Siya Ke Ram 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asur coming to Raavan. Raavan says there is an imp work. Asur asks him to command. Raavan asks him to find out about Sanyasis, is Ram alive, is he in pain and sorrow getting separated with his wife, tell me everything, go and find out. Asur goes. Raavan says Ram will be in sorrow, but I m not getting satisfied, till your sorrow does not flow from your eyes as blood tears, I won’t get satisfied. Meghnadh comes and says Sita was attacked. Raavan asks is she fine. Meghnadh says yes. Raavan says Surpanakha is very eager to take her revenge.

Sita recalls Ram’s words. Surpanakha walks to Raavan’s Sabha. She asks whats so imp that I m called in Sabha at this time of night. He says you are still sleepy, you are over drunk. She says whatever I do in my personal time, no one

has right to ask. He says I have right to ask, if you do anything against my wish. She asks him to play riddles later. He says this is imp thing, won’t you see. The guards bring the heads of those soldiers who went to attack Sita. Raavan walks to her and asks do you identify them. She says I find all your guards same. He says what happened today, if this happens again then… she asks what are you talking about, what proof do you have. He says I have killed someone once and can do it again. He signs her to go. She says if you don’t have any problem, can I keep these two heads infront of me, it will be addition to the heads already kept in my Kaksh. She asks the guards to keep the cut heads in her Kaksh and goes.

Raavan goes to see Sita. He thinks of Sita and how he kidnapped her. Mandodari comes and sees Raavan standing near the railing and staring at Sita. She tries to make her presence felt. He does not see her. She says Lankesh…. He turns to her. She says I did not stop you ever, but this time I m not able to stop myself, you have kidnapped a woman and got her here, I can’t accept this. He asks Mandodari to come and they sit. Her asks why are you worried, this is revenge for Surpanakha’s insult, nothing more than that, you are my wife, you know I don’t do anything without any reason. She asks how will this revenge get fulfilled, by killing Sita. He gets angry and says whatever I have to do, just I decide. She cries and says today, you have made me recall that time when I used to be/reflect in your eyes, just like this…..(that there is Sita in his eyes now) He leaves. Mandodari looks at Sita and cries.

Sita sees the moon and says Raghunandan……….. Mandodari goes to Sita. She holds Sita. Sita sees her and asks who are you. Mandodari says you have defined it before, Lanka’s another caged woman, thank you so much. Sita asks thanks? Mandodari says after many years, you made me realize the feeling of loving someone so deeply, I have realized seeing you, your love and feelings, your feelings in your eyes, I have not seen such love since long. She says I will pray the one you love, also loves you deeply. Mandodari cries and goes asking the servants to take special care of Sita.

Its morning, Sita recalls Ram’s words. She thinks of him and moves her hand on the soil. She gets surprised seeing Ram’s pic she made…… She cries and her tears fall near Ram’s eyes….. She asks where are you Ram, how are you, give me some sign. She lies down beside his drawing and cries. She falls asleep.

Sita wakes up by sunlight striking her face. A pigeon flies to her. She smiles. Pigeon asks did you identify me Mata. She recalls. FB shows Sita and Ram walking through the floral plants. She asks why are you smiling. He says by seeing your smile and peace on your face, your face glows when you are happy and in peace. She says I feel this for two reasons. He asks whats the second reason. She says you…. A pigeon comes there. She says pigeon is asking for our help, their flock is in trouble. She tells the pigeon what we will save you, don’t worry, what is the problem. The pigeon flies. Sita and Ram go after him.

Pigeon takes them and signs. Sita tells Ram that there is something behind the bushes. Ram moves the bushes and finds a pigeon stuck. He says don’t worry, I came to free you. He makes the other pigeon free. Sita smiles seeing the pigeons. Ram smiles too. The pigeons get in human form, and greet Ram and Sita. The female pigeon says you did big favor by helping us, we all always be thankful. The male pigeon says we will pray that you give us chance to serve you some day. FB ends. The male pigeon comes to human form. Sita says you came from Panchwati, did Ram send you here, tell me. He looks sad. She asks how is Ram….. what happened, why are you crying, tell me the truth. He says my partner has sent me to inform you that…. She asks what.

Chatayu says Ram…….. Ram sees him. Ram and Laxman run to Chatayu. Chatayu says he is taken Sita. Ram asks who took Sita. Chatayu says Raavan and dies. Ram cries and closes his eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Haripriya

    Everyone please see my comment in yesterday’s page as I won’t comment here mostly.

  2. SKR fan

    Nice episode. Mandodari talk was a little bit boring. In yesterday’s episode precap ram was shown shouting sita and today it was not shown. Who was that pigeon and why was he tensed and how he get there? In tomorrow’s episode one more bye bye to one character I.e. Jatayu. First time saw Ashish angry in the show in precap.

  3. M

    I think the pigeon will tell Sita what happened when Ram and Laxman found out from Jatayu that she had been taken by Ravaan. It will be like a narration of what happened so that they show that Ram and Laxman found out earlier and were not just running. And also so that we see the events from Sita’s perspective…

  4. Ishita

    Absolutely its ramayana from sita’s perspective so sita will hv more focus than ram and laxman ☺☺☺
    Awesome episode ???

  5. Gayani1994

    aren’t today mahabharat 2? ( @sita) please don’t fight for gita & ramayan? OK. BE CALM DOWN EVERYONE. COMMENT BY WITH LOVE NOT WITH HATE. BE HAPPY ALWAYS DON’T HATE ANYONE OR ANYTHING.

    • Sita

      @gayani….dear…… what is Mahabharat 2 ??

      I like ramayanana, though I don’t like characters in the epic as well as in the series

      But I want to watch the serial…… because it’s ramayanana one of our epic

      But the makers show it about the love of ram sita
      Their hug and everything about love
      Even quotes are tooo about love I.e, partner love
      That we must not rely now in the time of education….
      There are some morals, here I agree but more depends on xxxx
      My mom doesn’t allow to watch it,since it’s not for children
      But in mb actually nothing was about xxxx, if it were it was about parents love and brothers love, teacher love,etc which every little kid should learn akkka. I agree there is a scene when subhadra talks with Arjuna in such away, but any how the duration was tooo less

      And Rama, he is not Vishnu and God in some people view, I had seen. The one who believe in itihas which was written by witness of event, is what many believe . And I do agree with it and I had not worshipped ram in my life….and I heard many like that…….
      It was in layer addition he was believed to be god, who knows it’s right

      • Gayani1994

        I think I should be quiet commenting this page, THANK YOU ALL for your love & hate.
        BUT one thing keep your mind. you all are indias. Not only indians but also other people also watch your comments & read them. WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT your religious things, write them with a respect. BECAUSE I SEE BAD THING THESE 2 DAYS.
        this is not a accusation.
        I’M from “S”.

  6. I couldn’t see tdy epi..can anybody explain me abt last part???actually here it rained for sometime heavily so they cut the power..

    Sita i saw ur cmnt dear…all the best for ur 10th well..i know u r going to rock

      • Akka sry i saw ur mail. But i cant reply to it ma is taking her ph to cls i l reply at evening after she returned.

      • Sita

        Gayani di, no Di my mother will allow me watching those serial after my college lives, still then education is important, Di….
        I love her so much ……she is not sankari we live in Bangalore the sillicon city…..
        And my mother would never stop herself from watching anyn serials related to kanha, even if I were in my room were tv is not there, my ears are sharp to catch those words in radha ke Krishna….
        My mother don’t watch any serials…if she watch we will just see quiz, news and any other moral movies and I love them tooo much…..

    • Sita

      Priya Di and ww Di, I have a doubt in chemistry, sorry don’t think that I bring studies to this page
      I had searched everywhere but I couldn’t comprehend it
      In lead nitrate: pb(no3)2 how does it come!?!???
      Because pb valency is 2 and no3 valency is also 2 . The two must have neutral. But why pb(no3)2??????

      I hope u will answer jyesthi

    • Sita

      Priya Di and ww Di, I have a doubt in chemistry, sorry don’t think that I bring studies to this page
      I had searched everywhere but I couldn’t comprehend it
      In lead nitrate: pb(no3)2 how does it come!?!???
      Because pb valency is 2 and (NO)3 valency is also 2 . The two must have neutral. But why pb(no3)2??????
      The same occurs for calcium nitrate and magnesium nitrate too the valency of both calcium and magnesium is 2 .and nitrate (NO3)2, but why is the chemical formula ca(NO3)2 and mg(NO3)2
      hope u will answer

    • Sita

      Priya Di and ww Di, I have a doubt in chemistry, sorry don’t think that I bring studies to this page
      I had searched everywhere but I couldn’t comprehend it
      In lead nitrate: pb(no3)2 how does it come!?!???
      Because pb valency is 2 and (NO)3 valency is also 2 . The two must have neutral. But why pb(no3)2??????
      The same occurs for calcium nitrate and magnesium nitrate too the valency of both calcium and magnesium is 2 .and nitrate (NO3)2, but why is the chemical formula ca(NO3)2 and mg(NO3)2
      hope u will answer akka pls jyesthi

      • Gayani1994

        sorry dear if I say something wrong thing. i’m calling you as mahabharath 2 because you always talk about mahabharath. AND I CAN ANSWER YOUR QUESTION TOO. if you want to find answer, consider like this.
        (NO3)2 IS -1 AND Mg, Ca & Pb is +2. AND they are ions, not atoms.

      • Gayani1994

        @sita think like this. you may not understand but try OK?
        Mg(no3)2 is neitral. right?
        ex: Mg(NO3)2___ because this is neutral.
        Mg(NO3)2 break as ions in water, like this Mg +2 & NO3 -1.
        when that ions set again
        acidic ion (Mg)+2 needs TWO (NO3)-1 alkaline ion to make neural Mg(NO3)2. YOU TRY THIS OTHERS TOO SUCH AS Ca(NO3)2

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      Gyani dear u must call her ved vyas 2 then.. Lol ? Just kiddin yaar… Sita di the name of show is not Ramayana is skr meaning that they’ll only show how much ram sita loved each other na.. And in Mahabharata on star plus it didn’t show much love story as the director is faster like 4G,., these makers are very dragging na.,,
      U know na love story of Radha Krishna don’t u.. Wat don’t Ur mom let u watch??

      • Sita

        @ gayani thank u so much sister…..
        But 2 is the valency of the ion no3 and (no3)2 is not the ion
        But thanks a lot for clearing my doubts
        Ok no problem in calling me so I will be proud to be vyasaji or Mahabharat 2……
        @ dear vanshu I had commented in 2nd June page dear….
        At first my mother allowed to watch skr, when sita was small and I liked then because it had values those time, but when it started about love… she and I don’t like to watch, but she said me if the cv show right she will allow and u know about the immodest dress sita wears

      • Sita

        @ vanshu kutty, I like u so much and this sweet family….
        Ya I too feel that the mb direct must have used 3g anyhow missing the series, radha maa was elder to Krishna dear… and there were no many love stories between them yaar…

      • Gayani1994

        I think she’s sanskarari girl. she may be watch other love story serials, because they have more thing than hug, you know what i mean. but for me siya ke ram is good than other serials 1000 times. what will happened when they make radha ke krishna. 100% sure she will not watch it, BECAUSE SHE IS SANSKARI, hena?

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      Lol ? my mom allow to watch it but only if she’s not watchin anything else… And vyasji 2, I’m vyasji 3 as I’m writing Mb ff lol ?… Haha..i know Radha ma elder than Krishna.. If they make rkk or Radha k Krishna then it’ll b more popular than skr I’m sure,, it’ll be 10000 times btr than other foolish shows,.

      • Vanshika crazy for skr

        And ur sanskar won’t allow u 2 watch Radha Krishna love story haan,, by d way a love story of radha Krishna was abt 2 launch on zee TV na.. It dint launch kya…

      • Gayani1994

        DON’T be ANGRY, CLAM DOWN, when I’m reading yours angry & hate comments that wrote for me, I LAUGH LOT OF. THANKS LOT OF. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
        BEING ANGRY & hate are not good your health.

  7. Padmaja

    Nyc episode ….. I want ram scenes to come soon….can’t able to wait for that……I think they r dragging a little bit …?

  8. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    tudays epi was good.. bt precap was awesome..1 time I saw anger n ram when sita went somewhere nd when he was n dyaan.when asurs came to attack siya ram saves her and she says I saw anger on u fr d frst time nd n today’s precap I saw anger on ram more than first time…bt y didn show ram tearing.. they show tat on yesterdays epi na??

      • vaidehi

        ya correct dear riya di!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        bt peviously they didi not do that………….
        when will ashish sharma come into scene?????????????????????
        feeling sad abt jatayu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        o gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        all sad sad moments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Tanu one help:

    i saw mails .but i couldnt reply as my mom is takin her ph with her to class. I replied to ishu n deepu di.but i couldnt to u n astha di.say to her that i l reply to her eve n for u too.u send the replies dear n l try to chat with u at evening or nyt okva???

    nita di also i l send u that mail tonight di.n megs check ur mail

  10. abi

    ashish angry face///i love most exp to him s anger in rangrasiya///i felt flying///but precap anger s totally diff…soft with anger cute…love u ashish

  11. vaidehi

    when will they ram ?????????? have they forgotten abt him ???????????? or simply awaiting us ????????????

  12. vaidehi

    puju baby pls sweetheart no thnks btw sis. since thanmathi di didn’t get time so i thought to solve ur problem and i’m vry happy 2 know that u liked it darling.

    luv uuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. vaidehi

    the physics jokes-

    1. everything that doesn’t matter has no mass. day a teacher asked a student, “y r u so lazy ???”. the student answered, “i’m not lazy. i’m overflowing with potential energy”.

    3. in an exam, a teacher asked a student “what is physics ???”. the student steadfastly said, “physics is the branch of science concerned with using extremely long & complicated formulas to describe how a ball roles”.

    4.newton’s 1st law-
    a body at rest, tends to stay at rest.

    5. if u ever get cold, just stand in a corner for a bit. they’re usually around 90 degrees.



  14. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Miss amena di u made a mistake in Precap team cries and his eyes r red with anger and he says ravan angrily. ?

  15. vaidehi

    dear sita di couldn’t understand u. what do u mean by “@ vaidehi precocious chellam” ???????????????

  16. vaidehi

    pls everyone help me with these qs too.

    1. y did siam didn’t hv any child during their exile ????????????

    2. y did draupadi not protest against the vastraharan with effort ????????????//



    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      1.c dear in van they were sanyasi that means they couldn’t do all that… They lived as husband wife but couldn’t do the relationship.. And second thing they don’t try it as they don’t want son to born in van With discomfort (though the sons were later born in forest only) main thing is that they lead a sanyaasi life
      2. She had protested it with effort but wen none listened she dint try again as she knew Krishna ji will save her always na

      • Vanshika crazy for skr

        2. And dear if u see it in this way she also wanted Duryodhan and dushassan to get a shock when they c that she would be saved.. She has full faith in her prayers…

  17. Supreetha (Soups)

    I’m really bored! It’s good they’re showing Sita’s life at Lanka…but where is Ram???? It looks like he’s been running for 4 days and hasn’t reached the Ashram yet….Ram come at least in today’s episode and show your pain ???

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      Ram isn’t running for 4 days. He’s reached already. They’ll show in fb

  18. vaidehi

    epi was good. nice drawing by sita. precap is exciting. tmrw i’ll watch 2day’s epi. so sad na ?????????????????/


    i know u all ?????????????????? hi dear vanshi , pri di, ww di, soops di. meghs………

    meeting u all after a long time

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