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Siya Ke Ram 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kushadwaj saying how will he take his daughters with him when they are upset, but he will do his best for them. The daughters hug him. Sunaina pacifies Chandrabhaga. She asks her to accept this and smile. They all smile. Janak asks the girls what will happen when they will go to their inlaws, how will they stay away from each other. Sita says she will pray they stay together. Janak says he prays the same.

Kaushalya is glad by spending time with Shanta. Shanta says she is satisfied seeing all of them. Kaushalya was giving her necklace. Shanta stops her and says these are not valuable for a Rishpatni, these suit you. Shanta hugs Kaushalya and her brothers. Shanta says she will always pray for them. Kaushalya asks Shanta to promise she will take permission from her husband

and come Ayodhya. Shanta says sure, tell Pita ji that It was all fate and what happens next will also be fate, I m very happy and satisfied. Kaushalya cries. Shanta wipes her tears. Shanta says I know he loves me a lot, there is no need to regret, tell him not to feel sorry, but talk about me to keep me alive in his world as his daughter. They all smile. Kaushalya asks her to take care. They all leave and Shanta smiles teary eyed.

Sita and her sisters come to Janak. Urmila says Pita ji looks busy. Sita says we should not disturb him. Janak hears them and says his work is over, will they not hear a story. They nod and run to him. He says he will tell story which they say. Sita asks him to say any story of great humans, which inspires them.

Janak tells them about some great king. He says Satyavadi Harishya Chandra did not break his promise ever, even if he gave promise in his dream. The girls sleep. Janak sees they slept, except Sita. He smiles and tells story to Sita. Janak tells Sita about Kaushal Desh king Dasharath. He says he has four sons, I heard his eldest son is very extraordinary, he will become the king in some years. Sita smiles.

The laundry men sees the princes going in the cart. Ram is glad. Kaikeyi tells Dasharath about making great new carts for some function. She asks him to send message to her dad and brother, its been long she met them. She asks is he listening. He says yes. She reminds what happened last time, when they had race. He talks about Kaushalya and their sons, why did they not come till now. She says they will come. He says see there, my sons have come. He gets glad.

Kaikeyi thinks Mantra’s words about Shanta. She thinks its first time Dasharath did not listen to me, did Mantra said right. She breaks her pearl necklace in anger. She says Dasharath did not have food since 3 days, and he will dine today as Kaushalya has come. She cries.

Sumitra welcomes them. Kaushalya tells Sumitra that Shanta is very happy, where is Dasharath. Sumitra says he did not have food since you went. Kaushalya says she will make food for him. Bharat says its good to see Maa happy. Ram says we have to take dad’s blessings. Janak tells Raja Sudhanva about his punishment. The people ask Janak to give death sentence to Sudhanva. Kushadwaj says it would be good if Sudhanva died in war. Janak says death sentence is against Mithila’s values, but its their duty to punish him for ruining Mithila’s peace, he will remove Sudhanva from their major Rajyas. Janak asks Sita did she find his decision wrong. Sita says no, I got a question, you told about your major Rajyas, you said no human is owner of the land, then how can Mithila be your own Rajya. They all look on.

Ram hugs the laundry man. Mantra sees this and says this will ruin everything, that prince hugged a Dhobi. Sita talks to Shathanand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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