Siya Ke Ram 5th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Siya Ke Ram 5th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with pigeon asking Sita to command him. She says Ram is already worried for me, don’t say anything bad to him, he will get sad hearing my state. He asks what good will I say about you to Ram, everything is wrong here. She says tell me, that my problem is just that I m away from him, he would be anxious to know about me, he will ask how am I here, do I eat food or not, you can’t lie to him, just tell him whenever he eats food, I will know and I will also have food then, I feel scared sometimes, tell him that I sit under the sky and think that he maybe also waiting to meet me again, he gives me courage. Pigeon cries. She says if Ram wants my heart pain to get less, ask him not to cry, and tell Laxman, I could not protect his promise, forgive me, tell them I m here, I m waiting for

them, tell them the directions to reach here, so that they can take me soon.

Kaikesi asks why. Surpanakha says you know I m right, I m cheated. Kaikesi says you are a fool, I can’t help you, accept whats happening. Surpanakha says I realized like I m left alone, you were my mum and dad after dad left, you taught me everything, then why did you not teach me to lose, my nose has cut now, this havan is made to put what we can give, the thing which is not of any use to us, you put me in this havan, I have always become a reason of shame and problems for you, let me die. Kaikesi says fine, I will help you, but I can’t kill anyone. Surpanakha says I m not asking you to kill anyone, you gave me medium to get my aim. Kaikesi asks what do you mean. Surpanakha says I want to learn something from you. She smiles.

Pigeon asks Sita to allow him to leave. Sita wishes him a safe journey. He says I will return soon with Ram’s message for you. He flies away. She smiles. Raavan shoots down the pigeon. Sita gets shocked. Pigeon falls on the ground. She cries and shouts no. She runs to the pigeon. She turns and sees Raavan. Raavan goes to Sita. He says you thought I will let him fly away with your message, there is just one way to leave from this garden, that will take you to my Bhavan, why do you want to cry, everything can change in one moment, all this sorrow can change to happiness. He asks are you done with your crying for this bird. She says no, I m not crying for him, he got Mukti. He asks are you crying for your state, because you love the man who is not here, your freedom is impossible.

She says I m crying for her, whom I met some time before, she just loves you, you insulted her love and you are here standing infront of me, I m crying for the one who can get rid of this pain. He thinks Mandodari, why did she meet Sita. He says I want to give you respect, and you are saying bad words for me. Ram is just a prince, I m the king, Lankapati Raavan, your name is nothing infront of me, you have seen my grandeur, tell me is Ram anything infront of me, what are you thinking, tell me what is Dasharath’s son infront of me, I heard his head has no crown, what did he do, how many did he fail, I have failed Indra, I m more Parakrami/mighty, I have more power. She tells him that its power to fail the enmity in enemy’s heart, not by failing the enemy. He asks whats special in Ram. She says those who are special, they have nothing else than specialty, my Ram is such, I can start, don’t know when will it end. He asks what start. She starts saying about Ram.

She says you did not see crown on his head, it does not mean there is no crown, his crown is not of gold and jewels, his crown has worry about becoming ideal for his Praja, how to be present for the people always and make their sorrows away. Ram ram….plays…………. She praises Ram comparing him with a lotus, he just speaks truth, his speech is so pure that everyone feels like Lord avatar, he uses weapons to protect people, not to kill anyone helpless, when I touch his hands, all my worries for gone, his legs go ahead to end all worries and wherever he steps, that bhoomi is blessed, the touch of his feet gives life. Mata Ahilya’s scene is shown. She says his heart is pure like gold, where I stay, and no one can make me out from his heart. Raavan shouts Sita…. And goes.

Sulochana comes to Sita. Sita asks did you come back, do you want to hear more about my Ram…. Sulochana says I have come to take you along with me. Sita turns and looks at her. Sita asks who are you. Sulochana says I m Lankesh’s son’s wife, I want to help you, come with me, trust me, I m saying for your good, you maybe thinking why I want to help you, why will you trust me, I m Raavan’s bahu. Its not necessary that I agree with Raavan’s deeds, I m a woman and I can’t let this happen with any other woman, else I can never forgive myself.

Sita says whatever you want to do for me, I m thankful to you, I very well know that this can be dangerous for you to come here, even thewn you came here, but…, Sulochana says but you won’t run away, right? Why? I m giving you chance to return to your husband, I don’t know what did Raavan think, but many people will try to attack on you, let me free you. Sita says you are Raavan’s bahu, you don’t know you will break the maryada by freeing me. She asks whats the difference between Maryada and bandhan, both are limits. Sita recalls Ram’s words and cries. Sulochana says forgive me if my question has given you sorrow. Sita says not sorrow, an old moment came in my mind, forgive me, but for my freedom, I can’t put you in risk. Sulochana asks what will you do, a maze will be made here, till when will you wait. Sita looks at the sky and says till Ram comes here. She sees a thread on the ground. She picks it and cries, recalling Ram. FB shows….. Ram asks Sita what is keeping her awake. She asks how do you know I m here. He says this world brings me to you by numerous ways. FB ends. A flower falls. She picks the flower and cries, asking Ram to come soon.

Raavan tells about Trijata. She asks her to go and show Sita such a future, where Ram has died and Sita has become Raavan’s queen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. When kekasi told surpnakha
    that you are a fool it was funny. First time bow and arrow in raavan’s hand. I have to admit it again that the Ashok vatika is not good it has very less trees and its also too small. How raavan was called the king of three worlds as he was defeated by Bali? Wow so many great words for ram. Whenever I hear praises for ram from sita I really get excited. First time sita took ram’s name. Really a great, mind blowing, fabulous, fantastic………explanation about ram. Why she didn’t tell how many demons ram has killed? She could have told that the shiv dhanush which raavan was unable to lift ram broke it into two parts. Everyone is coming one by one to meet sita now only kekasi, vibhishan is left. Now talks are getting boring. Now I want action scenes and some siyaram love scenes in flashback. I have great expectations from siya ke ram that they will provide great visuals in action scenes. Precap was little bit confusing was trijata bad. She used to be very friendly with sita.

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      No dear bro.. Trijata was bad but was thrown off by siya’s purity.. So she turned good and was a well-wisher.. And meanwhile u r ryt.. Now Vibhishan will come n den kaikesi,, and yes ashoka vatika needs to b improved.. Panchvati vfx was sooo big.. But this is tiny little forest.. Missin ram in today’s epi..

    2. VAIDEHI (die hard fan of siam and lakshmila)

      they r only focussing on ravan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Sad epi.. Ram is missin today also.,sulochana is very kind hearted… Feelin bad for her.. Ravan was sooo anger on listening about ram’s qualities.. Happy to c him lyk this haha ?.. Trijata has entered.. Now more demonesses will enter., yuppie yippee ? for ravan’s face.. But siya’s tears ?????

  3. Why didn’t sita go?what’s d need of such maryada which force some1 2 dowrong things!!!

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Wrong things???

      1. I mean sulochona wanted 2 help sita,bt sita didn’t let her.sulochona wanted 2 break d maryada of doing wrong things by helping sita.she cared fr sita,not of marayada of asur kul cz their karayada is wrong they’ve made an innocent woman captivated.

  4. Hi guys after a week. I am really very busy nowadays as it is board class so possibily once a week i can comment here. How r u all? I welcome all the newcomers to our sweet skr family. Enjoy with us n i may comment only once a week. Coming to episode it was nice.
    Belated happy birthday wishes nidhi di…. May God bless…. May u hv a bright future ahead….

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Hi ? di how r you now.. Happy ? to c u.. Okay at least don’t stop commenting sweetie di loads of love ❤

  5. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Maze… Wats it guys.. Anyone knows?? I mean which bhool bhulaiyaa is he taking abt..

  6. Guys i have asked two qns n strdy update… But after reading sita’s post i m happy that arjun loved draupadi the most!!! Haha u know what i hate subhadra i dont know y…but i always felt that krishna did injustice to draupadi….sry if it hurts anybody but i have read n some book (i didnt remember the name) in that they had written arjun asked krishna if i married subhadra then wt abt draupadi ???krishna asked him that if subhadra married to duryodhana her life l be spoiled… And then subhadra will take arjuna from their and they both l get married …i think we all know it..but arjuna married in krishna insistence (in that book ref.) But now i m damn clear arjuna always loved draupadi the most…i cant say tqs to u for sharing that info sita…but love u loads…

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Di u hate Subhadra????? I love her.. N this unite of Arjun subhadra gave birth to a great warrior abhimanyu na

      1. Sry if I hurted u dear..

    2. VAIDEHI (die hard fan of siam and lakshmila)

      priya di i think dat the 1st mistake dat arjun did was marrying more than 1 woman

    3. Priya Di
      Sorry Di, for the long comment I am going to give
      Actually, yesterday after my grandfather walk I asked him the question
      U know what he said, he says that the total epic had become mordern and changed over time and gita press and sacred text they r all incorrect. If anyone want to know the right version u have to buy the only editions almost a century back will certainly true that time was gandhi era, how could that be fake??????

      And when I read Gulliver’s travel , in one chapter Gulliver would go to an island of spirits. For a day he can summon any of the dead spirit and talk with him..and so we can call Arjuna to put the question, certainly he will give a answer that will not match the new versions

      1) Arjuna had four wives for everyone who believe in itihas…
      Uloopi said that she will die of he had not married her. In Kshatriya dharma, wish of woman regarding life must be fulfilled.
      And chitangada she did. A great sacrifice to be Arjuna s wife, u might have watched the Telugu movie rudhrammadevi, chitangada story was similar, she was nurtured as boy, but seeing Arjuna she did tapasya to give her feminity, at first Arjuna didn’t accept her, but later when she saved the country of her, she accepted her hand..
      And his marriage with subhadra is order for Krishna, again it was because of women must chose the one who wish or else they have to face hatred Arjuna had to accept, the story were Arjuna believed to have loved chitangada is fake, but from the first chitangada story was what I ! mentioned

    4. Arjuna loved subhadra most is belief and opinion of persons, some may fed up with characters and so on, but Arjuna loved two- ke Krishna and his gandiva, it might be this was reason of mistaken, his love for krishna doesn’t apply for subhadra….and his love for abhimanyu does not apply for subhadra… since he taught chakravyuha to her, some say he loves her the most..
      The pair didn’t share any story, but I don’t know why this rumour spread…
      But there are many moment by Arjun and Draupadi, they shared happiness sorrows insult and agony…
      Before kurukshetra,arjuna visited draupadi and he talked with her, and when he geared up to fight and climbed up the chariot he lost his weight and he unloaded hi burden as he spoke with her
      Even in vastraharan, duryodhana asked Arjuna if he says he is not yuddhistira s brother than he would Certainly free her. So he remained silent as he was in sway

      Preserve heritage and culture

    5. So Arjun is justified as Bharathasresta and he is flawless
      And I have other questions
      Who is elder-abhimanyu or uppandava

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        U r ryt di… I know it… Dunno watts happened to all these books ?… Our sir, he tells that in real Mahabharata and today’s serials there is sooo m much difference that u’ll get shocked wen u read real Mahabharata and I also believe Arjun has four wife but sum Pl ppl hv disbelief

      2. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Uppandav r elder di
        Prativindhya – Son of Draupadi and Yudhisthir 24 years

        Satanika – Son of Draupadi and Nakul -23 years

        Sutasoma – Son of Bheema and Draupadi -22 years

        Srutakriti – Son of Arjuna and Draupadi -21 years

        Srutasena – Son of Draupadi and Sahadeva -19 years
        Abhimanyu16 years wen Dey died..
        It’s true to the best of my knowledge my granny told me. And is obvious as all son of Draupadi were born wen pandava went vanvas bt subhadra wasn’t

      3. Oh really sita….arjun and draupadi shared cute moments alot…infact i always believed that arjun love draupadi the most…but in page itself…there was one cmnt arjun loved subhadra the most..thats wt were i got confused..u cleared it..

      4. And abimanyu is elder to prativindhya… And all other upapandavas r younger to abimanyu… There is one story…while they r in day i mean thats the day of arjun return from his tapasya…prativindya was lost…all were paniced..arjun found him and get him back …on that day draupadi called krishna…krishna came and took all the brothers with him…

        Note : prativindya is 5 years approx at that time…

    6. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Priya di y r u so confused??? Prativindhya is the eldest of all upapandava and abhimanuu I is youngest.. In exile they don’t take sons with them..

  7. Hi all I’m back after 2 days. Hope you all enjoyed without me !! Awesome epi especially abt sita !! She defines ram awesomly

    And I’m all new in hike , line app and WhatsApp if anyone here is in any of the apps pls share your info !! Sorry if its personal !!

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      No no no di how can v enjoy without you.,. N ya sita defines ram nicely

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Di I’m in watsapp but can’t share my phone ? number here na.. So sorry for that matter.. ??????

      2. OK no probs !!

    2. Hi malvi..ya we didn’t enjoy without u…how could we??? N Wtsap.. I deleted my account today only…n btw if anybody here want to join with u n Wtsap…u should ask their no na?? Ask him or her through mail… Not through social websites …don’t take me wrong dear….I didn’t meant that but u know its risky….

      1. That’s true okay !!

    3. VAIDEHI (die hard fan of siam and lakshmila)

      hi di i’m also there in whatsapp bt can’t share the phone no. 🙁 🙁

  8. the way sita ma said words for ram,lovely <3

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Yes ‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼

  9. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    fr d frst time siya says d way hu s tat trijata..can any1 explain abut him??

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Not him di her.. She’s one of the demonesses who will b in vatika with siya.. And she’ll be very good haan.. She’ll think for gud of siya

  10. Nice epi ☺… How cruel Racan is….. Sad for that pigeon?..

  11. VAIDEHI (die hard fan of siam and lakshmila)

    epi was good enough bt ram was missing. poor pigeon got killed. donno know when will they show ram. no more demons pls. want some good ppl. sulochana is too good. abt what maze r they talking abt ???????????? vibhishan is missing. hanuman & sugreev are missing too. y r the showmakers only showing hateful lanka ????????????????

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Lol ? u r ryt… Dear.. I think the show makers r loving ? ravan.. Ha ha ? ?.. But ram must come now.. No more delay accepted..n maze is confusions don’t know

    2. Cz ashish hs gone fr there cudn’t b more scenes of ram.shr hs mentioned in Twitter dat soon ram’ll b back with good scenes & dialogue… So dn’t wry.

  12. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Amena di in update u frgt 2 mention that sulochana goes

  13. VAIDEHI (die hard fan of siam and lakshmila)

    hey vanshu that “LAKSHMILA” is me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. VAIDEHI (die hard fan of siam and lakshmila)

    nabanita di tumi ki amar lekha ta on 4th june bujhte paro ni ???????????? ami tomar bangla lekha gulo porechi r o gulo khub bhalo chilo. pls pls pls continue koro na bangla lekha only for richa di and me. tumi bhalo achho ????????????? tomar sathe bangla e kotha bolte khub bhalo lagche.

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      I understood wat u wrote ‼‼‼‼‼‼ n that lakshmila is u‼‼‼‼‼ wow ?

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        U meant that u had written Bangla for nabanita di on 4th June comment page you loved writing Bangla for them,, you loved alot speaking Bangla with nabanita n richa di.. Am I ryt sweetie pie suchi ⁉⁉⁉⁉ I may b wrong ? correct me ?? .. Love u sweetheart ?,,, I think d show makers love ravan…

    2. Sanjana(Sara)

      Di apne bangla e kotha bolte bhalo pan??

      1. ha amar baengali te kotha bolte bhalo lagche as its the 1st time. and sanju di u r elder to me as i’m in 8th standard

      2. Sanjana(Sara)

        Di i am in 7th standard

      3. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Vaidehi she’s not that Sanju di whose in 10th..

    3. Amaro banglay tor sathe katha bolts khub bhalo lagche.after all eta amader matri bhasa.r tor moths bujhbo na kano?tui first jakhon jiggasa korli ami lemon a hi ami to time reply diechi.ager page khule dakh.sorry tor permission na nie toke tui bolchi.??????
      Vanshika you have done great job.all are right.actually you are from north east india like it can be done hardly.but I am realy don’t understand any south Indian language one bit.when priya and Jay do post here kurals I understood that only reading the English was realy very gooood.?????
      Sanjana last word is not pan it’s ‘lage’.by the way great effort.?????

      1. It not ‘bolts’.bolte.r tor katha.eta mots apnaapni Joe galo.?

      2. Kamon ta ‘lemon’hoe gache.achi ‘ahi’hoe gache.’hoe’ Joe hoe galo.????????

  15. Vanshika crazy for skr

    .. ?????? missin ww di, sanju di, megs di, Zara di, Nidhi di, and al who aren’t here.. Lovely family ?.. N missing ayodhya family ?

  16. I updated my POV today after a big break..pls do read it…n cmnt…I l give links….and if I woke up late and it posted soon any of my sisters pls give the links if u can……sry don’t feel bad…but many of u wanted links here that’s y only…

  17. Star Plus please do not drag this storyline for much longer. Ram needs to save Sita now. It’s not nice to watch evil Raavan treating Sita this way. Please reunite Ram & Sita as soon as possible. 🙁

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Ram n siya will b united after dusshera di,, till den u’ll hv 2 wait.. Ram won’t save siya soon.. She’ll b tortured by ravan more now..

      1. Very sad. This means ram will not save her until October. That is very long time away. Too sad to watch 🙁

  18. Hai evryone,iam a new comer..
    i hav a doubt that whethr this serial hav a good eninging or not?..
    i mean that evn atlast will they able to continue a good life..? A reunion?? Anyone answr me plsss..

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      hi cutie pie di pls introduce urself.. They wont continue a good lyf.. They’ll b reunited (till dusshera in the show) but after a short tym passes ram will send siya in exile as wrong ppl will begin to badmouth her as she stayed for 10 months in ravan’s place. She’ll b pregnant n ppl will qn if its ravan’s child ?.. So it won’t have a happy endings

      1. vanshu…u right….sita ka duk matro arramb hua hai…..another sorrowfull thing is Ramayan had not a happy ending……..sita also known as janam dukhi……..cmmnt dear……

      2. Ha not only ramayana both the epics is not a happy ending….Ramayana in tamil called as soga kaviyam…sorrowful story,…

    2. Welcome to our family dear..think vanshu cleared ur doubt…

    3. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Agreed joy
      . She’ll hv to face total 16 years of separation from ram., 1 year this in Lanka n15 after that

  19. Sanjana(Sara)

    Hii How r u all..? i m back. Finally exams over. Missed u all very much.

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Hi cutie hw r u… How are the exams… Nice na..u rocked dear friend ??

      1. Sanjana(Sara)

        Hi di i am fine how r u?? My exams were great. Some were hard.

    2. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Don’t worry u’ll rock cutesy.. I’m also Fyn!!! Love u cutie dear ? ?

  20. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    thank u vanshu I din see d precap bt I watched d epi..really thank u

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      No thnx allowed na di.. My pleasure ?

    1. I cant say tqs to u dear…but love u

  21. vanshika arora

    I hv a ques dat would ram angry with sita if she had ran away frm lanka???even ram wanted 2 free sita without any war. He just wanted 2 free her at any means,right???

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      No no he wont b angry bt he’ll b angry ? as he cant punish ravan…

  22. vanshu…u right….sita ka duk matro arramb hua hai…..another sorrowfull thing is Ramayan hadnot a happy ending……..sita also known as janam dukhi……..cmmnt dear……

  23. hi friends….can I know how many years did sita go to exile.. after she had returned ayodhya.

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      I can tell dearie sweetie answer is 15

  24. Guys i didnt watch the epi yesterday.. Now only i m watching… I m really n love with sulochana…its so difficult for a wife to go against her husband and her sasural n this period itself… Think abt that is so toughest it can’t be said n words…but sulochana tried to do it..

    And one more qn which version is skr show notifying???

    In valmiki ramayana which is considered as true as valmiki lived in that period,sita never saw ravan’s face… She l close her face with pallu when he comes near her…she never saw him nor he even though he tried but can’t… And she kept one stick n her hands which has power that he can’t come near her…but they r showing in this way…

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Ya ya.. But I’ve a qn??? Wen ravan came disguised as Brahmin then also he dint c sita ??n on no TV show is showed lyk that as told in Valmiki Ramayana

  25. Hii..,thankyou alll…
    Iam from kerala,ma religion is islam..
    but i love this serial very much…
    ram siya chemistry superbbb..
    just loved it..
    now this serial is telecasting in malayalam channel too…

    1. Sanjana(Sara)

      Hi r u new here?? My religion is also islam.

    2. Vanshika crazy for skr

      I mean how old r u.. So I know whether call u di like dear.. N ya Sara she’s new here

  26. hi frnds
    add me in WhatsApp n hangout grps
    g name is Vijay Raghavan
    [email protected]

    @thanmathi i HV hangout app in my mobile…

    nice episode…
    waiting for ram vs Bali episode…

  27. Tu wt hpnd from mrng 10clk no cmnts r been posted…its still n moderation….its not posted n ff’s too …pls post it soon tu….

    1. yes priya
      my post is also in moderation…
      telly update is very slow today

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Yes di very slow…

  28. Comments r still in moderation……??????

  29. I am sorry to say SKR is going off track since Suparnaka episode . SKR has turned into SITA VS RAVAN And his family instead of siye ke Ram . Where is Ram & Laksham ? Where is Hanuman? That part is staggering . SKR is only showing Lanka- stories never existed in Valmilki Ramayan . It was awesome but now awful show -showing Ravan , his sister, mother -all demons rather than Sita’s fate , Ram & Lakshman struggle and Hanuman etc
    Any problem in shooting ??

  30. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Dears next 2 parts of Mahabharata ff r posted so shall I give links in tonight page

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