Siya Ke Ram 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Siya Ke Ram 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tarini telling Raavan that his motive for which he is sending Tarini in war, will be fulfilled and asks him to prepare for fulfilling his promise. Raavan says sure. Tarini greets them and leaves. Mandodari cries and says one more crime got added to all your crimes. Raavan says right and wrong do not matter to me, its important for me to find out is Ram Narayan or not.

Laxman tells Ram that he is sure that they will face Meghnadh in war today. Asur soldiers play the shank and open the gate. Many asur soldier army walk towards Ram and vanar sena. Asur army chant Jai Lankesh and vanar sena chant Jai Shri Ram.

Tarini does somersaults and comes infront of Ram and others. Tarini has Narayan’s name written all over his body. Vibhishan gets shocked. Ram says Tarini…….

Vibhishan says yes, he is Raavan’s son Tarini, I told you about him, I m surprised how did Raavan sent him in war, as Raavan has confined him as he was doing Narayan Bhakti, why did raavan get Tarini free and send him in war, what would be the reason. Tarini asks where is Vanvasi Ram, come infront of me. He asks army to attack.

Sita says it will be bad example for society if this happens, Raavan has initiated a bad tradition by using Tarini for his motives, this will lead others to do wrong, Raavan presented a wrong example for entire world. Tarini asks Ram where is he hiding. Hanuman comes and says if you take Ram’s name, you will become Narayan Bhakt. Tarini says I m always Narayan Bhakt, Narayan’s name is on my body and heart, my tongue always takes Narayan’s name, call your vanvasi Ram, I have to end the war. Hanuman asks him to first fight with Ram’s devotee. Tarini says I just want to fight with Ram, my father has commanded me to kill Ram.

Hanuman says why do you say about Raavan sending you to kill Ram, he has sent all warriors and all of them got killed, now he has sent you to die. Hanuman thinks I got Narayan’s true devotee in this war, but sorry, you are Ram’s enemy here. Tarini flies and hits Hanuman. Hanuman smiles. Bhakt Narayan…..plays………….. Hanuman hits on him and nothing happens to Tarini, as he has protective shield around him. Tarini disappears and gets away. Hanuman goes to hit him. Ram stops Hanuman.

Ram says son, the one you were waiting for, its me. Tarini says its good you come out on your own, your end is definite today. He gets his magical bow and arrow. He aims at Ram. Ram says you are Narayan Bhakt and praying to him since years, then why are you taking violence path, you are very young for war. Tarini says no age is less or more to meet Narayan. Ram says who told you that you will get Narayan by violence, there is simple and easy path of devotion, go son, pray to Narayan. Tarini says I have prayed, Raavan has suggested me this way, he has supreme knowledge, he is Shiv Bhakt, I have to follow this path shown by him. Ram says but this path will lead you to your death, not meeting Narayan, then what’s the use of your devotion.

Tarini asks how can you say this, my father will not misguide me, do you think I m not skilled for war, I will do anything to meet Narayan, no one can stop me, I know I will meet Narayan by killing you in this war, you can’t become my hurdle, my aim is to get Narayan, I will get him by killing you, this is final truth. Ram says there is less difference is devotion and blind faith, your devotion turned wrong, you can’t see difference in right and wrong, its not right according to war customs to fight with a young boy, but you won’t go without fighting, I have just one way now, your Mukti. Tarini is not able to lift his bow. Ram prays and gets an arrow. He aims and shoots at Tarini.

Tarini sees a bright light and gets glad seeing Vishnu Narayan in Ram. He smiles and folds hands. He says Narayan……… Tarini falls down. Ram gets tearful eyed. Vibhishan cries. Everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Raavan says I got cheated, all Devtas cheated me, Tarini got killed, Vanvasi Ram is Vishnu’s human avatar.

Raavan recalls Vibhishan’s words. He walks to some cliff and recalls Kumbhkaran’s and Vishravas’ words. He thinks how he has sent Tarini to check if Ram is Vishnu’s human avatar. He recalls how he met Brahmadev. Brahmadev says I can’t bless you to become immortal. Raavan says if you can’t bless me this, then just bless me that Devs, Asurs, Naags, and other powerful creatures can’t kill me. Brahmadev asks and human? Raavan laughs and says I m not afraid of humans, just bless me what I asked for. Brahmadev blesses him.

Raavan shouts to Brahmadev and says you all Devtas cheated me, you cheated Lankesh. Mahadev looks on. Raavan says I asked blessing that no one can kill me except human, you have sent Vishnu himself in human avatar to kill me, I have always thought seeing Ram that how can human have such patience, bravery, radiance, courage, duty fulfilling qualities, compassion, I know that secret now, that Ram is Narayan Vishnu in human form, I always wanted to win over Vishnu, but I did not get the chance, now all Devtas gave me this chance, even if Ram is Vishnu, but he is in human form, he is bounded by human limits, else why could he not protect his wife, if he is Vishnu, why is he battling like ordinary human, it means his powers are limited in human form, and humans are like ants in my sight, its good I got to know your deceive, Ram I will kill you, I will get more fun in this war and to kill you. He laughs. Mahadev, Parvati and Brahmadev look on.

Meghnadh asks Raavan to command him to go in war and kill Ram and Laxman. Raavan smiles and blesses him. Vibhishan says Meghnadh is coming. Laxman says let Meghnadh come by any door, he is destined to die by my hands today. Vibhishan tries to stop Laxman. Ram says Laxman…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Really felt sad ? for tarini

    1. Yay first to comment?

  2. Eagerly waiting for mondays episode . Again we should wait two long days to see skr ?

  3. Nice episode. Raavan is so selfish that he even sacrificed his own son even after knowing that he will be dead in the war. But why Raavan said that only lord Vishnu could kill his son? Did he get any vardaan?
    Even after knowing that shree ram is lord Vishnu’s avatar he wants to fight.
    During hiranyakashyap time a Vishnu bhakt was born in his family as his son prahlaad. In Ramayan this tarini and in dwaparyug lord Krishna himself took birth in Kans’s family.
    By next ten days meghnad will be killed.

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  6. Lovely episode, if you love to collect pics of episodes of siya ke ram, then please visit : daily for the daily pics..

  7. shown this episode in very nice way

  8. Tarani death was so ???? !!!
    Ashish as Ram ???? !!!!
    I hate Ravan ? !!!
    Finally Lakshman? V/S Meghnath? on Monday !! ???
    But will have to wait 2 days more !!! ????

  9. Padmaja

    Wow a awesome epi feeling sad for tarani?? ya ur right skr fan and ravan killed his son by sending him to fight…. Foolish ravan ??

  10. they also showed difference between faith and blind faith .we can’t get lord by blind faith

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  30. This message is for Veena and Sara
    First of all Ramayan is open for interpretation and shatrughn met Sita as per few sources. And in valmiki Ramayana the laxman rekha is not mentioned. It has all evolved over years. Ok leave this coming to my main point devdutt pattanaik presents the various retell unga and the whole Ramayan frankly with analysis. Some stuff shown in Skr are imaginative but devdutt is not to be blamed. You have not tried his book so stop blaming. He has not written such stuff so pls know the source. And he is not associated with Skr soo much. They come and consult whenever needed.u accepts valmiki Ramayan, fine but know before u speak devdutt book is not made of imaginative stuff only Skr is. Understand that pls and Skr too is giving a new perception a deeper understanding and presents the core values
    Signing off

    1. Retellings

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