Siya Ke Ram 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaal coming to Ayodhya palace. He sees Laxman coming and takes Rishi’s avatar. Laxman greets him and says you are welcome in Ayodhya’s rajbhavan, how can I serve you. Kaal says I want to meet Ram. Laxman says Ram stays in his Kaksh alone, no one is allowed to meet him, tell me the matter, I will help you. Kaal says no, I want to meet Ram, I can just talk to him. Laxman says kindly accept my request, Ram can’t meet you. Kaal says you are insulting me, if Ram can’t meet me, I will leave, remember no Sadhu has left Ayodhya’s Rajbhavan empty hand, this is Sadhu’s insult, and its matter of pride and respect for Raghukul. Laxman thinks Ram does not want to meet anyone, its right, but its not right if any Sadhu goes annoyed, it will be against Raghukul’s

customs. He stops Kaal and asks him to come alone.

Urmila cries. Mandvi and Shruthkirti console her. Mandvi asks her not to be scared, it maybe just a dream and not connected to reality. Urmila says no, I felt Laxman’s behavior strange today. Shruthkirti says maybe you thought so. Urmila says no, its meaning linked to my bad dream. Mandvi says come, we will ask Gurudev about your bad dream. They go and meet Guru Vashisht. He asks Urmila what happened, why are you worried. Urmila says I have seen a bad dream, and tells him. Guru Vashisht thinks its sign of Kaal’s entry in Rajbhavan, it means Ram’s last time/death is close. Urmila asks him to say the meaning of this bad dream. He says whatever is going to happen in Ayodhya Rajbhavan now, we have to face it by courage. He blesses her and goes. Mandvi says what is going to happen that Gurudev can’t tell us. Urmila says I feel my husband will fall in danger, I will end that danger.

Laxman takes Kaal to Ram’s Kaksh. Ram sits praying. Laxman calls out Ram and says sorry to disturb you, a Rishivar wants to meet you, I did not find right to send him. Ram says you did right, calll him. Laxman asks Rishivar to come. Kaal enters the Kaksh. Ram greets him and asks how can I serve you. Kaal says I have to talk to you in private. Ram says you can talk without any worry, I assure you all your talk will be kept secret. Kaal says no, I can just talk to you, I m not allowed to tell it infront of anyone else. Ram looks at Laxman and signs.

Laxman starts leaving. Kaal says remember, till we are in this Kaksh, no one enters this Kaksh, if anyone intentionally or unknowingly enters this Kaksh, I will give death punishment to him, you may be finding this strange, if you promise me, I can tell the secret to you for which I came here. Ram says right, any Rishi or Sanyasi’s wish is respected in Raghukul, so I promise you, if anyone enters this room during our conversation, he will get death punishment. He asks Laxman to secure the Kaksh, assure that no one can enter this Kaksh during our conversation. Laxman says sure and goes.

Ram asks Kaal to tell the matter without any hesitation now. Urmila comes to Laxman and says come with me. Laxman asks why are you crying. She says your life is in danger, I have to protect my husband, come with me. He says I can’t go anywhere, Ram is talking to Rishivar, he said no one can enter the Kaksh till their talk ends. She says who will come here, there are soldiers on door, come. He says no, Ram promised Rishivar, if anyone enters the Kaksh during conversation, he will punish them death. She gets shocked and says no, its more dangerous, come with me. He says its Ram’s command, I have to be here even if I die, even if Kaal comes infront of me, I have to obey his command. She cries. Bharat, Mandvi, Shatrughan and Shruthkirti come there.

Urmila says I always obeyed you, can’t you accept my one request. She asks them to explain Laxman not to be here, its not right, ask him to come with me. Bharat says what danger can come on Laxman’s life inside Rajbhavan. Laxman says I m trying to explain the same. Mandvi says Urmila has seen a bad dream and she is worried. She says Laxman, maybe your life has no danger, you should respect Urmila’s words. Laxman says my life is spent in obeying Ram’s commands and even today I will do the same, forgive me.

Bharat says don’t worry Urmila, to clear your doubt, Bharat and Shatrughan will be with Laxman, we promise, we will not let anything to him. Mandvi and Shruthkirti take Urmila along.

Hanuman sits looking at the rings and says what’s the secret of this Maya, which I m not understanding, does this ring want to sign me something, what is the meaning that I m here. He recalls Ram’s words about life, which has no meaning in reality, one day such time comes, when we leave this world and go far. He gets worried and says Ram wanted to tell me such big thing, but I could not understand him.

Kaal comes to his real form and greets Ram. Ram greets him too. Kaal says for everyone’s good, you came on earth in human avatar, all Asurs died and Dharm is placed again, its all peace and happiness around, all your motives are fulfilled, all Devtas request you to leave this human body and come back to your Dharm. Ram says Kaal, if according to fate, my work on earth ended, you do your work. Kaal says I can’t do anything without your permission. Ram says you have my permission, fulfill the work destined. Kaal says you are great, everyone has desire to live on earth, you are like lotus who stays in river and does not have longing, I have a request, your brothers, Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan have to leave from this world before you. Ram gets shocked.

A rishi comes there from outside. Laxman sees him and says Rishi Durvasan. Bharat and Shatrughan greet him. Bharat welcomes him. Rishi asks about Ram, he should have been present here to welcome me. Bharat says sorry, but Ram is talking to other Rishi in his Kaksh, I will inform Ram about your coming when he comes out, till then you rest. Rishi says I did not come to rest, I have to meet Ram, if he can’t come, I will go and meet him in his Kaksh. Laxman thinks if Rishi Durvasan enters the Kaksh, Ram has to kill him according to his promise, no such sin can’t happen by Ram’s hands.

Kaal says I will leave, permit me to leave. Laxman enters the Kaksh. Kaal says no human has seen me in my real form, now you have to keep your promise. Ram asks Laxman what disaster did you do….. Laxman looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. WOW 300th episode.
    Now Luv-Kush are kings. Are they married? Did they got married before Shri Ram went to Vaikunth?
    Where would you find a brother like Lakshman? So obedient who just gave up his life to fulfill his brother’s promise.
    One more couple separated on the earth. Lakshmila was the second best couple of the show. I loved their fights before marriage.
    I think I have heard about Rishi Durvasa before also. Did he appeared earlier also in Ramayan?
    Will the team celebrate 300 episodes as they celebrated 100 episodes?
    Please can anyone write a fan fiction about the offscreen fun of the SKR’s actors?

  2. Madirakshi’s Dhanteras shopping.
    By the way what did you all bought?

  3. Farewell cake from Lanka family, Danish , Yukti and the production team.
    Diwali wishes from our Shatrughn.
    For the first time got an offscreen masti pic of Rohit Bakshi aka Mahadev and Rimpi Das aks Mata Parvati.
    Rangoli made by Madirakshi.

  4. Aman

    sad ep

  5. Today was Siya ke Ram’s 300th episodes.
    So on this occasion here are some of the fabulous promos of Siya ke Ram.
    I don’t think any other show would have a better action promo. And the song is so so….. just fabulous.
    So much fantastic promos it gave us. Great locations. We can only wish to get a serial like Siya ke Ram.

    This promo was awesome. But can anybody tell me when did this happen? Because they never showed it in the episodes.

  6. Padmaja

    Omg!!!!!! Such an awesome epi… lakshman is going to die soon. If he had obeyed urmila he would have notbeen Iin this state… really feeling verrryyyyyy sad to see the precap…

  7. Supreetha (Soups)

    Lakshman is going to die soon! Will miss the serial after this Friday

  8. Very sad to say it’s the last week of SKR……….. JUST 4 EPISODE REMAINING…………………
    And today episode was another emotional episode….. Precap must be heart-breaking……………..
    Just one link…. DIWALI SEGMENT…..

  9. Congo today’s the 300th epiiiiiiiii…….
    Just can’t believe it…a brother could give up his life for the sake of his brothers demand…..great……..
    But this is a dharam sankat for ram to kill his own brother for his vachan…….
    Siam gone…..
    Now will miss laxmila badly…….

    Guyzzz how r u all???

    1. Richu

      Its me guyzZz

    2. Fine richu di
      Very emotional episode
      Hoe will i bear the separation from siya ke ram after it ends
      Same sadness i felt when Mahabharata ended
      I don’t want it to end.

    3. Kishu

      I am fine richu di
      Very emotional episode
      Feeling sad that its going to end
      I felt same sadness when Mahabharata ended
      How will I bear the separation from siya ke ram.

      1. Vanshika

        Yes.. Wen Mb ended I cried seeing last epi.. What’ll happen now ?

  10. awww such an emotional episode . we cannot find such a brother who is so devoted to his brother . love lakshmila to the core

  11. Shrinithi

    vry vry emotional epi…………………just 4 days are remaining as skr s gonna to end na………..feeling vry bad….hey bhagwan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ohh so emotional episode and what a nice bonding within brothers and bolo jai siye ram but I’m missing Mata sita

  13. Congrats ???? for the 300 episodes Siya Ke Ram!????
    Sadly ? U r ending but… I’m gonna re-watch your past episodes on hotstar!???

  14. wow what an episode.congratulations for completing 300 episodes.we will miss you

  15. Congrats

  16. It will be very hard to say goodbye to siya ram. Will miss it very much!

  17. Wonderful episode but very emotional too .Waiting for tonight but Feeling very sad for Urmila &Laxman- sweetest couple is getting separated .
    They both are silent sacrificing character in Ramayan.
    Unlike Sita -Sriram , Bharat -Mandvi , their separation was the most painful one .First fourteen years of marriage -they got fully separated -did not even see each other yet they loved each other .
    Their silent sacrifice is beyond words and their bonding is extraordinary & exceptional . I liked this couple the most in the Ramayan .And because of silent sacrifice of both URMILA AND LAXMAN -Ram could win against Ravaan -because before RAVAAN -Invincible Indrajit/Meghnad was standing.
    Laxman was indeed a obedient and brother -A IDEAL brother- Adarsh -He is unparalleled in history . HATs off to such a great brother and he was always supported by his loving wife Urmila.
    -Laxman’s sacrifice is exceptional . That’s also one reason he too is worshipped along with SriRam & Devi SITA .
    And Laxman of SKR – Karan is acting SUPERB .

    @ RAni- A thoughful question indeed put up by you in yesterday’s message – I am sure no one in the world has answer for it .you have correctly asked What happened to Dhobi’s wife ? IS she among the praja of Ayodha -then why she did not get justice ? Sending SIta to exile did not give justice to her rather injustice to 2 women.
    That’s why I like all the questions asked by SKR Sita before her departure to Mother Earth. Concept was not original but unique .
    Thanks SKR . Great going -miss you too

  18. Yesterday was last Monday and today is last Tuesday of SKR……………………..

  19. First of all COngrans to SKR – 300 episodes completed .
    Extremely touchy episode . Felt bad for Urmila and Laxman -final departure !
    OMG – LAXMAN has to die to save Ram. There is no match in this world like Laxman.
    Personally , I like Laxman the most than any one else in Ramayan.
    Indeed a great character – whole life he did seva for his big brother and at the end he shall now give up his life for his brother . His love for Ram is also unconditional . He never ever thought of his own life. He served his brother selflessly and devotedly .
    He could have stayed in Palace when Ram got 14 years of exile and enjoyed all luxury of palace , but he choose to do seva for his brother and his bhabhi Mata.
    He considered SriRam as his GOD -everything and sacrificed everything at its feet .
    During 14 years of vanvas /exile -as per original version, he walked before Ram & Sita ( shown in SKR) to make the path, he made huts to reside , he even cooked for brother and Bhabi.
    And after SIta’s kidnap – Ram was totally broken , it was ONLY for LAXMAN’s support -Ram could decide to go and search for SITA .
    Laxman did not sleep for 14 years due to immense sacrifice of his dutiful wife URMILA and made sure his brother’s victory.
    As per original version of SAGE ‘s Valmiki Ramayan -In war also , LAXMAN was always ahead of SRIRAM , he made sure that his brother is protected because he knew as long as his brother was alive -war would continue . He was a protection shield Ram as Meghnad for Ravaan.
    Many Sages gives more importance to Laxman because they said if laxman did not kill Meghnad then Ram’s victory was impossible .
    After the Rajabhishek /coronation of Ram – Ram declared that Laxman would be Yuvraj but Laxman requested his brother to give it to Brother Bharat as he was his elder.
    And Laxman wanted to punish Dhobi too for questioning about the chastity of Bhabhi-mata SITA but Ram stopped him
    At the end because of Ram – Laxman embraced death. Laxman’s life shows how true love could make someone eternal .

    A great homage to an ideal , unparalleled brother in the entire Indian history -Laxman is indeed GREAT .

    @ Sara thanks for understanding . I believe if Raja Ram did not abandon Sita , rather consulted Sita on that issue of Dhobi’s remark – then Mata SIta would have found out solution to prove her chastity and also given justice to that Dhobi’s wife. Sita is a symbol of Shakti -Ram’s shakti .
    Sita is ardangini -better half – she was supposed to be consulted as a queen too and not deserted .
    That’s why you are right Ram did injustice to two woman . One Sita and another Dhobi’s wife – dhobi’s wife did not get any justice , God Knows what happened to her ultimately .

    Anyway , it has been a wonderful journey with SKR . GOOD . SKR gave me impetus to know about Ramayan .

  20. Stuti27

    Really sad epi ….. last lakshmila scene I guess … lakshman will die omg!! …. guys so sorry for the next two days I won’t be able to comment due to my studies but surely on the last epi I will comment

  21. Dear Sara & Rani,

    A kings duty is including the role of a Judge. All the people is coming to meet a king for resolving their issues & King has to decide as per the circumstances of prooves sustained in that particular issue. Regarding Dhobhi’s wife case, there was no evidence against his wife & it was proven that she left his home due to the emergency case of her mother illness & accordingly, King Rama has ordered to keep his wife along with him with full dignity. Based on this decision only, Dhobhi has raised the question about Sita Mata’s purity as everyone knows She was in custody of Ravana for almost 10 months & Ravana was a Demon who always disrespect to women. So, this doubt will arisen by the society. Now, if King Rama or Lakshmana or even though Hanuman will try to convince the society about the purity of Sita Mata, no one will satisfied as everyone knows King Rama loves for Sita Mata is pure, Lakshmana will always be stand for his brother & Hanuman is the devotee of Lord Roma who will never go against him. Meanwhile, if King Rama will call Sita Mata to proove her purity in front of the society, then she will definetly be shocked as she believes the Ayodhya people treat her as a Mother & not a single mother will accept such type of question from her son.

    If a question arisen about the dignity of a Judge and his decision and in that context, it is a King/ Judge duty to maintain the respect within the society so that people will come to King for any problem otherwise they will try to solve within themselves which will arisen problems / clashes among them. So, King Rama has no other option but to Exile Sita Mata.

    Once again, I am telling that Shri Rama has made a mistake only one term and that is he did not speak to Sita Mata about this case & without informing her (even though not seeing her in the last moment as per SKR), he send with Lakshman for dropping in the deep forest. However, HE loves Sita Mata a lot and he worries about her safety, he immediately call Hanuman to protect her without knowing to anyone. Even, he did not inform to any of his brothers & mothers about Hanuman.

    Its all depends upon how you look the situation.

  22. Forgot to state -I meant SKR gave me more impetus to do more research on Ramayan. It is indeed a wonderful journey with SKR . Only 4 more days -then GOOD BYE.
    By the way- KARAN is doing perfect laxman role. love it

    @ Samarth &Pradeep- Today is bhai dooj so sorry if I have hurt you with any of my remarks . And yes , thanks for your inputs even though I disagree with most of them but still it was nice having discussion with you guys .
    I want to end on a happy note. Regards


  23. Dear Rani…. Discussion will never be hurting until it will not go to personal level. We are unknown to each other & still we are putting our remarks is better to understand each other thinkings only. I really took this in a Positive way only & our ideas are not to hurt anyone feeling or believes. By the way, Happy Bhai Dooj… God Bless you all sisters.

  24. @SKR- Indeed BEST CASTING . NIce shows.
    Variations were there but that made me read more about Ramayan and thanks a lot SKR – you have made me gain more knowledge about Ramayan.
    @ SKR you encouraged me to know more and more about RAMAYAN . THANKS & MISS YOU !
    I don’t watch any other serial -MISS YOU .

    @ Samarth bhai- HAPPY BHAI dhooj. If I have hurt you through my words -then sorry .To be frank , I appreciate your feelings about SRI RAM’s action but I can’t agree with you .
    AND happy bhai dhooj to all of my SKR ‘s brother and sisters too. MAke it happy sister dhooj.
    DO have lots and lots of sweets .
    @ Samarth bhai – one thing more , as you may know this Ghor KALI yuga is going to end – may be in a decade or in this century , signs are already there – GLOBAL warmings and all >MOTHER Earth is gearing up. Saints have mentioned too.
    In Kali yuga -human consciousness is at the bottom , but once we move towards either Dwarpar or Satya ( controversy exits ) our level of consciousness will go up and we will have clear picture of past present and future.
    Lord Krishna mentioned . INDIAN Saints & Sages have been mentioning about the change of yuga/era , even books like Laws of the spirit world says , or Refer to Dr Brian Wess’s books .
    So we will get to know soon may be in this lifetime.

    @ SKR – COngratulation for completion of 300 episodes . Can’t wait for tonight’s show.
    Only 4 days to go- miss you.

  25. Cant imagine skr ending ?

  26. Vanshika

    A big Congratulations to SIYA KE RAM for completion of 300 episodes BLOCK BUSTER SERIES.. DON’T know how I’ll live with out u AshMa.. N SKR FAMILY. This show gv me so many loving brothers and sisters..

  27. Vanshika

    Guys sorry for not commenting fr one week.. Jus fall down from a tree ? Nw I’m okay..
    Epi ? emotional ? lakshmila scenes..
    AND IM ALSO SRY fr not updating ny ff I’ll update all fanfics two episodes evening.
    I’ve lots of games polls quizzes and links, so I just wanna ask if I shall post on last epi pg or as article.

  28. @ SKR -once again congratulation to SKR’s TEAM for the completion of 300 episodes.
    Waiting for tonight show.
    Will miss you SKR. only 4 days are left.

    @ Br Pradeep- Sorry can’t agree with you . Lord Ram should consulted Mata Sita about chastity issue then Sita would have suggested him a way out.
    Mata Sita was more shocked when she learnt that she was abandoned by her husband Ram .And you are saying she would have been shocked to learn the reactions of Ayodha people ?? Wasn’t she shocked to learn all these in the forest??
    It would have been better if King Ram told all that to her in the palace and asked for her help.
    THEN I am sure she could have helped Dhobi’s wife as it IS WOMAN”S ISSUE & NEEDS to be solved by WOMAN ONLY.
    Secondly -HANUMAN is a sevak , he can never ever take the place of a husband .
    But Ram never ever gone to meet Sita that’s clearly showed he abandoned her due to society pressure even RAM himself suffered in silence but not visible in the eyes of the public .But compared to his suffering, Sita’s suffering was even greater , she was all alone – NO HUSBAND , NO SISTERS , NO -lAws , No relatives.
    Thirdly – Ram could have asked HANUMAN to bring Vibhishan or Trijata from Lanka and tell Ayodha how Sita lived in Ravaan captivity
    Ram could have been bold to SAY AYODHA that HE believed in the purity of HEART and SOUL and not BODY even if it was not sufficient, Ram could have consulted SITA and SIta would have given 2nd agnipariksha to prove chastity.
    Any how , RAm asked for 2nd Agnipariskha after luv& Kush identity was known.
    And coming back to the point, Sita could have helped that Dhobi’s wife too and women in general. After all , SIta is a symbol of Shakti.
    Abandonment was an option only but NOT an way out. That option did not help dhobi’s wife, not SIta and not Ram not any members of family and NOT WHOLE AYODHA

    @ Pradeep- Happy Bhai dhooj to you too . And also To Samarth bhai -HAPPY BHAI DHOOJ .
    I appreciate both of your feelings towards Sri Ram but I can’t agree with you guys .
    @Pradeep -But on this happy occasion – I want to stop arguing and want to say if possible be practical . Because Ram & Sita is no more with us physically , how can you make a society better and live in harmony without doing injustice to any innocent person.

    SKR – love you . Best wishes .

  29. Stuti27

    Congrats skr for completion of 300 episodes

  30. @ Sara – Nice to have some sort of conversation about our thinking & I appreciate the statements you have made. I am not stating the Shri Ram was correct to abandon Sita Mata in that way or moment. The only thing which I was to mention about the situation which being a Human Being he has faced.

    Anyway, what ever it already happens & currently it is happening among the world. The thing which we need to learn is to RESPECT WOMEN the value of relationships.

    After SKR, I hope we must be in touch through any other serials. Till then, BYE…. BYE….

  31. SKR -GOOD & COngratualtion for 300 episodes -so nice . It’s a milestone.
    I shall like to say all actors and actress of SKR -you guys are awesome.

    @ SKR viewers – Happy festive time and also Happy bhai dooj to all brothers and happy bhen dooj to sisters. Have a gala time with your family.

    @sara -good that you agreed to stop arguing -it is never ending process. But I am sure this life itself teaches us lots of things . so may be one day all bhaiya shall understand your point of view .
    Being a woman – I can understand what you mean to say . agreed that Ram must have consulted SIta on the issue of chastity & abandonment . Because being a Queen , she should have been heard rather deserted without her knowledge .
    What I feel bad is Sita was all alone in forest and at Ashram -no close ones like mother sisters or husband who can share her mental trauma , anxiety that a woman goes through when she is expecting baby . And even while raising kids – one faces so many things , sometimes one needs close one to talk too .
    Moreover SITA even being a chaste woman had to carry the burden of impurity stigma and that’s why she could not tell her sons who their father was. Her pain can be understood by a woman only
    Anyway, leave that to LORD almighty. What we can learn from SITA’s life -be independent . Life can U turn anytime so better be confident and self sufficient to support oneself.

    @SKR – waiting for tonight’s show. Really feeling upset that laxman has to die.
    I love both Laxman & Bharat more than Ram. I feel their sacrifice is so great but subtle that goes sometimes overlooked .
    Both laxman & bharat suffered and their wives too.
    Ramayan is a saga of unconditional love & huge sacrifice of SITA , LAXMAN & Bharat towards RAM and great & silent support of Urmila and Mandvi for their husbands .

    Take care guys .
    Do take sweets and be sweet.

    1. happy bhaidooj to all, sis,act i want to ask that as people say sisters died suhagan but yesterday only i read valmiki ramayan online but their was no mention about sisters of sita dying before their husband,you may have the book,can you clear my doubt

  32. really,i agree with you Lakshman,Bharat and their wives lived vanvasi life even though they are not asked,they were not even together having brothers and sisters like them is impossible

  33. Samarth

    Yes happy bhai dooj to all my sisters here….and yes I agree we should stop this discussion now and leave the matter to almighty…happy bhaidooj to all

  34. congratulation skr team for 300th u sooo much!!!
    omg lakshman is going to die
    anyway skr is ending in 4 more days and after that we all wil alos face eternal seperation from each other
    i am going to miss u all sopoooooooooooooo much.

    love u all so much

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