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Siya Ke Ram 5th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita asking Janak how can Mithila be his property or his sole Rajya. Everyone look on. Janak stops everyone and says my daughter Sita opened my eyes by her one question, when nothing is in my hands, how can I punish Raja Sudhanva. He says Sudhanva to return Sankasya as a commoner. Everyone cheer for Janak. Janak hugs Sita. Kaushalya tells Sumitra that she will make Dasharath’s fav food. Sumitra asks her to prepare food and she will inform Dasharath.

Dasharath meets his sons. He asks Ram did he meet Shanta. Ram says yes. Dasharath asks what did she say. Ram says Shanta is very happy and content, Kaushalya will tell you in detail. Dasharath asks where is Kaushalya. Ram says she is preparing food. Sumitra takes Dasharath to come with her. She asks him to have food,

as some special dish is made for him. He asks what. Sumitra asks him to have patience. She calls Kaushalya. Kaushalya brings the food. Dasharath smiles seeing her. Sumitra and everyone leave from the hall. Sumitra asks the servants to close the door.

Kaushalya tells Dasharath that she made this as he used to have this by his choice. She says you did not have food since 3 days, have food… He asks did Shanta say anything for me, did she forgive me. Kaushalya smiles and says Shanta told that it was all fate. FB shows what Shanta said. Kaushalya says Shanta is very happy and content, she said she was never angry on you. Dasharath gets glad and also teary eyed missing his daughter. Kaushalya tells what all Shanta said. She asks him to talk about Shanta and keep her alive in their family. He holds her and asks her did she also forgive him. Kaushalya touches his feet and says I was annoyed thinking you did not wish to get Shanta back, I was just seeing my pain, because I could express my pain, you did not express any pain, so I did not feel your pain, I have failed to do a wife’s duty, I should be sorry. He says we should have not any apology and annoyance between us, see our son Ram has freed us of this burden. She says Ram… our Ram…. He is our Shanta’s gift to our family. She hugs him. He asks will he not serve food to him. She smiles and says sure, come.

Mantra asks the Dhobi/laundry man to put Gangajal on the clothes. Dhobi asks why, its washed. Mantra says its Rani Kaikeyi’s clothes. He says everyone wears clothes washed by me. She scolds him asking him to be in his limits. He gets upset. Mantra throws money coins on the ground. He picks the coins. He washes the coins with water. Mantra asks what is he doing. He says he is purifying it, as she did for clothes, now coins is his property and he can do anything with it. She says you will pay for this pride one day. Ram and his brothers come there.

Ram opens his arms for the Dhobi. The Dhobi moves back. Ram asks him did he forget him. He says Badra, when I was little, I used to play with my brothers at the lake, I was not able to get mangoes from tree, you helped us. Dhobi says I felt it was village kids, so it was you, sorry, you still remember it Kunwar. Ram asks him to call him just Ram, and says how can I forgot you were bitten by bugs while plucking mangoes, I remember this favor. Mantra looks on. Ram hugs the Dhobi. Dhobi cries happily. Mantra says Ayodhya’s Rajkumar hugged a Dhobi, this will ruin things. Ram asks Dhobi to come to take his help and calls him friend. Dhobi calls him Ram and takes his permission to leave. Ram smiles and says I have to thank someone else.

Shathanand cries sitting alone. Sita passes by and sees him. she asks did he get annoyed with his father Maharishi Gautam. He tells her that he is not angry, but he is upset as he will always be away from his mother’s love forever. She asks why forever. He says because there is no possibility for my mother to get rid of the curse. She says its possible.

Kaikeyi asks Sumitra where is Kaushalya. Sumitra says she is with Dasharath, she had made food for him today, she has changed so much, I did not see her so happy before, she got daughter’s love because of Ram. Kaikeyi asks will Dasharath forget you and me. Sumitra says even if it happens, it will be good, as Dasharath and Kaushalya were away for many years, they should be together. Sumitra goes. Kaikeyi goes to see Dasharath and Kaushalya. She peeks in from the door and cries being insecure.

There is a storm in the village. Pashuram is coming and people ask each other to inform Janak. Sita says I know how to protect Janak.

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