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Siya Ke Ram 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Subahu attacking the ashram with fire balls. Ram looks on…. Laxman says Mareecha is returning your favor. Ram says no, this can’t be Mareecha. He signs Laxman. Laxman gets the bows. Ram and Laxman shoot arrows at the fire balls. Subahu comes there and keeps his weapon down. Subahu surrenders and says Mareecha told me to leave enmity, I should have agreed to him, I m sorry, Mareech told me you are great, I m seeing it today. When you could not kill me, you did not do so, this is big favor on me. I want to greet you. He takes a weapon to stab Ram…

Ram moves back and defends. Subahu fights with Ram. Ram defeats Subahu. Subahu falls down and greets him. Ram holds his hand. Subahu sees his Lord avatar and smiles. Subahu dies. Mangale bhavan…………..plays…………..

Janak tells Sita that till your marriage does not happen, your sister’s marriages can’t happen. Sita asks marriage? Janak says yes, your marriage will be possible when you get a deserving life partner, who treats you equally and accept truth you are Bhoomija, and respect this fact, who is not insecure with your knowledge. She asks does he believe they will get such person. He says yes, Parshuram saw you lifting dhanush, and removed the string, he said the man who ties string will be deserving Sita, that’s why I want to keep your Swavambar, if you permit me, I can’t do this against your wish, I will accept your decision, your happiness, self esteem are most imp for me, you can take few days time, I don’t want you to decide soon.

Sita gets thinking about Ram. She says your decision will not be against my good, I accept this Swavambar without any doubt, your happiness is most imp for me, I will be lucky if my marriage happens as per your wish. She hugs him. He smiles.

Laxman says maybe Mareecha will also attack us. Vishwamitra says no, I have seen respect in Mareecha’s eyes for Ram, I got to know he went far from here, its just Ram, who could change Asurs’ heart, Subahu smiled at his death’s time, it meant he realized his mistake. He says seeing your capabilities, I want to give you most powerful tool, which shouldn’t be used in wrong way. I m going to empower you with Brahmastra. He prays and gives Brahmastra to Ram. Laxman smiles. Vishwamitra says I m sure you will not use it wrongly. He blesses Ram.

Bharat and Shatrughan come to Dasharath. They happily say Ram has got victory, and tell everything. Dasharath and his wives are happy. Shatrughan says Ram killed Tadaka and changed Mareecha’s heart, they are doing ashram yatra now. Kaushalya tells Dasharath that Ram kept his promise. Sumitra says Ram made us proud. Dasharath says Ram has shown Aryavar’s future is safe in his hands. Kaikeyi looks on. Bharat says I did not had doubt in this, Ram is such, if I have few qualities like him, I will feel my life is complete, I pray to be in Ram’s shadow always. Kaikeyi gets angry. Dasharath hugs Bharat and Shatrughan.

Janak tells Sunaina that Sita agreed for Swavambar, she understands everything. Sunaina asks where is she. Janak says she went to jungle to spend time there. She asks is he sure she is okay with this. He says marriage is a big change for any person, especially for a girl, who has to get away from her family after marriage, such thing gives happiness, but there rises many questions. He asks her to recall her time, when she got his proposal, don’t worry, Sita will come soon, do arrangements for Swavambar. Sunaina says yes, I will give good news to everyone first.

Shruthkirti tells Urmila and Mandvi about Sita’s Swavambar, the man who strings the Dhanush, Sita will accept him as her groom. They get shocked. Urmila says when Sita knows this… Shruthkirti says Sita said yes for this. Urmila asks what? Sita recalls Janak’s words. Urmila comes to her and says Janak does not know whats in your heart, but you know it. Sita recalls Ram.

Urmila asks why did she not tell truth to Janak once, and surely Janak will agree to get Sita married to Ram. She asks are you feelings not important, why this sacrifice?

Kaikeyi says invitation has come when Ram is not here, tell them Ram is not here. Sunaina gets shocked to know invitation went to Lanka too. She asks what, it means Lanka king Raavan?

Update Credit to: Amena

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