Siya ke ram 5th April 2016 written episode


I will give a zist of the episode
The episode starts with laxman saying that I don’t believe in the truth you are saying. But Bharath says that I want to meet ram and sitas and have a darshanof them. Then laxman realises his mistake and hugs Bharat
Then Bharat laxman shatrugan come to meet ram
ram . they call ram and ram turns back and sees tears in their eyes. He asks what happened
Then they hug ram and cry then ram suddenly becomes shock in seeing everyone and gets even more shocked to see his mother’s wearing the white dress he also sees guru vasisht having a pot where ashes are kept then ram cries and hugs his mother and sumitrawhile sita- hugs her sister and wipes their tears. Then guru vasisth calls him and gives him the pot telling that the elder son must immerse the ashes into the river .ram with tears in his eyes takes the pot and reminses the movements with his father.while sita- sees Kaikeyi there are Kaikeyi seeks for forgiveness and sita wipes her tears and hugs her Then they all go to the river
to immerse the ashes .ram cries and unwillingly pours the ashes into the river and says that I am very lucky to have a father like you. And while others watch the scene crying
Sorry guys I did not watch the precap but the precap was like Bharat was pleading ram to return with him to ayodhya and falls on ram’s legs while sita and laxman look on. Ram is saying that I cannot come back to ayodhya.

Credit to: Joshna

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  1. Sorry guys for a messy update I was in a hurry as the update has not been written.sorry for the spelling errors hope that I have helped in telling abt today’s episode. Thanks for ur support guys.

  2. I have also given a written update plz read this and tell me how it is and if I missed anything…..

    5th April written update.

  3. Thank you joshna…

  4. Very nice episode.

  5. Ya I have read the episode nita .u have not missed anything. Sorry in my update I missed Shiva and parvati ‘s scene. Thanks for ur comments everyone


    Thank u so much joshna di…….. actually ameena di updated………. guys pls read it…….. no comment is there………. only now 1 comment that too mine……. pls……. its a big insult if our comment is less than 50…….. so all pls do comment in our page……….

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