Siya Ke Ram 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita seeing Ayodhya’s soldiers. She says why did they come here, did they know about me. The man greets Valmiki and tells about Ram’s decision of Ashwamedha yagya. He invites Valmiki to come in the yagya along with his students. Valmiki says its matter of pride, Ram initiates that Ashwamedha yagya, we will surely come if time permits. Sita says how can Ram keep Ashwamedha yagya, no, he can never do this.

Ram says its impossible, I can’t remarry. Rishi says all kings of Raghukul have done more than one marriage for the good of Rajya, its tradition of Raghukul. Other Rishi says we know you love Sita, but you have to remarry for welfare of Praja, if you can abandon Sita, why can’t we remarry. Ram says you are saying right, but marriage is union of two souls, its

not of a king, but its of a man, a man is everything for his wife. Rishi says as a man and husband, your thoughts are right, but second marriage is necessary as you are the king, there is no other way to keep Ashwamedha yagya. Guru Vashisht looks on.

Sita asks Guru Mata can a king do Ashwamedha yagya without his wife. Guru Mata says no, his wife’s presence is necessary. Sita says if king abandoned his wife… Guru Mata says no, its not possible, the king has to remarry to keep Ashwamedha yagya, the wife has to be there with the king, else this Anushtaan will be meaningless. Sita thinks it means Ram is doing second marriage…. She goes and cries in her kaksh. Hanuman goes and sees. Sita says Raghunandan, you gave me one wife promise, how can you break that promise. She says does this mean you have made me leave from your heart and mind also, along with Rajbhavan. She says you also accepted this that your Sita is impure. She cries and lies on the ground.

Ram talks to Sita and says Rajya’s maryada made you away from me, now they all want me to make you away from my heart, none knows that Ram is alive as you are in my life, if I make you out of my heart, Ram won’t be alive. He cries.

Sita appears. She holds him and says I have always prayed that whatever decision you take is for Praja’s good, I will still pray that you never fall weak while taking any decision. He says but Sita… She disappears…. He wipes his tears and says its right, now I will take such decision, even if the world never forgives me for that.

Valmiki goes to Sita’s Kaksh and asks hanuman is everything fine. Hanuman tells about Sita’s sorrow since she heard of Ram keeping Ashwamedha yagya. Valmiki says fine, wait, I will see. He enters the Kaksh and sees Ram’s idol and Sita lying on the ground. He says I know you got doubt for Ram in your heart, this will end when you see the truth, its imp that you see Ram’s truth. Hanuman thinks to go Ayodhya and talk to Mata Kaushalya.

Mandvi says this decision will end Sita’s existence. Bharat says Ram did not decide anything like that. She says but we know what will Ram decide when its about Praja. Urmila says yes, who imagines he will abandon Sita, but he did. Laxman says Ram left Sita as King Ram, not as a husband, he has done biggest sacrifice of his life for Dharm and Maryada, we all are sorrowful, the truth is Ram has biggest sorrow. Shruthkirti says what will Sita go through if she knows Ram has remarried.

Hanuman comes and asks Kaushalya to stop this disaster, Ram will be sorrowful too, none can take Sita’s place in his life, we all know he loves Sita. She says I understand your state, we all are in same state, when its about Praja and Rajya, Raghukul did not think for itself, this is the tradition. Hanuman asks what is the need for second marriage, Sita can be called back to Rajbhavan, Badra apologized. Praja is also regretting, even Praja will want us to bring Sita back. She says I wish this was possible, we all know its too late now. He cries.

Ram addresses to everyone, and tells about Raghukul’s ancestors giving away body to a bird to keep a promise, Harishchandra leaving his kingdom, and Dasharath giving up his life to keep promise, promise keeping tradition is definite in Raghukul, and that’s why, I have taken a decision, that I will not do second marriage. Everyone get glad.

Rishi says but Maharaj if you don’t remarry, Raghukul tradition will break. Ram says but Rishivar, if I remarry, the tradition will break forever, because I have promised Sita that I will marry just once, if I marry again, Raghukul tradition will end here, I don’t think you will want this, being a king, I have sacrificed my personal life and interests, I have abandoned my queen, my life, my wife Sita to obey Rajdharm, my wife is not with me now, but her love is still there in my heart, do you all want me to make Sita out of my heart, the moment I make Sita out of my life, that moment will be my life’s last moment. They all look on.

Ram says Guru Dev, is there tradition of sacrificing love in Raghuvansh. He says you all think Ram is great king and did big sacrifice, but the truth is I m not great, Sita is great, she did not ask any question and let me do this sacrifice, she has accepted all sorrows, she has bear my deceive, she stays in my heart, her thoughts stay in my mind, Ram’s existence is by her, if I forget her, and if I remarry, Ram will not be Ram, I m born in Raghuvansh, but Sita defined me, this will be injustice with that woman also, with whom I will remarry, because I can’t love her, its impossible that anyone else takes Sita’s place in my life. Janak comes and says you are great Shri Ram. Everyone see Janak. They all greet Janak.

Janak says Ram, you are really great, you placed a new Maryada today, to protect a woman’s self esteem and existence is over any Rajdharm and Kuldharm, woman is one who gives birth, the land, Rajya and Kul where women is preached, that becomes pure forever. Rishi says we agree, but if Ashwamedha yagya does not happen, it will be danger on Raghukul’s traditions. Janak says Ashwamedha yagya will happen. Rishi asks how is this possible without Ram’s second marriage. Janak says like Lord Shiv is regarded complete without his wife, even Ram is complete without Sita, Ram can do the yagya with Sita’s idol. Everyone smile. Guru Vashisht says you are great Janak, you solved this and saved Raghukul from this problem, this solution is right. Ram greets Janak. Valmiki says Ram you are great, Sita will become witness of your love, then her heart pain will get away.

Sita says I want to know who is that pure woman who will sit with Ram in Ashwamedha yagya. Her soul leaves from her body. She goes and sees Ram sitting with Sita’s idol. Ram asks Sita where are you, I want to see you, come infront of me. Sita cries seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. Every now and then we get to see Madirakshi in royal dress. Oh wow! Got to hear Urmila and Shrutkirti after weeks.
    Shri Ram is of few gods who have just one wife.
    Now this news should soon reach Sita Mata. Wow what great words by Ram about Siyaram Prem.
    Rajarshi Janak again. I want to see Maharani Sunaina also. Got to see Maharani Sumitra and Maharani Kaikayi after many days.
    SKR team always does marvellous work. Although the statue was not exactly looking like Sita but it was much close. Appreciable work.

    1. Siyavar Ramachandra ki jai!?

  2. wow amazing episode.loved the episode soo much♥♥.loved ram s words abt sita.the precap is soo good and emotional.!!!

    1. hats off to skr team. keep up the good work

  3. eternal love story of siya ram.poor ram has to bear those words of remarry

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed today’a episode…Ram made the episode.. what strong dialogues from Ram on his love..he gave all credits to sita,. lifted up her pride to the he proves to be a perfect husband…rightly told by janak that Ram is also ardhanareeshwar like shiva and doesn need the sita beside him. They have already become one and she has become his eternal soul…seriously cant imagine the depth of their love. Jai Sita Ram!!! Can we find a husband or wife in this Kaliyug??

  5. Can we find such a husband or wife in this kaliyug???

    1. NABANITA626

      No vidhya….I think it is not possible……..

    2. Devga

      Leave alone husband dear… We cannot evn find a person as such pure and who respect women…

  6. Eagerly waiting for next episode precap is so emotional. JaiSri ram

  7. Padmaja

    Wow a awesome Epi… and loved Ram’s dialogues… happy to see the whole Ayodhya fmly now.. but they didn’t show the cousins of lav kush.. I wonder will they show it or not..

    1. @padmaja I think they will not show them……….. Bcoz time short and there are more stories about ram siya………………….

    2. NABANITA626

      But it must be told by skr team minimum in one scene!
      We who know the Ramayana almost,we know that every couple has two sons each.but it also right that many young boys and girls and children too may be not know detaily Ramayana story.they are learning from this serial as he or she can.even many mature people’s also don’t know that bharat,shratghun,lakshman had boys too……
      So they may be misguided…so that should be shown by skr must

  8. NABANITA626

    Great epi……..
    Waiting for tommorow

  9. Anushya

    superb episode…. but i thought ram would get angry…. love janak ram combo…. theyre really greta at this… loved rams dialouges…. he gave sita the praise she deserved…i didnt understand the precap….

  10. Woooooooooww….. Awesome episode……. Ram word’s was great…………. Great work by team SKR and both AshMa…………
    Another interesting precap…….. So wait….
    Madirakshi offscreen pic……
    Ashish offscreen pic….. Don’t know who is she……

    1. Anushya

      love the pictures… who is that person anyone knows….

  11. Wat an episode yaar. Seriously ashish & madirakshi acting was fantastic. V cant able to find such husband in real. Only ram can do dis for sita. Jai shri ram

  12. Is it true that skr is ending on 7 October

    1. Vanshika

      Noooo it’s NT true .. Chill

    2. Anushya

      no only in nov middle so dont worry

  13. thanks for the update….

    lovely episode nice precap… eagerly waiting for tommorow..

  14. Super episode

  15. Priya15

    Atlast got a glimpse of urmila…

    So emotional precap…

    Loved ram’s dialogues….

    Wr s the kids of other brothers???

    Hiii everyone.. How r u people??

  16. Wonderful episode . Superb dialogue and superbly delivered by Ram. AT last ram made up for his mistake of abandonment of his innocent wife .
    Only two things- kids of all other brothers are not shown . Those who don’t know Ramayan might think others never had kids.
    Secondly it was GURUDEV Vashit who suggested Golden Pratima/statue of Sita for Ashwamedha yagna . And not RAJrishi Janak
    Thirdly , Luv & Kush came to sing during the Ashwamedha yagna not BEFORE the YAGNA .
    And due to their heartfelt singing -everyone in Ayodha moved and were in tears and thus SITA was called upon .
    BUT here story is shown with a peculiar twist that even though praja wants to get back SIta , Ram is not calling -logically why would not Ram call Sita ??

    1. Supreetha (Soups)

      I would like to disagree….Luv Kush sang first and then they got to know about Ram giving up on Sita after which they started hating Ram. And then the Ashwamedh happens and the two get to know about the horse and angry with Ram already they capture it…and then the moment of truth comes out and Sita goes back to the earth

    2. Regarding Luv & Kush comments about their sing before or after Ashwamedha yagna, then I think it must be before yagna only. After listening the Ramayana from Valmiki, they are really impressed with Shri Ram and would like to sing a song about Ramayana in front of Shri Ram to meet him personally. But, after knowing about Sita Mata, they are angry with Shri Ram and because of this hatred only they capture the Horse although they know about the Horse is related to Ashwamedh yagna conducted by Ayodhya Naresh Shri Ram.

  17. Vanshika

    OMG IM soooooo happy on cloud9 fr sum reasons..
    My exams are over..
    V r going to see ram Leela at red fort!!;!
    Rams dialogues abt sita r super duper hit.
    Gt too c Urmila finally ystrdy…
    Epi was too good ?

  18. Sudeshna

    Hy guys commenting after long time.. I hope u all remembered me…
    Episode was sooo emotional wow awesome.. Ram”s,dialogues were very strong.. His way of appreciation for his love for his siya were awesome.. Gr8 work Ashma.. Really… Urmila shutkirti were good.. Fantastic Episode waiting for today’s episode eagerly precap was very emotional..
    Jai siya ram????

  19. Sudeshna

    A poem on yesterday ‘s episode
    DO hai kaya ek pran ki
    jahan ram hai wahin janki
    RAM jaisa patni prem koi na jaane
    sita ka sanshay yeh door kar maane
    siyaram ka amrit samaan prem hai yeh
    samanya manushya ke samajh se pare hai yeh
    Ram toh raghukul ke ram hai
    parantu paribhashit karti isko siya ke ram hai
    Raghunanadan hai kewal apni sitae ke
    Or koi kya aa,sakta hain unke sthan mein
    Ram hai dhanya
    Dhanya hai siya
    kyonki dono ne ek doosre ka ji chura liya
    or wo ho gayi Ram ki Siya
    read and comment guys

    1. Anushya

      lovely poem… u really have a talent for it

  20. Sudeshna

    How is my new dp guys

    1. Anushya

      love it

    1. Priya15

      Wt was in the first pic..i couldn’t open it..

      1. Anushya

        karan suchak as a small boy

    2. omg karan looks sooo cute!!!

  21. Anushya

    answer this in 2 sec if u r a genius:
    what does a Cow drink?

    1. Padmaja


  22. Jayani

    I guess they didn’t show Lav n Kush so they showed Urmila, Shrutkeerthi, Sumitra n Keikeyi, isn’t it people? I’m eagerly waiting for today’s episode.

    Jai Siya Ram

  23. Padmaja

    Loved all thr links guysss… and jayani n sudeshna ur dp is awesome ♥♥… and sudeshna such a sweet n fabulous poem dear.. and vanshu happy dat ur exams got over… enjoy ur holiday dearie….
    priya iam also wondering where r the kids of three couples. .

  24. About luv & kush meeting Ram, it happpend during Ashwamegdha Yagna – Luv & kush sang on the streets of the Ayodha and then palace Please read the original Ramayan and then forward COmment.
    Some version says battle took place , some version says directly after hearing luv & kush singing , SITA was called upon . That is NO WAR took place . Becasue luv & kush was trained in VEDAS , singing but not about war & weapon. All GURUS are entitled to give Yudha knowledge .
    About hating Ram- before going to Mother Earth, Sita instructed her sons to accept their father wholeheartedly . So luv & Kush loved their mother very much and fulfilled their mother’s last wish.

  25. All gurus are not entitled to give Yudha vidhya /knowledge . So how could luv & kush get it from sage Valmiki that vidhya ???

  26. Sudeshna

    Thank u guys its ur love and appreciation which help me write sich poems thank very much

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