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Siya Ke Ram 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavan telling Mandodari that she has gone mad, if they leave Hanuman alive, then other monkeys will try to attack on Lanka, do you want Lanka will get ruined by monkeys, its better you leave. She says bad results in bad, not good, if you do Adharm, there won’t be anyone to take our name in Lanka. She goes. Raavan asks Meghnadh to kill Hanuman right away. Vibhishan asks Raavan is it right to kill Hanuman. Raavan asks him will he also argue like Mandodari. Vibhishan says if we kill him, who will tell Ram about our powers, messenger is like his Swami’s representative, he is proud of his Swami’s power. Raavan says we can’t send him without punishing him. Vibhishan says it will be good to hurt his part of the body, when he reaches Ram, he will show his wounded body part and

provoke Ram to fight with us. Hanuman smiles. Raavan likes the idea and says you have said something sensible in life for the first time, now we will hurt his body, monkeys love their tail, Meghnadh burn his tail, his pride will also get burnt, he will take his burnt tail with him. Raavan laughs.

Everyone take Hanuman out. Meghnadh asks soldiers to tie much cloth to Hanuman that his tail gets burnt completely. Soldiers laugh and tie cloth to Hanuman. Hanuman smiles and lifts his tail. Kesari nandan…….plays……….. Hanuman asks them to tie the cloth and troubles them. Meghnadh and Raavan look on.

Trijata informs this to Sita. She says Raavan has commanded soldiers to burn Hanuman’s tail, everyone is trying to tie cloth to his tail. Sita asks whats this punishment, we have to stop this disaster. Meghnadh asks soldiers to put oil in Hanuman’s tail, now Hanuman will know the result of entering Lanka and killing a prince. A solider laughs and gets the firetorch. Sita says there is one way to save Hanuman, that’s controlling fire, the fire should be made cool so that fire does not harm Hanuman’s tail. She sits praying. Hanuman closes his eyes as the soldiers light his tail. Sita prays to Agnidev and asks him to lower his fire power and turn cool for Hanuman, I will bear the fire’s heat and temper, give strength to Hanuman that he can ruin this Lanka. Sita bears the fire’s heat and turns red, praying for Hanuman. Trijata looks on shocked. Hanuman sees the fire burning red and thinks why is fire not burning me with heat, I feel like fire changed its nature and turned cooling for me.

Hanuman says this is affect of Ram and Sita, till Prabhu Shri Ram is with me, no one can do any harm to me, now I should leave worrying for myself and fulfill my work, Raavan did Adharm by kidnapping Sita, its my Dharm to punish Lanka, why don’t I burn Lanka and give tribute to Agnidev. Raavan says this monkey’s tail has fire lit, and he is standing as if nothing happened. Hanuman rotates his tail and soldiers move away. Jai hanuman…………..plays…………… Meghnadh and Raavan look on.

Hanuman lights some pillars. Meghnadh gets his sword and shouts. Hanuman flies and lights more areas. Raavan shouts to Meghnadh to stop that monkey. Meghnadh prays and gets some magical bow. He shoots at Hanuman and misses. Raavan asks Meghnadh where did Hanuman go. Meghnadh says he is not getting sighted because of fire and smoke. Mandodari looks on and says finally, sinful Lanka burnt. Vibhishan and Raavan see the Lanka burning

Hanuman lights the Asur areas. He stops and says I just have to burn bad and Adharmi’s houses here, this is Vibhishan’s house, he is a Dharmatma, how can I burn his house. He smiles and leaves from there. He sees the evil Asur people running around and walks off. Sita is still praying and bearing the fire’s temper.

Some people call out to Hanuman and ask him to save them. Hanuman thinks who can call me to help, in this Lanka. The grahs say Raavan has trapped us here, save us. Hanuman says they are Navgrahs, I have to free them. He goes inside some place. A man asks Hanuman to free them soon. Hanuman smiles and takes Ram’s name. He breaks the invisible lock by his lighting Gada. The navgrahas appear and Hanuman greets them.

The grahs thank Hanuman for freeing them of Lankesh’s clutches, we knew you will come to Lanka and free us from Raavan, now we will go to our place, we are blessed to meet you, you are Ram,’s devotee and messenger. They all greet Hanuman and disappear. Hanuman sees Shanidev there and says you are also free of Lankesh’s clutches, you also go now. Shanidev says no, I will wait till Raavan does not get ruined. Lanka burns in fire. Praja runs to Raavan and asks him to protect them. Raavan says we should behave like an enemy with an enemy, I did big mistake by leaving that monkey alive. Hanuman sees the Lanka burning. He says Lankesh, see how your Adharmi, bad customs and injustice’s Lanka is burning, now its just your end which is remaining, Ram will do this work soon. He says Jai Shri Ram and flies in air. He leaves from Lanka and reaches the sea. He dips his tail in the sea and blows off fire. Sita is shown.

Raavan comes to Sita. Vibhishan asks Raavan to free Sita if he has to save Lanka. Raavan kicks out Vibhishan far and says you are not my brother, you are my enemy, leave from this Lanka right away, you don’t have any right to stay here. Vibhishan gets shocked. Sita looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode !! Finally Lanka is fired and Vibhishan gonna join Ram !! Awesome !! I’m so happy bcoz I followed Madirakshi mam in Instagram and I wished her and I got a reply from her ! ? if anyone is in insta send me request !! Hope this is not personal if so pls neglect it !

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      Wats ur name on insta ?? I m the I will follow u

      1. OK di Maalavi_7103

    2. Super malvi u r so lucky dearr but sry i dont hv instagram

      1. That’s k di

    3. yes nce epi and so so happy for you
      and listen madirakshi mam yes the real one is on my friend list on fb
      and sorry i don’t have a insta id

    4. Haripriya25

      I have sent u request in Insta dear

  2. Tks for the update dear.
    I am a silent reader.

    1. Jay

      Welcome Meera to the SKR Family…

      1. Tks dear for your warm welcome.
        I like this group very much.

    2. Padmaja

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    3. Welcome meera di to our sweet skr familyyy can u plz introduce urself….

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    Tanu di the same thing i said to meria….and u r soo sweet hearted di….

    1. its ok meghna di even i hurted u its really ok

  4. Jay

    Suprrr Episode Hanuman did a great job………..Finally lanka Burned for raavans deed………….Loved the episode ..This episode is fully covered by hanuman adventure…………

  5. Padmaja

    Wow ‼‼ Finally Lanka is burnt ???‼‼ Happy for dat☺☺☺☺…… A superb epi….

  6. absolutely dear padmaja di its vaidehi in this lakshmila name

  7. Malvi di what did you get reply from madirakshi mam ? (And di if it is personal ignore it…)

    1. No no not at all !! She said thanks for the wish !! Feeling lovely 😉


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    Wat about vanshu and twinkle health… Pls give info about her dear ritika and hersha

  10. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    awesome epi…really loved it….

  11. I am Sheep. Happy to see Lanka burn

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      Welcome to our sweet family sheep…. Can u introduce itself?????

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      Haiiii sheep welcome to the family…….

    3. welcome to the family sheep

  12. Hell,good morning all.rocking episode. Sita Mata’s yogsadhnA hats off.hunuman u killed it.eagarly waiting for next episode.

    1. hi yes it was a rocking epi

  13. Sorry its hello not hell.typo mistake.

  14. Hanuman’s Lanka burning scene was awesome-looked real. But Sita took the heat on her through yoga ? As per original version -she did pray for Hanuman’s safety and Hanuman didn’t felt the warmth of fire . It was because of Sita’s prayer . Sita’s power was because of her unconditional pure divine love towards Ram.
    I heard that SKR is the 4th most viewed program of Star plus . If SKR doesn’t do too many variations , then SKR will the most viewed -The top most viewed.
    Reason is Ramayan is known to all even kids.

  15. Loved the way Hanuman flying all around . Too good. Very nice .
    Now Hanuman must go back to Ram and show Chudamani given by Sita. Will SKR show Chudamani giving ? Because before leaving , Hanuman must seek permission from Sita .

    But one thing- why SKR is giving so much importance to Mandoodari? She had a good heart and saved Sita from beheading by Ravan. But she never came to intervene when Hanuman was given death penalty.

    SKR is good except Lanka part -about Ravan & his family & Lankakand -everything exaggerated .

  16. Hi -Rani. SKR will show Chudamani . Maybe in it will be in Flash back. I mean When Hanuman will meet Ram then he will tell the happenings of Lanka .
    Chudamani is very important event . It showed that Hanuman met Devi Sita .
    Another thing -Sugreev forgot his promise . Ram sent Lakshman to Kishkindha to remind him . and then the Lakshman was about to destroy the Kishkindha. Tara and Hanuman reminded Sugreev about his promise to Ram.

    These all are important events of Ramayan and well -known . Hope SKR focus on Ram’s side too
    But I must confess my kids wait to watch the serial and any variations happen -they come ask why this ? But they love SKR .

  17. SKR is the only serial worth watching in Star Plus.
    Now Waiting for Hanuman to fly back and inform Ram .It was awesome how Hanuman made a seat with his tail & later burnt the wholo Lankapuri . And also Hanuman could understand the pure heart Vibishan – Vibishan stopped his death penalty .
    And earnest request to SKR – please show Ram- Lakshman , Hanuman more than Ravan & his family. It is Siye ke Ram ( Ramayan) not Mandoodari ke Ravan or Ravan ka Lanka.
    My kids wait for Ram & his co. Please Show Ram’s side .

    I too agree with Sara that SKR must show Ram , Lakshman , Hanuman – all good side . How they convince Sugreev , reach Lanka. Also Vibhishan joining Ram because he wanted to be with Dharma.

  18. Hi guys… How r u??? Vanshu is nice dears… She’ll b discharged next week, perhaps Sunday..

    1. oh wow finally vanshu will be discharged i am so happy

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    3. hi ritika i am very happy that vanshu is ok i will myself apologize to her

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      Hi to all new members welcome to this sweet family I assure you on behalf of all members of our family that u vl have lots of fun here anyway I’m Thanmathi from TN in class 11th once again a warm welcome to this family. Sry I can’t welcome you all individually

      To my sweet sister and brothers please register in telly updates so that we can chat with each other easily even if skr ends it’s just a request register if you can otherwise no problem

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      RITI please visit 1st July pg gear there’s a message for vanshu if u can please give it 2 her. And ya can I call you RITI???

  19. Lanka is burned!!! Fire !!! ? ? ? ? ? ? ?… Now came 2 know y Lanka dint melt..

      1. Padmaja

        Hi iqura happy to see u again??

  20. Hello everyone…. twinki is fine….don’t worry soon she will be back… happy to know that vanshika is fine now….take care vanshika dear….best wishes from twinkle and her cousin hersha….

  21. Gopika Raveendran

    The episode was so nice. ..Thanks for the update dears. ..I am a silent reader. .

  22. Wow…. At last Lanka gets burned…. ? ? hanuman did a great job ……. Happy to know that vanshu di is getting discharged soon….. Suchetna di ur new name lakshmilla is fabulous… Hey sheep and meera Di welcome to our sweetest skr family….. I didn’t comment for last 2 days because I was suffering from fever…. ??

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  23. The episode was so nice. ..Thanks for the update dears. ..I am a silent reader. .I like this group very much. .

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    Wlcm to all the deary new members ?

  29. Ya padmaja di Ram siya ki kripa se mai abhi thik hoon…… I loved the name lakshmilla really very much…

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  31. Thanks for your Walm welcome dears..Am a medical student. .first year batch from Kerala. .Also thank you for joining me in your group..

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