Siya Ke Ram 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Laxman asking Ram is this true that Sita is not returning to Ayodhya along with you. Ram says its true, but there is a reason behind this. Laxman says be it any reason, how can this happen, Sita will come with us. Ram says its not possible. Laxman asks how, Sita is your life, she has been your everything, you lost senses when she got kidnapped, you left food in your sorrow to get separated from her, I m sure this is some bad dream, as I did not sleep till long time, Sita is coming to Ayodhya, this is just an illusion, Ram can’t do this. Sita cries and says its not an illusion Laxman, you have heard truth, Ram wishes that I don’t return to Ayodhya with him.

Mandodari asks Ram whats the reason, is it that you have doubt on Sita’s purity. Ram says never. Sugreev

says you have won this war for her, why such rude behavior with her. Ram says what I m going to do is according to Dharm.

Surpanakha comes and claps. Everyone turn to see her. She laughs and says I knew this, who will accept such woman, now Sita has no place to go, this society is ruled by men, he has to follow a king’s traditions, everyone is bounded here, your husband insulted me and he is also stuck in the traditions, he has to return to his society and increase his Kul’s pride, how will he take his stained wife along, what will people say, Sita stayed in Raavan’s plan, is she pure or not. Laxman shouts Surpanakha. Surpanakha says there is more darkness than Lanka in Ayodhya resident’s hearts, there is no proof to show Sita’s purity. Sita stops her.

She says I can understand Ram, he is from that Kul where Raja Harishchandra left his family and Kul to keep his promise, he is from that family where Maryada is obeyed, if he takes me along, it will be against his Maryada, I know Ram has no doubt on me. Ram signs no. Sita says I understood your dilemma and I have its solution, I m Kul vadhu and its my duty to protect the Maryada, my Pita ji used to say Agni is most pure, if Agni does not burn me, it will be proved I m pure, that’s why I will give Agni Pariksha. Everyone get shocked.

Ram asks what are you saying, I won’t let this happen. She says no, this is my decision, I have taken this decision. He says this is not needed. She says you said I m free, how can you stop me from taking any decision. Laxman gets worried. Sita asks him to prepare Agnidevi for Agnipariksha. Laxman cries and refuses. He says this is not your mistake, I have cut Surpanakha’s nose and did not obey Ram, I left you alone in the hut, and that’s why you got kidnapped, I m the reason for all this, you take my life, but don’t punish me like this. She says I m not doing this to punish you, I have to answer some raised questions today, its my duty, won’t you help me in doing my duty. Laxman looks at Ram and leaves.

Laxman prepares the wooden sticks. Ram says its not needed. Sita says its necessary as your decision to not take me to Ayodhya. Vibhishan says when Ram and us don’t have doubt on you, whats the need to give Agni pariksha. Sulochana asks Sita not to do this, else in future the world will force women to give Agnipariksha. Sita says I respect your emotions, but my decision is final. Laxman lights the fire and asks her to stop. Sita walks towards the fire. Everyone worry and cry. Sita prays and walks inside the fire. They all get shocked. Ram gets restless and too worried seeing this. He thinks I did not wish this to happen, I don’t want Sita’s purity proof, I wanted to save Sita from the world, who would humiliate her and raise questions on her purity, I was doing my Raj Dharm to protect her.

Laxman shouts to Ram, asking him to stop Sita. Ram shouts Sita and runs. Laxman and Hanuman hold him. Ram says I don’t have any doubt on you Sita, stop this Agni Pariksha, come back to your Ram. Everyone cry. Ram says no need to proof anything to anyone in the world, there is nothing pure in this world than Sita for Ram, come back. Ram cries. Everyone look on and cry.

Ram and everyone see Agnidev protecting Sita. They all smile. Agnidev tells Ram that Sita is pure today as she was before haran/kidnapping, its not possible for me to burn such purity. Ram cries. Fire gets blown off. Sita smiles. Ram says Sita and hugs her. Everyone chant their names.

Later at night, Ram stands near the seashore. Sita comes to him. She says whatever I did, if you are hurt by it, forgive me. Ram holds her face and says no Sita, I was not upset, I was worried. She asks why. He says this was not necessary that Ayodhya will accept what is accepted here, Maryada definition and rules change there, people’s opinion matter there, even if decision is related to true and reality or not. She says we should not worry so much, Ayodhya’s Praja respects you and me, they will be happy with our return, we should trust them.

He says but its not about people’s trust, there are many rules, Praja has to be bounded by rules, king is ruling there, to make Praja follow, the king has to obey the rules, the thing here is to explain them the truth, but people’s perception and feelings change with circumstances. She says I gave Agnipariksha to prove my purity to the world, we are returning to Ayodhya, why don’t we think of good time and good moments. They smile.

Laxman is upset and recalls Ram’s words. Hanuman comes and says now everything got fine, Sita will go to Ayodhya with Ram, it will be beautiful sight to see you three returning to Ayodhya and getting a warm welcome, entire Ayodhya will turn happy, right. Ram comes and says I know my brother is annoyed with me, but after knowing the reason behind my decision, your anger and annoyance, both will dissolve. Laxman says I m not that great to understand all that, you clearly tell me what was the need to do all this.

Hanuman says when I was returning with Himalaya Parbat/ mountain, I have met Bharat. Bharat tells him that if Ram delays to return even for one day after completing 14 years of vanvas, he won’t find me alive. Maharishi tells Ram about puja for souls. Bharat lies down on the funeral pyre and gets firetorch to burn himself. Mandvi cries seeing him. Ram senses something and says no…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Padmaja

    Wowwwwww syperb epi…

    1. Anushya

      Hi padmaja akka lovely dp

      1. Padmaja

        Thnk u chellam 🙂 :)…

  2. Padmaja

    i am just crying when sita get into fire… and ram sita and lakshman acting was superb they have done thier role wonderfully..

  3. Anushya

    WOW…. finally agnipariksha scene…. my heart is breaking with sadness…. I wish I could take the Ramayana and an eraser and rub out the uttara kanda.. but nice to know that ram and everyone believes in her… only ayodhya people don’t…. so sad…ram and sita hug superb… waiting for return to ayodhya….

    1. Uttar Kaand was never part of original Ramayan. Technically story of Ram and Sita stops with Rajya abhishek of Ram. Even in Valmiki Ramayan story stops with Phal Shruti (benefits from listening story of Lard Ram). But some one has dragged this story by writing episode of Sita banishment. So many contradictory statements are in Original Ramayana and Uttar Kand of Ramayana. Even Sita Agni Pariksha is not mentioned in Vishu Puran, Harivans Puran and Mahabharat (Van Parva).Many scholars believe that it was never happened and me too.

  4. Padmaja

    But i think ram will not stop sita from getting into fire but here they showed dat he stopped her from doing soo..

  5. Aman

    so they showed hanuman bharat meeting in flashback, nice ☺

  6. Anushya

    Will ram save Bharat before he dies? I have not heard about Bharat doing anything like that….

  7. omg what an episode . loved siam hug .just awesome episode

  8. One of the best episodes of Siya ke Ram. Bechaare Lakshman everyone ordering him and he has to obey them against his wish also.
    And why surpnakha is still hiding her face. Isn’t that wound healed?
    In Ramandsagar’s Ramayan they showed Maya sita according to ramcharitmanas. But since siya ke ram is based upon valmiki Ramayan they are not showing about Maya Sita.
    And finally after more than 3 months Siyaram united again. And that hug was indescribable. Its more than 4 months after which I am seeing their hug.
    Siya ke ram SP changed their twitter profile pic to that during that of marriage time.
    WOW Ayodhya coming very soon. Can’t wait even for one episode. Come fast.
    They will go by pushpak vimaan, won’t they. I saw it in a movie they returned with that only. Please forgive if I am wrong. How they will show that scene? We will get to see Ayodhya after almost four and a half months. I am too excited.
    But it would have been extraordinary if they would have shown their return during Diwali.
    I think it was the best precap of the show till now. Okay one correction best one will be when they will return Ayodhya. I am feeling that they are coming to my home.
    They are showing Bharat and hanuman conversation now. Very clever. What they all were doing in Rishi Bhardwaj’s ashram.

    1. same here skr fan dying to watch ayodhya scenes

    2. Padmaja

      Ya happy dat they showed bharat hanuman milan… and happy to see ram siya milan..

  9. Wow awesomeeee episode and nice precap glad to see Ayodhya family back….

  10. yay finalyy it is siam milan????.☺ i have been waiting for this moment.agni pariksha was amazing and loved the precap.eagerly waiting for tomorrow.☺☺☺☺☺☺

  11. Missed the epi…actually I vl not comment if I won’t see the epi but today after reading the update my fingers are unable to stop commenting here..
    I wish vl see the asap..
    Look they are showing Hanuman and barat meeting…
    Now siya RAM Milan was over…now waiting for lakshmila milan…

    How r u all??

  12. Tanu88

    Hey today’s episode was an emotional roller coster. I felt today’s episode was epic
    Waiting fr next episode
    Gud n8 di’s
    And gud mrng too….

  13. Tears rolled down from my eyes when sira walked into the fire…lakshman and sita’s conversation was emotional…really heart touching episode..

    1. Sorry typing mistake “sita”

  14. Anil

    I want to see surpanaka reaction after agnipariksha…Haha..

  15. Very wonderful episode….. Waiting for these hug since many days….. Another best episode it is………….just wait for tomorrow episode…….. ??
    Very worried about it…. What she says….. Just ayodha scene start tomorrow….. But she says they ended shooting……… ??

    1. joy bro please don’t scare me

    2. sorry joy the link is not working

    3. Anushya

      actually i dont understand why they r wearing all their jewelry and all if it is the last day? and i dont think it is ending so dont worry sisters

  16. wow epic episode .siam milan is awesome

  17. Waiting 4 2morrow episode!

  18. Why there is no AshMa selfie available…… I’m eagerly waiting for their off screen pictures as well…. Can someone tell me the reason why there is no AshMa pics off screen????????????? Pleaasseee

  19. Supreetha (Soups)

    Today’s episode was really touching….the way Ram cried when Sita was in the fire….I felt like crying too 🙁 But on the whole good!

  20. Meena

    Yippee I got registered……. Guys I’m the same Meena with the green logo…. Can anyone reply me to the question I asked…

    1. probably there are not very good friends or something meena di .but they have been two photos of them in instagram.btw i like your dp

      1. Meena

        Thank You… I’m from [email protected]

    2. Padmaja

      Hey happy dat u got registered…. hey where r u frm???

  21. show such as sns are dragged until the characters are reincarnated but skr is a very different show .

  22. agnipariksha scene poori trh se fix tha ……..ram ne sita koagnipariksha ke liye kha tha na ki sita ne khud se agni pariksha ka mn bnaya tha

    1. Vanshika

      Priya ji skr is going ryt nw. Pls read the valmiki Ramayana. Sita herself said that she’ll burn herself in Agni to show her purity..

  23. Aman

    skr ending, shooting ends, sampada mam confims, ?crying

    1. Padmaja

      Omg no…. sooooo sad after hearing dis…..

      1. I think she Said mother shooting end…….. @padmaja

      2. aman bro i think skr s family shooting got over.nw they are probably focusing on sita in vanvaas

  24. @meena if you want a AshMa selfie plz wait for you next few life……. We also wait for this but………………… So we say it is the SKR biggest mystery……… Even we can’t find them together in any offscreen pic…any interview….. Any groups pic…. Any groups selfie…… Or selfie to bare dur ki bat Hai………… Ha ha ha….. ( don’t mind))….. If u read this plz Cmmnt…

    1. Meena

      Yah…. What might be the reason ??I wish that they read this comment and post atleastttttt one pic…. That would be enough(for the time being???)….

  25. Oh no!!??

  26. what time does siya ke ram air on star plus??? can you plz tell me in the Uk time where the time you tell me i can go on star plus and find siye ke ram going on. well siye ke ram airs on star plus at 20:00 o’clock but nowadays if i go on star plus at 20:00 i can’t findsiye ke ram!!!

    plz help me!:)

  27. At last Ram, sita , Lakshman and of course Hanuman , Vanar sena will set off for Ayodha . Three will go by Puspak Vahan. Hanuman will inform Bharat about Ram’s arrival.
    Thanks God -Lanka Kand over . NOW GOOD days -reunion of family..
    Liked the episode -but kuch jada melodrama tha.
    Ram cried seeing going into Fire? He knew Sita would come unscathed as she was pure. But SKR didn’t show Agnidev removing all the pains , bruises etc of SITA due to one year starving and bestowing her with beauty and all .

  28. Vanshika

    That’s called superb epi… Bharat hanuman Milan in FB wow… Is Bharat planning suicide??? Pls sum1 tell me pls ?

    1. Priya15

      wts this yr??

  29. Swastika

    Episode was just awesome after very long wait we see our siaram hug …. And ya ayodhya family is back excited….. Hatts off to As and Mom for making AP sequence unforgettable ….. And no vanshu do skr is not ending it is only for the mothers so be tension free

    1. Vanshika

      Yup dear bt the role of the mothers will only end after luv Kush will b reunited with ram.. That’s y ends I’d mothers role= ends skr… Cos all the mothers will go van with ram n ask sita to return then she’ll handover luv Kush to ram saying that her only wish was to reunite them n she wont live, she’ll die.. So obviously that means ya to skr will change the role of mothers or it’s endings.. Both r bad news..

  30. Guys prepare for SKR ending……

  31. Guys prepare for SKR ending…… ??

  32. Stuti27

    Lovely epi ….. superb acting by ashish sir and madi di ….. agnipariksha was emotional ….. at last ayodhya scenes ….oL

  33. Priya15

    amazing epi..

    how r u all guys??

    1. Padmaja

      Hi fine dear and how ur preparations for quarterly ????.. it is starting on Thursday onlu na ????

    2. hi priya di how r you

  34. Stuti27

    Guys I can see doubts on the precap yesterday ….. I asked my grandmom about this coz even I had the doubt. She said bharat was about to commit suicide but hanuman will come as a Brahmin and tell him that Siam and lakshman r cumin don’t commit suicide ….

    1. Padmaja

      Ya dear hauman will come and save bharath. …

  35. Stuti27

    Priya di we’re fine wbu?

  36. Oh no…….shit……I wish skr don’t end so soon……but on twitter handle of skr they had told “don’t worry…there is a lot to show…” To someone……i saw…..wat is true wat is false….oh my gosh……plzzzz if anybody is in twittr ask them whether it is true or not……?

  37. Anya

    Hi guys don’t u think both ram and sita had to go through equal pain in this episode.

  38. of course,i had enquired about this,but I didn’t get any reply…..

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