Siya Ke Ram 4th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 4th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with male pigeon saying our partner has sent me to inform you that…. Sita asks what…. FB shows Ram and Laxman reaching the ashram. They see everything shattered. Laxman checks the Rekha crossed. He recalls his words to Sita and cries. He shouts Bhabhi…… and looks for her. He says something bad happened here. He calls out Sita and says Ram has come, I told you nothing will happen to Ram, where are you. Raman drops his bow and picks a stool. Laxman says Sita is not here, don’t worry, I will look that side. Ram sees the broken pot and holds it. He cries and breaks the pot. Ram gets Sita’s cloth and flower garland. He cries holding that and shouts Sita…………….

The pigeons look on,as Ram cries out his pain. Laxman goes to Ram. Ram signs him to stop. FB ends. Pigeon

tells Sita that I have seen many in problems, but not in such pain, Ram was crying as if someone has snatched his health, not family. Sita cries.

Raavan concentrates in his tapasya. He recalls Sita and Kaikesi’s words, Surpanakha, Mandodari’s words. He opens his eyes. Asur comes to him and says I got the news like Lankesh wanted, we have seen Ram, he is in such pain that he would have died, I did not see any human in such pain. Raavan says keep on saying, I m listening. Asur says you know Lankesh, it seemed Ram is going to die, he is not able to eat, breath or talk, he is just saying Sita’s name, I heard he is big warrior, but he stays upset and helpless, if you command, shall I kill him. Raavan shouts no. Asur gets shaken up in fear and leaves. Raavan laughs and says killing you is like forgiving you Ram, your pain just started, you will die for sure, on your own, you will die every moment, keep crying and saying Sita…. Sita…… He laughs aloud.

Sita asks the male pigeon did you see Ram before coming here, do you know anything. She asks why are you silent. He says yes, I have seen him. FB shows Laxman finding Sita’s ring. Laxman shows it to Ram. Ram thinks of Sita, and how he once found the ring and goes to her. He says you forgot your ring in kitchen. She asks him to make her wear it. he makes her wear the ring. Ram cries. Chatayu calls out Ram. Ram and Laxman hear him and rush. Ram takes him in lap and asks about his state. Pigeon hears them. Chatayu says I tried to save Sita, but he took Sita. Ram asks who. Chatayu says the one we were afraid of, Raavan. Ram and Laxman get shocked. Chatayu says I attacked Raavan, but…. Ram says Laxman, we have to take him to hut soon.

Chatayu says no, all tries are waste now, its time for me to leave. Laxman says no. Chatayu asks Ram will you fulfill my last wish. Ram nods. Chatayu says I want to take my last breath in my best friend Dasharath’s son’s lap, will you fulfill my wish. Ram cries and rests Chatayu’s head in his lap properly. Chatayu smiles seeing him and says I have roamed all my life, now its time to return home. He takes his last breath. Ram, Laxman and that pigeon cry. Ram cries and closes Chatayu’s eyes. Ram and Laxman fume with anger. Ram says Raavan…..

FB ends. Sita cries for Chatayu. She says Ram would have known it, Chatayu would have surely told him that Raavan took me away, Ram would know where I m, he will surely come to take me. Pigeon nods and smiles.

Meghnadh asks Raavan what happened, is there any worry or dilemma. Raavan says storm will come. Meghnadh says I was also thinking same. Raavan says its not natural that Surpanakha got calm, she is thinking to do something. Meghnadh asks shall I increase soldiers outside her Kaksh. Raavan says no, they will be killed, we have to think what is she thinking. Meghnadh says we can make a solution if we know whats in her heart, her heart is like a maze. Raavan says we can stop a maze by a maze and smiles. Sulochana hears them and says so they are going to make a maze to stop Bua ji, as far as I know Raavan, he will make such maze in which Sita will also get lost, I have to do something, I have to make Sita run away before this maze is made.

Surpanakha goes to some place. She sees the Asur women praying. She goes to see Kaikesi, who is doing aarti. Kaikesi turns to Surpanakha. She says during my Sadhna, no one is allowed to come here except my devotees. Surpanakha says I have come here as your devotee, I want your help, I know you will surely help me. She tells why she wants her help….. Kaikesi looks on.

Sita tells the pigeon that you might be hungry, have this food. He says no, till you have food, how is this possible that I eat food. She asks him to do a work. He says sure, command me. She asks him to go Panchwati and give her message to Ram, but after that, you have this food, you came from far and have to go on long journey again, think of this as my command. He says don’t worry, everything will be fine, Ram will make things fine. She smiles.

Pigeon tells Sita that he will come back soon with Ram’s message. Raavan shoots the pigeon. The pigeon falls down. Sita sees this and shouts no. Raavan tells Sita that you thought I will let him fly away with your message for Ram.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. Feeling sad for jatayu. But he had such a wonderful death. He died saving Mata Sita and took his last breath in shri ram’s lap. What is surpnakha’s plan? And what was Raavan and meghnad taking about? Oh no! Its sad. I wish the pigeon would have reached ram and gave sita’s news. Well at least he gave the news that ram is knowing sita is in Lanka and this will give her hope. Anybody knows this pigeon’s name?

    1. ya dear skr bro now ravan’s whole body will be cut !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    Though today’s epi was emotional.. aftr a long time I saw smile n siyas face..oh no dis cruel ravan killed tat pigeon also.. surely ravan u should defenetly pay fr ram nd siyas tears

  3. Emotional episode….
    Don’t like to see ram’s crying…..but ashish and karan doing great job

  4. Emotional epi…… Hard to see ram crying???. But happy that sita come to know that ram knows where is she…

  5. I hv a ques…snbody posted a analysis on sulochana.sulochana is d daughter pf is it possible ?????cz laxman is seshnag’s incarnation & urmila’s hus wife.dn how cn sulochona be seshnagh’s daughter when hvn’t gave her birth???!!

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      I posted that analysis.. Sulochana isn’t lakshman daughter she’s sheshnag daughter..

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        She is daughter of serpents king sheshnag ? ??

  6. I have question, I got to know, Pandavs went to hell, kavravs went to heaven. why?
    AND WHY’D drupati go to hell firstly?
    I want clear explain.

    1. Supreetha (Soups)

      I hope my answers makes sense to you! Kauravas went to heaven despite being evil as they died a warrior’s death in the battle field. It is believed that death at war will lead you to heaven, after washing tgem of all their sins. And the Pandavas didn’t die at war and went to hell as they had to pay for their sins! I think Draupadi died first because she had the sin of being partial only to arjun and not all husbands equally. Hope you understood what I’ve said 🙂

    2. But Yutishtrar went to Heaven rgt?

      1. Supreetha (Soups)

        Yudhishthir went time heaven but he had to momentarily go to hell as he lied once and supposedly that was the only sin he committed in his life!

    3. No I have never heard it. What I know is that pandavas along with draupadi were going to the heaven alive. In their way first draupadi died and then the other pandavas. Only yudhisthir reached heaven and he lost his little finger as he once lied about aswathama death in the war. He reached heaven with one dog who was actually dharmraj.

      1. Supreetha (Soups)

        Yeah they were going alive but one by one everyone fell to their death and Draupadi was first…..I’ve not heard of Yudhishthir losing his finger though! Where is this mentioned?

      2. Vanshika crazy for skr

        I also know that Yudhishtira went to heaven alive. And others died in the way and united in heaven

  7. Vijay bro u don’t have hangouts app ???

    1. yes i hangout thanmathi…
      plz check once again…

      Vijay Raghavan


    Hi everybody… l’m commenting after a long time. anybody remember me..?? OK. l just came here to wish my Nidhi… any old member here..? it’s 5th June.. our Nidhi’s birthday… so wish her guys.. she will be happy…

    Nidhi… if u r a silent reader here then please leave one comment dear…

    ww.. please wish Nidhi from my side… l know u have contact with her.. it’s a request…

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Wow ?
      Many many happy returns of the day ?
      May god bless you ?..

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        It’s a great coincidence today is also my granny ? grandpa ? anniversary today..?

  9. Happywala birthday nidhi…may God bless u…???

  10. Happy birthday nidhi.??

  11. Happy birthday Nidhi????

  12. Vanshika crazy for skr

    The epi was w emotional ???? so sad were ram’s tears

    1. great anger on ram’s face. hi nabanita di nice 2 meet u after a log time.

      vanshu sis i saw ur ans dear. and all who answered me, i would like to tell them dat their ans were awesome.

      can i send my next doubts ???????//////

      1. Hi vaidehi.i am very happy toooooooo?????????
        So how are you dear????

      2. i’m a bit sad coz they’re not showing ram bt altogether fine. how r uuuuuuu ??????
        and yes i stay in barrackpore (outskirts of kolkata). i’m a bengali.

      3. Ha ami jani.amio bhalo achi .????
        Back to English -now I am very busy becoz my college online form fillup ???up is going on.and wbjee medical exam ??is knocking on the door.and now i only see sia ke ram on tv??.and I also don’t able to see ram crying like this???

  13. Happy birthday nidhi dear…have a great year ahead ???????????

  14. Vanshika crazy for skr
    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Is d second link not workings?? I’ll fix it tonight dears. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by me

      1. again sorry ????????????????????





    WITH LOADS OF LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    ww di pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls send my message to nidhi di.


  17. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Ravan is more than cruel… How dare he kill the innocent ? cute pigeon… Foolish..?

  18. Vanshika crazy for skr

    My sister suchi hope u dear saw the comments in ystrdy page answering your questions.. Pls check it sweetie cutie pie..

    1. yes i’ve dearie. sad for the epi

  19. my questions. pls everybody ans………..

    1. was lord rama younger than sita ??????????????

    2. y was sita called vaidehi ?????????????????????

    pls help………..

    1. 1] Sita is younger to Sri Rama.

      While answering to Ravana, who is in the disguise of a Brahmana, Sita says that she is 18 years old while Rama was 25 years old.

      मम भर्ता महातेजा वयसा पंच विंशकः ||
      अष्टा दश हि वर्षाणि मम जन्मनि गण्यते | (Aranya Kanda 47 Sarga 11 sloka)

      “My great-resplendent husband was of twenty-five years of age at that time, and to me eighteen years are reckoned up from my birth.

      2] Sita’s father, Janaka, was known for his ability to transcend body consciousness. He was therefore popularly referred to as “Videha”. Hence, Sita came to be known as “Vaidehi” (the daughter of Videha).

      1. Supreetha (Soups)

        Thank you so much for this! Never knew this 🙂

      2. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Siya isn’t younger to ram ji she’s older…n siya in know ways could b 18 years old wen ravan kidnapped her as 13 years of vanvas already passed na.. So u mean 5 years old was siya wen she was exiled lol ?..

        And siya is called vaidehi as she’s from videha dearie jus like Panchali is from panchal.. Hope u understood dearie sweetie suchi

      3. Vanshika crazy for skr

        But its a confusion sorry gopika di u meant at time of marriage they were this much old.. Original Ramayana stated that..God Sri Rama was older then Maa Sita. Sri Rama married at age 27 year and Sita was of age 18 year. So,Sri Ram was 9 years elder then Sita.. But some people say opposite that sita 8 year olds than ram.. Vaidehi dear u believe in Valmiki Ramayana only.. Dat meansGod Sri Rama was older then Maa Sita. Sri Rama married at age 27 year and Sita was of age 18 year. So,Sri Ram was 9 years elder then Sita.

      4. Supreetha (Soups)

        Vanshu has a point there about Sita’s age! What I’ve heard from somewhere is Ram was 16 years old when he married Sita. I’m not sure if she was just a few years younger to him or what! Please clarify……

      5. Bujhlam.Janis ei page e rich a boleo amader akta bone cum friend chilo. I I bangali chilo.kintu jani na akhon kano o comment more me.miss rich a very much.???
        I know it can understand only vaidehi and richa

    2. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Some people also say that Also Sita tells in another place to Ravana that she was 18 years old when she and Rama left Ayodhya. So (18 – 12)=6 years was her age of marriage. According to Valmiki Ramayan, Bhagwaan Sri Ram was about 12 years of age and Mata Sita was 6 years of age during the time of marriage… So confusing ooosh is impossible yaar

      1. VAIDEHI (die hard fan of siam and lakshmila)

        vanshu sis “chere de amar mone hoy je jai hok na kno sita ram’er theke chotoi chilo sheta jotoi age hok” i know dat u won’t be able to understand it…….. i think only nabanita di can understand it

      2. VAIDEHI (die hard fan of siam and lakshmila)

        nabanita di i hope u understand my words coz its in bengali

      3. Sorry its don’t I’s oo
        And comment kore na.set for the unwanted mistake’s change itself.

  20. Happy bday nidhi

  21. Lord m was 8 years (mostly) elder then sita .
    Sita was called vaidehi coz she was from vaideha mithila’s ancestral name.
    Guys u too answer her maybe my answers are wrong ra

  22. happy birthday nidhi…

    1. Supreetha (Soups)

      Welcome to the family Bhaiyya! Sorry for the late welcome! I’m Soups 🙂

      1. VAIDEHI (die hard fan of siam and lakshmila)

        same here belated wlcm da

  23. guys tqs for clarifying my doubts. and yes i believe in valmiki ramayana only. whatever the age difference was but it is sure dat ram was elder than sita right ????????????

    my next doubts ?????????????

    1. y did draupadi not marry karna ???????????

    2. did shree krishna marry radha ??????????? if not then who was lord krishna’s wife ????????????? was it rukmini ??????????????

    3. how many wives did arjun have ?????????? names pls.

    4. whom did arjun love the most among all his wives ??????????

    5. y did krishna not fight in mahabharata’s war ??????????

    pls dearies help me

    1. 1. Ans is simple dear…she loves arjun she don’t want to marry anybody else so that only she spoke like that(hope u knew it) u may ask y she marries the bros I think u know the reason cutie

      2. Krishna didn’t marry radha…ya rukmini is his wife’s uncountable

      4.some says draupadi n some says subhadra.. I think subadra… (U know in this way I hate him)

      5.see if krishna would have fought he can destroy those papis n one sec.. But the reason is diff in some versions they said that balram is a supporter of duryodhana he used to love him most… Kunti is his aunt.. And moreover pandavas should take revenge for their wife insult ( mere view se…vo log to uski justice nahi Di at least revenge toh lene do)

    2. other versions of mahabarath it is said that king draupat did a yagna to get a son to kill drona and daughter to get her married to arjun so that during the fight with droba,arjun may stay with him being his dhamad
      2 no it is said that they married in some puranas ,other versions object that.the name of other wife’s of Krishna are jampavati,rukmini,sathyabama,thulasi,I will you when I know some other name is said that we van count the number of sand in seashore but not arjun’s wife.I know only some same,
      Alli-she is a female queen where males are restricted to enter.
      Pavalakodi-dont know but there is film about arjun and pavalakodi.
      Draupati-daughter of king duropat
      Subathra-sister of of Krishna
      Olubi-a nagkani. is actually subathra
      5.because of the promise given to balaram that he and his brother won’t fight holding weapon during war (actually each and every move is did by Krishna by his wit)

      (No need for thanks,I don’t want to be a part of skr family but still a sister to you ,if you wish)

    3. Draupadi didn’t marry Karna because her father liked to get her married with Arjuna, so she was in search of him as pair. and the one more fake thing that many version tell is draupadi taunted Karna, but in the vyasa s written swayamvar, the bow slipped from Karna ‘s hand like fish out of water and no one was able to lift the bow

    4. Radha and rukmini r same, dear
      Like kanha was yashodha s son and later killing kamsa he became Krishna
      Radha was in vrindavan and when she was sent to vidharba King her name got changed to rukmini

      1. sita,@radha and rukmini are different ,rukmini is incarnation of srudevi and satyabama from bhoodevi,radha is not neither rukmini or satyabhama

    5. 1]because Lord krishna advised her to garland Arjuna in the swayamvar

      2] no…shree krishna didn’t married radha….rukmimi is the first wife of sree krishna..who is considered as the avatar of lakshmi devi….mainly shree rama has eight wives Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra and Lakshmana.

      3] arjun had four wives…
      Draupadi, Subhadra (Krishna’s sister), Ulupi, and Chitrangada

      4] Arjuna loved Subhadra the most..

      5]when arjuna and dhuryodhana go to krishna by asking his support in the mahabarata war..
      Krishna has asked Arjuna and Dhuryodhana to decide what they want, either his army or just his presence. Arjuna got the first opportunity and asked for Krishna’s presence. To fulfill his words to Dhuryodhana, krishna didn’t fight.

      1. But they tell that chitrangada expressed her desire to arjun but he denies it because she is the dancer in Indra’s court so she is like a mother to him due to the insult caused by arjun,she gave him a curse telling”he would change into a girl in life “which Indra altered and made it as a boon which arjun utilised during the 13th year.
        Source-viliputhurar mahabarth.

    6. In vyasa s real Mahabharata Arjun had four wives : draupadi uloopi chitangada and subhadra
      Arjuna was never partial to his wife he loved them equally

    7. But in the case of sacrifice he loved draupadi so much…
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      Duryodhana’s Big Mistake – Stories From Mahabharat
      The Mahabharat program is just around the corner, with only eight days left before Sadhguru unfolds the intricacies of this timeless saga. Mahabharat will be a truly breathtaking explosion of arts, culture, and beauty – a celebration of life’s exuberance and depth. As a prelude to the program, Sadhguru narrates an incident from the epic, which ultimately decided the outcome of the legendary battle.

      Blog Home » Yoga & Meditation » History Of YogaFeb 3, 2012
      Duryodhana visits Krishna in Dwaraka – A story from the Mahabharat

      One of many stories from Mahabharat that showcase Krishna’s intelligence and playful mischievousness, this story relates a situation when Krishna was approached to become an ally, by both Duryodhana and Arjuna, as they were building up great armies before the battle at Kurukshetra. Duryodhana‘s attitude and choice cost him dearly, though he doesn’t immediately realize his folly.

      Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
      Sadhguru: There is a beautiful situation or incident that occurred in the Mahabharat. The Kurukshetra war is imminent and these two parties are going about campaigning. At that time there were only two fronts – the Kauravas and the Pandavas. They are trying to gather all the support they can because they are going to war and every man matters. You would like to have the maximum numbers because it’s life and death, it’s not an election. They’re going from kingdom to kingdom campaigning and both of them have acquired formidable armies behind them.

      Puppets from a Wayang beber play depicting the Mahabharata in Indonesia. From right: Drona, Duryodhana, Karna and Dushasana.
      Krishna is not a king, but he has a well trained army with over 10,000 men, who have been in many campaigns – a great asset. So in the afternoon Krishna is pretending to sleep. He is like that – he is pretending to sleep because when you know what is the next step and you still don’t want to disturb the game, a certain amount of pretension is needed. So he is pretending to sleep, stretched out on his bed. Duryodhana, the eldest of the Kauravas came, walked into this room and saw Krishna was sleeping. He sat down, wanting to wait. Krishna was just sleeping with a gentle smile on his face. His feet were pointed towards Duryodhana. Duryodhana looked at it and he didn’t like it. “He is not even a king; he is a cowherd. I am a great emperor. Why am I sitting at his feet?” So slowly he got up and came and sat close to his head. Then Arjuna came, a devotee of Krishna, and sat where Duryodhana had sat earlier. Krishna’s feet were pointing at him, he sees that as a blessing. So he sat there. Krishna opened his eyes after sometime, pretending to wake up. See this is the problem. Once you pretend to sleep you have to pretend to wake up. One act leads to many complex acts.

      So he pretended to wake up, opened his eyes, and said, “Oh, Arjuna you have come.” Arjuna said, “Yes Bhagwan, I have come.” Before they could talk further Duryodhana cleared his throat to make his presence felt. Krishna said, ”Oh Duryodhana, even you? Both of you at the same time – what brings both of you here?” He knows the whole act.

      Then both of them said that they have come to ask for his help in the war. Krishna said, “Both of you have come and both of you are asking for the same thing, so let me put it this way. One of you can have my army, another can have me. But I won’t fight, I’ll just come with you. Because my vision fell upon Arjuna first, he gets the first choice.” Duryodhana protested, “I came here first!” Krishna said, “But what can I do? I saw him first.”

      Then Krishna told Arjuna , “You choose what you want.” Arjuna said, “Bhagwan we want you, I don’t care about the army. We just want you with us.” Krishna warned, “I am not going to fight for you. I’ll just come with you.” He said, “You don’t have to do anything, we just want you with us.” Then Duryodhana let out a sigh of relief – he was so happy! He knew the Pandavas were idiots, but he never thought they were such idiots, that they will choose one man against 10,000 trained men. And this one man is not going to fight. Just going to come with you, drive with you. 10,000 trained men against one man who is not going to fight – what a foolish choice. But that choice made all the difference. That choice made all the difference for what happened to the result of the war.

      Editor’s Note: Watch the Leela series, where Sadhguru explores the life and path of Krishna.

      Images courtesy: Mahabharata Duryodhana in Dwaraka by william2021
      Heroes of the left realm, the Korawa, and an ally from NYPL

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      TAGS: krishna stories, mahabharata stories

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    8. @vanshu cutie if radha Krishna serial airs I will certainly join the rkk family….
      The serial is delayed due to shift of directors
      I leaved this page, I hope I hurted u many time, but I love the affection of this family, though I hate the serial

      And surely all the Krishna devotees we will meet in the tu page of the serial radha Krishna -ek a
      Alokha prem kadha when the screen of the small screen unveils, bye

      @ vaidehi actually the younger pandavas and draupadi went to heaven only but yama God created an illusion so that’ the heaven looks like hell and vice versa

    9. Vanshika crazy for skr

      1. Because he was the son of a charioteer for all ppl and coz draupadi loved Arjun only she wanted to marry Arjun..
      2. Yes dear rukmini Krishna wife he dint marry Radha..
      3. It’s said that Arjun have uncountable wives but according to Mahabharata he had four wives.. Draupadi and Subhadra to u know very well.. Uloopi a Naga princess ? and Chitrangada from Orissa dear..

      4. He loved Draupadi but then wen he meet subhadra is said he loved Subhadra the most and I think its true..
      5. Ooo.. Coz he wanted to show duryodhan that wat he can do without fighting and mainly na Balram had asked him to not fight in the war. He offered Duryodhan and Arjun himself unarmed and his army, and Arjun chose him..
      Hope u understand cutie pie

    10. She didn’t married Karna because her birth was made only to end up marrying arjun.(it is not shown in starplus mahabarth ),but it is the true that draupad never hated of having a daughter .

    11. Vaidehi dear
      Arjun loved draupadi the most… just now I watched it dear
      It was revealed in vanavas when he started tapasya on shive. Before he left he said ‘ the first bloom of every flowers , it will remind me of you, but I need the flowers without dew

    12. Draupadi. She was the silken thread that made him yearn to leave Indraprastha and yet kept his heart tethered.
      She was assuredly more openly expressive in her passion, so I believe Arjun had to downplay his own to maintain the strict codes expected from their unusual marriage.

      A single sentence by Vyas encompasses plenty – ‘Arjun made over onto his #love, the mother of #Sutsom, various jewels presented by Indra.’ Now Sutsom was Bheem’s son with Draupadi. Yet Vyas deliberately uses these words to underscore the generous, expansive, non-possessive love Arjun felt for Draupadi and the non-jealous love Arjun felt for Bheem. Isn’t that heart warming?

      Subhadra , in my opinion, was the mother of Arjun’s dearest son Abhimanyu. Her grandson became crown prince. However, beyond that she herself plays no major role in Arjun’s strife filled life. She did not accompany him into 13 year exile, unlike Draupadi.
      Written 6 Mar • View Upvotes
      Poulomi Hari
      Poulomi Hari, Marketing professional, writer, blogger.
      1.3k Views • Poulomi has 150+ answers in Mahabharata (Hindu epic)
      Arjun I guess was torn within when he saw Draupadi being shared away. It was a jolt, on his pride, his faith, his love. He might have not began loving her. But neither could he see her taken away. With the torment in his heart, he walks out of Indraprastha making an explicit excuse to part away.

      He made love to a Naga Princess Uloopi. But he wasn’t emotionally healed yet. The fore of insult was yet burning within him.

      And soon he came across a young boy who claimed to be better than him. He fought and fought and showcased all his skills. In anger he pulled away his head gear and upper garments.

      What a shame, it was a woman!
      Arjun found the princess of Manipur, Chitrangada. She was utterly cute. He married her, as she gave him plenty of reasons to smile.

      It was hard parting away from her. In fact he returned once again during his exile just to be with her again. Chitrangada emotionally healed her.

      He returned Indraprastha with a newly gained wife Subhadra. But again in Indraprashtha his wounds were revived. Draupadi was angry at him.

      He never showed his love towards Draupadi. Not even when she was being disrobed before his eyes!

      But when he spoke out with his reddened eyes, “Let everyone judge whose Lord can Yudhishthir be, after he lost himself”, is when the shameful event came to end. He swore to avenge her insult, by killing the one who called her a whore.

      He never said a thing. Draupadi waited for his response, but would barely say anything. But during the exile, when Draupadi served them food, she saw something unusual. Arjun added a pinch of dirt in his food and ate without a sigh. Draupadi was shocked. She asked the reason. He replied nothing. He just held her cheek and soothed her flowing strands of hair. Draupadi understood what he meant… That his love towards her knew no bounds!
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    Is arjun did justice to draupadi by marrying that much of wives???

    Is arjun did justice to draupadi by loving subhadra the most????

    1. first of all injustice happened wd drupadi as she was made wife of 5 man but Panchal naresh got her out of agni only to mary Arjun simple words she was born for Arjun,subhadra was his cousin n both loved veena n music.arjun loved Krishna the most and shubadhra was Krishna,s sister.drupadi never allowed any wife of her husbands to stay in her house,krishna tricked her by making shubadhra stay there,so Krishna in love for his sister in my view did wrong to her.

    2. polygamy was a trend back then for kings and injustice was by fate not by arjuna,draupadi was wife of all 5 pandavs but she loved Arjun the most,arjun got Abhimanyu from shubadhra whom arjuna loved above all.

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      I also have same type of qn in my mind……

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