Siya Ke Ram 3rd November 2016 Written Episode Update


Siya Ke Ram 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hanuman coming to Ram. Hanuman asks Ram about disowning Laxman forever. Ram says to protect promise, I had to disown Laxman. Hanuman says I went to Paatal lok to find your ring and realized life’s truth, even if life is precious, one day it has to end, did you send me to Paatal lok to get this lesson. Ram says yes Hanuman, I knew your immense love and devotion, Kaal would have not entered Ayodhya in your presence, I knew you will not let me go away from you, so I have sent you to Paatal lok to learn about life’s truth, every human has a motive in this Lok and when the motive is fulfilled, he has to leave from this Lok, and my life’s motive has got fulfilled now.

Hanuman gets shocked. Ram says I knew, it will be very tough for you to accept this truth, so I wanted

to tell this to you first, tomorrow, after first ray of sunrise, my life will end, and I will leave from this world forever. Hanuman cries and says no, take me along, what is my life’s motive then. Ram says no Hanuman, your motive did not get fulfilled, the world needs you, you have to stay here till Kalyug’s end, you have to sustain devotion towards Dharm and truth in humans, this will be your motive. Hanuman says but…. Ram says accept this as my last command. Hanuman says no Prabhu, don’t leave me and holds Ram’s feet. A guard hears Ram and runs out to the village. He tells Praja that Ram is leaving from this world after tomorrow’s sunrise, the sunrise will make us orphan forever. Praja says we could not stop him from vanvaas, now we will not let him go.

Ram removes his jewelry and gets covers himself in plain cloth. Bharat and Shatrughan come there. Bharat cries and asks why are you doing this, we won’t let you go anywhere. Shatrughan asks him to leave this thought. Bharat says if we did any mistake, we are ready to repent, don’t punish this. Ram says get up, punishment for such brothers? The brothers who always loved and respected me, one who accepted my every wish as Dharm, how can I punish you, if I did not get support by you, how could I fulfill my duty so well. Bharat says you will leave us and go, its punishment.

Ram says Bharat, there is time set for every work and death time for life, my leaving time is close, you accept the truth. Bharat says I can accept every truth, but I can’t imagine my life without you, its impossible. Shatrughan says we don’t have any existence without you. Ram says relations won’t end if I go, you both will be known as my brothers, whenever I m recalled, you will be named too. Shatrughan says we used to come to you to get guidance, where will we go. Bharat says where can we go without you, if this is your decision, we will also leave from this world along with you. Ram says no, your duty did not get fulfilled. Bharat says our duty is to serve you, if you are not there, our life is meaningless. They sit in Ram’s feet. Ram holds them and hugs. Hanuman looks on. The brothers and Hanuman cry.

Mahadev says Ram has given many tests and bear sorrow so that humans can learn from his behavior, that what is Dharm, sacrifice and repentance, Ram yug will end after sunrise, I greet this Narayan’s avatar. Mahadev and Parvati greet Ram. Parvati says but Swami, what will be Urmila, Mandvi and Shruthkirti’s future…..

Its morning, Mandvi asks Bharat what is this decision that there is no thought for out future. Shruthkirti asks Shatrughan about their life, he said his life is meaningless without Ram, what about our life’s meaning. Mandvi says we don’t accept to become hurdle in your Dharm path, if this decision is final, take our lives before leaving, free us from this life. They cry. Janak comes and says Manvi. Mandvi and Shruthkirti cry and hug him. He says I m still alive, daughters don’t become orphans till their parents are alive, come with me, entire Mithila is waiting for you all.

Bharat and Shatrughan greet Janak. Bharat says we are your culprits. Shatrughan says we could not fulfill your expectations by which you did their vidaai, forgive us. Janak says its not your mistake, its fate and this had to happen. Ram comes and says Pita ji….. Janak looks at him. Ram greets him and says I got free of my duties towards Mata, Pita and Guru, I got free of all duties and debts, except towards you. He says I will not be able to pay debt to you, I can’t get free from this world without paying that debt, I request you to free me of that debt. Ram takes his blessings. Aap hamare pita…..plays……………..

Janak says I, Janak free Raghuvansh from Mithila’s every debt/burden/duty. Ram thanks him. Ram, Bharat Shatrughan proceed towards the exit of the palace. Guru Vashisht cries. Urmila, Janak, Mandvi, Shruthkirti, Lav, Kush and Hanuman too cry. Ram Ram……plays…………. They see the Praja outside. Everyone cry. Badra says no Prabhu, we will not let you go, Ayodhya’s Praja has no identity without you, how can we let you go. The man says we agreed to you when you went to vanvaas, but this time you have to agree to us. The lady says you can’t leave us. Another man says we feel we are lucky to gave RamRaj, our good luck will end without you, pity us.

Ram says Dear Prajajan, time is always moving, and old rules also change with time, and new rules are set for human’s progress and importance, new things are very important, I have served you with full dedication and abilities, but now my time has passed, you all have a new and happy time, so don’t regret for past time, welcome the coming happy time, for this, allow me to leave with a happy face. Badra says if your leaving decision is final, we all are ready to come along, but we just want Ram Raj in Ayodhya. Praja says we don’t want anything else than you. Everyone cry. Ram looks on.

Ram takes Jal Samadhi. Guru Vashisht and everyone cry. Sita as Devi Laxmi meets Lord Vishnu inside the water and says I was waiting for you since long. Ram/Vishnu smiles. Hanuman tells everyone that Ram and Sita did not go anywhere. He takes huge avatar and opens up his chest to show his heart, saying Ram and Sita stay in everyone’s heart. Everyone see Ram and Sita in Hanuman’s heart…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. no words . such an emotional episode . felt sorry for the praja , wow tomorrow we will be able to see sita but tmrw will be the last episode

    1. really sad about that

    2. Lovely episode, if you love to collect pics of episodes of siya ke ram, then please visit : daily for the daily pics..

    3. Guys i will post the final episode in YouTube. Checkout at 8pm today.

  2. sad its ending,but as ram’s brothers were incarnations ,sita’s sisters were incarnations ,in devon ke dev mahadev,it is shown,so if brothers will merge in mahavishnu ,sisters will merge in mahalakshmi

    1. Hope they show dis

    2. Jayani

      Do they actually show d sisters merge with with lakshmi n d brothers with narayan bcoz I don’t remember them showing it

  3. it was indeed a wonderful journey for ashish sharma (ram) and madirakshi mundle (sita) goodbye ashish and madirakshi we will miss u a lot I am really impresed by your hardwork and acting skills

  4. Ram’s leave from this earth. I wish they would have shown Ram’s birth also. They showed Sita’s birth but never Ram’s birth. When did Urmila, Mandvi and Shrutkirti left from earth?
    Did Lord Vishnu’s Chakra and Shankh took avatar after Ramayan also?
    Bijay Anand is the only actor who was present in the first episode also and in the last episode also.
    Today was the second last episode. Remember the second episode. First appearance of teenage princes and young princesses.
    How many years did Guru Vashisht live??????
    I am very angry with Siya ke Ram cast and crew. They didn’t throw a party for crossing 300 episodes. Please do celebrate farewell party.
    Can anyone write a fan fiction on offscreen fun of Siya ke Ram actors?
    Wow wow wow wow the last precap was very superb fabulous. I thought we won’t be able to see Madirakshi again onscreen. And that Hanuman showing everybody Siyaram in his heart was just awesome.

    1. Jayani

      I feel that bijay anand was d luckiest person whi came on screen on both first n last episode

      1. Jayani

        N I was happy after cing yesterday’s episode though there is no siya ram milan but there is lakshmi narayan milan

  5. Meena

    Devi lakshmiiiiiiii. They showed madi diiiiiii… Yippeeeeeeeee… Lakshmi narayan ka milan……. Yaaayyyyyy.
    Now onwards I’ll be taking a long break from watching serials… Because I want to see a serial with AshMa which will not be happening for a long time….. Pardes serial might be good… I like arjun bijlani. But AshMai s the best….. I love their jodi only….. ????…..

  6. Birthday bash of Pratham aka Shatrughn. Bharat, Urmila and Lakshman joined.

  7. We wished
    We hoped
    We prayed
    We waited and still waiting…………
    But we did not get a single AshMa selfie.
    We got the selfie of almost all the couples of the show, Karan and yukti, sujay and Prithvi, pratham and Tanvi, kartik and piyali, Ankur and vividhakirti, dalip tahil and snigdha alokar and sampada vaze and grusha Kapoor. But even after shooting for more than a year we didn’t get to see the selfie of Ashish and Madirakshi. In the link below you can see a collage of the selfies of the three couples.
    Now we can only hope to get a selfie from the 300 episodes celebration party if they celebrate it the way they celebrated 100 episodes party. Or we can hope to get it from the farewell party if they celebrate it.
    All say at once “WE WANT ASHMA SELFIE”.

    1. @Skr fan…….. I am also hoping that we will get at least 1 pic of AshMa but 1 year passed there are not even they are not in any party together or interview…………

      I think it never come…….
      Even Sherlock Homes could not solve this mystery………………….. … We will get it in our next birth…………..

      1. Jayani

        Maybe next birth… I want an ashma selfie

  8. How time has passed seeing Siya ke Ram and commenting on this site and talking with you all friends. And I have bothered you all a lot with my links. Sorry for that.
    I would request you all to post the link of your first comment.
    Here’s my first comment in Siya ke Ram written update page.

  9. someone please pinch i can’t believe about precap.what a visual treat we are going to get.I am so happy that ram and sita are going to unite as laxmi and narayan .today’s episode was out of the world.I have no words

    1. Meena

      Even i was having the same feeling… When I saw them i was laughing loudly which got my mom scared

      1. true .precap is superb.I have not imagined that we will get their glimpse

    2. Jayani

      I was screaming on top of my voice n my mother gave 1 on my back reminding me that my throat is not?

      1. so funny

      2. Jayani

        Ikr shivani di n can u introduce urself

  10. Aman

    miss the show

  11. Richu

    Ommmmmgggg can’t believe skr getting over?????

    I think the most brilliant person in the Ramayana is raja janakk……

  12. Richu

    We want asthma selfie!!!!!!

  13. Translation was super.Thank you for update

  14. Vanshika

    Tomorrow is last unimaginable epi..
    Happy that they’re Showing Vaikuntha Milan ? But I’m very sad I’ll hv no mythology show left to watch ? ? ? ? ? ? OMG what’ll I do….?
    Bt I’ve one question. Never heard of Mithila sissies death / Vaikuntha KO prasthan… CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CLEAR IT TO ME. I HV HEARD THEY’VE got a boon to die SUHAGAN.. I’m puzzled regarding it someone clear plz…

    1. Hello Vanshika
      There are some really good shows like adaalat and super awesome comedy shows on SAB TV.
      u can watch them

    2. I don’t have the link right now. In valmiki Ramayan it’s mentioned after the three queens die, urmila, mandavi and srutakirti have a natural death. They are ansh of Mahalakshmi so they can never become widows.

  15. Love u madirakshi mam and Ashish sir will miss u a lotttt???

  16. can anyone tell me ,if i will purchase dvd ,i should purchase from market or online ,how is video and sound quality ,sometime some scenes missing or some disc because people complain,can anyone tell me

  17. Tomorrow is the last episode . it has been a wonderful journey with you all.
    Hope I did not bother you too much with my comments .
    TAKE CARE . BYE for now

    1. Meena

      Your comments were always informative didi… Will you please post all those comments as an article in TU..

  18. Shrinithi

    what an epi………….d day started on nov mons and will be ended on same mons………..i was waiting for d precap & my wish came true 2morrow aftr so many day ashma were togetherly acting not only they r gonna to reunnite as lakshmi narayan…….dont miss 2morrows epi as its d last epi na……surely we all will miss SIYA KE RAM…..

  19. Totally sad but happy after see the precap………. Waiting for this precap since too long……. A HAPPY ENDING………
    Ram leave Earth also his brothers…………… Really tearful eyes when see the Ram- Hanuman conversation………………
    Think that how can I will not see my best show anymore in 8.00 pm…….. I am die hard fan of SKR………………..
    But just only one wishes is not full-fill……….. It is just one ASHMA PIC TOGATHER…………
    Plz reply……

    1. Vanshika

      Joy da first of all toh u register so v cn chat aftr register n many features aftr register make easy to connect.
      Secondly I’m NT going to leave this site so I’ll never mind if u all agree that v shift our sweet skr family to any of my (or odr) fanfic page. The most apt idea on my mind is my Radha Krishna ff cos its different , then it’ll b long 150++ eps. So if u agree u cn cmnt there n v cn discuss mythology also…! N jahan ram hai wahin Janki also toh I’m writing, including all seasons it’ll also b 100 eps minimum so v cn shift our family there, or as u guys suggest bt I request everyone to kip in rule visit site at least weekly if not daily, n check n read n comment in fanfics they’re many many fanfics by talented members of our group….!!!! Who agree plzzzz reply..
      N all skr grp members who wanna b connected plz register if you’ve not yet..

  20. Padmaja

    Really I cant believe my eyes… such an emotional episode….. a awesome treat in the precap… will miss this show soooooooooooooo much…. this has became a part of my life..
    My thankings to Prabhu Shri Ram and Mata Sita who gave me such a wonderful family with lot of sissys and bros….. I am short of words to explain my bonding towards this fmly..

    And hatts off to SKR team who gave us a fantastic show and became an important cause for our sweet family….

    And hatts off to the cast and every cast played their role soooooo superb….

    Will miss this show verry much!!!
    JAI SRI RAM!!!!
    JAI ARI RAM!!!!
    JAI SRI RAM!!!!

    1. But ab humara haal………???????
      Today I am thinking the first day when I first saw the site and gradually commenting I know many persons who later became my cute sister’s ………………………………….
      And now the crushial moment has come….
      So there is only one word to my all sister’s and brothers good bye☺

    2. Vanshika

      Akka I’m having ditto reaction and same feeling.. Precap was unbelievable .. N m vry grateful to Lakshmi Narayan fr giving me so many sissie n bros (I’ve more bros n sissies than Duryodhan now) I had no sibling and nw I’ve so many here.. Thanks alot akka.. Love u bt won’t miss u.. I mean we’ll stay connected naa ? ? ? ?

      1. Jayani

        V shud never separate… Thru this serial v hav actually got sissys n bros (I won’t call u people as my friends bcoz u all r very dear 2 me?) but v won’t hav any historical serials 2 watch…

  21. each and every episodes r superb. hats off to skr team. congrats to everyone.

  22. I don’t if I can comment tomorrow.
    Will try to comment in vanshu ff after exams which will end next Friday.
    Farewell skrians.
    I learnt a lot from you, forgive me if I troubled you. God bless you. We had lot of discussions. Thanks for everything. Will keep in touch through google plus in hangouts or mail. Will cherish this family forever. Thanks for supporting my writing skills. Thanks again
    Goodbye and all the very best.

  23. Amalina

    I will miss u a lot Siya ke ram! I won’t be able to read 2morrow’s epi! Very emotional indeed.?????? what can I watch if Siya ke ram ends??? My fav show which touched my heart ❤️ deeply!??????? I’m very hurt ? right now????????

    1. Hi amalina are you a new member of our group?so hearty welcome☺

      1. Amalina

        No di, I’m pari miss, but Telly updates did not let me register as pari miss so I used my name! Thank you ? di for the warm welcome!?? and thanks ?? to those who welcomed me all yesterday! ????❤️❤️???

    2. Vanshika

      Pari miss hi. Happy to see you register.. Same feeling here also dear.. I won’t see today’s epi cos if I did there’ll b flood of tears in my city…… ????????????????

      1. Amalina

        Thanks dii, but di weren’t you writing a ff on siya ke ram?? plz di continue???

    3. Jayani

      I’m Jayani frm tn but liv in dubai studing in 7th (if u don’t know me amalina di)

      1. Amalina

        Aaawwww thanks di! i think i know you, and u might also know me as pari miss!

      2. Jayani

        U r in which standrad amalina

      3. Amalina

        Standard 7 di

      4. Jayani

        U can call me as Jayani n can I also call u as amalina

  24. Every good things coms to an end, will miss all of you and the show

  25. Wow an amazing precap…………
    Can not explain in words………………………………… wow wow wow wow……
    Waiting for today’s epi????

  26. Don’t forget to comment In today’s is my only request to all of you guys………

  27. Jaydi,vaidehi,tharudi,meghna,pujith,priya
    Where are you all?

  28. O my God……how to go my registered account?i am continuosly go to login option but they only show login………
    Options are not working….

  29. @ SKR – will miss you . Only show I have watched in recent time. I don’t watch other serials even I didn’t see NDTV ramayan and all.
    SKR- GREAT SHOW . Thanks to all actors and actress of SKR- you guys rocked .
    SKR -you made me do more research about Ramayan.-thanks a lot .

    @ SKR viewers- GOOD bye for now. Thanks for those who supported my comments and appreciated especially veena , rani & sometimes my little sister Vanshikha
    Thanks for those who discussed and argued with me – Thanks brother Samarth & Pradeep but In case I have hurt anyone feelings – do forgive me please.

    Thanks to all of you for your patience -reading my long comments .Bye bye . Do take good care of yourself .

  30. OMG -the last episode is going to be today. Can’t believe but that’s the fact.
    @SKR – Wonderful casting. Congratulation to entire SKR team for completing SKR nicely .

    Dear viewers – Good bye for now . we chatted , discussed and argued but that’s what makes a family. It was so lovely having you all.
    Thanks to all my sis & bhaiyas – sorry if my comments ever bothered you & in case you disliked any portion.

    GOOD bye SKR .

  31. Hello everyone !☺ My name is Ashna , I come from mangalore. I’m a huge fan of Siya ke ram. They have just portrayed Ramayan in a very Unique way. I loved all the characters acting skills and I never use to miss a single episode even if I had a exam! Bcoz I have become crazy when I started watching SKR. It’s the best serial I have ever watched till now. It touched my heart and got to learn so many things from Ramayan which I was not aware of it..bcoz I never watched any ramayan serials before. This was the myth show which I watched and I really loved it. I’m gonna miss this serail a lot !!! Especially Ashish sharma and madirakshi mundle ??. Hope to see you both soon together in any new myth shows !! Hope the director of Skr comes with new myth show about Krishna and Radha life story where I would like to see Ashish sharma as Krishna and Madirakshi as Radha. At laat I would conclude , I love you Siya Ke Ram , your the best tv serial ever. I’m gonna watch the last episode today and I’ll miss this serial a lot 🙁

  32. All the best SKR team ! Keep doing great things and may your work reach greater heights. Hope to see you all soon ! Thank you ☺. Goodbye team SKR and please come up with new myth show soon in a unique way like siya ke ram. ?❤. Goodbye friends ! All the Best.

  33. Supreetha (Soups )

    Will miss the show a lot! 🙁

  34. Are you excited for LAST EPISODE OF SKR????
    PLZ REPLY……….

    1. really excited joy but at the same time toooooooo depressed . imean before i used to be like skr has finished only one episode and now i am like skr is getting over today!!!! i am going to create a waterfalll today .it will have sooo much of water and it will enter into the guiness book of world records!!!
      i wish skr again has an extension but too bad it wont have because there is no story after ram s death and pardes mei hai mera dil is replacing skr and is starting on 7th november.feeling really bad right now

      and most imp of all thanks to all my sis and bros for giving me such good memories
      love u all soo much and will miss u all toooo mcuh
      thanks for the amazing memories
      and sorry for the long comment

      1. Jayani

        I would lyk 2 tell every1 n u all will b suprised… I had never cried even once in my life after cing any episode of any serial (even skr) even wen sita wwnt under d earth! Only a tear drop fell out of my eyes wen ram was crying after sita went under d earth

    2. Yes ! Very much excited to watch the last episode of SKR. They will show Ram and sita as Lord vishnu and Devi Lakshmi . Bharat will be chakra and Shatrughan will be shank of lord vishnu. I hope they show laxman as Adi sesha. The serpent bed on which lord vishnu rests. Waiting for their milan !!

  35. Swastika aka siaurmi

    Hy guys as promised i am back…… I hope u remembered me… At last the day came but as per me skr is a never ending Journey.. Now our only sahara is hotstar where we can see every episode of skr… Than k u ram ji ki at last we will get to see Ramsiya aka laxminarayan milan… Dont be sad because if we love skr truely we should never be sad.. Always keep a smile like shri ram and mata sita….. Ashma my favourite and hope u all favourite forever….. Dont miss skr because we are always connected with our skr.. So be happy JAI SIYA,RAM????????????????☺☺☺☺☺

  36. Stuti27

    Sorry didn’t comment. Sadly our favourite show siya ke ram is ending ….
    A kind request to all the silent readers and the old members plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz …. comment on today’s page

  37. Padmaja

    Hi dearies…. pls give ur email id in the private msg if u wish because we can be touch with that also… and there is a group in WhatsApp also… so if u wish to join there pls give ur WhatsApp number to me in pm…. love u all guys ???

    1. Jayani

      If I jion d whatsapp grp my father will b mad if he cums 2 know… So I can only stay in touch wid all of u thru email… Maybe later I can join d whatsapp grp… I hope so.. N sry for not commenting for these ,any days on d page coz I didn’t hav internet! I was dying without internet out here coz my life incomplete without internet!

      Jai Siya Ram

  38. Sudeshna

    Hy padma di…. My email id is [email protected]

  39. Sudeshna

    See my dp its my edit which shows Siya ke ram is in our hearts Forever

  40. SKR Addict ( Siya )

    Hello guys , I am a silent reader of this page. And I like skr very much to the core of my heart and even more than that. U were asking all the silent readers to comment in the page as u r going to prepare a list of skr fans. So it’s my humble request Pl. Join my name too in that.Pl.Pl.Pl.Pl
    I used to comment in the beginning but later it became impossible for me to comment but I still used to read this page wihout fail

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