Siya Ke Ram 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Janak saying I m glad everyone came on my call. I m announcing Sita’s Swayamwar. They all congratulate him. Janak says but there will be condition, the man who strings the shiv Dhanush will be Sita’s prospective bride. Rishi says but who will it be, we heard no one can lift it. Janak says yes, but Sita lifted it in her childhood, there will surely be such man, this Swayamwar will find that person.

Urmila asks Sita why is she sacrificing. Sita says it was just a thought, what could I tell Janak, I don’t know myself whether I love someone, we saw each other for a second, when I was leaving from ashram. Its tough to decide, when Janak asked me about Swayamwar, I understood I was thinking wrong, Janak’s decision is blessing for me. Urmila says I will tell Janak,

its not late, Janak will be happy and take your marriage proposal to Ayodhya. Sita says yes, but if its rejected, then will this be fine, if my thoughts are true, then fate will be as I want, its my belief.

Ram tells Laxman that its not time to go back. Laxman says our motive completed, we killed Asurs and rebuilt ashram, Dasharath and our mums are waiting, we should go back, we all should be together, don’t you miss anyone. Ram says I do, but we have to stay here till Vishwamitra asks us to go. Laxman says we will ask him. Ram says we came here to represents our Kul, we can’t ask Vishwamitra, remember Laxman.

Sumitra recalls Kaikeyi and Dasharath’s arguments and cries. She thinks to talk to Kaikeyi about her behavior change. She goes to Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi asks what change. Sumitra says don’t you feel there is a distance between you and everyone, whatever we do, it should not affect the four brothers, else we will do big injustice with our sons, I know you won’t do this. She leaves. Mantra fills Kaikeyi’s ears. Kaikeyi asks Mantra to stop it, and not fill her ears against Sumitra. Mantra warns her about her and Bharat’s lives getting colorless.

The women makes invitations for Sita’s Swayamwar. Shathanand says their happiness is seen. Janak asks them to send invitations in every Rajya. Sunaina asks the girls not to fight. Sita comes there. Mandvi teases her. Shathanand says invitation will be send in every Rajya, even in Lanka. They all get worried.

Sunaina asks Lanka? She says Lankapati Raavan, but he is… she looks at Janak. Janak says it’s a rule to send invitation to everyone. Shathanand says Raavan is one of Shiv’s Bhakt, he has lifted Shiv mountain, he will be able to lift Shiv Dhanush. Chandrabhaga says but Sita said she wants a husband like her dad, who believes in husband with one wife, shall we send invitation to Raavan, he is already married. Sunaina asks Sita to go to Gauri mata temple, and asks girls to do this work. Sunaina asks Sita to pray, its time to send invitations. Sita leaves.

Sita sings a bhajan and does aarti in the temple. Urmila comes running and says I found out, the invitation will be sent to Ayodhya for Dasharath’s eldest son Ram. Sita smiles happily and thanks Devi. She gets a flower which falls from the idol, and gets happy.

Vishwamitra tells Ram and Laxman that they have to leave for Mithila to do darshan of Shiva divya dhanush, so he decided they will head for Mithila. Siya ram………….plays……….. Sita recalls her words and smiles. Ram smiles.

Kaikeyi asks about Sita’s Swayamwar invitation. Dasharath says whats there to be shocked, Mithila and Ayodhya have good relations, Janak wants a best groom for her daughter, and our sons are believed to be best. Kaikeyi says yes, I want such Vadhu to keep our Raghukul traditions, I heard about Mithila, you can help them, but if we get related to them, our prestige will not get any benefit, I don’t know to send Ram there. She asks Kaushalya will she accept such girl for Ram. Dasharath says not accepting invitation will be regarded insult of Janak. Kaikeyi asks him not to be sad, invitation came when Ram is not here, it means Ram will get a better vadhu, tell them Ram can’t come in swayamvar as he is not here. Dasharath says we can send Bharat instead. Kaushalya says Bharat is younger, Ram’s marriage should happen first, Kaikeyi said right to refuse to them. Kaikeyi says its true.

Shathanand talks to Devi. Sita says Ahilya will be free soon. The men stop Ram from going to the cursed place where there is a cursed woman. Ram says I want to free that woman from curse. Vishwamitra looks on as Ram proceeds.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

    Samma episode.
    Loved ram n sita…..

  2. Really superb bg music & decorations, dialog mind blowing, star plus thanks a ton for siya ke ram……

  3. Excellent……and Ram Sita jodi is simply fantastic…..

  4. The show is fantastic,it portrayes the epic by an amazing point of view, and above all aashish and madirakshi,although they didn’t interact verbally till date,as shown,but the interaction of their chemistry is superb and warm…keep it up:)….-Shreoshi Haldar, Kharagpur,W.B

  5. Lakshmi Narayanan

    Jai shri Ram… I m eagerly waiting for the Swayamvar episode of Sita Ram…

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