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The Episode starts with Mareecha coming to Tadaka. He cries and Ram makes him do her final rites. Mareecha falls in Ram’s feet. Ram asks him to get up. Mareecha thanks him for giving him this chance, his right got fulfilled, and now Ram can punish him if he want. Ram says I did not call you to punish you, I assure you we will not attack yoy. Vishwamitra says I hope you will not spread terror in this jungle. Mareecha promises them that he will not do any violence from today. Ram hugs him and smiles. Subahu looks on.

Mareecha asks Ram to be careful of Subahu, he will surely try to take revenge. Mareecha greets Tadaka’s funeral and leaves. Vishwamitra praises Ram. Laxman asks Ram can we go Ayodhya now. Ram says no Laxman, our duty is not to save people from Asurs, we have to help Vishwamitra

in making ashram aain, so that the people come back. Laxman agrees.

Subahu beats Mareech. Mareech asks him to accept Ram’s proposal. Subahu calls him coward and asks Asurs to kill him. Mareech turns into a deer and flees. Subahu says I will kill Ram and give Shradhanjali to my mum.

The sisters talk to Sita about all the prince marrying many woman. Sita says I will wait for the man who is like my dad, who marries once and loves just one woman. She says I have a solution, that’s my trust, one gets as per their belief. She makes an amazing art piece and sisters applaud her talent.

Sita sits near the lake and recalls Ram. Unse lage mujhe………..plays. Sita plucks flowers and dances with her sisters. She goes to the temple and recalls Ram. Janak and everyone come there. Sita gives the aarti to him. Janak recalls Parshuram and Rishi’s words. Janak does the aarti and everyone stand.

Janak tells Sunaina about telling Sita and wonders what will she think. Sunaina says she will understand, just try and talk, there won’t be any solution otherwise. Janak takes Sita to the spiritual place where she was born. She asks is there any special matter. He says I did not give importance to society, and never did partiality, I did not worry about decisions affecting my life, now its about her future. She says your free thoughts have made me independent, you can frankly tell me anything.

He says he encouraged her to take her decision always, but today its her most imp decision of her life, and that way is already decided. She asks him to say, she will be lucky to clear her dilemma, what is it, if he does not say, it will make both of them worry, they can solve it. He says you four sisters are now of marriage age, and till you get married, your sisters can’t get married. She asks marriage?

Ram, Laxman and Vishwamitra see the broken ruined ashram. Ram and Laxman rebuilt the ashram. Vishwamitra smiles. People come there to stay in the ashram. Vishwamitra says great, you both made the ashram well. Ram says we are lucky to do this. Some fire balls fall in the ashram and burn the place. Laxman tells Ram that Mareecha cheated them. Ram looks on.

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  1. Ram s handsome….. But somethg s missing…… He s always looking sad….. He shud be pleasant…. Sits s k only…. BT waiting for marriage episode….
    Dasarath,kausalya,subathra,janak,sunaina, all r gud…. Others shud be better

  2. superb but no precap……………..

  3. Superb ep..

  4. Superb siya aur ram ki jodi mast……bt no recap vry bad……

  5. Ram should not look sad but peaceful smile his expression should change

  6. why don’t they give precaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Superb jodi

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