Siya Ke Ram 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Siya Ke Ram 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram thanking Chatayu for informing about Asur attacking. He says you helped the villagers too, you gave them chance to start a new life. Chatayu says I m glad that I could help, I will always keep my sight on Panchwati’s every happening, I will inform you about any Asur’s movement. He flies and leaves. Sita comes and asks Ram are you fine. He smiles and says everything is fine, all villagers were scared. She says I m sure whatever decision you take will be right. Jayant as crow comes there. She says I was saying I m sure that…. She gets disturbed by crow. Ram says it seems this crow has fallen in love with you, and like any lover, he does not like you talking to me, and he can be in love with you, afterall you love all the birds and take care of them, I was thinking…. She

says you want to have bath, I will make food till then. He asks how do you know my heart. She says like you know whats in my heart. He goes.

Sita looks at the crow. Laxman comes there and tells her that all villagers are safe because of Ram. He says I m very hungry. She asks him to have bath, till then she will make tasty food. He goes. Sita worries seeing the crow sitting at the tree branch.

Meghnadh goes to Raavan and says Bali got killed. Raavan asks what, Bali’s murder? Are you sure is this news true. Meghnadh says yes, its true. Raavan says I have met many brave warriors, Bali was superior and very powerful, I can’t believe he got killed.

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Bali’s wife Tara waits and is worried. Roma asks her not to worry for Bali. Tara says I m worried for Sugreev. Sugreev comes there. Tara says I heard Bali went after Mayavi, you followed them, how did you come back alone, where is Bali. Sugreev falls in her feet and cries. He apologizes and says I could not save Bali’s life. Tara and Roma get shocked. Tara says no….. Sugreev, there is a limit to joke. Sugreev says I m saying truth. She says no, you are mistaken, your brother is Ajay/victorious, how will Asurs win our him. Sugreev says I heard him shouting and saw his blood, so I have covered that cave so that Mayavi Asur does not come out. Tara shouts no, this can’t happen.

Crow turns into Jayant. Jayant tells Sita that any woman hides meeting a man from her husband, when a woman hides about her marriage, it means you have accepted my proposal. She says I did not tell my husband about you, as you don’t have any importance, and I did not tell you about my husband again for a reason. Jayant says I love you. She asks him to leave if his madness is over. He says after seeing me, I wish to touch your beautiful body. She says Jayant, you are ruining Maryada, you are doing sin and crime to eye a woman like this. He asks how are you to say this, you should feel lucky that I m praising you, you insulted me and my love, see how I punish you. He turns into crow and hurts her feet by the beak. She screams and gets hurt.

Sugreev tells Roma that he feels its waste to live life. Roma says I can understand your sorrow, this time is tough for us and Kishkindha too. She says how Bali has spent all his life for Kishkindha’s good, now we have to protect Kishkindha. He says I don’t understand. She says we should talk to Tara. He says if Tara manages Kishkindha, it will be good, she is smart and sensible like Bali, I will serve her as a warrior. She finds his thought right.

Ram asks Sita how did she get hurt. She says Indra’s son Jayant came to me seeing me sitting with birds, he proposed me with love, when I refused him, he took crow’s avatar, when I told him that he is breaking his Maryada, he has hurt me with crow’s beak. Crow comes back. Sita says he is Jayant. Ram looks at the crow angrily. Sita stops him. Crow flies to them and turns into human avatar. Jayant laughs and says you don’t have arrow and bow, how will you punish me Sanyasi, that too to Indra’s son Jayant. Ram picks a small stick.

Jayant laughs and says you will beat me with this little negligible stick. Ram closes eyes and that stick shines. Sita smiles. Ram blows off that stick. Jayant says I m DevRaj Indra’s son, you did mistake to attack me. He throws some light on that stick…… The stick still flies to him……. Jayant gets worried and turns into crow. He flies away.

Tara says I agree with you, Kishkindha needs protection, Sugreev should manage this duty. Sugreev says I m not in state to manage anything, it would be right if you take Bali’s place. Tara says I understand your state, but it can’t be worse than me, you lost brother, I lost my world. He says I have always been in Bali’s shadow, I did not take any decision till now, we will declare your son Angad as king, he is rightful heir. She says no, he is very young, this is bad situation, no one except you can manage this duty, we will not delay. He says I need some time, I m not ready for this. She says you have time of one night, you don’t have any other option.

Ram asks Sita to sit and sees her feet. She asks him not to sit down infront of her. He says human’s place is stated by his deeds, not where he sits, land is beneath is our feet, but it gives life and water, rivers and seas are affected by us, they are source of life and always superior for us, woman’s sindoor is symbol of her husband/suhaag, if I m symbolized by this sindoor, wherever you are, I will be there too at that level. He asks her to sit.

Laxman comes and asks what happened. She says nothing, just some wound. Ram asks him to get some herbs for wound. Laxman goes. Sita asks Ram not to worry, I will be fine soon. Ram says you should have told me about Jayant’s cheapness and bad behavior before, if I knew this, this would have not happened, you would have not got hurt. She asks are you angry with me. He says no, I m worried for you. Laxman gets the herbal leaves. Ram applies the crushed leaves lep to Sita’s foot. Ram looks at Sita.

Surpanakha dresses up well and says I m feeling good to get ready for someone, I will be meeting Ram today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. krishnai aka ww

    superb episode

    1. hi ww di how are you ? 🙂

    2. S Dear …Suprr Episode especially Siya Ram Scenes

  2. awesome episode 🙂 excited for precap 😛 😛

  3. Nice episode. Jayant got his punishment. Now sugreev will become kishkindha’s king and then baali will come back and will take everything from him even his wife.
    I have heard that baali did a yagya by keeping raavan under his armpit for six months.
    Siyaram scenes were soooo good especially that when ram said that he will be as high as she will.
    I have one confusion that why raavan was shocked hearing baali’s death he only told meghnad to do so.

  4. Today Siam scenes are very good….and sugreev scenes are also superb..
    Overall lovely episode…

    1. agreed 🙂

    2. S Anil Siyaram Scenes were really good,,,,,,…agreed

  5. thejashri aka brindha

    Hi everyone. How r u all? Nice episode.Check my comment on yesterday’s episode mine was the lastest comment. All the best for board exam results those who are going to get the results. This is my last comment. Gd bye.

    1. teju dear I replied u in that page once see it my sis!!!!but don’t say good bye….

    2. Hi,brindha.I m fine dear n u?yeah I checked ur comment,miss u dear,but i know in d 9th n10th, we should more consentrate in our study than d other classes,so dear best of luck for ur study n rly dear try2 come back soon n thanku for wishes…

    3. hi di . we are fine how are you ? last comment but why ?

    4. Hi teju di aka brindha di how can v forget our dear sister I use to read ur comments from long ago but y last comment anyhow all the best fr ur studies

    5. Dont Say as ur Last comment dear…………… We can understand ur sitation dear……………All the Best for ur studies……..Will miss U …

    6. Thejashri aka Brindha

      Missed out a point
      All the best for all ur results and also all the best for all ur future.
      My wishes are always with u.
      Priya di… I saw ur reply…. Thanks for ur wishes….
      Richa di… I am fine,thanks for ur wishes
      Twinkle I am fine dear. Last comment because I am in 10th standard and need to concentrate on studies…..
      Meghana yes I know very well u all will not forget me and thanks for ur wishes
      Jay di… Thanks for ur wishes….
      Stuti dear thanks for ur wishes
      I will come back soon everyone…. will really miss u all……

      1. no tqs btw sisters and waiting for ur come back miss u too sweety….

  6. Shurphanka ji acche bacche aide nahi karte ! ? Nice episode ! At least go to see Lakshman today !!
    I shared the link of an off screen segment of Ram and lakshman I donno how many saw but I’m attaching it again ! ?? pls do have a look once :-

    1. malvi I saw it dear but y r u crying??

      1. Oops ! Wrong smiley Priya di ( I can’t say sorry) 😉

      2. ohkay and ya even I don’t want to hear sorry from my sis

    2. Thanks for the link. I was searching for it but couldn’t find.

      1. U r most welcome ! 🙂

    3. I watched it di will watch it again for you 🙂

      1. Hey thats OK no need to watch again for my sake. Thanks. So sweet of u darling ! ??

    4. I watched it malvi di it was very nice thanks fr the link

      1. Most welcome Meghana ! 🙂

    5. I Watched it dear…….Thank U for the link ………

  7. awesome episode …..

    thanu I saw ur comment that’s not fb site ok dear if u want u can give me the link as ur wish dear…. and is that confirm results on may 21??

    1. Episode was suprr Priya……

    2. agreed episode was awesome 🙂

  8. Superb episod,Sita-Ram part was so sweet.Sri Ram’s every dialog was hurt touching,eagerly wait for tom epi n feeling bad for sugrev,tara n roma.

    1. agreed 🙂

    2. S Richa Episode was Nice….Siyaram scenes were suprr……really feeling bad for sugreev,tara & roma ………………….

  9. Loved our RAM s concern towards siya..jayant is punished good he deserves that..I like bhoomi explanation too..hunam place is stated by deeds not by place..epi was simply awesome

    1. agreed 🙂

    2. Agreed di me too loved ram’s pure concern and love to siya

    3. Agreed aaysu……….

  10. Good episode

  11. Good episode
    Very exciting. Ram is always good

    1. hello di new here if yes welcome to skr family 🙂

  12. Surpnakha and sulochana after pack up.
    Have a look at this edit of the three queens of ayodhya. It’s really funny.
    Laxman having fun with Lanka family.
    Lanka family in gym. Sulochana, meghnad and raavan morning workout.

    1. thank you 🙂

    2. Tnq bro nice pics really funny;-);-)

    3. awesome photos bro

    4. Thnks Bro for the Links……………Pic. was really nice

  13. Laxman cuts surpnakha’s nose in siya ke ram. Watch the video.

      1. So thru ur link I also found that, from now after cutting shurpankha’s nose , lakshman will get extra scoldings from ram& Sita. Poor he. I’m thankful that he is showing his life for urmila thru this !

    1. Once again tnq bro poor lakshman but i support him surpanakha should get such punishment

    2. Supreetha (Soups)


    3. Thnks Bro……….. Surpanakhs deserves it………

  14. Madirakshi with her fans at juhu beach, Mumbai. What’s she doing in Mumbai?

  15. Good episode. Jayant deserve it

    1. agreed 🙂

      1. hi twinkle hw r u dear????

      2. I am good priya di how are you ? 🙂

      3. I m fyn dear it’s like we didn’t speak for so many days!!

    2. S Suseela………..How R U???????????

  16. today episode is nice……………..!………but full different from real story………………………….

    1. S Joy………Nice episode ..I don’t think fully different from the original dear……………
      SKR Showing little bit different ……………….

  17. Ram nd sita conversation superb nd full of love
    I missed the episode waiting for hotstar upload

    1. Episode was good santa…….U hv to watch siaram scenes were too good with awesome dialogue………………

    2. agreed episode was awesome 🙂

  18. Hi all awesome epi jayant deserved his punishment….. Siam scenes were really gud poor Tara and sugriv…. waiting for tomorrow’s epi ….

    1. Haii Stuti…………

    2. hi dear how are you ? 🙂

  19. Teju di why was that your last comment? Don’t say goodbye dear di…

  20. Tnx 4 the links

  21. Awesome episode

  22. Awesome episode really just loved to watch siya ke ram

    1. Haiii Disha……………Awesome Episode..Welcome dear……………..

    2. hi dear welcome dear 🙂

  23. Tanu............:-)

    Hi di’s
    How r u all
    I am missing u all but I am nt able to msg u all frequently bcoz of my studies
    I hope u all won’t forget me as I will be commenting very lately

    All the best for ur studies

    Loved siaram scenes today
    And I didn’t get why raavan was surprised hearing about bali’s death ??????

    1. Hi tanu di how r u?never di we wont forget u even if u comment or not,i too hv that doubt di i think its meghnadh’s plan to kill bali and sugriv so that only he ll send mayavi and dundhuvi right!

    2. hi tanu how can we forget our sis that can never happen…all the best for ur studies… u comment here wn u r free and we all will be waiting for ur comments sissy….

    3. Haiii Tanu……….fine dear.How R U???…..We too miss u dear……..
      All the best for ur studies…………….Do Well………..
      & Siya ram scenes were suprrr

    4. hi di how are you ? missed you 🙂

  24. Very nice episode ram’s punishment to jayanth was really too good but we did nt hear such story right! poor sugriv…

  25. Ha as usual siam scenes stolen my heart

  26. V v v eagerly wtng fr today’s epi

    1. me too 😛

  27. Supreetha (Soups)

    Guys I’ve posted the 3rd part of the quiz. Check it out…I’ll post the answers by tonight

    1. Sure soups di tnq fr quiz

      1. Supreetha (Soups)

        Welcome Sweetie 🙂

    2. sure di 🙂

  28. Soups di checked ur quiz …. really nice one!!!

  29. Sorry dears for giving wrong info results on may 25 official announcement

    1. s dear now only I saw btw 9:31 and 10:00 and pls see my comment at top

  30. All the best thanu di may u get good results

    Link fanclub site as krishnai is out of station u have to wait for some time to get access as it is CA closed site hope you don’t mind. Supreetha di I have checked ur quiz but can’t be able to answer today so busy with family&my sisters will try my best di

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      Eagerly waiting to see surya in different getups…………

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    2. priya di who is surya ?

      1. surya is a famous Tamil actor dear….his movie 24is released today….he is the one who in ranaji bro’s profile I hope u come to know who he is??did u??

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  36. thejashri aka brindha

    Missed out a point
    All the best for all ur results and also all the best for all ur future…..
    My wishes are always with u
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    Twinkle I am fine dear. Last comment because I am in 10th standard and need to concentrate on my studies…..
    Meghana yes I know very well u all will not forget me….. I will also not forget all of u….
    And thanks for ur wishes….
    Jay di… Thanks for ur wishes…..
    Stuti thanks for ur wishes….
    I will come back soon everyone…. Will really miss u all…..

    1. Will miss U Dear………….Will wait for ur comeback…………..

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