Siya Ke Ram 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram running towards the village to save people from terrorizing Asurs. Ram sees people wounded and in bad state, some running to save lives and some fighting with death. He sees Asurs and shoots them with arrows. Surpanakha comes there and smiles seeing Ram. Ram shoots the Asurs, without any fear on his face. She gets impressed with his bravery and shooting skills. Ram shoots down more Asurs. She smiles and says this man is extraordinary, fearless and courageous, commanding warriors shake hearing Raavan’s name, but this man is very daring and courageous, as if he does not know against whom is he fighting this battle. She smiles and eyes Ram.

A lady asks her son to wake up. Asur goes to kill her. Ram shoots the Asur. The lady thanks Ram. Surpanakha says my life’s search

got completed today, he is the man whom I was waiting for, he is brave and powerful like my brother Lankesh, this man is deserving of me. The villagers bow down and greet Ram thankfully. Lady says you have protected us. Ram closes eyes and prays for the dead’s soul peace.

Mayavi thinks this way goes to Rishi’s mountain, I have to take Bali there anyhow. Bali and Sugreev follow him. Bali tells Sugreev that its tough to catch Mayavi this way and sends him by other route. Bali and Sugreev catch Mayavi. Bali says there is no way to escape now. Mayavi runs inside some cave. Bali asks Sugreev to wait for him here, he will punish Mayavi. Sugreev says I will come with you. Bali says no, I m enough for that Mayavi. He goes.

Ram asks everyone to take others to safe place and help. The man says we will be thankful always, but Asur’s attack scared us. Ram says trust me, Asurs will not attack again, start life without any fear. He senses someone’s presence and turns to aim arrow towards Surpanakha. She sees Ram and smiles. Ram shoots the arrow to kill the Asur behind her. She smiles and says you are very lucky to get killed by Ram, the arrow which was shot for my heart, you snatched it from me and did injustice, but maybe that man protected me with his arrow, there can’t be any other reason, his aim is perfect. She turns and sees Ram gone. She looks for him. Someone holds her and she smiles thinking its Ram. She turns and sees Asur army head. He asks how did you reach here. She says by fate……

Sugreev waits for Bali and says its so late, don’t know what happened, Mayavi is very clever. Bali shouts to Sugreev, asking him to run away and save his life. Sugreev starts leaving and stops, saying why would Bali ask me to leave from here. He sees the blood flowing, and says how did Mayavi fail Bali, how, no one can make Bali lose, if Mayavi killed Bali, then how can I face him. He says Mayavi killed Bali, he will kill me too if he comes here, I will shut this cave door, Mayavi will die inside, this will be my revenge. He moves the big rock and shuts door. He cries for Bali’s death. He apologizes to Bali as he could not save his life. He cries and leaves from there.

Asur head asks Surpanakha to stay here, its safe place, when Raavan knows his dear sister is here, he will get angry, this jungle is not safe for Asurs now, think Raavan will be worried for you, how did you take this decision. Surpanakha recalls Ram. He asks are you listening, look, you have to promise me, that you will not go leaving this place. She promises that she will not go anywhere from here. She smiles. He goes. She says I promise I won’t go anywhere, as I have got my love here.

A guy explains Jayant not to regret on losing Roma, he can get any other pretty girl. Jayant says I m not upset for Roma. He sees Sita talking to a pigeon and smiling. He gets mesmerized by her beauty. His brother asks what happened Jayant. Sita feeds the pigeons. Jayant says such beautiful face, eyes, she is unique, Lord gave her such beauty, I don’t find anything beautiful than her, I m struck by her beauty, I love her. He asks his brother to go. He says I will meet this unique beauty. He goes to Sita and hides to get more of her glimpse. He steps on some wooden sticks which make a sound. Sita hears the sound and asks who is there. Jayant walks to her. Sita smiles…..

Sita asks who are you. Jayant says I m Indra’s son Jayant, since I have seen you, I forgot my sorrow seeing your immense beauty, I did not see such beauty before, I realized whats called love, your beauty is useless here in the jungle, who will admire your beauty, give me a chance, I will take you to heaven, there are many Apsaras, but there is no one beautiful like you, don’t you have to say anything. She says you look from good family, this behavior does not suit you, you should leave. She goes. He thinks women are shy by nature, she is shy and not accepting me. He shouts I will win you by my love, I will become bird to get your love, as you love these birds. He turns into a crow and thinks I have to get you, this is my aim, avatar does not matter.

Jayant praises Sita’s beauty. She asks him not to say such things. Jayant says you insulted me, who are you to scold me, see how I punish you. Ram looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. SKR fan

    In yesterday’s episode so many rakshas were shown but today ram killed very less. Now surpnakha will get angered at ram and laxman will punish her and then raavan…
    Didn’t Raavan knew who lifted shiv dhanush at Sita’s swayamvar?

    • krishnai aka ww

      same confusion……… i think he doesnt know……. bcoz he was more concerned about the woman who is going to kill him…. so might have forgotten about Sita……..

      and agree yesterday so many rakshas and today very less….. there are many flaws but still its okay……. compared to star plus MB this one is not upto the level after vanvas but no other go……… sorry didnt mean to hurt anyone……..

      • twinkle

        lol ! 😛 not really but it looks funny when she says i have got my love etc 😛 😛

  2. Oops Ram and Sits both trapped. Ram with Shurpankha and Sita with Jayant :-p Missed Lakshman today 🙁
    Again Coolio episode 🙂

  3. Richa

    Oh no…precap was so sad,n who is Jayant…n where is Ram n Laxman?I m vry teans for Sita,what will be happend in tom episod !

  4. SKR fan

    Time for new entry in Siya ke ram.
    Star Plus’ magnum opus Siya Ke Ram (Triangle Films) is set to welcome the well-known and veteran actor Surendra Pal.

    The actor who has showcased his skills in shows like Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, Diya Aur Baati Hum is currently seen in Suryaputra Karn.

    The actor has now been roped in to play Ravan’s (Karthik Jayaram) father Rishi Vishravas.

    As per history, Vishravas was always against Ravan’s ideology and tried stopping him to get evil. When Ravan had abduct Sita, Vishravas had warn him of the consequence.

    Surendra confirmed and shared, “It’s always good to play mythological characters as they are very challenging to portray. I have already played Ravan’s character earlier in Zee TV’s Ramayan and now I am playing Ravan’s father’s role.”

    As per sources, the actor would start shooting soon and his entry will be aired by next week.

  5. Sanjana

    Wrestler-turned-actor Danish Akhtar, who is seen playing the role of Lord Hanuman in TV show Siya Ke Ram, has been diagnosed with chicken pox and had to cancel his shooting schedule for the next two weeks.
    The sportsperson, who made his debut on the small screen with the mythological show, shared that his mother has come down from Bihar and hopes to get back on the road to recovery soon.
    While he was shooting for the Star Plus show, Danish fell sick and was hospitalized. He was later diagnosed with chicken pox.
    “I was immediately hospitalized because I was completely exhausted and couldn’t even stand on my feet, let alone shoot for the show… The production has been kind enough and the cast too has been frequently visiting me whenever they have time. I now plan to rest. My mother is down from Bihar to stay by my side and I hope to be better soon,” Danish said in a statement.
    Siya Ke Ram is a unique representation of Ramayana from Sita’s perspective. In fact, the track of Hanuman and Ram milan is getting pushed.
    As a precautionary measure, the cast and the crew have been vaccinated.

  6. Supreetha (Soups)

    Jayant’s story is one of ree most important parts of Ramayan. This is the story Sita asks Hanuman to narrate to Ram to remind him how at that time he drove Jayant away and saved Sita. She wants him to do the same now. Nice scene.

    • Supreetha (Soups)

      And I also liked the way Shurpanakha gets “Impressed” and “Smitten” by Ram….uske bure din shuru hone wale hain ;D

      • nupur

        Hey Soups thanks for the info…but really I too found Surpanakha’s part so funny…LOL??? I was laughing very hard during the scene…

    • krishnai aka ww

      OH IS IT DI??????? i never heard it.. many new things i m learning now a days…….

    • Meghana

      Is it soups di! wow skr once again proved it shows reason fr every situation so nice of u di tnq fr info

    • jay

      Thnks Supreetha for the info…I didn’t know that………… Thnk to skr they giving info in detail

  7. verti

    In the Sundara Kanda (fifth Book of the epic Ramayana), when Hanuman meets Sita, she narrates an incident that happened in the forest in Chitrakuta. The prince of Ayodhya and avatar of the Supreme God Vishnu, Rama is exiled to the forest with his wife Sita (an avatar of Vishnu’s wife Lakshmi) and brother Lakshmana. A fatigued Rama was sleeping in the lap of Sita, when a crow attacked her. The crow pecks at her twice on her feet.[3] Rama is awakened by the stirrings and recognizes the crow whose claws were dripping in blood as the son of Indra. An enraged Rama, at the behest of Sita, unleashes the divine weapon Brahmastra (made of a grass arrow) on the crow, who flees in fear. The crow flies across the universe, but the weapon follows. Turned back by Indra, the gods and rishis (sages), the crow takes refuge in Rama and surrenders to him. The son of Indra requests pardon, but Rama says that the Brahmastra cannot be withdrawn. So, the son of Indra asks it to hit the crow’s right eye, and he is left half-blind.

    • krishnai aka ww

      yes….. he is Indra’s son…. another one more INDRA’S SON IN SKR………

  8. suseela

    Hi. Friends by the way I am also from TN. I am bron in TN. At my 10 years old we moved to Andra. That’s WY I know Telugu and Tamil. And now I know Hindi also. I watch all Hindi serials. And I love them. Especially skr is my favorite one.

  9. krishnai aka ww

    hi all…

    super episode…. but i hate this jeyanth…. hw dare he try to possess Sita Mata…… he is going to get ncyly…… he doesnt know that hanuman would be Ram’s bakth and playing game with him….. with bakth self he got very ncyly….. now from lord he is going to pay back…….

    feel really sorry sugreev……. pity him.. he doenst know the trick behind it….

  10. krishnai aka ww

    i think many new comers today….

    hw many?? Santa, sahasra, Aaysu (feel like i had already welcomed u) thats all na???

    Okay Welcome to our sweet Siya ke ram fmaily and fan club…. i m from TN, finished waiting for my results.. enjoy in our family……

  11. krishnai aka ww

    guys one doubt…. i had heard that sugreev’s son took part in the war between ram n ravan…. and for that there is only 3 to 4 years……..

    hw can a 3 r 4 yr kid take part in war?????????

    • Thanmathi

      Krishnai he’s vali’s son Angad whebhe went to Lanka to warn Ravan he challenged the men who were present in the court to defeat him first but alas no one can even shake his feet not even Ravan. It is said that Lakshman was very fond of him coz he lost his father he took pity on him that’s y he named his son Angad

  12. krishnai aka ww


    i heard that lakshman kills surpanakha’s SON….. on knowing that news only she will leave lanka and come to the jungle and get angry… she will be searching for the killer of her son and only then she will come across Ram and the her nose cut all those stuff………. but here they never showed any such things?????????


    • Sanjana

      Di this story is perfectly true and I hope skr does not skip it and the son name will start with s if I am not mistaken
      missed u a lot Di and now only I was thinking of u and u commented?
      Di sugriv son I don’t think so it is actually Vali son I believe and since Vali is dead he will accept sugriv is father and I think he is angad
      Thought provoking question Di am not sure
      Pls check out my poem my ff and analysis and I really was waiting for ur reply
      Do u want the links and
      Di u know what I am quitting commenting but when I see ur comment I promise to reply for u are the first and best sister I got in this family and
      Yes Di Jayant story is really important it will be in ur Sita book also
      But since they have postponed sitaharan due to Danish Akthar they are showing scenes which were meant to be shown in fb now itself
      Good night

    • Anil

      Don’t know about this story….is it??
      Laxman kills surpanaka son???
      In which book this story was given??

      • krishnai aka ww

        bro it can be found in valmiki’s ramayana…… i was told by my father about this….. also they should this in ndtv Ramayana 2008….. i dont know whether its in devdutt’s book bcoz i had not come to sita’s kidnap still……

  13. nupur

    Today’s epi was really funny regarding both Surpanakha and Jayant’s wishes???both fell in love with Ram and Sita who are happily married…while I know Lakshman ll take care of Surpanakha, what ll happen to Jayant??? I want to see how he is being chased by the ll be good one to watch?

    Hi everyone? How r u all?

    Can anyone tell me has the show taken a leap again because they had taken 10 years leap, after that I didn’t watch…And r Ram,Sita and Lakshman in Dandaka forest or Panchawati??? Because as far as I know Sita was abducted and they also met Surpanakha in the 13th year of vanvas, so how can they show these scenes in the 10th year? Pls someone clarify my doubts…

    Good night and sweet dreamzzz?

    • krishnai aka ww

      ya di…. even i m confused. they didnt take any other leap after that……….. i m f9 di…. hw r u??? i had replied to ur game in next day’s epi…. hope u had seen it…. okay di gudnyt… sweet dreams….

      hope skr clears all our doubts….. i m waiting……

      • Sanjana

        They may take leap but for now they are shown in dandakvan but my
        Question is did they leave panchavati in the first place

        Did u watch seedhayin raaman today so emotional na Di

      • nupur

        M f9 dear…hey thanks for replying to the game, I just did that for fun?
        Ya me too hope that skr clears our doubts soon because m finding it too confusing nowadays.

      • nupur

        Sanjana I don’t know when they moved out of Panchavati…the show is getting too confusing nowadays and m sure the makers ll make me insane one day with all dese doubts.

      • Meghana

        S nupur di me too confused but just a hope skr shows a reason fr everything and we hv to wait fr that reason

    • hi di we r fyn I read ur comment in red string of fate ff di don’t doubt on ur efforts pls be confident and read u l do ur xmz best and others are gods grace….. my grandpa l say did we put 99% efforts and the other 1%l be of God so leave that to god of ur hard work is true u l gain wt u want…… and I know about my di u r going to rock don’t worry di u l come like a flying colours….I m smaller than u but I just want to say this to u bcoz when we are afraid then only we l loose I hope u don’t mind di…

    • Anil

      Yes sis….yours doubt is meaningful…but in some books I had referred he mentioned that panchavati is in dandakaranya forest only…I know that is not correct… But may be skr team is also referring to those books..
      They didn’t shown any leap but I think now they are showing 13th year of vanvas…

  14. nyc epi I watched today’s epi but I m confused I read that surpanaka l see ram when he is doing dhyan and she l be mesmerized by his looks…. and his love towards sita but here they are showing that she l be mesmerized seeing his fighting skills really confusing missed lakshman today…

  15. stuti

    Krishnai di and nupur di ur doubts are true…. I too have the same doubts
    I too hope skr clears our doubts…..

  16. Meghana

    Agree with all today ,epi was nice and surpanakha suspense went away but i too did not hear this story……i mean surpanakha intro wth ram…and this jayanth how dare is he to propose and praise sita but anyhow siya ke ram wont leave him right! Wtng fr that scene

  17. Meghana

    Hi santa di sry fr late reply i think u do nt know me i just became a part of this family before two weeks myself meghna 9th class frm AP

  18. Meghana

    Priya di now in seethayin raman bidaai epi is gng on right! In janakiramudu that is telugu version of skr bidaai scene completed last week.i too got cry it is really emotional scene and unforgetable scene skr team shown its very nicely

    • Ya dear I just loved the whole epi especially the acting of janak is natural and the scene were sita comes running and cries hugging her pitaji that was outstanding the whole epi made me cry a lot….madirakshi nailed the epi a lot urmila also…..janak made the scene more beautiful and my mom said that all fathers l be like that at the time they want to hide their tears That was portrayed naturally well overall that episode was so emotional……

  19. Sanjana

    When Agni, the god of fire, gave Dasharath, the king of Ayodhya, a bowl of sacred dessert to share among his wives so they may have divine children, an eagle snatched a part of the pudding and dropped it where Anjana was meditating, and Pavana, the god of wind delivered the drop to her outstretched hands. After she took the divine dessert, she gave birth to Hanuman. Thus Lord Shiva incarnated as a monkey, and was born as Hanuman to Anjana, by the blessings of Pavana, who thus became Hanuman’s godfather.5. Lakshman was Ravana’s Samdhi

    Ravana’s son Meghnath was cursed that he would be killed by the lord of snakes. To counter his fate, Meghnath married Sheshnaag’s daughter Sulochna, which made Laskhman (Shahsnaag’s reincarnation) his father-in-law. Meghnath thought that Sheshnaag won’t kill his own son-in-law. However, Lakshman killed him during the war.

    While making the bridge over the sea to connect to Lanka for fighting the war with Ravana, all the monkey and bear warriors started picking and placing the boulders into the sea. A squirrel was also picking up little pebbles in her mouth and putting it alongside the boulders. She was found by a monkey who started making mockery of her and told to stay away as she will die if she comes under the boulder or the leg of any army.
    9. The story of a squirrel

    Squirrel was in tears and hurt. Lord Rama realized this and came near the squirrel. To appreciate and show the gesture for the contributions that squirrel made Rama gently stroked the squirrel’s back with his hand. When he raised his hand, the marks of his fingers came up on the body of squirrel in the form of brown fur. And ever since then the squirrel has carried three white stripes on her back, as a token of Rama`s affection

    It is believed that Rama built Shiva temple at Rameshwaram after he killed Ravana. Ravana was a brahmana and Rama had committed a ‘bramhahatya’ which is considered as a very heinous crime. In order to wash away his sins, he built the Shiva temple.

    When all of Ravana’s sons and warriors die, Ravana organizes a yajna to assure his victory. Rama sends a troop of monkeys headed by Hanuman and the monkey prince Angada to destroy this yajna. The monkeys create havoc in Ravana’s palace, but Ravana continues the yajna. Angada drags Mandodari by her hair in front of Ravana. Mandodari pleads to her husband to save her and reminds him what Rama is doing for his wife.
    21. Mandodari’s ill-treatment

    The enraged Ravana abandons the yajna and strikes Angada with his sword. With the yajna disturbed, Angada’s purpose is served and he leaves Mandodari and escapes. Other Ramayana adaptations present more gruesome descriptions of the incident. The Krittivasi Ramayan narrates that the monkeys dragged Mandodari and tore off her clothes.
    22. Kumbhakarna’s story

    Kumbhakarna was considered so pious, intelligent and brave that Indra was jealous of him. Along with his brothers, Ravana and Vibhishana, he performed a major penance for Lord Brahma. When the time came for asking a boon from Brahma, his tongue was tied by goddess Saraswati (acting on Indra’s request). So instead of asking “Indraasana” (seat of Indra), he asked for “Nidraasana” (bed for sleeping). It is also said he intended to ask for Nirdevatvam (annihilation of the Devas), and instead asked for Nidravatvam (sleep).

    Following his conquest of Lanka, Ravana encountered Shiva at his abode in Kailash. Ravana was stopped by Nandi. He got annoyed and insulted Nandi. Nandi got very angry and cursed Ravana that Lanka would be destroyed by a monkey.

  20. Meghana

    Actually i missed yestetday’s epi now only i saw repeat.i hv a doubt PLS any one clarify it…. Bali ll be killed by ram right but today’s epi showed bali was killed by mayavi i m totally confused

    • Me too dear I m also confused by this ….may be there is some misunderstanding of sugreev…. I hope skr clears these confusions soon…

    • One thing is sure meghana dear vali should die with the hands of ram only bcoz that’s the imp phase of ram’s history… They can’t change that..there l be some other story behind this ….

    • Sanjana

      Vali will come out of the cave and get angry on sugriv blaming Hume that he tried to kill him and here starts the brother rivalry which will reach its peak when ram meets sugriv so sugriv will ask ram to kill Vali
      And now mayavi is dead not Vali

    • jay

      Dear Sugreev get misunderstanding that Bali was killed by the asur that y he close the cave….
      But Bali returns to the kingdoms & fight with sugreev thinking that he intensionally closed the cave to capture the kingdom…Then there RAM will enter ………..

  21. Sanjana

    Vali was famous for the boon that he had received, according to which anyone who fought him in single-combat lost half his strength to Vali, thereby making Vali invulnerable to any enemy. Once Ravana called Vali for a fight when Vali was doing his regular Sandhyavandanam. He took Ravana in his tail and took him around all the world. Humbled, Ravana called for a truce. It is said in the Ramayana that Vali was very brave and courageous. Before dawn he used to go from the Eastern coast of sea to the Western coast and from the Northern coast of the sea to the Southern coast to pay his homage to Surya – the sun-god. He was so brave and powerful that on his way to pay homage to Surya, he used to toss the mountain peaks upward and catch them as if they were play balls. After completing the tedious task of paying homage to the sun god in all the four directions, he used to return to Kishkindha without even being tired.
    Vali was husband of Tara. As one myth goes, fourteen types of gems or treasures were produced from the churning of ocean. One gem is that various Apsaras (divine nymphs) were produced and Tara was an Apsara produced from the churning of ocean. Vali who was with the devas, helping them in the churning of ocean, took Tara and married her.
    Vali was very courageous this can be understood from the fact that, when Tara tried to stop him and begged him to not to go to fight Sugriva, by saying that it is God (Rama) who is helping Sugriva and has come to Sugriva’s rescue; Vali replied to Tara that even if he is fighting against God he can’t ignore a challenge for a fight and remain quiet. He adds that even if the caller for the fight had been his own son Angada he would still go to fight.
    Vali had been known as a good and pious vanara-king, but had been too outraged to heed his brother Sugriva after he had sealed the entrance to a cave in which Vali was fighting a rakshasa named Mayavi. Sugriva had mistaken the blood flowing out of the cave to be his brother’s, blocked the entrance to the cave with a boulder and left for Kishkindha, assuming that his brother was dead. When Vali had emerged victorious over the rakshasa, he had found that the entrance to the cave was blocked. He journeyed back to kingdom to find Sugriva ruling in his place. Sugriva tried to explain the situation to Vali, but Vali, enraged, would not listen. Vali then nearly kills Sugriva, except that Sugriva was able to escape Vali’s grasp. Sugriva barely escaped from the kingdom. When Vali chased Sugriva out of his kingdom, he also claimed Sugriva’s wife, Rumā. Sugriva fled into the forest where he eventually met Rama and Laxmana

    Ram won’t give Vali a chance of forgiveness as he will take his brothers wife as his
    And goodbye forever
    No comment from now on

    Analysis may cont till June 1

    Thank u

  22. Meghana

    Thanks a lot jay di and sanju di u hv xplained us greatly.Tnq priya di u fr answering me jay di and sanju di clarified our doubt.but what is this sanju di r u really leaving or just kidding ur sisters.PLS answer me

    • Sanjana

      Dear I am in 10th so leaving permanently as I have to study
      Will miss u sis but I will be available in skr fan site created by our dear Ww aka Krishnai
      But if u will really remember me visit the page on April 14 2017 irrespective if skr is over or not
      If it is over my comment will be there in the last episode if not it will be on April 13 episode
      U got it?
      But again I am telling I will be part of the family in fan site
      Thanks in advance for understanding
      Goodbye dear

      • Meghana

        Di u mean april14 2017 in skr fan site and april 13 2016 in our regular commenting page!

    • Meghana no tqs btw sisters dear and sanju l not leave us she l always be a part of our family and she l be in our hearts I hope when she finishes her 10th skr should have been running so that we can chat with our sis bcoz I am not fb so I wish this should happen!!!

    • Thanmathi

      Nabanita di in those days woman who lost their husband were considered as a sign of misfortune . the society spoke bad of them to free Tara from all these troubles sugreev had to marry her he respected her and followed her advice. He made a Angad crowned prince of kishkindha

  23. Meghana

    All the best sanju di v all hope ur future ll be bright.but pls be reading comments di u hv to clear our doubts right! Miss u diii

    • Sanjana

      No Meghana dear on April 14 episode 2017 I will comment if skr is over then check out the last episode update there my comment will be there
      I will read and Priya even I am not in Feb Twitter or any other social media and let’s hope for the best

      Ww Di pls pls pls reply to me in fan site when u get time pls pls pls pls pls it is regarding hangouts pls pls pls

  24. stuti

    I won’t be regular now coz I’m in 9th gotta study a lot next month tests are beginning …..

    • jay

      It Ok stuti …We can Understand dear ……. All the Best for ur Studies dear………We will miss….
      Try to comment now & then whenever u get time………….

    • It’s ok stuti we can understand ur situation l miss u and comment whenver u get time ….. All the best for ur studies dear

  25. Siya

    Yeah…so Bali will come back…and now we are very close to ram and hanuman wonderful meeting….?

  26. Meghana

    S stuti we can understand dear all the best fr ur xams and me too studying 9th but completed my exams

  27. Guys In tdy’s SBB segment they showed ….lakshman cuts surpanaka’s nose and she come to ravan and says about wt happened there he shouts that he l kill them for insulting her sis….

    Siyaram and lakshman r n panchavati now that’s confirm bcoz when bagyasree spoke (new surpanaka) she said that surpanaka goes to panchavati and she likes someone (ram or lakshman that I don’t get clear) and she was going to kill sita lakshman couldn’t control his anger so that he cuts her nose…..that means they are in panchavati now….. And she also says that now the main part of ramayan starts….that’s means I think next week sitaharan for sure……

    • krishnai aka ww

      oh is it????? but they are in the 11thyear of vanvasa, right???? then hw can they have sitaharan?????

      • Ya dear but they said like that only may be they are showing stories it may take time I mean…avanga katura stories ellam ovvoru varusham la nadandhadha irukalam ww I don’t know how to explain u in eng so that I said in Tamil…. I hope u come to know wt I m come to say dear plssss reply !!!!!!

  28. Skr spoilers:
    Surpanakha gets marriage proposal to Ram. Lakshman gets angry, tries to cut her nails, but gets her nose cut. Sita scolds Lakshman for insulting a woman. Surpanakha reaches Ravan with her nose cut. Ravan gets angry seeing her sister’s nose bleeding and cut. Sita will be kidnapped by Ravan in Siya Ke Ram, and then Ram and Lakshman will go on a mission to search Sita.

  29. krishnai aka ww



    Surpanakha gives marriage proposal to Ram. Lakshman gets angry, tries to cut her nails, but gets her nose cut. Sita scolds Lakshman for insulting a woman. Surpanakha reaches Ravan with her nose cut. Ravan gets angry seeing her sister’s nose bleeding and cut. Sita will be kidnapped by Ravan in Siya Ke Ram, and then Ram and Lakshman will go on a mission to search Sita.

  30. krishnai aka ww

    Guys i will be out of station for 2 days…. i will try to comment….. sanju sorry dear…. will reply u on saturday r sunday…..

  31. jay

    All the Best to all my dears who r expecting their Result …………… I Know U all score good…….

  32. thejashri

    Hi everyone. Its thejashri over here. I am one of ur old member. I am brindha. I don’t know how many of u remember me but i remember all of u.I commented over here for a few days but now I am going to stop commenting as this is a crucial year. I hv to concentrate on my studies. All the
    best for the ones who r going to get board exam results. Gd bye everyone.

  33. Thanmathi

    Priya our results to be published on may 21 dear and dear fanclub site is not in fb & Twitter it’s a site created by krishnai aka WW if you want I’ll share the link here

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.