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Siya Ke Ram 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita and Urmila finding their sisters in the jungle. Sita sees a deer and asks Urmila to come. Ram says that’s the ashram, Shanta Didi will be living there. Kaushalya stops. Ram asks her to come and takes her ahead. Kaushalya cries and says I can’t go to Shanta, I have kept her away for so many years, I have no courage to go there. Bharat says we will help you, come. Ram says no, let Maa be here, it will be tough for Maa to meet Didi. Ram and his brothers proceed to the ashram.

Ram asks is anyone there. Shanta comes out and the brothers smile seeing her. Shanta walks to the entrance of the ashram. Ram gets emotional seeing her. Shanta asks who are you. Ram asks for water. He says can I get water for my Mata, she is not able to come till here. Shanta says yes and

goes. She gets water pot and goes to their mum to give water. She says Mata and Kaushalya turns. Shanta gets shocked seeing her.

Shanta drops the pot. She hugs Kaushalya and they cry. Kaushalya says I knew you will end relations with us when you came to do yagya. Shanta cries and says she did stopped herself as she did not want to blame anyone. Kaushalya asks are you fine. Shanta says I m very happy, Rishi gives me much love and respect, how is Pita ji. Kaushalya says he is managing the province, did you forgive us. Shanta says no, I can’t forgive Pita ji, because I was never angry. Ram and his brothers smile. Shanta asks why would I be angry, it was my decision, its children’s duty to do all possible tries to keep parents away from sorrows, if I did not do anything to keep away dad’s sorrows, I would have not forgiven myself, being a Rishi’s wife, I understood desires are the reason of all sorrows, I m trying to free myself from desires.

Shanta turns and sees her brothers. Kaushalya nods. Sita and Urmila follow the deer and come to the cave. They see Mandvi and Shruthkirti and hug them. Sita asks why did they do this. Mandvi and Shruthkirti say they don’t want to go away from Sita. Sita says I understand, but this is not the solution, come, we will go back and make a last try, if they don’t agree, we will respect their decision, we should not go against our parents. Sita takes her.

Kaushalya asks Shanta does she know them. Shanta says she will see how she guesses. She sees Bharat and says Kaikeyi’s son, good features like her. She says she will get colors for you, as you make paintings. Bharat hugs her. Laxman asks does she just know Bharat. Shanta says I know Laxman, and hugs them. She says she knows about him well. Shatrughan says this is not time to show our talent and calms them. Shanta talks to him and says she knows he is Shatrughan. She sees Ram….Shanta says his smile will make world forget their sorrows, he can solve any problem, he can be just Ram. Ram hugs her.

Kaushalya says we came here because of Ram, Ram can taken permission from Dasharath. She asks them to promise they will not let her sacrifice go waste, they will give happiness to their parents. They all promise her. Kaushalya asks Shanta where is her Swami, will she not make her brothers meet him. Shanta says he is busy in Tapasya, it won’t be possible to meet him. Laxman jokes will she send them without giving them food. Shanta smiles and asks them to come.

Sita and her sisters come to palace and hear Janak talking to Kushadwaj about going to Sankasya. Kushadwaj says I will bring that king here, once you finalize his punishment, we will leave for Sankasya. Janak asks him and Chandrabhaga to go, as Mandvi and Shruthkirti will be with them here. The girls get glad.

Janak punished Raja Sudhanva. Sita questions Janak and asks how did he become superior king to punish Raja Sudhanva.

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