Siya Ke Ram 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yagyavalkya telling everyone about Ram and Sita’s marriage mahurat after 5 days, and inviting all Devs and Devis. The girl tells this good news to Sita and everyone around. Sita asks how do you know this. She says I heard Rishi saying this. Sita smiles. Shathanand says I want to give the duty of fulfilling all rituals and collaborate both families to Urmila. Janak says sure, we all agree with your decision, Urmila will do all rituals. Laxman asks what does this mean. Shathanand says the one who makes all rituals possible between both families. Janak says women play an important role in marriage functions, if women don’t attend marriage, then marriage can’t be completed, Dasharath told me that according to Ayodhya’s tradition, the three queens can’t attend marriage,

who will complete groom’s side rituals. A rishikanya says we will do it Maharaj, we will be fortunate. Bharat smiles and asks Dasharath shall I send this good news to mothers. Dasharath says sure. They all smile.

Shruthkirti and Mandvi talk how Ram has answered all questions, he surely is brave and knowledgeable, all Ayodhya people are humble and efficient. Mandvi collides with Bharat and colors fall over her. Shruthkirti jokes on Mandvi. Shatrughan looks on. Mandvi fumes seeing Bharat and keeps the puja plate. She asks Shruthkirti to come, I would have scolded him if he was not Ram’s brother. Shatrughan says you should have apologized to her. Bharat says I don’t know what happened to me, I was shocked, what will she think, Laxman kept Ayodhya and kul’s respect by saving Sita’s sister, and I did this. Shatrughan says apologize when you get a chance.

Mandvi asks Sita to see what her Devar did. Shruthkirti and Urmila laugh. Sita asks why are they laughing. Shruthkirti tells everything. The sisters joke on Mandvi. Mandvi says your Devar did this mistake. Sita asks which one. Mandvi says the elder one from the two who came now. Sita asks Bharat. Mandvi says he did not even apologize. Laxman teases Bharat and tells Shatrughan that I have seen Mandvi angry, Bharat should have been sorry. Ram asks Laxman what is it about apologizing? Sita apologizes to Mandvi from Bharat’s side. Mandvi says no need. Ram says I will apologize to Mandvi, saying she is very nice. Laxman says Ram is taking Mandvi’s side. Urmila says see how Sita is taking her Devar’s side. Sita and Ram say the same thing, that Mithila and Ayodhya have become one now. Chandrabhaga comes and asks the girls to come, to prepare for Sita’s haldi. Sita smiles.

Sumanta greets Ram and says Ram is called for his haldi. Narad greets Mahadev. He asks about Parvati, and says I got good news, Ram and Sita’s haldi ceremony is beginning. Mahadev says Parvati is preparing to attend haldi ceremony, I told her this is not right, as we decided to attend marriage, she got annoyed. Narad agrees with Mahadev. Parvati comes and says haldi is also part of marriage, Narayan regards me sister, why to be hesitant to attend haldi. Narad agrees with her too, and says she has reason to attend haldi. Mahadev asks him whose side is he taking. She asks are we both right. Narad says I was saying the same. She says I have decided, we will go in haldi ceremony. Mahadev asks when did we decide this. She says I have to go, I thought what avatar to take, I have to see till when will you be away from your Aradhya. She smiles and disappears. Narad says Maat too decision, what will you do now Prabhu. Mahadev smiles……

The man reads the message from Janak, about Ram and Sita’s marriage. Kaushalya says this is very good news, and gives her necklace to that messenger. Kaikeyi asks Daasi to light mangaldeep, and give food, water and all necessities to everyone in Ayodhya. Sumitra says your happiness is expressed already, see there, Ayodhya started celebrating. They smile seeing the glowing Ayodhya’s sight.

Sita’s sisters greet Ram and others. Urmila smiles seeing Laxman. Shruthkirti says according to Mithila’s tradition, the haldi for bride comes from groom’s side. Rishi says sure, we knew this. Shruthkirti smiles seeing Sharughan, while Mandvi sees Bharat. Ram gives the haldi bowl to Urmila. Urmila asks who will apply haldi to the groom. Rishikanya says we will apply. Guru Vashisht says yes, you do this ritual. Laxman asks Urmila did she think there is no one to fulfill this haldi ritual for Ram. The sisters greet everyone and start leaving. Shruthkirti gives a smile seeing Shatrughan, and leaves.

The haldi is grinded by the women. Sunaina monitors the arrangements. Sita comes there and looks on. She asks Maa, why so much haldi. Sunaina says because your family is not limited to this palace, every person of Mithila want to become part of your haldi, they all want to attend your haldi and they will be part of your marriage, and then in your bidaai. She gets sad and cries. Sita hugs her.

Sita wipes her tears and also Sunaina’s tears. Chandrabhaga looks on. Sita asks what do you both want, shall I remember your tears after going Ayodhya, or your smile. Urmila brings the haldi and shows the haldi, saying Ram has given this by his hands, this haldi is from the groom’s side. Sita takes the haldi bowl. She keeps it near the haldi. Sugad shan aaaye mangal manao………….plays………….. Sunaina touches the haldi.

Mahadev and Parvati come to know about Prabhu Narayan and Devi Laxmi’s haldi has commenced, and I know you will be going in some avatar. Ram smiles seeing a beautiful white pigeon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hope I’m firsy

    1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

      sssssss dear ur 1st

  2. Awesome! Superb! Mind blowing episode.
    Loved Bharat and Mandvi chemistry and also Shatrughn and Shrutkirti staring at each other.
    Also the precap was fabulous. I think the pigeon was Lord Shiv.

  3. Awesome episode! Each line in the update made me smile…?

  4. Superb episode…..

  5. Liked Urmila and Shrutkirti teasing Mandvi. And Laxman teasing Bharat.

  6. WOW ? Siya ke ram team has ordered 100 kg marigold flowers to give authentic look to the wedding scene. Thats what we call a GRAND WEDDING.

  7. Advika sharma

    Howw cute i just luv the way shrutkirti smiles seeing shatrughan…।…. also bharat and mandvi’s scene was superb

  8. Awesome episode i loved the part where laxman teases bharat , shatrughan smiles seeing shrutkirti and my fav part where laxman and urmila smiles seeing each other. I love laxman and urmila chemistry. I am eagerly waiting for their wedding.

  9. Laxman and urmila are cute I like them

  10. really very much
    ….. happy that finally wedding ceremony started

  11. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

    awesome epi……. atlast all 4 pairs love story together

    1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

      I loved the scenes when Lak teases Urmi…………

      shruth and Shatrughna eyelook………..

      bharat r mandavi scenes…………

      2 soft and calm and beautiful pairs (SIAM and SHRUSHA) and 2 tom n jerry but cute pairs (URMIKA and BHAVI) …………

      And they way BHAVI showed respect to SIAM………. loved it to the core………… When Sita apologizes Mandavi doesnt like it and when Ram does Bharata doesnt likes it………….

      So much of respect………….. hats off to them………………

      AND of i love SIAM scenes………….. without them both meeting itself their LOVE CHEMISTRY is awesome……………………….

  12. So beautiful. Thanks star plus and siya ke ram team for making this show for us 🙂 Best show on indian telly nowadays. And what a beautiful choice- Gosh! Where did u find such a beautiful Sita! Shez mind blowing!

  13. I love the scene where Urmila and laxman smile seeing each other and the way laxman teases Urmila…….i love the chemistry between laxman and Urmila…..the show is going superb and can’t wait for the next episode….

  14. loved episode waiting for next episode

  15. Just waiting for Laxman n urmilas marriage they r absolutely the cutest spiciest pair in skr .they just make us fall in love every time they come in single frame

    1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan


  16. Guyz….there is a version that Sita is Raavan’s daughter……i earlier mentioned here……in malayalam Ramayan there is it….but Raavan doesnt know that Sita is his child,,,if he Knows surely he will never do this to her……PROOF WIKIPEDIA…NEED DETAILS CLICK MY NAME…….

    1. Ramayan has been written by many poets in different forms. You can comment anything based on one version. Moreover the first Ramayan which was written by Adi Kavi, Valmiki never mentions Sita being Ravan’s daughter. Moreover Sita was incarnation of Adi Shakti. Her birth is never natural, may it be Sita or Radha.

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