Siya Ke Ram 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavan shouting that if anyone can stop me from winning three loks, then stop me. He laughs aloud, while it thunders. Lord Indra says its bad sign….. and worries.

Sita comes to Kaikeyi, Kaushalya and Sumitra. Kaushalya asks Sita to come. Sita says I m going to make food for family for the first time, I want some help. Kaushalya asks what help. Sita says just tell me the favorite food of the family members. Kaushalya says come, we will tell you.

Kaikeyi tells Sita that Dasharath eats simple food, but likes variety, we all are also eating similar food now. Kaushalya says Bharat eats less food, and he does not like spices, he stays happy in just rice and curd. They tell about Laxman and Shatrughan. Kaikeyi says Shatrughan likes butter a lot. Sumitra asks Sita will

she like to know about Ram. Kaikeyi says Ram likes kheer. Sumitra says he likes puris. Kaushalya says no, I used to give him some other sweets. They all say different things. Sita recalls Ram’s words and smiles. The mothers look at Sita. Kaushalya asks why are you smiling Sita. Sita says I understood what Ram likes the most. Kaikeyi asks what. Sita says love, whoever makes anything with love is liked by him. Sumitra says yes, we did not realize this in so many years, that Ram eats food by love whatever we make for him by our love. Siya ram….plays…. Kaushalya says yes, we did not know his fav. food being his mothers. Kaikeyi smiles and says you understood Ram so soon, we are so lucky to have it. Kaushalya asks Sita to go to kitchen, I will send Sugni for your help. Sita leaves. The mothers smile.

Lord Indra and other Devs come to Mahadev and greet him. IndraDev tells Mahadev about Raavan challenging that he will win three loks, show some way. Mahadev says the reason for his powers is his wife Mandodari, she has got Amrit Kalash and placed in Raavan’s navel, that’s why he got this extraordinary powers. Dev asks will Raavan never fail now, did he get Amar. Mahadev says no, he is not Amar, but he won’t die. Indra dev says it means he is Amar. Mahadev asks him to understand, Amrit is in Raavan’s body, Raavan’s death is impossible only till that time.

Everyone consume the food made by Sita. Dasharath says I m very satisfied by having food today. Kaikeyi says why not, your bahus have made it. Dasharath says great. Ram and everyone smile. Yudhjeet comes there. He says I have come to request you, I want to take Bharat to Kaikeya, my father’s health is not getting better. Kaikeyi asks what happened to him. Yudhjeet says he is unwell and expressed desire to meet Bharat, he asked me to get Shatrughan as well. Ram looks on. Mandvi and Shruthkirti get worried.

Kaikesi asks Raavan to fail Indra and take revenge for his Nana. Raavan says soon Indra will be in your feet. Kaikesi laughs. Malyavaan comes and says Lankesh, your sister Surpanakha… she has married the Daanav/demon Vidyuthjeeva. Kaikesi and Raavan get shocked. Raavan shouts and says its insult for me, as she knows Vidyuthjeeva is my enemy, she has to get punished for this.

Dasharath says Bharat will surely go. Kaikeyi says but how can they go so soon, they just got married. They should spend time with their wives. Dasharath says your father is unwell, and Bharat and Shatrughan should do their duty, they will come back when Maharaj Ashwapathi gets fine, they have their whole life to live with their wives. He asks Bharat and Shatrughan to go Kaikeya with Yudhjeet. They agree. Bharat and Shatrughan see their wives and sign. Sita looks on.

Mantra looks annoyed as Bharat and Shatrughan are leaving. Dasharath blesses and hugs Bharat and Shatrughan. He asks them go and come back soon. Ram smiles and hugs them. He asks them to take care of Nanashri. Bharat asks Mandvi to take care. Shatrughan asks Shruthkirti to take care of everyone and herself too. They meet everyone. Kaikeyi blesses them and asks them to come soon. Kaushalya asks them to serve their Nana ji and take care of themselves. Sumitra asks them to take care and come soon. Bharat and Shatrughan leave. Mandvi and Shruthkirti get sad. Kaikeyi looks at them.

Sita follows a pigeon and asks pigeon to stop, as it needs aid. The pigeon sits near that locked Kaksh. Sita smiles and says come, I will do your aid. The pigeon gets inside that Kaksh. Sita is stopped by the guards. The guards say sorry, but no one is allowed to enter this Kaksh without Dasharath’s permission. She says but a pigeon went inside, it needs aid, if I don’t do the aid, then its life will fall in risk, I request you to let me go there. The guards move away. She enters the Kaksh and looks for the pigeon. She sees the pigeon sitting near an arrow. The pigeon flies before she could hold. She sees the arrow and says there is just one arrow in this Kaksh. She touches the arrow and takes it in her hands. Dasharath gets aware and says who entered that Kaksh. Sita looks at the arrow. Dasharath asks who is there. Sita turns. He gets shocked seeing Sita holding the arrow and says Sita….

Raavan stops Mandodari from doing tilak to Surpanakha and her husband Vidyudhjeeva. He throws the aarti plate. He scolds his sister Surpanakha for marrying his enemy. Dasharath tells Sita that you should have not come here in this Kaksh.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      Hi guys today’s epi too good na?

      SKR wow ur prediction is cent percent correct dear…… ya its shravan’s arrow I mean by which he was shot death……… so now sita will try to remove Dhasarath’s guilt…….. too good…… and amulya di no worry BHAVI and SHRUSHA will go together to Kaikeye……

      Akansha di saw ur yesterday’s comment now only…… be chill di…… this is nothing…….. we are already writing everyday LIFE exam so this isn’t a matter at all…….. and how did u do?

      Ranaji sure man my prayers are always with u………. do ur best…….. Best of Luck……..

      I wanted tell u all that I did my exam superbly…….. I m only losing some 3 marks……. Thanx for all the wishes u guys have given……….

      Nidhi ya I we all will be together don’t worry……… and how u guys doing?

      All the best guys…….. I thought tell u all this earlier but my mom called for some work…… and my next exam is on Friday geography……. I m so happy…………


      • akanksha sharma

        my exam goes very well…..gud wishes of u people played an important role in that….i had given my best….lets see…and thanks fr encouraging me dear….all the exams written in life will go out very well if someone had frnds like u all…dear

      • Nidhi

        So sweet of everyone here I now seriously want to meet you all but it’s not possible?
        And thank you so much well wisher and akanksha??
        One week!? ? wow! You can revise a lot!
        And yes never forget I may not be with you all but if you are in some problem I’m always here for you all❤️

      • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

        ya akansha di……… i actually to tell u all the TRUTH ven ever i get scared r tensed about my exam especially after going into the hall i just one minute close my eyes and think about the HAPPY COMMENTS, ENCOURAGING, MOTIVATING COMMENTS OF SIYA KE RAM PAGE………. ESPECIALLY NIDHI, U, ZARA, NIPPY, SANJANAS. HARIPRIYAS, SKR ADDICT, STUTI (I ACTUALLY MISS HER A LOT… HOPE SHE READS MY COMMENT……. MISSING U A LOT DEAR. COME BACK SOON)……. u guys have always given me hope…… i m confident only because of u all……… i dont know what will happen to me after SIYA KE RAM ends………… seriously i m crazy about guys………….. THANKS GOD FOR GIVING ME SUCH (NO WORDS TO TELL)…………………………. ( SO MUCH OF WORDS CAN BE FILLED) SISTERS, FRIENDS AND THIS FAMILY……………

        ZARA TRUE……. one week gap but i will only use 3 days for geography remainINg days for MATHS……….

        SURE NIDHI…………. I WILL SHARE ALL MY happiness and sorrows with u guys………. INDEED i was actually very excited to share with u all i did my HISTORY exam well………… u were the guys who came 2nd in my mind to share the news after my 1st family………… u r my 3rd family………. my 1st is my own blood relation…. 2nd is my school………. 3rd is SIYA KE RAM family…………

        I m eagerly waiting for today’s epi……… hope guys i understood why i m saying this line………..


      • Nidhi

        Oh My gosh!❤️
        I’m really lucky to have you all here!
        Seriously speaking now I have a desperate wish to meet your all!?
        I’m coming to telly updates so that I can speak to all my sisters and brother here ?
        I too don’t know what will I do after Siya ke ram ends I hope this serial never ends! 🙂 but I know it will one day! 🙁
        Even I too miss stuti?
        But it’s ok she told she’ll be back on March 19th as our exams will be done by that time?
        Love you all so much!❤️???

  1. SKR fan

    As usual the episode is awesome. But I don’t understand whish train the show makers have to catch. Why they are in so much hurry. They have shown love scene for just one episode .

    • Firstly they are on normal train till marriage. ……….but now. ……they all are on super fast train………?

      • Nidhi

        lol true zara??
        But I hope they won’t show vanvaas track so soon 🙁
        Will miss lakshmila?

    • Nidhi

      Thanks SKR fan for the link 🙂
      May I know if you’re working or studying? Only if it’s not personal….I’m sorry if it’s personal?

      • Nidhi

        Oh which class? May we know that? I’m really sorry if it’s personal? didn’t mean to hurt you 🙁
        And that’s urmila in my dp?

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      ya skr fan………. so beautiful……… mm is always beautiful……… i wish there is always some one to take for her evil eye………. in tamil we say it na kannu paduthu………. she is so adorable………

  2. amulya

    Do the newly weds have to be separated. Why couldn’t bharat and shatrughan take mandvi and shruthkirti with them?

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      they will dear……. no worries Shrusha and Bhavi will go together only………

    • Nita

      Wow awesome episode atleast the first half. So now I think the suspense of that room will be out soon. But seeing Bharat n Shatrugan going and Supanakha’s entry I feel vanvas is near..

      Also Mandodari’s dress looked different in the precap. Did anyone notice???? I guess the cvs heard us. It was only yesterday when someone mentioned that we are seeing her in the same dress since beginning.

      • Nita

        Hey that was not my reply it was supposed to b my separate comment. Which has been posted twice I don’t know how. N actually I replied that

        Even I think the same SKR fan when Sita asked and seeing Dasharata’s reaction the first thing that came to my mind was maybe Shravan was killed with this arrow.

    • amulya

      I thought so! Thanks for confirming my doubt! And I love all the offscreen pics and edits u share. Thanks a lot for sharing all these stuff, and please continue ur good work???

  3. Sneha

    Don’t know what is in that Kaksh? Episode was good. Didn’t Mandvi and Shrutkirti go to Kaikeya with them?

  4. amulya

    Do any of u have any idea abt the arrow? I was thinking maybe it’s the arrow dashrath used to kill shravan. That is why he was so angry. Its just my guess. What do u guys think?

    • Nita

      Yes dear Amulya even I think so. That was the first thought that came to my mind when I saw Dasharath’s reaction.

    • nupur

      Evn i think d same amulya.i think in 2moro’s epi dey ll show flashback of dashtath shooting shravan & sita helping him deal wid his guilt

  5. SKR fan

    Ya I was right that Sara khan is not that of sasural simar ka. She has acted in the serials like dhoondh legi manzil hamein and dilli wali Thakur girls.

  6. craze about skr

    nice episode………….feeling so sad for mandavi nd shruthakirti………………..everyone looked stunning on those outfits………………very eager to know what is the secret of that kaksh …………………..

    • Nidhi

      Me too nippy 🙁
      But my doubt is why didn’t they take mandavi and shrutkirti along with them?? they must have taken them also right?

    • craze about skr

      ya……now only marriage life begin to start……but those two guys left them…….. so sad to see them………:-( 🙁 :'(

      • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

        no worries nippy and zara….. they will go with their husbands only…………


        they will go…….. u wait and watch bcoz i damn whn sitaram n laks went to vanvasam mandavi n shruthakirti were not with sita…….. if they had been i dont think they would have left sita to go to vanavasam………

      • Nidhi

        Oh thanks ww 🙂
        At least this will make me feel a bit better or else all the couples will get separated except siam…..

  7. Haripriya

    Nice episode but Bharat and shatrughan are going to Kaikeya and wishing they will come back soon

  8. Sanjana

    Dasharath is angry on Sita OMG
    Excited for tomorrow episode
    Saas bahu scene was awesome
    How are you exams going
    Nidhi di if I am not mistaken today is your social exam
    reshma di how was your seminar
    Awesome episode

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      i think as skr fan fan and many of us guess is that it might be the kaksh in which we have the arrow by which Dhasarath killed Sharvan…………….. lets see whether our guess true…… if it is like that then Sita will Dhasarath to come over his guilt……….. then father in law daughter in law relationship will become stronger……….

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      ya dear especially they way the mothers fought for Ram’s favourite food……….too good…….. love is always is powerful…………..

  9. Ishita

    Wow the suspense seems interesting ??
    And why are they seprating the couples..?but anyways episode was awesomee

    And nidhi i want to ask u something that where do u live?????,????

    • Nidhi

      Hello everyone! ?
      Thanks for the links well wisher and SKR fan! 🙂
      SKR fan may I know if you are studying or working? I’m sorry if it’s personal?
      Today’s episode was good but I have a doubt why didn’t they take mandavi and shrutkirti along with them?
      And what’s the mystery behind that kaksh? If anyone knows please do tell me 🙂
      Ishita I live in Hyderabad! 🙂
      Zara yes even I’m getting scared that the vanvaas is coming soon ?
      Nupur di thank you so much❤️ All the best for your physics exam too?
      You will do well di don’t worry 😉
      And sanjana no dear my social exam is on March 9th 🙂
      Well wished thank you so much for your help ??

      I’m sorry for replying everyone in the same comment I hope you all understand?


      • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

        hi nidhi…………

        no mention for the help………

        how did u do ur exam?

      • Nidhi

        My science exam went fine well wisher?

        Thanks for asking!? sorry to tell thanks!
        How was your history exam? 🙂

      • Nidhi

        Oh yes you told me I forgot ?
        And yes all the very best for your geography exam?
        You have loads of time so you can revise really well! 😉

  10. nupur

    Awesome epi.Only sad 4 mandvi & shruthkirti:(
    Hi 2 all my sistrs n frnds who r havin r u all doin.Nidhi,WW,Zara n Evry1 havin xams bst of luck 4 ur remaining xams.
    Guy wish me luck too as 2moro i hav d hardest xam-PHY.I m dead scared of it:((

    • Nidhi

      Yes di don’t worry you will do well 😀
      And thank you so much di❤️
      All the best to you also!

    • Haripriya

      Thanks Nidhi di I know that we shouldn’t say thanks but still and ur dp is also good and yes they both look adorable

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      dont worry di…….. they wont get separated first……. 1st is URMIKA, 2nd BHAVI, 3rd SIAM………. SHRUSHA will never get separated so all Shrusha be happy about it……..

      and i did my history exam too good………. such a easy paper………. i actually except centum but i dont want to have over confidence so might be above 70 out of 80………

      and ya i m also dead scared of PHYSICS………… actually i have problem with phy, maths, chemistry only equations then my mother tongue TAMIL……….. spelling mistake in tamil is horrible……… and unfortunately we dont have holiday for tamil. so sad……….. any ways dont worry di we will do our best……… All the best. be confident………..

      hope my comment gets posted……..

      • Nidhi

        Don’t worry we’ll wisher you will do awesome?
        You will get centum in it see?
        And yes nupur di all the best?


        thanx for the encouragement nidhi……. i know no thanx but still……

    • Akanksha sharma

      Thanx a lot for ur sweet concern dear nupur di i gave my chemistry exam very well….and ya i will really pray fr u …. i wish ur hardwork may turn to sucess….all the best di

  11. omg the precap is so interesting the episode was good but sad for bhavi and shrushan cause now there would be no scenes of them.

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      ya though they wont be separated for now since they are not near Sita there will be no scenes of them………… so sad………..

  12. Nice episode. …….OMG bharat and shatrughan leave for kaikeya. ….mean vanvas is near. ……
    I think this is arrow whom which dasharath shot sharavan by mistake?. ..?

  13. dia

    So sad for mandvi nd shrutkirti…..

    I request please show more and more sisters’scenes and more laxmila scenes as after vanvaas we would not be able to see them….

    Hyy frnds how was ur exam

    mine was a disaster

    • Nidhi

      Ayyo dia di don’t worry you will get nice marks only 🙂
      Mine went well di? thanks for asking

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      hi dia di………

      mine i did well……. dont worry the paper u think well sometimes will not give good marks same way the one we have done bad will sometimes even make us get rank holder so no worries. u can catch up in other papers……. dont get panic di……… be chill…….

      n no worries bhavi n shrusha wont get separated now……….. be happy for that…………

      • Nidhi

        Thank you sister?
        Even your dp is awesome!❤️
        Oops sorry to tell thanks?
        And thanks for the information too? again sorry to tell thanks

  14. Priya verma

    Hey i’m priya I TOTALLY LOVE THIS SHOW its simply AWESOME… Iam basically TAMILIAN and iam a mumbai based artist…. Iam here in OOTY for some while….

  15. Nita

    Wow awesome episode atleast the first half. So now I think the suspense of that room will be out soon. But seeing Bharat n Shatrugan going and Supanakha’s entry I feel vanvas is near..

    Also Mandodari’s dress looked different in the precap. Did anyone notice???? I guess the cvs heard us. It was only yesterday when someone mentioned that we are seeing her in the same dress since beginning.

  16. Nidhi

    And everyone awesome dp?
    Sorry I replied you all in the same comment check out my reply to ishita’s comment 🙂

  17. Silpa k sivadasan

    Many of u askd abt that kaksh today

    That is the room in which kaikeyi wearng widow dress asks dasarath to send ram to jngle

    It is a asubh room & rani s go there iff they hav a great grief

  18. Sanjana

    Hi Priya di I am also a tamilian
    Yes nita they are responding to our expectations
    I think the kaksh contains of the arrow with which dasharath shot shravan
    Dia I hope they show sisters scene and all the best for your upcoming exams
    Hetvi even I thought shoorpanakha was not Sara Khan
    In the real story i think mandvi and srutakirti went with Bharat and shatrughn
    Thank you wellwisher di for the links
    Tellyupdates post my comment pls

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      thanx sanjana for ur wishes………. and no mention for the links………

  19. Clara

    Hey everyone!! 🙂
    Actually..the history behind that arrow goes like this:
    Once while Dashrath was out hunting, he mistook a man(Shravan) drinking water from a lake, for a deer and shot him..Shravan had actually come there to fetch water for his blind parents. When Dashrath saw that he has killed Shravan, he was shocked. He went to shravan’s parents…and when they came to know about their beloved son’s death, they cursed Dashrath that he too will have to suffer from departure from his most beloved son.
    And the one arrow shown today is the one by which Dashrath shit Shravan…Dashrath is actually afraid that he will lose ram as a result of that curse…and the current track will thatsy lead to the ‘vanvas’ of Ram.

  20. Sanjana

    All you’re dps are awesome
    If you saw in the precap Sita tries explaining dasharath but he signs her to stop
    How will Sita handle the situation??

    • Nidhi

      Thanks sanjana even your dp awesome?
      We will have to wait and see how will Sita handle the situation..

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      sure dear…….. its siya ke ram right? so will be able to manage no worries…..

  21. Saranya

    Every episode mqke me to go craze on it. I know that arrow which s killed shravan. Today sita’s part. Hello my sweet sisters how r u all. How s ur exams. All d best for ur upcoming exams. From next in tamil na which I waiting to watch it in tamil.

  22. Hey My Dear little princesses,How R all of U????? Fine na………How is Ur exams????Is it well na????I hope All of U did very well…………Anyway, My Seminar was completed in evening 7:00 pm.So I am Soooooo Happy Now ………..At last,Its Completed………. The Seminar is Superb my dear sisters………Actually, Its A National Seminar About Botany……”Plant culturing & Research about Tissue Culture “………I think I did it well as its possible for me……………Feeling Relaxed now……………….And those who are asked me about seminar , I would like to give ??????………So sweet of my little sisters………………….I love all of u a lot ……………Be smile Always…………..And Now coming to the episode, Its Really Nice………Soooooo sad for Mandvi & sruthikirthi…………..Anyway, Its Nice to read……….I can see only Tomorrow…………. Sooooo my bak bak is stopped now…………I will join tomorrow with u all …………….Gud nyt for Today for my Cute sisters………….PLZZZZZZzz TELLY UPDATE POST THIS COMMENT ……..PLZZZZZZZZ ITS A REQUEST………

    • nupur

      WOW!!! Di u had a seminar on plant culture.I too hav an interest in stuff related 2 microbiology & tissue culture.hope ur seminar went well di?

    • Haripriya S

      Hope your seminar went well di and ya today’s episode was good… And thanks for your wishes di

    • Nidhi

      Di you are so sweet di??
      And yes my exam went well
      And I’m happy that even your seminar went well…
      Love you too di??
      And yes awesome DP!❤️?


      • I know dear,I am so Sweet…….. Bcoz,My sisters R the Reason for it & they R also Sooooooooooooooooooooooo Sweeeeetttttttttt……………Love u all dears……………..????☺???

      • Nidhi

        So sweeeeeeeeeet of you reshma di?❤️
        I also do understand the troubles of Saree coz for our farewell last month we had to wear sarees and at one point of time I slipped and fell down ? also! It was really awkward for me to handle the situation ….??

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      hi reshma di i did my exams well…….

      n ya even when i was in class 8 i tied saree n it was horrible…… i felt it too difficult……..

    • Nita

      Ya agree. Last month we had to wear saree for our farewell oh God it is so difficult to carry. And I was supposed to give a speech on behalf of my whole class and at that time climbing the stairs and getting down was worse…
      And even we could not dance afterwards

      • Nidhi

        Yes nita di you must have enjoyed a lot right??
        Farewells are so much fun but leaving our school feels really bad?

  23. nupur

    Thanks nidhi & haripriya dear 4 encouraging me.Hope u too do well in the xam.
    Thank u ww & skr fan 4 sharin those lovely pics.u both always make sure tht the members of skr family enjoy evry special moments on d show again by d pics.So many thnks 4 ur efforts.
    Saranya di,my 1st xam went great thnks 4 asking…

    • nupur


      • Haripriya

        There is no need to ask sorry Nupur di and I can understand that you are busy with ur exams

      • Nidhi

        No sorry and thanks between sisters know di forgot???
        Thanks for your wishes di☺️
        Oops sorry for telling thanks?
        All the best for your next exam di???

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      no mention di……. i m tired of telling u guys not to to apologize….. its okay………… sorry n thanx allowed among sisters but strictly prohibited among FRIENDS……..

      and all the best di……. ya ghostly board exams…….

  24. Sanjana(Sara)

    Nidhi di, ww di, bhoomi di , Sanjana di, Craze about skr di , Akanksha di and everyone having dp have awesome dp.☺

  25. Haripriya S

    Hi all… Today’s episode was good….. And I felt Bharath and shatrugn are leaving early…?anyway…. Story should move forward… And I think that arrow is the arrow with which dasharath killed shravan…. And it’s just a guess any other guess???

    • Nidhi

      Event u ink the same di
      Not only me everyone is thinking the same that it’s the arrow which dashrath kills shravan thinking that he’s a deer 🙁

      • Nita

        Yes dear…. She was in a lead role in Ek Hasina Thi… One of my favourite serials…. Did u also watch EHT ??

        Recently she participated in Power Couple with her husband Aamir Ali. They got eliminated last week.

      • Nidhi

        I watched it for a while nita di but then it got a bit boring so I stopped watching it …I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings di?
        Yah last week the couple got Eliminated In power couple but I guess power couple is over right nita di? ?

        Well wisher I don’t know her name but she was the lead in Ek Hasina Thi 🙂


        oh okay nita di….. i got confused because a day before i saw same type of collage of prithvi……..

    • Nita

      No Nidhi this week will be the finale. (Power Couple)

      N no issues Nidhi all have different views so if u did not like the show than its OK (ek hasina this)
      N u are NOT supposed to say SORRY…..(if u consider me as your sister)

      • Nidhi

        Ok nita di sure?
        Thanks for understanding 🙂
        And I didn’t know that power couple is still continuing coz I don’t have tv connection at my home presently that is why… 🙁

  26. akanksha sharma

    heyee frndz all of u have lovely dps….i cant mention each and every name ….as they are so many really all have awesome dps…

  27. Bhoomi

    Good episode…. feeling sad 4 mandvi & shrutkriti… 🙁

    Nidhi,ishita, ww, nita di, reshma di, dia di , sanjana, abi, haripriya, haripriya s, zara .. sry if miss anyone . eveyones dp is superb …. 😀

    Nidhi may i know who is in your dp ??? Is this you nidhi dear????

    I comment late cuz its my exam today …

    Wish all the very best who have exams 🙂

    Reshma di hope your seminar was awesome … 🙂

    Priya welcome to SKR fan club….. 🙂

    Telly updates please post this …. please

    • Nidhi

      Anu you don’t need to thank your sisters this is the rule here??
      Every fan of siya ke ram is always welcome here ?

    • jay

      U Say Frnds & Tnks at the same time its not fair …………….. all r welcome as SKR Fanz

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      no need to thank us anu…… will u pls tell about u to us. sorry if its personal……….

    • Akanksha sharma

      U dont need to thanx as u said we r family and now u r also a sweet member of this family so no thanx dear….a warm welcome to this family dear …may i know in which class u r

  28. Sanjana

    Thanks Sanjana
    All the best for your exams nidhi di nupur di WW di bhoomi di Zara di and others who have their exams
    Sorry if I have missed your names
    Thanks for the links

    • Nidhi

      Thank you sanjana?
      Oops sorry to tell thanks?
      All the best to you also dear (if you have exams)
      And your dp sammmaaa….❤️?

    • Akanksha sharma

      No sry dear…we r ur sisters r8…and ya its not ur fault its very difficult…to remember each and every name ….i can completely understand

  29. Nidhi

    Everyone awesome dp I’m sorry for not mentioning names too many fans right???
    But all of you have superb dp’s!!❤️??

  30. One joke ….I hope u all like it……

    She-:OK BYE I’M GOING. ….
    ME-: OK BYE
    SHE -:C YAA. ….
    ME-:KE RAM…….???????

  31. Sanjana

    Thanx jay di Sara di and nidhi di
    I think they will show the pigeon today also and dasrath will believe Sita after seeing the pigeon

  32. Sanjana

    I have won a gold medal in English Olympiad
    I wanted to share my happiness with my skr sisters as you are my wellwishers

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      oh wow. i m really happy for u dear……. i want treat…….. send us all the image of cakes. okay? once again congrats dear…………

    • Congrats sanjana……..I’m really happy for you. ……may u win many more medals in our life……and make ur parents on ur self …….?????

    • Nidhi

      Congratulations and Celebrations! ???
      Of course everyone here can share their happiness and sorrows with us as we are all one family!❤️
      But I won’t leave off like that? I want party! Some of the other way??
      Just joking!
      All the best for your future dear??

    • Akanksha sharma

      Oo great dear…its indeed a very gud news not only fr u but whole family of skr fan club….we all r very happy fr u may u achieve all heights of sucess….my gud wishes r always with u….siya ke the best…this line is very essential for the comment to get post

    • Haripriya

      Congratulations and sorry for wishing late and hope u get more medals and be successful in life Sanjana di

  33. Sanjana

    Dasharath partiality towards ram is not acceptable
    He must love all the sons equally
    Does anybody here feel the same

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan


      • Nidhi

        Yes sanjana he’s being partial which is not right but I think he loves ram more due to his dignity and divinity as guru vashisht tells ram’s future to dashrath …. It’s just my guess and may be because he likes ram more, and shravan’s parents curse him that he will also lose his most favourable son, he must be scared of losing ram and is showing more concern towards him…’s just my guess 🙂
        Though even I dont agree being partial towards their own children it’s wrong…

      • Akanksha sharma

        Ya seriously…he is being partial…he showers his luv only on ram…but the best part is ram distributes all luv given by dashrath to his all brothers which didnt let them feel the lack of luv frm their father…so sweet of him…and ya ram himself is also very lucky to have such brothers…… who r fully their elder bro..hats off to them

      • Nidhi

        Yes akanksha di is completely right the way ram shows equality between all his brothers though he has spent most of his time with lakshman. Ram still gets it to the point to make it to Bharat and shatrugan too because he missed all the happy moments with them 🙂

  34. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    and ya all dps superb

    nidhi mandvi n sita were too good……. n there is a surprise for u in the

    akansha di prithvi looks really cute…..

    pooja di, Sanjana n zara as usual sita pretty…….

    Hari sitaram the ideal couple……..

    jay may i know who is in ur dp?

    reshma di Rishbala cute as usual……. DD n Vivan rocks always…..

    Bhoomi Urmika marriage scene awesome dear………

    Nita di WHO s the one ur dp? s it prithvi hatte?

    Hripriya S di Sita ram swayambar image nice……..

    Abi as usual Ashoka handsome……..

    Ishi who is the one in ur dp?

    Nippy nice collage work of Lakshmila………

    Amulya di Sita ram wallpaper superb…….

    dia di the teddy looks beautiful…….

    mahe Lakshmila gifting scene awesome

    Sneha my little sis i dont get what is in ur dp………. sorry dear….

    Sorry guys if missed anyone……….

    and will anyone tell me how to have smiles in the text……. ppllllsssssss……….

    Tellyupdates pls post it……. i know its not related to Siya ke ram but its related to its family…… ppppppllllllllsssss………. MY HUMBLE REQUEST……………

  35. Sanjana

    WW di I hope you get centum and all the best for other exams
    You can balance the chemical equations and leArn i think it will be easy and all the best for Tamil even I make a lot of spelling mistakes in it
    Nupur di how are your exams going on
    Missing sruti di

    • Nidhi

      Me too sanjana missing sruthi as well as stuti?
      Hope they come back soon after their exams….


      thanx Sanjana…….. actually balancing is not problem in ICSE they will give like dehydrating property of sulphuric acid…….. for that i should write the equation….. n tamil actually in my pre board exams i got once 60 out of 80 another time 50 out of 80……. my aim is to get some how 60+ bcoz the remaining 20 the teachers will give so no props over there…….. for me its enough if i get 80% in board exam

    • Nidhi

      Ayyo? I was just joking sanjana? its ok your love and affection towards us is what all of us want❤️
      And yes you will definitely succeed in your future endeavours ?
      I’m sure
      One day we might see you as a champion in all the newspapers and other mediums like television 😉
      Loads of love?❤️

      And yes it was just my opinion towards partiality nothing else I’m really sorry if someone got hurt by it or something like that?

  36. Nidhi

    Everyone here thanks for all your encouraging words❤️
    Can never forget them!
    Sanjana party?? where? When? How?
    What about the invitation card???

    • Sanjana

      I wish I could meet you and give the invitation
      My love and affection will always be there for you
      Thanks for the encouraging words
      Thanks for the meaning nidhi di
      Newspaper and TV ayyo it is too much nidhi di?

      • Nidhi

        Me too I wish I could meet you too? but not possible
        May be God will get us all closer and make us meet someday 🙂
        Thanks?? No thanks between sisters sanjana??
        Newspaper and TV okay then not now but keep those people ready for your future endeavours 😉

    • He want to convey that what ever yagya or anything people do……It is bigger than if we pray with true heart …….yagya is important but.not yagya is not so much important ….if people not do prayer with true heart then yagya or anything else is not fof r any use…….hope I’m right

    • Nidhi

      I’ll tell you dear that quotation States that more than outer knowledge our inner knowledge is more important?
      Hope you got it 😉
      And thanks dear?

      • Nidhi

        I mean more than outer yagn inner yagn is more divine and valuable 🙂
        Hope you got it
        And yes Zara your are right 🙂

  37. SKR fan

    Now onwards there will be no repeat of the whole week on Sunday that used to be shown from 7:00am to 10:00am.

    • Nidhi

      Yes SKR fan it seems the kanani Ab Tak got removed due to some technical problems and also it seems they weren’t able to summarise and telecast the whole week’s episodes in 1 and 1/2 hour 🙁 so it got removed ?

  38. Nidhi

    Awesome dp akanksha di??
    Mandavi and shrutkirti look really adorable❤️
    Just like you? though I’ve never seen you but by your words I can understand it 😉

  39. Nidhi

    WELL WISHER!!!!!????



      So i liked my surprise na?

      And sorry dear only now i saw ur comments…… and yes i have approved it…….. so how is my Siya ke ram fan club site?

      actually i didnt wish to tell u all till my exams gets over and lied to u guys that i m working on it…….. sorry guys……. 🙂

      and nidhi pls dont give the link to anyone for now pls……… my inbox is getting over load……. actually each everything u guys do there needs my approval because i dont want any stupid cramp to read our personal talks………. and since i m busy with my exams i cant come everyday and approve the comments…….. u can understand na?

      Sorry everyone……….. i will give u guys the link after March 28 because i need sometime to explore it also……………

      nidhi remaing i will tell u in the fan club site……..

      • Nidhi

        Well wished you can trust me?
        And we will give a surprise to all the other siya ke ram fans?
        Don’t worry I won’t reveal anything about it here…
        I understand that everything we do there needs your approval and you have your exams so it’s difficult but I guess you can add other members as admins too if that can happen please do add me also if you don’t mind 🙂 and I asked you something there check it out!
        I loved your surprise trust me❤️
        I can understand exam tensions even I’m going through the same thing 🙂
        Yes even I’m sorry from both of us ?
        But let me tell you there’s a HUGE surprise for all you??
        Ok I’ll open the fan club site and see there 🙂

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.