

    Episode was really great ..glas
    d to see sita lifting dhanush ram & wanar sena is fabulous ya suchetna di u are really very cute… vanshu di ur ff was beautiful but take care of hr self

  14. Veena

    Hi – Is SKR going off the air soon?? That’s why they are in a hurry to show Ram’s side . Then my earnest request to SKR team is please show the Ram’s side in detail and stop making imaginative Lanka story.
    I love SKR and want it to be the better .

  15. Thanmathi

    |Registered Member

    Hi guys sorry to say but you have to bear with irregular update of my fanfics I’m very very sorry hope you can understand

  16. Srr

    I have created a account in instagram as today is a holiday with the help of my siste.
    Malvi di can you please tell me how to send friend request in instagram and how to check that we got a friend request….di you have instagram may be you know it.


    • Malvi

      If you want to give request to anyone …. Click that follow+ button … It will show as requested.. And once if u wanna check your requests then press —> ?this button —-> u will see aprove request click onto it. You will see tick or wrong button press tick if u want to follow them and wrong if u don’t wanna do. Is SHIKHA WADHWA you?

  17. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Hey everyone.. First of all I m a big fan of Captain cool.. Today is his bday.. So I think to give many news here.. I mean celebrity wishes to him.. And abt his nature. . And everything… So pls bear with me.. I just hope kuch bhi karke aaj cmnts bada DE…

  18. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Mahendra Singh Dhoni, our most favourite and the successful Captain of the Indian Cricket Team has so much good to talk about on and off the field. Well, we often talk about his on field achievements and the facts that make us his followers. Then be that his Helicopter shot, match finishing knocks, great captaincy decisions or the cool attitude. But along with on field things there are so many things about Mahi that he does beyond the boundaries and we love them so much.

    “One of my theories is to be captain on the field and off the field; you need to totally enjoy each other’s company. I don’t like discussing cricket off the field” – Mahendra Singh Dhoni

  19. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    When you don’t see him playing cricket on field you see him playing football for sure. Football is Mahi’s favourite sport. You will often see Team India warming up with a game of soccer before matches and even on practice sessions. He enjoys playing soccer and was a footballer in old school days which helped him become such a good wicketkeeper.

    Other than football he also loves playing badminton.
    We have seen Mahi in various Hairstyles over the years. During the early days in international cricket he sported a long shaggy and wavy hair which lasted for a long. Later he chopped his hair for a sober look. And then we all remember him going completely bald after the 2011 World Cup victory. After this an innovative haircut from the captain was sported in 2013, a Mohawk. Last was a Jar Head style that he sported.
    Mahi’s love for Cars and Bikes is no surprise. He owns about 23 bikes and has a very special and emotional connection with his bikes. His first motorcycle Rajdoot is still maintained and restored by the captain. And he took this love story to another level when he became the founder of FIM Super sport World Championship team called the Mahi Racing Team India. He has also been a part of the Bike Festival of India.

    Not just Captain Dhoni he is also Dr. Dhoni! MS Dhoni was awarded an honorary doctorate by De Montfort University in Leicester. Dhoni was praised for his exemplary leadership quality and achievements before he became an Honorary Doctor of Letters at a ceremony.
    Dhoni has always supported Indian Army and expressed his willingness to serve the Indian Army post retirement from cricket. MS also holds the honorary rank of Lieutenant colonel in the Indian Territorial Army.

    “It’s a real honour as I always wanted to be part of the Indian Army. It’s (joining the Indian Army) something that I always wanted to achieve as a kid and now that I have donned the olive greens, my dream has been fulfilled,” said Dhoni
    Credit : Google.. It’s not by me..

    I bet u.. If u r true msd fan u l not scroll down without reading and cmntng..

    • Padmaja

      |Registered Member

      Ya dear i love him verrry much… I am a die hard fan of him…. I read did cmnt fully and i like his character very much…. And one thing when India was playing worlcup matches in Australia, the whole team was in Australia for more dan 2 1/2 months , in the month of Feb he became a father for a cute daughter… Everyone expected dat he will come back to India to see his baby girl, but Dhoni told ” I am in national duty, everything else can wait..”
      Dis is only a small drop in his huge humble character called sea….

      • Padmaja

        |Registered Member

        In the 2011 WC he played the final with the cramped leg and made India to lift the Wc after 28 yrs…. Dat is his dedication and passion towards game and a great patriotic person he is…???

  20. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Here goes the wishes of shashant.. We all know he is a great fan of Dhoni… I got to know one thing.. Hope u all know.. He is acting a movie named ms Dhoni.. Is there anybody like me who is waiting for that movie???

    Here it goes..

    Happy birthday captain. Totally a selfless cricketer and a wonderfully amazing person.. Respect #HappyBirthdayCaptainCool

    • Padmaja

      |Registered Member

      Ya dear i know it for dat movie he os working hard to bring out the character of msd…. Eagerly waiting for dat movie….i think it will be released in September….

  21. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys.. One amazing news over here.. I m damn sure this l make each and every msdains happy over here…

    During 2011 world cup… Dhoni after completing his half century… Didn’t even realize it!!!
    Then gambhir told him, then only he came to know abt it and then he raised his bat… As he was thinking what should he do for his team he didn’t even realize his half century…

    Love u sooooooooo much Mahi..

  22. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    hey guys.. Will share many wishes.. Once I got it.. And ha now I have one QUESTION to All.. I want answers..

    After losing last world cup.. In press meet Dhoni had tears which is not noticed by many people.. But in WhatsApp they had shared the photos.. I hope many of us would have got it.. So now the question..

    Did anybody got tears by seeing that pic???

    My ans is YES, I GOT… THAT SOME WHAT HAPPY TEARS AND SAD TEARS… he didn’t even visited his born girl child and played ICC world cup… And won all the matches.. But at semi final.. He is the one who scored good until the last minute.. But he can’t… That’s y I got tears.. I want to know abt u people.. Waiting for ur ANS???

    Proud to be a MSDIAN….. #HappyBirthdayCaptainCool

    • Padmaja

      |Registered Member

      Ya dear i had tears in my eyes after dat match i saw him having teary eye and i cried for dat whole day… First time i cried for a match result???

  23. joy

    Felling well….. Thanks all for give best wishes for me….. ✌❤❤But I think SKR team lost their track.. Dinosaur come in the siya ka ram….. How they show dinosaur????
    The vfx of SKR getting bad day by day… The sea is is very small… The tree vfx is also very bad….. The vanarsena look very small….. The big fault is Ram scene show time is small….. They give importance to Lanka family….. Comment plz

  24. Sanjana

    |Registered Member

    Depiction of Lord ram and mata Sita has made us want to be like them. Appreciation for that
    An open letter to Skr CV’s
    First what do u guys think feminism is? Is its Sita lifting a bow then why is Lord ram needed. The was u portray mata Sita doing uddhar of Lanka is not at all good. It is jagat Janani u are portraying not some television bahu. I would bear all that but u guys need to get ur definition of feminism right it is equality and u should show both ram and Sita equally it is ram from Sita perspective right and not Lanka from her perspective. No harm in showing Lanka but why do u skip ram scenes. India loves its epic and u don’t have to add masala for trps. A humble request from a loyal fan. The Jurassic park was the greatest distortion I was like so mata Sita killed a dinosaur in that Yuga which paved way for its extinction in Kali Yuga. Hope not to see power rangers in the war. In one episode it was beautiful last week with a deep research in human emotions. I think the problem is different writers. Get the team set right. U have beautiful actors who can get into the role and ur dialogues were ur strength and screenplay pls don’t lose it and make me think this is ravan me Lanka nahi Siya ke ram
    Sorry guys a lot disappointed just by reading updates and if I watch goodness know what I would have felt.
    But let ram and mata Sita message be right distortion for modern world is acceptable
    But not Jurassic park take note CV’s
    The essence of Ramayan is getting lost
    Sorry guys but we need to voice it just bcoz we love it we can’t justify it especially the Jurassic park. If it was neccasary or had some message fine but it is melodrama

  25. Sanjana

    |Registered Member

    I am sorry skr team but the beauty of ayodha and mithila raised our expectations I guess but Sita helped ram by making all in Lanka emotionally weak and u showcased to the fullest thanks for that but this kaikesi matter what necessity is my only point.
    And the arrow direction ram always directed it right. He was affected but then what mattered was greater good. Every story has a background. Krishna to directs ashwathama brahmastra from uttar womb but for the purification of the child who was the future

  26. ritika

    Hey guys… Nice episode ??..Vanshika has gt high cold… Sry fr troublin u… Bt she’s sneezing sooo much that she pierced my ear ?. Thought to inform u…

    • Vanshika

      Guys ritika di is joking… Don’t pay attention 2 her cmnt… I don’t hv any cold ?? .. She’s a joker that’s y she’s kiddin….. Don’t b tensed ??…

      • ritika

        Trust me dears I’m speaking the truth..,, she’s lying cos she don’t want 2trbl u

  27. Vanshika

    The epi seems nice… Bt they’re jus concentrating on Lanka and Lanka n Lanka.. It has become ravan Ki paap bhari Lanka… Uhf… Dnt u think guys that they’re NT focusing on ram sita bt ravan❓❓❓❔❔❔ cmnt….

  28. shwetha murthy

    Episode was truely funny.Seems like sita is over ruling every men’s heroism in siya ke ram.
    We know that Sita was brave.But seems like siya ke ram direction team is back of sita’s bravery so much that they are eager to explore her bravery everytime. But its not necessary.Lanka scenes are lovely and classic.Since its called as Lanka adhyay they have to show more Lanka scenes and many of us love to watch Lanka scenes more than vanar-ram,lakshman scenes.Want to see some chemistry bw sulochana and meghnad ,missing their pair from past few episodes.Soon, Shurpanaka is coming back to Lanka.

  29. Vanshika

    Priya di d article u posted is nice… N tqs fr ur love ❤……u na write d OS if u r totally free.. Waiting for it.. S di my head na.. It pains alot… U know guys my lil cousin brother called me an Egyptian mummy ????….. Jus coz of d bandages ???? hehe ??

    • Vanshika

      Di di… U na write ur pov on Krishna Leela instead if u r free (jus giving a choice, ur opinion then)) I luv ur pov alot n it I d only article which I wait so eagerly…. ?? jus a suggestion ??????❤

  30. Vanshika

    Tanu di so sweet of you ? ?… Ys di I’ll NT strain my hand 2 much… These ffs na which I posted recently, were already written in my Notepad… Hehe… Riti di posted them… So I gave d links.. U’ll hv 2 wait til Sunday fr next parts I guess ??… U’ll wait na dears… Love you al alot ? ? ? ? ? ?…

  31. Vanshika

    Guys SPOILER ALERT fr tday epi
    Acc to Precap sita (illusion) will reach next shore n ram will c her… She’ll come near ram…
    Vibhishan will come jus then (coz he came 2 know of ravan’s plan)
    He’ll tk an arrow ? n shoot sita while ram n others will b shocked ???….
    Ram ask him what did he do.. He’ll gv his introduction as Vibhishan and he’ll tell dat he’s ravan’s bro… He’ll tell that this was illusion of ravan….

  32. Lakshmila

    |Registered Member

    guys i hv thought of an idea

    one member will write something abt skr and after posting dat, the same member will post the name of the name of the next member who will write again something abt skr. and so on it will be cntinued till we r left with othing to write abt skr or until v all r bored of it. in this way our pg will also become more active.

    pls reply guys

    if u like this idea then only we all start playing this game.

  33. radhika

    I hate this show.., stop making imaginative stories…. These imaginative stories ruin the prestige of gods…. Though it is possible that these Ramayana n Mahabharata r imaginative bt they Mk it Mr imaginative….

    • Supreetha (Soups)

      Welcome Radhika! Guys please it’s her wish if she wants to comment…it’s anice open forum..please don’t get offended

  34. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Wlcm to skr family ? di…. First of all I’m glad 2 hv a critic in our family ?…. Secondly u r ryt that the show is making imaginative stories. Thirdly u r again right that these stories ruin the prestige of our gods… Fourthly u r half right that they Mk it more imaginative n there is possibility of these stories being imaginative, bt they’re not imaginative as there’re many evidences to prove their reality….. Lastly it’s my request to you dears that u all nt criticize her as she’s right, n ppl hv their own choices… Wlcm Radhika di once again and enjoy ????

  35. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Wlcm to skr family ? di…. First of all I’m glad 2 hv a critic in our family ?…. Secondly u r ryt that the show is making imaginative stories. Thirdly u r again right that these stories ruin the prestige of our gods… Fourthly u r half right that they Mk it more imaginative n there is possibility of these stories being imaginative, bt they’re not imaginative as there’re many evidences to prove their reality….. Lastly it’s my request to you dears that u all nt criticize her as she’s right, n ppl hv their own choices… Wlcm Radhika di once again and enjoy ????

  36. siaurmi aka swastika

    who are u radhika u do not have any right to say that ramayam & mahabharat are imaginative u for first know bow to behave ur self… & skr is not an imaginative show …. plz mind ur lamguage radhika

  37. Thanmathi

    |Registered Member

    Guys please it’s a public website and everyone have right to cmnt here I was happy that this pg is full active today but don’t let the page be filled with negatively I don’t want it neither of us want it Na so please let them say whatever they want let’s fill this pg with positive energy my sweethearts

  38. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Lakshmila aka suchi dear ur idea is awsum v cn do this on Saturday Sunday

  39. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Radhika u don’t have any right to tell dis… And if u hate it just don’t cmnt here and we all r the skt lovers and we have faith in god… Pls don’t ruin our epics…

  40. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Vanshu don’t strain dear… Pls take care of urself sissy… My wishes r always with u dear and how r u feeling now??? Pls reply me dear.. I want to know abt ur health condition ..

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