Siya Ke Ram 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya bringing Sita to a Kaksh. She says Sita, this is your and Ram’s Kaksh from today, your life journey will start here and precious moments will be formed. She blesses Sita and goes shutting the door. Sita smiles. She looks at the moon. She turns and looks at the door, feeling Ram’s presence. Ram opens the door and she smiles seeing him. She turns the either side. Ram steps in the Kaksh. Ram says I got a gift for you, if you allow then… He goes to her and looks at her. She says I got the gift from your side before itself. He asks my gift? She says the letter you write to Kaikeyi, about me, Kaikeyi has given that letter to me. I m happy to know that you think such about me. Ram says what I think about you, you know this, but what you think about me, I don’t know

anything, is this right?

She asks about the gift. He shows a hair accessory. She turns away and says if you made this by your hardwork, then make me wear it by your hands. Ram removes her overhead dupatta and makes her wear the hairpin. He then fixes the dupatta back. Ram siya ram….. plays………. They together look at the moon and sky…. Music plays……….. They see each other and smile….

Laxman comes there and greets them. He smiles seeing Ram and Sita. Sita asks him to come inside. Laxman tells Ram that I always massaged your legs before your marriage, if today… Ram says you always served me, but now Urmila needs your time, she would be waiting, go to her. Laxman says but… Ram asks him to go. Laxman says as you say and greets Sita. He leaves. Sita smiles seeing Ram.

Mandvi shows a covered painting and says its for you. Bharat smiles and asks can I see it. He removes the cloth and sees his portrait. He asks did you make this. She nods. He says its good, but…. There is something wrong in it. She gets worried and asks what. He says give me some time, I will show you. He takes the painting.

Laxman goes to his Kaksh and asks Urmila are you awake till now. She gets up seeing him and smiles. Laxman says our married life is starting from today, husband gives a gift to wife according to tradition, but I want to ask a gift from you. She says sure. He says Ram is my ideal since I was young, I always served him, that’s my Dharm. He holds her hand and asks her to promise that their love and duty will not become a hurdle in his Dharm towards Ram. She says Sita is the centre for our three sisters, we always stayed together, I can understand what you are saying. She holds his hands and promises him that she will never become hurdle in his Dharm, and not let any problem occurring from her side, this Seva emotions for Ram will give her happiness, as she knows Laxman will get happiness by serving Ram. Laxman smiles and hugs Urmila.

Bharat asks Mandvi to come and see the painting now, it got right now. She sees her portrait along Bharat’s and smiles. Shruthkirti says Sita was always with me in Mithila and here, I don’t know anything. Shatrughan hears her and smiles. He holds her and says you don’t need to worry, you can share your worries with me, if there is any question about the traditions/rituals here, you can ask me. He asks her will she not open the gift and see. She says I forgot and checks it. She smiles seeing beautiful jewelry. He asks did you like it. She nods.

Mantra is angry and asks Sugni to tell her. Sugni praises Kaushalya and says she saved me from getting punished to enter that Kaksh. Mantra slaps her and says I told you to keep an eye on Sita, and you are telling me about Kaushalya, you are useless, go from here. She thinks what to do, no one cooks better food than me in Ayodhya, I will teach Mandvi and make her best, Mandvi will win Dasharath and get him on her side.

Kuber sees his messenger’s heads and says Raavan did not do right by killing them, I will stop Raavan and see how he conquers the world. Raavan says no one can stop me, you could not stop me from winning your lanka, how will you stop me from winning three loks, by your morals? You try to stop, but I m here to get all the world in my hand. Kuber says you are mistaken, world can be won by love and sacrifice, people can just be killed by powers. Raavan says you are using knowledge sword again. He holds Kuber by neck and says I told you not to have ego, you are Gyaani, don’t you know ego will hurt yourself, this knowledge is useless, your eyes hold knowledge right. He huts Kuber’s eyes and makes him blind. He says I will see who stops me from becoming Vishwa Vijeta….

Yudhjeet tells Dasharath that he has come to take Bharat and Mandvi to Kaikeya… Dasharath asks Bharat to prepare to go with his Mama. Ram hugs his brothers. Kaikeyi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Haripriya S

      Ya nidhi it’s too good… I didn’t see but tomorrow morning that will be my first job….

    • Haripriya S

      Nidhi I saw your evening comment dear even I can’t be without you all…. And don’t get afraid…. The question s will be easy… Read your textbook property and prepare the questions behind and in between every lesson mostly those questions will only come…10/10 isn’t difficult… That too in case syllabus so don’t worry… Actually speaking even o was afraid of SST only… But it was our last exam??… So be confident….

    • Ishita

      nidhi our school has provided us with some imp ques for sst if u wanna take u can
      also paper comes from ncert
      jst learn timelines and imp events in history
      and geo i have notes in tabular form u can take it
      pol sci u jst have to learn political parties and some defination
      and eco is too easy…………..all the best

      • Nidhi

        So sweet of you ishita 😀
        Can you please give those important questions?
        Are you from Delhi? 🙂

      • Ishita

        Yes nidhi i am frm delhi u can provide me ur email id and some notes of our chapters are on my school website as well..
        Search vikas bharati downloads
        This site would not get open in mobile but in comp u can open it…

      • Nidhi

        Sorry ishita 🙁 can’t give my email ID because this is a public website… I hope you understand?
        But thank you so much for the info I’ll check out the website on my computer?


      • Ishita

        I can understand it well nidhi
        Also no need to mention thanks i would be always there to help u in any case

      • Nidhi

        Thanks for understanding ishita!?
        And so sweet of you ?
        Same here if you need any help I’m too always there here don’t forget 😉


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Thnx wellwisher for helping me now my pic is changed as my wish!!!!!!!

  2. SKR fan

    I am completely speechless. All the couples scenes were so much romantic. Siyaram-Laxmila-Bharatmandvi-Shatrughnshrutkirti… What an episode!!! But laxman did not give any gift to Urmila.

  3. SKR fan

    Here are the links to read the news.

  4. Wow….
    Thx Amena For fast Update…
    I Loved the Love Scenes of 4 brothers and sisters….
    Best n Unique n Precious Story in India.
    They were showing lots of Info. that we didn’t know coz we only know about the Ramayana Story but not the extra Info. about Ramayana….

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      Ya Sriranjani……….. directors are doing marvellous job………. r u elder than me….. i m in class ten……. n u r from TN rg8?…. from which city? Sorry for asking so much of questions at a time…….. and sorry if its personal also………….. and dp superb……….. SWASAN cute…….

  5. Bhoomi

    Amazing episode …. 🙂 love lakhmila , bhavi & siyaram scenes somuch… lakhmila was the best… also when ram wears the hair accessory in sitas head was the best ….. 🙂

  6. Sanjana

    Did you know a wrestler has been roped in to act as hanuman in siya ke ram
    And Sara Khan has been roped in to act as shoorpanakha in siya ke ram

    • Haripriya S

      No dear I didn’t know…. But they should select someone better than the one in Sony TV’s sankatmochan mahabali Hanuman….

      • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

        agree……. but i actually love the one who played the role of Hanuman in 2008 series………. his acting was marvellous……..

  7. Sanjana

    Awesome episode, loved all scenes especially lakshmila scene. Ravan scene was so scary. I got really scared.

  8. After so many days of pleasing and requesting, finally siya ke ram has telecasted the scenes of lakshmila 🙂 , bharavi 🙂 and shrusha 🙂 . I was so much overwhelmed when they shown lakshmila. I am so thankful to siya ke ram. I want more like this for the 3 couples. Also siya and ram scene was good. Skr zindabad ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3

  9. amulya

    Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t watch epi but after reading update now I’m so excited for SiRa, Laxmila, bhavi shrusha?☺ scenes. I will definitely watch this tmrw. Can’t wait.

    • Haripriya S

      Same here amulya even I want to see it may be it will be retelecaated at 12:00 I will try to see it then…

  10. amulya

    Thanks for the update amena di, now I badly want to watch the episode.?
    Finally they listened to us and showed all four couples. Hope they show more awesome scenes before vanvas.

  11. Soooooo romantic episode. ………..precap is okk………All scence was supber. …..

    Ww I know in history we have to study revolution of 8 countries???? …… renaissance. ……unification of many countries. …….Both world war….??????.Indian history. ???…….civics is horrible for me?????


      we learnt reassiance, unification of many countries last year. this year only indian history, world wars, un, and in civics lok sabha, raja sabha, prime minister and his council of ministers, president of India, the about High courts, supreme courts…………. ughhhhhh…………… such long list……….. their functions are only mainly confusing……….

      • In last year we studied pre history……to mughals

        Now this year we r study what ever I told u……very long list
        And we have same portion in civics ?

      • Nidhi

        Oh we have nationalism in indo china, nationalism in India and outcomes of democracy….list goes on?
        Zara which board? 🙂
        WW ICSE right?

      • Ishita

        Yesss cbse is much easier than that of ssc or icse
        We had nationalism in indo china and india
        In history

      • Nidhi

        Oh ?
        All the best everyone for your exams
        So how is your preparation going on? 😀 zara, ww, stuti, ishita, nippy and all the tenth graders? 🙂

      • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

        what do u mean? dont u dare to tell any of my friends and sisters as fools……. i will tolerate if u comment against Siya ke ram or our comments about siya ke ram but not when we have our own private conversation………….. miss mysty………. mind ur slang and language………. just because we dont mind negative comments u cant take advantage of it………… this s my Siya ke ram family and even one word against them without any reason i wont tolerate it………..


      • What do want 2 say miss mysty. …….please mind ur language. ……We discussing about exam so we are all fool. ……oh ……you don’t like study…..right??

      • Nidhi

        Exactly! mysty don’t you dare talk about my sisters like that!
        what d you think of yourself huh?!
        comment on the serial is fine but I won’t tolerate comment against any of my sisters!

      • craze about skr

        how dare sshe is to say that………………..i think she is only fool……………….

        sorry for hurting u………………..

  12. SKR fan

    I am really speechless. So much romantic episode. Siyaram laxmila bharatmandvi shatrughnshrutkirti…. What an episode!! But laxman did not give any gift to Urmila. And raavan and kuber scene was so horrible.

    • Haripriya S

      Ya but the romantic scenes fade of the cruel scenes…. I am becoming restless to watch today’s episode……

  13. Sneha

    Today’s episode was soooooooooooo goooooood. No words to express it. Siam, Lakshmila, Bhavi and Shatriktari scenes were so cute. Loved it??????

    • Haripriya S

      Y a I am in love by just reading it don’t know what it will be like after watching it….

    • Haripriya S

      Ya that’s the divinity of playing that role…….anyone playing that role should look good…..


    Wow…….. No words to tell……….. Superb episode…….. All the 4 pairs rocked……. Without seeing the episode self I can feel how good and AMAZING the episode would have been…….. thanx a lot Ameena di for such a wonderful update…….. its silly to tell but I wish u could update the next episode…………. I m eagerly waiting for march 28……………. And side by side they are perfectly portraying Ravanan………. On the whole HATS OF TO the episode and to THE SIYA KE RAM TEAM…………..

    Hope this comment gets posted………….

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      so is ur dp…….. Urmika r stunning……….

      Telly updates pls post this comment……….

  15. SKR addict

    Wow superb episode… especially Lakshmila part awesome… Sorry friends busy with Lab test, internals… missing u all of skr fans… wat about u guys..wellwisher, Nidhi, nippy…busy with ur exams..??

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      ya natasha dear……… lovely gifts,………. new na? if new Welcome to Siya ke ram fan club…………… and will pls introduce yourself here…………. if u dont mind……… sorry if its going to be personal………….

    • Nidhi

      Hi natasha welcome to siya ke ram fanclub 😀
      may we all know where r u from? and in which class?
      If it’s not personal?


  16. I loved this epi and I want this serial for 5Hrs.????
    It will be Interesting to watch this as movie but wht to do they were showing this for only one hour.??????

      • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

        and the repeat at 10:30…… which sometimes i peep into my hall and watch………..

        hope my comment gets posted………

  17. craze about skr

    my godddddd…….it’s too awesome……….loving more ND more this serial everyday very much……….loved it……..<3

  18. nupur

    Oh my god!What an epi…They gave all d couples equal importance.Just cnt express my happiness.I was ‘literally over the moon’ wen Lakshmila hugged.I just luv dem.They luk so cute & adorable 2gether?Even siyaram,bharavi.shrusha scenes wer awesome too.2day’s epi has made me fall in luv wid skr all ovr again???

  19. craze about skr

    my godddddd…….it’s too awesome……….loving more ND more this serial everyday very much……….loved it……..<3 hi everyone……

  20. dia

    Luvd the couples’ scenes…..plz show sisters’ scenes also…plzz

    best of luck all exam buddies….nidhi, ww nd my missing inspector devu di….(others…i don’t know who is having exams)….my exams starting from tomorrow….

  21. Saranya

    Nice episode. All d couples scenes were nice. It’s pleasant to see sita ram together. Haripriya am working dear.

  22. Akanksha sharma

    So so so so so so so …..nice epi mindblowing fantastic superb ….the best….all couples were looking so cute together…but yaar if bharat go away so soon it means vanvaas is near nooooo yaaar…may my words go wrong….

    • Haripriya S

      Ya it’s true and canvas isn’t bad but the disadvantage is that we won’t see lakshmila together then…. And mostly we will see only siyaram

  23. Silpa k sivadasan

    Omg wat an epi
    Lovd lakshmila scenes was dying 2 c som romance btween them
    The romance was superb

    Nidhi sara ww skr addict stuti & all othrs
    How was ur xam
    Was it easy
    I really hope it was ec

    • Nidhi

      My exam went well silpa di 😀
      Thanks for asking it means a lot to all of us 🙂
      The paper was fine ?

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      yes di……. it was so easy…….. and i dont know much about u…….. will u pls tell me about u…….. sorry if its personal…………

  24. Hey chottis,I am here at last……Now only I got time………Relaxed now………I can’t saw today’s episode…..Bcoz,I have a seminar in my dept……It stared from today mrng 9:00 am to evening 8:00 pm…….Tomorrow have continuation of it alsooooo……….Soooooo busy drs……..No enough time to comment………..By the way, How was the exams of all my sweeties????& Those have tomorrow exams na,All The Best……………Anyway, The episode is just Awesome by reading it…………..Loved it……………???????

    • akanksha sharma

      thanx dear reshma di ….fr ur means a me and ya aarti …..there is nthing to say sry it is a public site u can comment…per ur wish..anytime it never disturbs others talks….

    • Nidhi

      Thanks reshma di for asking?
      Do well in your seminar di 😀 ( I don’t even know what’s it though?) but still best wishes from your little sister?
      Yes today’s episode was awesome di❤️

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      thanx di for ur wishes…….. and all the best to ur seminar also……………….. and be chill di…….. and my exam was too good……… i will tell in detail in my individual comment……

      and ya di epi no words to tell…………

      hope my comment gets posted bcoz this is my 25th comment for today and only 6 have got posted till now………

  25. Aarti

    Siyaram scenes are quite boring bcz both of them keep talking….I watch dis show only 4 lakshmila….both of them are just so perfect n so cute….well y did lakshman not gift urmila anything n instead took a promise from her….I’m gonna hate it during the vanvas bcz lakshmila will get separated n after vanvas there is nothing left in d show

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      Aarti u r free to comment here about your views….. most of them here are mainly Lakshimla Fans only……. And sorry is strictly prohibited here dear……….

      Telly Updates pls post it……..

    • Nidhi

      Aarti we would we even mind ?
      As akanksha said this is a public site and everyone is free to comment about their views and opinions so no problem 🙂
      May I know where are you from? And in which class?

  26. Akanksha sharma

    Guyzzz going fr exam…..i used to advise everyone to chill…..but now i am feeling very nervous….darrrrr lag rha hai yaar…dont what would happen???….):..):…):

    • Abi

      Just believe that u r confident to write ur xam. And just drink a glass of water when u r afraid.

      • Akanksha sharma

        Actually abi it was not possible fr me as i forgot to take my bottle with me……but its so sweet of u i will try it in next one….

    • Nidhi

      Akanksha chill 😉
      If you are nervous just have a small break if about 5 minutes do something interesting in that 5 minutes and you will feel better trust me I too tried this 😛
      I felt lot more better 🙂

  27. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    I am gonna write +1common exam from 11mar to 31mar pls pray for me guys and all the best those who write –
    +2 exam today!!!!

  28. the episode was so fantastic, romantic and lovely that i don,t have words to express it. really good work keep it up skr team

  29. Sanjana

    Sanjana(Sara) may I know which std you are in
    Actually my name is also Sanjana
    Thanks for differentiating by your nickname Sara
    Actually I have uploaded a dp as to avoid confusion

    • Sanjana(Sara)

      No need for thanks di. I added sara as all were getting confused including me?. I am in class 7.

  30. Akanksha sharma

    Dear…abi it wasnt possible fr me as i forgot to take my bottle along with me…..but its so so so sweet of u ….thanx fr the advice..i will surely try it next time…….and ya nidhi thanx fr ur concern my little sis……u r very….caring ….and luving…..luv u dear sis….and ya siya ke ram is the best ….

    • Nidhi

      Anything for my elder sister?
      You too are very caring and loving di
      You don’t need to thank you sister right di? 😉
      Yes siya ke ram is always the best?
      How was your exam di? Awesome? 😀


      • Akanksha sharma

        Ya actually r8 my sweety….but in return of ur concern…i can..bless u with my best wishes fr u being an elder sister right…i pray to god that u cross all the milestones of sucess…have a long long and happy life….may ur future shines so bright like full night moon not sun bkz moon symbolizes sweetness ,calmness,peace..etc..may the limelight of happiness always shower on u…not only u but all the members of this lovely sweet family of mine…my gud wishes r always with u all guyzzz ….lots of luv fr all of u…may …u all wear a smile on ur face…luv u all…

      • Nidhi

        Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️ Akanksha!
        You are the sweetest person I’ve ever met! (Didn’t meet you but spoke to you right 😉 )
        I guess little ones cannot give blessings to the elder ones but one thing I can give you is my love towards all my sisters here???
        I promise you from the bottom of my heart that no matter what obstacles you go through you won’t go through them all alone may be I can’t meet you but I’m always there for you akanksha??❤️??

    • Haripriya

      Hello Akansha di , Ur so kind and sweet, love the way you speak and encouraging others
      I’m Haripriya and I’m in class 8th . I think u know about me

      • Akanksha sharma

        Ya dear i know u very well….not only me all r kind here and u r also very sweet..dear…its my pleasure if i encouraged someone by any mean…..luv u dear….

      • Haripriya

        Yes of course di everyone here are so kind and sweet and I’m lucky to have u all as my sisters

      • Nidhi

        ❤️❤️ You all are really sweet trust me?
        If I had some wish in my life which god gave me I would definitely ask him make me meet you all coz I want to see such sweet people with my eyes??
        Loads of love to all of you??
        I’ll never forget you all in my life!
        Promise from your sister???

      • Haripriya

        Ya true Nidhi di even I want to meet all my lovely sisters and hope we all will meet one day in life

  31. Sanjana

    All the best ranaji for your exam
    Nidhi di akansha amulya di Zara di WW di and all other who are having board exams
    Request you not to discuss the answers after your exams
    Don’t get tensed trust God and work hard
    Success will be yours
    Focus on your presentation more than the answer it matters for the evaluater
    All the very best
    Tellyupdates post my comment pls

    • Nidhi

      Thank you so much sanjana?
      I know we shouldn’t thank our own sisters but still? thank you so much my dear!
      All the best for your exams too ? (if you have any)


    • Akanksha sharma

      Thanx a lot dear….i am in 11th so i am not having boards….but ya thanx for ur sweet concern….it always boosts me up …and always helps me to gain confidence….thanx again dear…cutieee

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      thank u sanjana…… thanks is allowed among sisters…… ya presentation is important….. today in hurry my last few questions were in horrible handwriting……… but this is what i usually i write and my teachers said me anything……… and so sweet of u dear……

      pls post it tellyupdates……..

    • Nidhi

      Oh my gosh!❤️ Thank you so much Zara! It is very helpful for people like me who aren’t able to watch the episode daily due to exams 🙁
      I know we shouldn’t thank our own sisters but still?? thank you so much for these links!


    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      of course zara……… we all like it to the core……. since thanx is allowed i m not thanking…………

  32. Nidhi

    Hello Everyone! ?
    Missing you all?
    Thanks for all your valuable wishes and the concern ❤️ It means a lot to me trust me 😀
    And well wisher how was your history exam? 🙂 awesome? 😉
    Reshma di how was your seminar? 😀
    SKR fan and Zara thank you both for those links? for people like me who missed it they will enjoy it for sure 😉
    Sanjana, Sanju and the third Sanjana? looks like there are way too many name twins for you here? but it’s ok we can identify as one has a DP , the second one has nickname sara in brackets and the third one has only her name Sanjana? so don’t worry 🙂
    Akankshaaaaa!? do you need to thank you little sister? 😉
    And the episode was just marvellous?! It touched hearts!?
    And everyone who has changed their dp’s they’re too awesome trust me?
    And everyone who has asked me how my exam went and showed concern towards me I thank you all from the bottom of my heart❤️ You people are just amazing! And the best I could ask God for ☺️

    I’m really sorry for replying everyone in the same comment ?
    I did so because it consumes time a bit less I hope you understand my problem?


  33. Anu

    Hiiiii SKR frnds……i m big fan skr but i have no time to post comment regulary bcoz my exam will be start but now i m free
    tdy epd was awesome…….all couples are looking cute and waiting for next epd…….

  34. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb teaser pls watch it can’t wait for the movie and the stunt was done by Surya and not by any duplicate

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