Siya Ke Ram 5th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 5th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bharat telling Laxman that this punishment is right for him. He cries and says but my one wish will be unfulfilled, that I could not touch my Ram’s feet and not apologize to him, not meet him for the final time, that I could not apologize to Sita. Laxman cries. Bharat says Laxman, you are infront of me, so I m apologizing to you, you kill me brother. Laxman says no Bharat, I m sorry to doubt on you, forgive me. They hug and cry.

Mahadev looks on and talks to Parvati. He says Bhavani, there will be unique incident happening today, on Mandakani’s ghat, devotion and love will unite, people will think its union of two brothers, it will be union of human and Lord, which people will assume of Ram and Bharat, it will be union of Bharat’s devotion, love and sacrifice, it

will be example for humans, whoever will selflessly love Lord will get Lord, this will place an ideal love to humanity.

Bharat and Shatrughan come to meet Ram, along with Laxman. They cry seeing him. Ram asks them what happened, why are you three crying, Laxman say something. The brothers hug Ram and cry. Sita looks on. Ram asks then why are they crying like this. Kaushalya calls out Ram. Ram gets shocked seeing Kaushalya and Sumitra in white clothes. Kaushalya, Sumitra walk in with Guru Vashisht, Sumanta, Mandvi, Urmila, Shruthkiti and others. Ram and Sita get teary eyed, seeing all of them crying.

Ram looks at his mothers and turns his face away to cry and hide his sorrow. Ram cries. Sita looks on and asks (via heart) Ram to hold his emotions, else his mothers and brothers will shatter. Ram looks at her and wipes his tears. He turns to his family. Kaikeyi looks on from far. All the mothers cry. Ram runs to Kaushalya and Sumitra.

He says Maa and hugs Kaushalya. Sita goes and hugs her sisters. They cry. Sita wipes their tears. Ram hugs Sumitra… and sees Kaikeyi far. Kaikeyi cries seeing him. Ram wipes Kaushalya and Sumitra’s tears. Kaushalya says Dasharath always had fear to get away from you, when his fear got true, then…. She cries and says till his last moment, he just took your name, he just kept saying Ram Ram, as if he was getting peace taking your name, like you were infront of him. Ram, Laxman and Sita cry. Ram folds hands and says forgive me Maa, I was not there with you all in that moments of sorrow. He apologizes.

Guru Vashisht holding the ashes kalash calls out Ram. Ram greets him. Guru Vashisht says being eldest son, its your Dharm to immerse Dasharath’s ashes and provide peace to his soul, I m sure son that Dasharath’s soul will get freed after getting Jalaanjali….

Guru Vashisht gives him the kalash. Ram cries holding the kalash and hugs it, recalling Dasharath’s love and words. Sita realizes Kaikeyi’s presence and goes to her. Kaikeyi folds hands. Sita holds her hands and signs no. Sita cries and hugs Kaikeyi. She wipes Kaikeyi’s tears. They look at Ram.

Guru Vashisht asks Ram to immerse ashes in the jal. Some mantras play in BG. It gets painful for Ram to immerse ashes. He does the rituals and everyone cry. Ram thinks I m blessed to be born in this world as Dasharath’s son, I got your immense love, whatever I got to serve you in my life, its my good deeds, but I regret that I could not serve you more, but my life will just be meant for fulfilling your duties. He prays for Dasharath. They all pray for Dasharath’s soul peace.

Ram asks Bharat not to stop him from doing his Dharm. Bharat asks whats this Dharm, which hurts entire Rajya and Matas, I don’t believe this Dharm, I always obeyed you, this time you agree to me and come back to Ayodhya with us. Ram says whatever Dharm Sabha decides after hearing both of us, I will accept that decision.

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    apada thank u so so much ameena di…. hope u didnt have any problem di…. coming to episode….. as usual rocked but actually when ram cried it looked both emotional and funny……… sorry guys…… no offence…… sita was so beautiful…… loved the way she cared…… but where s Rajarishi Janak????? today he was missing……….


      and why no one posted the spoilers…….. anyways let me do it………

      Siya Ke Ram:

      Ram gets tearful eyed when he gets to know that Dasharath is no more. Bharat and Shatrughan meet Ram and give him this shocking news. The brothers cry and hug Ram to share this sorrow. Ram runs to Kaushalya and Sumitra seeing them in widow clothes. Guru Vashisht gives the ashes kalash to Ram. Bharat wants Ram to come back with him to Raj Bhavan. Ram gets to know what all happened there. Ram is sorrowful for Dasharath’s death. He does not express his pain as he has to manage his family. The brothers’ love will be seen. They are together in the moment of pain and immense sorrow. Bharat tries to convince Ram a lot. Ram refuses to go back and asks Bharat to return to Ayodhya, as Ram has to fulfill his father’s promise. Bharat tells him he is not equal to him and can’t take his place. Ram is in dilemma seeing his family in pain. Ram sends everyone back, and decides to stay back in the van with Sita and Laxman.

      Tellyupdates pls post all my comments………. PPPPLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZ………..

  2. Nita

    Wellwisher I posted it as a written update of the episode. Telly updates themselves changed it to episodic analysis

  3. twinkle

    awesome episode + emotional episode . thank you nita di , sanjana di , joshna and ameena di for posting the written update 🙂

  4. Brindha

    Hi everyone… How r u all???
    Today’s episode was an emotional one….
    And it was also awesome…
    The brothers scene was gd….
    Siam understand each other without even speaking to each other…..
    Awesome acting was shown in today’s episode….
    Get well soon nidhi di……

  5. Joshna

    Thank you amena di for the episode. I have also written an update there pls also comment about my episode and pls comment whether I have missed something

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