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Siya Ke Ram 3rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Laxman telling Ram and Sita that he has arranged a hut in the van and also a kitchen for Sita. He shows them the kitchen. He says I know Sita loves cooking, but I could not arrange similar like Raj bhavan. Sita says its very good. Ram says Laxman, the hut is really good, but why did you not do arrangements for you. Laxman says don’t worry, I will stay outside and protect you and this hut. Ram holds Laxman, and says my brother, I m blessed to have a brother like you, Rishis don’t do such things which you do with such ease. Ram and Sita see the hut. Ram says Sita, we are entering a new phase of our life from today, but this life is not of Rajbhavan, its sanyaasi life, its life of tapasya, tyaag, yog and this can be difficult for you. She smiles and says the life I imagined

after my life, I got that, even problems with you become a reason of happiness, I have a husband like you, and a Devar like Laxman, this is the best life for me on earth and this is heaven for me. She hugs him. He holds her.

A man runs to Kaushalya and Sumitra and tells them that Kaikeyi is at the ghat and going to take Jal Samadhi. They get shocked. Kaikeyi recalls Bharat’s words. She says I lost everyone I loved in my life, I the first woman of this world who ruined her suhaag, I have sent my dear Ram for vanvaas for 14 years, I made Sita helpless to become a sanyaasi, and my son Laxman, he had to leave his wife and go to van, I did wrong with everyone till now, I was afraid that I don’t become like my mum, but I became more worse than my mum, I have done wrong with all, I m just a stain on all avatars of a wife, mother, queen and a woman, there is just one option for me now, to take jal Samadhi.

Guru Vashisht stops her and says repentance is needed to get free of sins. Kaushalya, Sumitra Bharat, Shatrughan, Mandvi, Urmila and Shruthkirti look on. Kaikeyi says my sins are too big that I can’t repent. He says you have to be alive with this burden, you have to spend your life in apologizing to the people who have hurt, face them, don’t run away from them, your guilt burden will be your punishment, you have to wait for Ram, Sita and Laxman to come back from van after 14 years, if Ram forgives you, your sins will be cleaned. She cries.

Kaushalya goes to her, and says Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi cries and holds her feet. She apologizes and hugs Kaushalya. Bharat looks on angrily. Kaikeyi apologizes to Sumitra. Sumitra hugs her. Kaikeyi looks at Bharat. He turns his face away.

Sita makes some earthen pots. Ram brings the woods and goes to her. She smiles. He sees the pots she made and says very beautiful….. She shapes the mud and it loses balance. Ram holds the pot and they see each other. Music plays……………He says the person who knows to be happy and satisfied in any situation of life can face any difficulty in life, and live anywhere, you are such.

Laxman comes and asks Sita if she can use this kan. Sita says its very healthy. Laxman asks her to prepare its dish soon and keeps the kan there. Ram washes his hands and says Sita, I will help you in making food today. She asks will you help, do you know cooking. Ram asks her to guide him, he will learn, 14 years is long time. She asks why do you want to learn, I m with you, I will cook food for you. He says husband and wife should help each other in their work, satisfaction stays in life, we can know each other’s problems this way, it will make balance too, this is necessary for balance in marital life, tell me, will you teach me, I won’t make you regret, I m a good student. She smiles and nods.

Bharat tells Guru Vashisht that its not possible, I can’t sit on this throne. Guru Vashisht says its your duty to fulfill Dasharath’s promise. Bharat says I m sorry, but Dasharath’s last wish was to see Ram becoming Ayodhya’s king, which was right, I can’t place my right on the thing which is not mine. Guru Vashisht says I understand your emotions, but you have to do duty towards Ayodhya, we all should aim to take Ayodhya towards a bright future, it will be possible when you take the Rajya’s responsibilities. He asks everyone what is their opinion. Sumanta says even Ram has this wish, he requested Praja too, we all wish the same.

Bharat says already many things went wrong to get this throne for me, my Ram was given vanvaas, his rights were snatched, Dasharath died in this sorrow, now accepting this throne, I can’t do another Adharm. Guru Vashisht says if you don’t accept the throne, who will manage Ayodhya, we don’t have an option. Bharat says the one who has right on this throne will sit on it. Guru Vashisht says Ram… he has gone on vanvaas. Bharat says so what, I will go to him, I will convince him to come back. Sumanta says Ram has gone to fulfill promise, he won’t come back. Bharat says Ram can be won by love, we all will request him, I m sure he will surely come. He cries and asks them to say will they support him in this. They all look on. Janak comes there and says I m with you. Everyone get shocked seeing Janak. They all greet Janak.

Bharat comes to the van with some soldiers. Laxman says I will not leave him alive today. He gets angry and aims arrow at Bharat, asking him not to take a step ahead, else his arrow will take away his life. Bharat gets shocked seeing Laxman’s hatred and anger on him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Siam scenes are so good
    Eternal love
    Such a cute hug and the pot making scene
    I didn’t know watching vanvas could be so interesting
    And the three queens have joined just as josh a said
    They are so good that they don’t blame anyone for their fate Jai Sita ram

    1. Did u notice srutakirti smile while Janak enters
      Whatever be the situation when we see our father we can’t help smiling agreed?
      Loved janaks entry waiting for ram and Sita reaction to Janak

      1. Of Course AGREED…….Dear….?

  2. God loves repentant heart and
    Laxman is an ideal brother
    IN Ramayana everyone are an epitome of sacrifice and Laxman is no different
    There is no other happiness greater than making our loved ones happy and
    Sita her love is her strength

    1. true sanjana di laxman is the best

  3. Everyone can get ideas and it does not effort but copying needs effort
    Be original. Ashish Sharma tweet
    Love like there is no tomorrow. madraksi tweet

  4. Today’s thought
    Forget how stressed u are remember how blessed u are

    Nothing can hurt us more than a loved ones silence
    Bharat silence hurt Kaikeyi today

  5. Sita and ram convo on food
    They love each other that they are frank and don’t hide their negatives and weakness

    The way ram I will be a good student LOL

  6. Episode fantastic. Laxman is very talented and not needed but again mentioning he is an ideal brother.
    And serial makers are proving what they said vanvaas not its the beginning of siyaram immortal love story .
    And it was the sixth couple hug of the show – two of laxmila and four of siyaram(one in promo).
    Wow ? raja janak after so many days. I wished to see rani sunaina, kushadwaj and chandrabhaga and mithila palace.

    1. Skr fan why didn’t u comment yesterday
      Missed u bro

  7. Akanksha sharma

    Hllo sanju dear…ya dear siam are jst awesome…lovely couple and godly pair….really laxman is beyond everyone….cant even imagine …..wht he did..cant be seen now a days…hats off 2 such a great personality…..nice epi..

    1. true aka siam are just awesome 🙂

  8. I expected that Janak will go to forest and now am sure about it
    Loved Janaks powerful entry
    For ram duty is foremost
    Everybody love ram so they respect his decision but Bharat
    Thinks love can win over him
    But only dharm can win whatever the situation
    Love does not mean staying together and ram will make Bharat understand and
    Rams thoughts are right Bharat will also be a great king

    1. Yeah he will also goto forest to see his son in law s snd his beloved daughter sita and will convince them with Barath. Three mothers will also go!

  9. Just one word ….Awesome ?

    As I’m living in Chennai dere are many temples in and around here so I went there fr my holidays. That’s why I couldn’t join u yesterday ?

  10. Akanksha sharma

    Ohh god ..the fate has made two brothers rivals… this is one sided rivalry… as bharat never felt laxman his enemy…. so sad bt this issue will get sort out soon

  11. Siya ram scenes are as usual awesome and as I told yesterday Kaikeyi reunited. Poor Bharat y he is facing hatred from all sides . waiting to see tomorrow episode.

  12. Siya ram scenes was just awesomeeeee. Loved it so much. Kaikeyi repents . Superb. Lakshman no words Best brother. Bharat too best. Ram @ sita got best siblings in the world.

    1. The person in my dp is Jennifer winget ( kumudh from saraswathichandra serial)

      1. I am sure you will become a great doctor
        And have u heard of Jipmer Pondicherry
        Are u trying for it akka
        And even WW Di nidhi Di yazhini Di and Sita Di of our family have an aim to become doctor
        Yazhini Di and Sita Di are also preparing for entrance Di

  13. Yeah sister u are is such a lovely episode. Kaikeyi realised her mistake.but she is always a gud mother. Atlast raja janaka came knowing the incidents happened in ayodhya.laxman is the best e.g
    Of a good brother sacrificing his life.

  14. Hi everyone. How r u all??? Today’s episode was gd… Siam scenes were very nice to see.. The pot making scene was superb… And such a cute hug….
    I didn’t know raj rishi janak will come and support bharat’s opinion….
    The first scene of siam was also very nice….
    Sumitra, kaikeyi and kaushalya scene was also gd….
    Ram will tell sita that he will help her in making food…..
    All the scenes were very nice…..
    Get well soon nidhi di… And Zara di…..
    All the best for exams brinda di….
    I love skr
    Jai sita ram
    Does anyone know abt ww di….
    OK gd night everyone…..

  15. nice episode as usual 🙂 got to see maharaj Janak after a long time 🙂

  16. my aim was to become doctor. iam going classes for my entrance exams so iam unable to reply u all dears very sorry for that.and how r u all?

    1. It Ok Sakthipooja ………….All the Best for your entrance exam..DO WELL…

  17. Siya ke ram FF part=4=
    Lakshman ( holding her hand ): aaj tak maine apne ram bhaiya se jeevan mein sabse jyada prem kiya hai par main aapko unke baad sabse jyada pyaar karta hun.
    Urmila was blushing and looking at him.
    Lakshman: lekin main aapse yeh vachan maangna chahta hu ki aap mere aur mere bhaiya ke prati dharm ke beech kabhi nahi aayengi .
    Urmila( shocked yet impressed ): Aapki iss soch se main atyant prasann hun . Maine apne jeevan mein kabhi bhi aise chote bhai ko nahi dekha jo apne bade bhai ki seva karne ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hai. Aur main samajh sakti hun aisa kyunki mere aur sita didi ke bich bhi aise hi sambandh hai.
    Lakshman was smiling looking towards her that he got to know two more characteristics of her that she is so innocent and understanding. Urmila ( smiling and holding his hand) : main aapko vachan deti hun ki main aapki urmi kabhi aapke aur aapke bhaiya ke prati dharm mein bich kabhi nahi aayungi aur naa hi kisiko bich mein aane dungi.
    Lakshman was so overwhelmed have tears in his eyes that he was not able to control himself seeing the reaction of urmila .
    At the very next moment , he hug her tightly .
    Lakshman (Smiling) : dhanya hai aap urmi!!!
    Urmila thought that she was the most happiest of all on earth at that time.
    Urmila ( smiling and blushing ) : ab aap mujhe aise hi gale lagaye rahenge toh raat beet jayegi sumitranandan.
    Hearing this, lakshman blushes and quickly leaves her.
    Urmila( smiling): ab aap vishraam kar lijiye . Lakshman lay down on bed but he was not able to sleep .
    Lakshman(looking towards Urmila who was seating besides him) : Urmi mujhe neend nahi aa rahi hai.
    Urmila now knows what to do and she quickly takes his head over her lap.
    Lakshman : yeh kya kar rahi hai aap ur…?
    Urmila put her finger on his lip and said: chup!! netra band kijiye.
    Lakshman closes his eyes.
    Urmila caresses his head, fans him.
    Lakshman after some time goes to deep sleep.
    Ram- Sita,Bharat-Mandavi,Shatrughan- Shruthkirti comes in the room to find that what has happen.
    They all notices Lakshman deep wound.
    All gets worried specially ram and shatrughan
    Sita asks Urmila in low voice: Urmila lakshman bhaiya ko kya hua hai.
    Urmila using sign language tells them that she will tell all incident next morning.
    Next morning=
    Lakshman opens his eyes and worries that where is urmila.
    He carefully stands and moves slowly out to Ram- Sita room hoping that Urmila must be there.
    As soon as he enters the room of Ram- Sita . He found everyone present over there including 3 mothers, father , 3 brothers and 3 bhabhi standing there and seeing him. Urmila was also present there.
    Lakshman( in his thoughts ) :yeh sab log yahan kya kar rahe hai , kahin urmi ne sab bata toh nahi diya sabko.

    Next part will be posted soon. For me your comments are most valuable , so please post your precious comments and share your favourite moments from FF.

    1. Great dear but can u write it in eng

    2. Sanjana(Sara)

      Nice OS di was waiting for it since so many days..can u tell me when had u posted ur OS part 1,2,3 i wanted to show to my friends..

    3. sumi di i missed both you and your ff very much
      as always your ff is awesome

    4. Sumi………. nice one ………

    5. Sanjana(Sara)

      Di i gave your OS screenshot to zara di she said she loved your OS.

  18. Hyee everyone… deariess….how are you all???….i could not comment since days as my schools started……i’ll be commenting less now…..

    As always…..the epi was fab…..precap is somewhat…..but it’ll be all sorted out soon…..i luv the way lakshman gives respect to siyaram….

    Nidhi and zara…..get well soon dears

    and others also tc….

    1. Haiii Dia ……5n & U ….It Ok Dia ………..

  19. Sanjana(Sara)

    Awesome episode. Loved it.
    Seeing raja janak after so many days !!
    Feeling bad for bharat. It was not his fault still he has to bear laxman’s hatred and anger.

  20. Veronica crouze

    How did bharat come chitrakut so soon??now they will leave chitrakut….i’ve read dat as bharat arrived chitrakut ram decided to leave d forest….waiting fr janak & sita meeting.

    1. I think u are wrong Di
      They will stay in chitrakut for some time and Bharat will come at this time only

  21. the episode was good
    i thought that vanvas would be sad but they have made it very nice
    loved siam and lakshman scenes
    happy that kaushalya, sumitra and kaikeyi united
    laxman is a good brother
    super happy on seeing raja janak after many many days
    feeling bad bharat because lakshman will be behaving very rude with happy

  22. wow!!! what a nice conversation between lord ram and devi sita
    i liked this episode very much

  23. Hi evryne…hw r u all..sry I cudt txt u fr 2 day….s….bcz I was busy at packing my things fr gng hstl….now I was n hstl n Chennai fr my ntrnce pprtn….tdy epsd nce…lv t…hi Dr sanju hw r u…hi WW d evrynr

    1. I am fine Di thks for asking
      How are u di and all the best for ur entrance


    2. Haii Yazhini………..All the best for UR Entrance Exam

  24. Haiii Friends Lakshman is pure heart ………….Loved SIya Ram Scenes ……Guru Vashist was true u can’t just run away with your sins u hv to repent…..Bharat is just awesome but feeling bas as he is assumed as the culprit by lakshman……….Loved Janak entry in Ayodhya……
    Waiting to see janak & Sita meeting

    Sumi OS was suprrrr……

  25. Superb episode…ram n sita lovely expression…once again ashish smile kills me…fantastic actor….wat a person laxman…great human being…ram s with wife….but laxman will stay lonely…n serve ram…pavam urmila…..super acting from laxman

  26. Hi my dear sisters… How are you all..?? any one remember me..? l’m commenting here after a big gap… actually l met with an accident.. l was in hospital… just discharged yesterday.. l really missed u all.. and very happy to see all of u…

    1. How R U Dear ????? We missed U Too ……….

      1. l’m fine jay.. nice dp dear..

    2. Hy di,How r u now ???How can we forget u?????mmmmm????????

      1. Hi Rachu… my head and leg got injured.. little paining.. but fine.. how are you dear..?? superb dp.. l love Abhi and pragya..

  27. Welcome back Ahana and sorry for your condition but you know it is the blessing of Lord Ram that you have come back safe and sound. Get well soon ! Sumi di can you tell me where have you posted the other ffs of Siya Ke Ram . Pls tell me because I’m a very big Lakshmila fan. Pls don’t forget.

  28. Hello everyone . Im back after a few days….actually i was not well. Nowadays Skr episodes r coming god …. ???

  29. * good

  30. Lovely episode. Hello everyone I m new here .

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