Siya Ke Ram 5th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 5th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath taking the arrow and placing it back. He says none is allowed to come here. Sita says guard told me, but I just… He stops her from saying and says you should have not come here. She goes. Dasharath looks at the arrow and recalls Shravan’s death and his father’s curse. He thinks how to tell you Sita that I have hidden my biggest sorrow and fear in this Kaksh.

Sita comes to her Kaksh/room. Ram sees Sita and goes to her. He says I will make all possible tries to clear your doubts. She asks what. He says yes, but you have to tell me the reason. She says I entered Satyabhavan by mistake. He says but none is allowed to go there. She says guard told me that time, Dasharath has come there. Dasharath looked very sad, as if I have made him recall any big sorrow,

seeing him in that state, I felt pain. Daasi tells them that Dasharath is unwell, and Kaushalya called both of them in her Kaksh.

Dasharath coughs and all the family members worry for him. Ram and Sita come there. Ram sits by Dasharath’s side. Dasharath says Ram, my son…. Kaushalya says Ved ji asked you to rest. Sita asks what happened. Kaushalya says I don’t know the reason, he has high fever. Sita says if you allow, then can I tell the cure, I have acquired ayurved knowledge in Mithila. Kaikeyi says why not, if it benefits Maharaj.

Sita goes with her sisters. They all make some ayurvedic remedy for Dasharath’s ailment. Sita takes that liquid and gives to Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks Dasharath to drink it. Dasharath drinks that liquid/kada. Sumanta comes and addresses Ram. Ram goes to him. Sumanta says Dasharath’s bad health news can create disturbance in Praja, I request you to fulfill his duties, some importance decisions for Rajya had to be taken, you are his eldest son and has total rights to do his duties. Kaikeyi says yes son, don’t worry about Maharaj we all are with him, Sumanta is right, just you can fulfill Dasharath’s duties, go soon. Ram obeys her and agrees. Mantra gets annoyed and thinks Bharat has to go on wrong time. Ram asks Laxman to come with him. Ram looks at Dasharath and goes.

Raavan goes to Surpanakha and stops Mandodari from doing her tilak. He gets angry seeing Supranakha and her husband. Mandodari goes to Raavan. He throws the aarti plate and scolds Surpankha for marrying his enemy. Vidyuthjeeva says Lankesh, don’t bring Asurs and Danav’s enmity between our love, we got married, we did not do any sin. Raavan says I know why you married, you could not make me lose, that’s why you protected yourself by cheating me this way. Surpanakha says don’t call our love a deceive, he did not cheat you. Raavan says I m ashamed, its necessary that I kill you both. Vidyuthjeeva says fine, war will happen. Raavan says your death is definite. Vidyuthjeeva extends his tongue to bite Raavan.

Sumanta shows some Rajya problems to Ram. Ram asks Laxman to arrange some items for Praja soon to end that problem. Sumanta discusses more kingdom affairs with Ram and Laxman.

Sita takes care of Dasharath. Daasi asks Sita to have food. Sita asks did Ram have food. Daasi says no, he is sitting in Sabha. Kaikeyi asks Sita to go and have food, and also make Ram have food. She says we are here, you go. Sumanta gets a letter for Ram. Ram reads it and excuses himself. Ram goes to Sita. He asks how is Dasharath. She says he is resting, he will be fine soon, don’t worry. Ram says when you are taking care of him, why will I worry. She asks him to have food. He says there is some work, did you have food. He asks her to have food. She says I will wait for you. He says I will need some time. She says its okay, finish your work, we will have food together.

Mandodari stops Raavan and asks what are you doing, it’s a king’s Dharm to do justice, why did you marry me if you are against love marriage, I did not love you, you married me infront of my parents, against their wish. She says why are you not accepting them now, they both have consent for their marriage, now when its about your kul, you got against this marriage, is this a king’s justice. Raavan says then tell them, there is no place in Lanka for Danav, just leave from here and not come infront of me ever.

Sita comes back to Dasharath’s Kaksh. Kaushalya says Sita, you came so soon, did you have food. Sita says no, Ram is busy in Sabha, I can’t have food without him, you all take some rest, if everyone stay here together, there won’t be any benefit, we all will get tired. Kaikeyi smiles and says we are blessed to have a daughter like you. Sita says then agree to this daughter and take rest. Kaikeyi asks Kaushalya and Sumitra to come. They leave. Sita sees Dasharath and recalls his words. She thinks this happened because of me, I should have not gone in that Kaksh, whats in that Kaksh and that arrow.

Raavan tells Malyavaan about Surpanakha has done by marrying his enemy. He tells Surpanakha that she is one of his enemies now. Ram goes to Dasharath and says I got to know from Sita, why did you not tell me… Dasharath says I did not wish you to know this.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Nidhi

      Oh wow sita knows Ayurvedam too? great!
      And the bonding between ram and Sita and their understanding is just incredible❤️?

    • Akanksha sharma

      Thanx fr the information of grusha’s bday…and thanx fr the pics too..i really appreciate ur efforts dear skr fan…u do a lot fr us thank u very much…oops i know thanx not allowed …but its needed fr ur kind efforts…


      oh so she is only sara arfeen khan aka Surpanakha……. thank u skr fan

    • Akanksha sharma

      Same here bhoomi i too feel sad fr him…its ..impossible.. fr me too bear such pain..without sharing with someone… even in regret of killing someone…and being cursed….is really very difficult…even i
      cant imagine.. all this..and ya i missed bhavi..and shrusha…missed a lot

  1. SKR fan

    Nidhi you posted that you live in Hyderabad. So how was today’s weather. Today morning madirakshi tweeted this-
    It’s a beautiful weather today in Hyderabad:)

    • Nidhi

      Oh yes the weather in Hyderabad was fine today though it was a bit sunny☀️
      SKR fan in which class are you studying? And where are you from?
      I’m sorry if it’s personal? didn’t mean to hurt you

  2. amulya

    For a moment I got scared why dashrath got unwell, does it mean vanvas is near. Thank God its not. I don’t want vanvas soo soon

    • Akanksha sharma

      Then come here and enjoy rains ……a very nice whether here i wish i could send u the pics ……now its really a lovely whether ….sun ..but not so hot …after..rains as some clouds r there…l luv this season….of..march..bkz not..too hot not too..cold…bt these exams always spoil the mood of enjoying….. ok no worry let it be….bt ya nidhi do come if u can….most welcome…nt only u bt..all.who want to enjoy this beautiful whether…..i wish my…this dream come true…of meeting u all….

      • Nidhi

        Even I want to meet you all
        I just wish this comes true soon 🙂
        Yes once I came to Punjab in March and the season was fabulous!❤️?


      guys for next 2 days i m not sure whether i will be able to comment like i how commented yesterday n today……. i wont be frequent bcoz i m going out for certain functions……. so dont ask me anything…… ask to nidhi………. if u wnt to ask something………. bye guys…….. will miss u……. and about the episode as usual marvellous……. Jai Shriram………..


      and thanx zara, nidhi, sanjana for helping me about similes….. i know no thanx but still….. i will try it later on……. if have doubt i will let u all know……….

  3. Akanksha sharma

    Oo ooooo sita us so sweet..waiting fr ram to have food…waiting fr the remainig part…it seems to me …that i am first 2day


      no di today its SKR fan……. maybe tomorrow u will come 1st……. and ya love the episode

      • Akanksha sharma

        Ya….. actually what happened .the comments posted before me were not shown to me …. when i visited the page earlier.. for writing comment…thats why i got mistaken.. dear…

      • Nidhi

        Yes di that is actually because comments are taking a lot of time to get moderated so may be that’s why…. 🙁

      • Akanksha sharma

        No di its not me they r mandvi and shrutkirti… if u r earlier dp..the girl in orange …she was none other than mandvi…ooo plzzz di dont say sry…u r elder to me…so plzzz…there is nthing wrong in clearing doubts…thanx di..i also found it nice thats why put it

  4. SKR fan

    One question please.
    If raavan hated surpnakha then why did he took the revenge of surpnakha’s insult by kidnapping Sita.

    • Ishita

      Soon ravan will kill her husband then she will go to laxman so that he cuts her nose and in fit of anger ravan kidnap sita and ram would kill ravan

  5. the episode was good sita is such a caring and excellent daughter in law and a good wife too. sad for dasharath hope he will get in tommorow’s episode

  6. Ishita

    Nice episodeee
    Loved it sita is caring
    Well wisher u asked me whose pic is in my dp well its mine only
    And nidhi i found ur instagram i have send the imp ques in that please do check ur messages there

    • nupur

      Hi Ishitha.Ur dp & u both r awesome.U & Nidhi in instagram?But me not dere.R u both in fb too.I wuld luv 2 b ur frnds dere too?Hope u ll accept me as ur frnd/sis…

      • Nidhi

        No nupur di I don’t have any Instagram account… 🙁
        Ishita must have got mistaken identity…. ?
        Have to ask her ……
        Yah sure di not only our friends you are our sister too?

    • Nidhi

      My Instagram? But I don’t have any Instagram account and that too nidhi isn’t my original name…?
      You’ve mistaken someone else’s identity I guess…sorry dear?

      • Nidhi

        No reshma di nidhi isn’t my original name but is just a part of my name… ?( it’s actually my nick name) I’m sorry I had to hide this because this is a public website….I hope you understand di…. 🙁 I’m really sorry everyone…..???
        And ishita….yes my birthday is on June 5th but that’s not my account …..oh wait! My friends one week back were telling me that someone has created a fake account on my name…..ishita please don’t reveal the name here I hope you understand…?
        I’ll try to find out who is the one who created that fake account….

        Everyone I’m sorry for the misunderstanding…

      • Ishita

        And nidhi i know ur real name starts with a and ends with a too and ur last name has nidhi in it
        Am i right??

      • Nidhi

        Ishita don’t believe it its a fake account created my someone and please don’t reveal my name here to anyone …? this is a public site I hope you understand….
        Reshma di my real name has nidhi in it but it isn’t nidhi( it’s my nick name)
        And yes ayodhya hi? we are all family dear not fans?

      • Nidhi


      • Nidhi

        No I’m not on any social networking sites ….please don’t believe all that
        Those accounts are fake ones my friends told me about this but I thought they were all joking…now I have to find out who that person is…..? before it becomes an issue
        Yes ishita that is only my name but don’t reveal it here please…??

      • Ohoo dear, I can understand………. Don’t feel bad about it……….Actually I like the name “Nidhi”……. Its Ur Nick name na…………U know what, In Malayalam, The Word Nidhi means ” TREASURE “……..Really Ur Precious dear…………Anyway, My nick name is RACHU……….plzzzzzzz post this………

      • Nidhi

        Oh even in Telugu nidhi means treasure only rachu di?
        Can I call you rachu di??
        Nidhi is my nickname as well as a part of my original name 🙂

      • Ishita

        And even with the same face i found u in fb but a different pic

        Are u best friend with any shastry
        Don’t worry i know i would not reveal ur name

      • Nidhi

        No ishita I don’t have any fb account also 🙁
        I don’t understand who is this person creating fake accounts on my name.,.? I’m getting tensed now..,,
        No I don’t know anyone called shastry only ?
        Omg! Who is creating these fake accounts now?!??

  7. I was so much scared when suddenly dashrath got sick . I thought vanvas is near and 🙁 I got scared. I don’t want lakshman and urmila to get apart so soon. I’m little happy that it wasn’t vanvas :). But feeling sad for dashrath and waiting for tomorrow when dashrath says the secret to ram 🙁

  8. Tanu.........:-)

    Hi I am Tanu I am new To siya ke ram fan club but yet I regularly read all ur comments
    Can I join with u all

  9. craze about skr

    so sweet of siya……………….superb patni forever she is………………………..

  10. Soujanya kundu

    Thanx fr the update amena di …..
    Oh what a epi….
    Ram came to know about shravan I think so……

      • Nidhi

        Sweetie pie WW told she isn’t available so if it’s ok for you I’ll explain….
        Shravan had blind parents and one day while he was taking his blind parents on his shoulders to some place he had to pass through the forest…then as his parents asked him to get some water he went to a lake to fetch some water for his blind parents then at the same time when dashrath was passing through the forest he thought the noise which was actually made by sharavan ( but he thought its a deer) so dash rate immediately shot an arrow on the deer(shravan) and later as he went closer to have a look sbra an was dead…? it was all so unfortunate…then later shravan’s parents were calling out shravan’s name because he took too long to get them water …then later dahsrath went to shravan’s parents and tells them about what happened ……shravan’s parents get shocked and curse dashrath that one day even dashrath will be separated from him favourable son…..that is the actual story…I hope you got it…

        And the arrow in that kaka is none other than the arrow by which shravan was shot by dashrath assuming that he was a deer.

        I hope you got it sweetie pie??

      • sweetie pie ??

        Ya of course …… everything is clr about shravan ??…..thankyuuu nidhi soooooooooooooooo much…….for clearing my doubts…..awwww thankyuu??

  11. Sanjana

    Sita so caring and good
    Ram Sita super
    Mandodari is very good even though she is supported by negativity and evil
    I respect her a lot

    • nupur

      hi sanjana.Congrats on winning gold medal in eng olympiad dear.Sorry 4 late wishes & bst of luck 4 ur xams too
      Btw u r in which cls?Whr r u frm?Sorry if its personal dear…

  12. Sanjana

    Amulya di even I liked her dress
    Sita has knowledge of everything and uses it at the right time
    She is an inspiration for all of us

  13. nupur

    Good epi.Waiting for 2moro eagerly?
    Hi my dear sisters & frnds of skr family.I just want 2 thnk all of u 4 ur best wishes,bcoz of it i was able 2 do my PHYSICS xam well.Ques wer really gud.Thank u my dearies 4 ur wishes.I know no thanks bw friends but still.

    • Nidhi

      I’m really happy that you did your exam well di??
      Love you too❤️
      And thanks for your wishes di?

    • Akanksha sharma

      Luv u tooo di thanx fr ur wishes … these wishes r really essential… as sometimes.. miracles happen during exams and results …that miracles happen only bkz of blessings and gud wishes….luv u di

    • Akanksha sharma

      I got 2 now that paper was very easy .my brother told me he was saying..”cbse valo ne to mazak hi kr diya”the easiest paper 10 yrs…..and ya happy fr u ….do well in upcoming exams also

  14. Akanksha sharma

    I totally agree with u amulya….mandodari’s new costume was really pretty…. post my all comments telly updates… reply is necessary somtimes…

  15. Akanksha sharma

    Ya tanu u can join….dear of course… i welcome..u frm the core..on the behalf of whole family..of this fan club…

  16. congratulation sanjana for madel I am also soooo happy today because my father have send new mobile for me i will celebrate my mobile birthday on 5th March
    sanjana this for you????????????????

  17. Akanksha sharma

    Very nice dp ww…actually all have very nice …dps..but u changed so i noticed ……all others dp is also very nice..sanjana …nippy urs too…i dont..want to miss anyone’s name….all..have lovely dps

  18. Aaysu

    Nice epi. Loved SiRa scenes..sita is such a caring daughter in law and wife too….waiting for tomorrow…

  19. dia

    Sisters’ scenes please……nd Lakshmila also cuz siyaram, bharavi nd shrusha wil b together during vanvaas but lakshmila won’t be….and sisters’ scenes also as sita would be in vanvaas nd urmila in sleep… usr for requesting brothers’ scenes as bharat and shatrughan won’t return before siyaramlaksh leave for vanvaas…..

    Urmila would be sleeping for 14 years as lakshman will not sleep a wink

    • Sanjana

      Are you sure about urmila sleeping for 14 years I don’t think it is possible
      Good morning sisters
      Welcome sweetie pie

      • Nidhi

        Sanjana I’m sure that urmila kept sleeping for 14 years as my grandmother also told me about this…first even I thought it’s not possible but later I believed it 🙂
        Due to the circumstances after she left lakshman she couldn’t bear it and decided to wait for him and took rest for 14 years…

    • Nidhi

      Yes dia di even I’m waiting for such kind of scenes or else again we won’t get to see them ….till the vanvaas gets over 🙁

  20. Sanjana

    Thanks nupur di
    I am in class 9 and I am from Pondicherry
    Thank you so much mahe di congrats on getting a mobile phone
    Sorry for the late reply
    Thanks amena di for the update

  21. sarayu (honey)

    today’s episode was good and by the I am new here. I will read all your comments and updates but never commented, from today on wards I also wan to comment

    • Akanksha sharma

      Ya dear ofcourse…..this page is fr all skr fans……welcome to our….sweet lovely family.. u too r a member if now onwards…

    • Nidhi

      Sarayu!? you don’t need to ask for our permission dear
      All Siya ke ram fans are most welcome here❤️
      May we know where we you from? And in which class are you studying? 🙂
      We will all get to know you better so..?
      And may I call you honey? That name is actually nice that’s why? if you don’t mind only….
      I’m sorry if it’s personal..? didn’t mean to hurt you dear…

    • hello sarayu (honey) you are welcome in our fan club because all the skr fans are accepted here and as nidhi di said you don’t need permission to comment and may we please call you honey

  22. sweetie pie ??

    Hi guys I’m new to this page…..everyday after reading the episode I ll b reading ur comments… is the first time I’m posting ……can I also join in this fan club

    • Nidhi

      Your most welcome dear?
      Sweetie pie!❤️ That’s a cute nick name?
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        Hehe thanks nidhi….is it ur name actually ? ?….I’m from Chennai nd Im of class 11 th ….what about you ??

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        Oww…sorry just now I read in the older comments that nidhi is just a part of your name …..!! ?…whatever ☺☺

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        Thanks for understanding sweetiepie di?
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        Oh I’m glad many of your friends are from Hyderabad 🙂
        And yes di all the best for your upcoming exams 😀

  23. sweetie pie ??

    Nd to tell about today’s episode ….it was so fab……they way sita cared for the king nd the way sita spoke to ram……in love with ram ?……..his eyes r so sharp omfg ???….I don’t really like such mythical story’s …..but I guess I fell in love with skr bcoz of ram n sitas romace ?…lalala

  24. sweetie pie ??

    Nd yaah I enjoy reading all ur comments @ww nd @nidhi n etc……..u r being so true fans of SKR…..SKR ROCKS ?….can anyone tell me the trp ratings of this serial …???…n can anyone tell me how u get more information about this serial… those websites n links ?????

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      No dear I never lived in delhi but… I guess I visited in my 3rd class…I was too young so I don’t remember anything there?

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      • Ishita

        Oh great nidhi
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      • Nidhi

        Yes dear but others don’t know so that is why…?
        Btw nice dp haripriya? this scene is during that water evil only know? I mean ravan sends evil to mithila to take revenge and then ram freezes the water right? 🙂

    • Akanksha sharma

      Ya we completely understand dear…..its all ur decision.none of us has r8 to interfare in that.. and no sry dear sry is restricted here…nobody is hurt dear everything is fine just chill…and dont say sry…name doesnt matter our feelings fr that person matters….we dont luv ur name bt u my little sis…u matter fr us not name…dont know ur name just know that u r our nidhi

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    Ohhh god telly updates plzzzz post my previous comments…plzzz..ita a humble request frm my side plzz

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      Yes ahana do the understanding between Siam is fabulous!❤️
      Missed you a lot di?
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      • ya Nidhi… even l missed u a lot dear… actually l was little busy with our farewell function.. l’m the chairperson of my college so not enough time to comment…

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  31. SKR fan

    Siya ke ram fan of the week contest to begin at 8:30pm today on Twitter.
    And one more thing do you know the biggest demand of the fans nowadays is Ashmaselfie that is Ashish and Madirakshi in one selfie. Siya ke ram SP tweeted that they can only request them, they have to take the selfie themselves. Lets hope we will get to see their selfie because till they are the only couple of the show who has not posted a single pic of them together.

    • Nidhi

      Yes let’s just hope for it 🙂
      But I don’t have any Twitter account …so if you don’t mind SKR fan can you please give the link here if they post it? 🙂 don’t mind…..
      And may I know in which class are you studying if it’s not personal? 🙁 I’m sorry if it is didn’t mean to hurt you….. ??

    • Akanksha sharma

      No i got one but only one…….i have not saved the link but i will put that pic as my dp…..then u all can see

  32. Preety Sid Bieber

    Ssou sita..u r brillnt..sita is realy a ptni brata pati no no no i thnk pati brata panti…m confused???
    Btw liked d epi espcly sita’s careng mmnts..
    DIYA….I rly rly rly rly like ur cute…????..btw guys r u there on whts app..
    N guys i think kiya ham sab whts app pe eak group khol sakte hain (SKR).what say..
    Love uuuuuu all siya ke ram fans……

    • Nidhi

      Thank you so much Preety 🙂
      Whatsapp? Shall we decide about it after our exams if you don’t mind…
      I’m really sorry because most of the fans here have exams and are busy so… 🙁
      I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings… 🙁

    • Akanksha sharma

      Ya gud idea but….as nidhi said..having exams right…noww…so we will discuss abt it after exams…bt yaar how we will get the phone nos…i think nobody will give it on public site….bt if u get some idea then go ahead….nice we can remain in touch after skr ends… i wish it never ends….and ya sweet concern of urs

      • Nidhi

        That is what akanksha di no one will like to give their numbers on a public website… 🙁

  33. Nidhi

    Hi Everyone!❤️
    I’m glad that many new people ar joining here? welcome to all of you!?
    Well Wisher I replied to you on fan page check it out ….. 🙂
    And yes all I wanted to tell you all is that due to my social exam ( which I’m very scared off is arriving on March 10th) ??
    I’ll have to prepare for it as I’m really afraid of that subject??
    So I won’t be able to comment that often till March 10th….?
    I’m sorry?
    Will miss you all alot?
    I hope you all won’t forget me……
    And yes all the best to everyone who have their exams going on 🙂
    And yes everyone’s dp’s are awesome?…akanksha may I know who is that in your dp? Sorry if its personal…?
    And I wish you all good luck! 🙂
    And I’m really sorry for not telling my original name here as its a public website I hope you all understand my problem ?
    Ishita that’s not my Instagram account I’m not in any of the social networking sites… It’s a fake one I’ll check out about that person who is doing all this…. 🙁
    I hope you will all not forget me ? will miss you all so much!


    • sweetie pie ??

      It’s okay Dr……☺☺???…..u didn’t tell me which placeu r frm nd ur class ?

      • sweetie pie ??

        I’m so sorry nidhi..?…just now I saw that comment in the previous page abt ur place nd class….immm soooooo very sorry????? …….gosh I’m creating lots of misunderstanding ?

      • Nidhi

        Ayyo…Its ok di no apologies between sisters???
        I’m from Hyderabad and in class 10
        Actually it’s not your mistake di our comments are getting and taking a lot of time to get posted that’s it 🙂
        So I can completely understand that problem di… 🙂

      • Nidhi

        Again thanks?? Forgot our rule di??
        I’m always there for everyone here di?
        Di if you treat me as your sister next time don’t thank or apologise for anything I’ll feel bad ?

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Hello social is very easy I love history you should enjoy and learn then nobody can beat you I got only 458in 10th but I got sst-100marks only becoz of interest. Sooo pls enjoy and study it yaar my friends got 488,489 and all but they did not get in SST centum. One who mug and vomit or interest can only get first mark in sst

    • Hey just chill dear………..Don’t be panic……….We have No problem with Ur Name ……….We only know One thing that,”U R Our Sweet Sister Nidhi,U R from Hyderabad & studying in 10 standard “Its Enough dear……..Don’t be feel bad………We can understand that its a public site & especially girls have so many responsibility to keep their identity in a safe & secure position…….. So don’t worry……….So On March 10 U have to attend Ur social science exam………Don’t forget about the fairy tale method dear…………..& Don’t take much more stress & tensions……… U got it na????Whatever happens in our life ,face it with a smiley face dear……….All the very very best for Ur exams sis……………Love u Soooooo much & Will miss u dear a lot……………………..??☺??? ….We will wait for u dear…………….Telly updates plzzzzzzzzz post this one…………Its a humble request from my side………..Its for my sister…… plzzzzzzzz

      • Nidhi

        Thank you so much for understanding di????
        Yes di I will not forget about that fairy tale method 🙂 it’s helpful di 😀
        Ok di I won’t take stress and tensions at all? thanks for all your encouraging words di…will miss you alot? love you too di❤️


      • sweetie pie ??

        By rachu di what is that fairy tale method dude ☺????….I would like to know….hehe not compalsary for u to say….u can say if u wish that’s all ☺

      • sweetie pie ??

        Nidhi all the best for ur xams let’s hope u succed with not only with flying colours but with rainbows…..once again atb dear ????

      • Ohooo dear, Its not all a big thing…….If historical chapters in our text books are just connected to a familiar story that we well known……. If its try to make a story in our mother tongue…..It would be better to remain in our mind
        ……..I also used this one in my Social science exam in 10 standard………..I studied in State syllabus & I got A for it………..

      • Nidhi

        rachu di will miss you loads?
        And sweetie pie di thank you so much??
        You both are really sweet!?

    • Akanksha sharma

      Its shatrughan dear he visited amritsar…fr the promotion of skr swayamvar saptah along with the dhanush…no its nt personal…not at all dps are related to skr…..and ya will miss u dear…do post atleast once….no yaar how can sweet little sis..nt possible……and plzzz do listen…to ur elder sis who is continuously pleading u to nt say sry……its bad manners …..just dnt say it again ……its an request…frm ur frnd…as well as order…of ur elder sister…and ya we completely understand dear dnt take tension..its all right

    • Haripriya

      Nidhi di don’t worry u will score more marks in social and Lord ‘s blessing be with you my dear sweet sister

    • di its ok because we know you are preparing for your problem and one more think how can u think that we will forget our dear sister and we will miss u 2

  34. Bhoomi

    Tanu & Sweeti pie di welcome to siya ke ram fan club …. ???

    Its ok niddhi u dont have to say sorry …. we all underatand …. even my real name is not bhoomi …. i have 4 names … bhoomi is one of them … my oficial name is not bhoomi.. dont say sorry dear .., 🙁 i know your real name but trust me dear sis i will never tell it to anyone…. Trust me …

    Everyones dp is superb ……. ☺

    Tellyupdates plsssss post this …….plzzz

  35. Bhoomi

    No nidhi dear why we all forget u…. Your in our heart ❤ …

    Best luck dear sis ..? wish u all the very best?..
    It will be very easy for u 🙂

    Miss u …..?

  36. How can we forget u dear… u r such a sweetheart… and don’t worry.. your social exam will be awesome.. so no tension.. be calm like our ram… he will be with you dear… will miss u…….and l will pray for u… OK….

    • Nidhi

      Thank you so much ahana di??
      So sweet your are?
      Thanks for your wishes as well as prayers di?

  37. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

    Hi everyone….. whats going on???

    How many new comers today????

    I Welcome all the new comers to Siya ke ram fan club site……

    Nidhi all the best…… be calm….. i m there with u…. not only me the whole skr family s with u…… okay va??

    And its Shatrughna aka pratham kunwar n akansha di’s dp…… akansha di dp superb… mine shruthakirti urs shatrughna…..

    And ranaji ishveer dp cute…..

    I saw sweetie pie di’s compliement….. thank u di n welcome…..

    Anjali to change ur dp become a member in…..

    And nidhi my network is horrible so unable to open my id to approve ur comment n read in Siya ke ram fan club site….. i think god wants me to study thats why i have network problem….. i soon as it get normal i will reply u……

    I hope my comment gets posted…..

    • wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

      I Welcome all the new comers to Siya ke ram fan club…….

      Not site…..

      And sanjana r u happy with my gift???

      • Nidhi

        Ok the gift which you have to sanjana has 3 so I’m the third one okay???
        And yes well wisher thank you so much? I know no thanks but still?
        Please try to reply me on the fan page as soon as the network gets right 🙂 I asked you about something so….hope you understand 🙂
        And sweetiepie di she is also in class 10 ? and is from TN

    • Akanksha sharma

      Ya actually my shatrughan….and urs shrutkirti…our dps make a cute pair of shrusha

  38. Abi

    Hello ppl
    I’m in the same situation like Nidhi sister.
    I will not be able to cmt here regularly .
    My board xams get over on 18th of dis month.
    And everyone of u r so kind
    Luv u lots
    Ur dps r really awesome
    Thanx nidhi,bhoomi not ww for cmting abt my dp
    Sry if missed anyone
    All the best for ur xams too

  39. Hi guys ……how r u all……..I hope u r all fine dear…….

    OMG so many new comers. ………….so welcome u all with my open heart. ……………..

    Nidhi all the best dear for u SST exam…….even I’m also hac having my SST exam on Tuesday. ……and don’t be tense about Instagram account. ……….and even my real name is not zara……..and how can I forget u sis???☺

    And all best for ur exam those who all having???. ……..missing you all …..???.

    Every One Dp Is Awesome. ………????

    Sweetie pie di u r sweet like ur name……..I read ur all comments. ..It is superb. ….??

    No need to thanks tanu dear. ……????

    Thanks ishita for links. …☺☺☺

    I hope I didn’t miss any point to write. ……..telly update please please please please please please please please please please post this comment. …????

    • Nidhi

      Thanks for your support zara❤️
      Miss you too?
      Thanks for your wishes? even your dp is awesome!❤️?


    • Nidhi

      Don’t worry bhoomi we will let you you soon after our exams…
      All I can say now is a huge surprise is awaiting you all?❤️
      Get ready for it?
      I promised WW so sorry can’t give you the link?

  40. nupur

    Hi Nidhi dear.O how cn we 4get u swthrt?Any1 4gets der family or wt?We all r wid u n i knw u wl rock ur sst xam lyk a rockstr.Just try to remembr it lyk a story n u r get,set,go just lyk reshma di said n ALL THE BEST DEAR:):)

    • Nidhi

      Thank you so much nupur di 😀
      really thank you so much for all your wishes ^_^
      Will follow that fairytale method for sure di 🙂

    • Nidhi

      Yes sure shani why not? 🙂
      Welcome to siya ke Ram fan club Dear 😀
      May we all know where are you from? And in which class? 🙂

  41. Preety Sid Bieber

    All da vrrrry bst guys 4 ur xm……
    Give 100% …ok…..nd ddnt 4gt 2 watch SKR???

  42. Abi

    Due to the huge amount of cmts I’m unable to post my cmts
    Tq nidhi sis ur dp too awesome
    Sweetie pie I’m from TN in grade 9.
    Friends i’ll not be able to cmt properly becoz of my xams

  43. Sanjana

    Congrats ahana di
    Thank you so much wellwisher di for the gift it was touching
    Nidhi di don’t worry about social
    Sweetie pie you are from chennai super
    Akanksha di super dp
    Ishita di I have not visited Delhi but would love to
    Congrats ahana di
    I won’t able to comment till may 18 as my annual exams are beginning from tomorrow I am sorry as commenting may prove to be a distraction
    Don’t forget me
    Will miss you all a lot
    Love you all a lot
    Tellyupdates post my COMMENT pls
    Love skr

    • Nidhi

      Awww! Thanks dear 😀
      Why will we forget you? <3
      You are in our hearts Dear ^_^
      Will miss you a lot and love you too :* <3
      Yes love siya ke Ram 🙂

  44. Sanjana

    Sorry if I have missed to reply anybody as I couldn’t go through 320 comments
    Ww did you learn to use smileys?

  45. Sanjana

    May I know which is siya ke ram fan site I would like to browse through it after my exams

    • Nidhi

      sanjana we will let you know about it sure after our exams as the work is still in progress don’t worry we will give you the link the promise and a HUGE surprise is waiting for you all ^_^
      Sorry dear can’t give the link now I promised WW that I won’t as both of us have exams currently…I hope you understand our problem 🙁

  46. Bhoomi

    Akanksha di & Nidhi no thanks ….. 🙂

    Sweeti pie di i m in 10 th … I m frm nasik …
    Di no sry …..

    WW & Nidhi what is fan club site ??????
    Please tell me about me plzzzzz …..

    • Nidhi

      Bhoomi regarding the fan club site I replied about it to your previous comment check it out 🙁 we are really sorry dear we promise that after our exams get over we will let you know about it all in detail…really sorry dear didn’t mean to hurt your feelings 🙁

      • Nidhi

        Thank you so much for understanding dear??❤️
        And it’s a pakkawaala promise we will tell about the surprise after our exams 🙂
        HUGE one ?
        So keep waiting ?
        Love you ??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.