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Siya Ke Ram 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavan’s chariot landing in Lanka. Sita gets shocked. The army bows down to Raavan. Surpanakha comes there and sees Sita. She recalls how she got her nose cut. She gets glad seeing Sita. Vibhishan, Meghnadh, Mandodari and Sulochana come there and look on shocked. Surpanakha says you got Sita here, I knew Raavan will take revenge and get justice for me, I m very happy today, I can’t express my happiness. Mandodari cries.

Raavan walks down the chariot and goes inside the palace, without talking to Surpanakha or anyone else. Surpanakha gets angry and asks the Praja to get her Daasi, Raavan got this Daasi for me from Panchwati. The Asur women run to Sita and shout. Sita recalls Surpanakha’s warning and gets tensed. They women scare Sita making horrible faces and tie her

by chains. Sita gets shocked. Sita is dragged by them. All the Lanka Praja shout seeing Sita.

Kaikesi comes and looks on. Mandodari cries seeing Sita’s state. She says this is the start of a huge destruction, its Lanka’s bad fate. Kaikesi agrees and says its not a humiliation/destruction of an ordinary woman.

Mandodari asks Kaikesi to do something, there is still time. Kaikesi says its time for my Sadhna and goes. Surpanakha asks the women to get Sita to her. She asks them to look at Sita with hatred, Sita is responsible for my insult, she got my nose cut and insulted every women in Lanka. The women say we will first insult her and torture her so that she knows the consequences of insulting a Lanka’s woman. The man tells Sita to be ready for her punishment now. He gets a stone and goes to hit Sita. Sita looks at him. The man stops and gets away. Surpanakha shouts move off, and goes to Sita. Meghnadh stops Sulochana from reacting. Mandodari cries.

Surpanakha asks Praja to stop. She reminds Sita what she told her in Panchwati, that she will do everything to take revenge, its her nature and who knows Sita has to bear the revenge burden. She says you may have not felt that this day will come so soon, now Sita will join the Bhavan’s Daasis, she will serve me. She asks Sita not to look in her eyes, and lower her eyes infront of her owner, else I will pull out your eyes. She says your Devar has cut my nose, now I will take its revenge by cutting each part of your body, atlast I will take your life, but first I will take your eyes, which are staring at me. She gets a knife.

Sita continues to angrily stare at her. Surpanakha is about to hit Sita’s eyes. Everyone look on shocked. Raavan stops Surpanakha and says no. Surpanakha asks why, you got this Daasi for me, I will decide what to do with her, my decision is Sita has to die. Raavan says this is Raavan’s lanka, if anyone is alive, its by Raavan’s wish, if anyone dies, that too is by Raavan’s wish, I will decide when to kill Sita. He says right now, Sita is a medium to hurt Ram, who has insulted you Surpanakha, Sita will be alive till revenge gets fulfilled. Surpanakha asks Raavan did you start liking Sita so soon. Raavan and Sita get shocked and look at Surpanakha. Raavan then sees Mandodari crying.

Raavan says whoever stays here for another moment, I will take away their eyes. Everyone leave from there. Sita looks at him. Mandodari cries and leaves. Raavan asks Surpanakha to start agreeing to him, else the end won’t be good. Sita’s chains are pulled. She gets shocked and cries. Raavan says if anyone can’t get controlled, taking away person;s life does not give satisfaction, it will show your weakness, first control the person and then kill, then its your victory. Surpanakha says I know to control a person. He says I have seen it, you went to control a man and got your nose cut, now when you tried to control a woman, you could not make her eyes look down, let Sita stand here without food and water, let her stay without sleep, till her eyes are not capable to look up. Sita stares at him angrily. Raavan goes away. Raavan asks Meghnadh not to let anyone go close to Sita, with intentions to either to help Sita or harm Sita, if anyone tries to reach Sita, you have permission to use your weapons. He leaves. Surpanakha gets angry seeing Sita.

Later, Sita is standing cuffed with chains. Raavan looks at Sita…. Surpanakha comes there. Meghnadh stops her and guards the place. Surpanakha goes. Sita sees Raavan. Sulochana worries seeing Sita. Sulochana sees Raavan and goes. Sita’s eyes turn red and teary. Time passes. Mandodari cries seeing her. Vibhishan comes there and feels bad seeing Sita. He stops seeing Raavan. Sita’s courage does not break.

Kaikesi talks to Raavan. She says I did not such see pure woman in my life, if Sita gets linked to you, even Tridev can’t harm you. She asks him not to misbehave or harm Sita, but make Sita his wife. Raavan smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Can beat today’s episode !! Jaise maa ( kaikesi )waise hi putru aur putri ( Ravan and Shurpankha ) —–> jaise pitha ( Ravan ) waise hi putru ( Indrajit )

    Such a worst family except sulochana, Mandodari and Vibhishan ???

    1. Bear* . Ravan’d bad dialogue ever :- without food water and sleep !! ?????????

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        U r ryt dear di I also think d same.. How was Vibhishan than a virtuous son??? Pls tell sum1.. Ravan also not sad ? wen mandodri cries ? ? ? ?

        Jus wanna beat him up

      2. We shud go and ask him only. Yes he was never bothered abt mandodari and even Siya. And what happened to ram lakhan?

  2. Will ravaan marry sita?

    1. Dear anny
      No actually he is cursed he can marry only if Sita obliges but she is ram ke Siya
      How I’ll she ever oblige
      Watch and u will understand

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Na bhai na… He wont marry her, he can’t marry her without her permission dear

  3. Nice precap

  4. How stupid they are showing?? Stupid creative team. How raavan can pull Sita and take her. Raavan had a curse and he cant touch any women without their permission. If he does, thn he will die that second only. yesterday epi was very stupid.

    1. No if he misbehaves only that shraap will act.

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Ryt… But ravan not tied up her… It was other people who tied her..dassis etc. They not show wrong ?

      2. No when he touches only he will die. Nobody can even think of touching Sita other than Ram. You know Sita was capable of killing Raavan herself. But she didnt do because she thought its her husband’s duty. If she she would have killed raavan it would have been insult to Ram. Sita was very powerful guyz and here they are she is fainting again and again. For information read this link

      3. @vanshika Im talking about the raavan’s came in disguise to kidnap to sita from their hut where he pulls sita to his pushpaka vimana. He cant evn go near her also. There are many versions in ramayan. But none have told Raavan touched sita. The ramayan I read says tat raavan broke tat piece of land where sita was standing and took her. If he touched her also it was Maya sita as I shared a link in my another answer. Sita is one of the panchakanya(the five virgins Sita, Draupadi, Mandodari, Ahalya and Tara). They are form of five elements and eventhough some are married we call them kanya(virgin). So If Raavan can touch Sita, he can misbehave also. Its just a common sense.

      4. Without you touching her how can he kidnap her. This is logic..

      5. @malvi Oh God!! When she came out of lakshman rekha He broke the entire piece of land and abducted Sita. Location is in telengana with the name of parnasala I guess. Land mark is there now also i heard once.

      6. @Malvi Have u seen movie Raavan. In tat Abhishek bachan plays raavan role and in the climax he touches Aishwarya rai who plays as Sita and he dies at tat moment. Did u notice in full movie abhishek never touched Aishwarya. And the climax when touches he get shot. This movie brought out good side of raavan and bad side of Lord Ram also. And raavan’s curse was shown well.

      7. There is no bad side to ram may I know which incident u are mentioning

      8. I’ve 0 idea abt this !!

      9. @sanju It is there it is called ravan gita. A another story in Sri Lanka. If Ram is hero here, Raavan is hero in lanka’s point of view. This is the problem in our thinking. Sometimes we make a person totally good or totally bad. It because of our thinking. We have our own principles of good and bad.There is nothing called good or bad. Our
        religion beleives only in karma. Karma gives back whatevr u did in ur life. Both raavan and Ram was punished in ramayan. Ram was alone in grief was many long years after Sita went inside the earth. Ram was both lucky and unlucky at the same time.

      10. @malvi Its k malvi until I read Ramayan even I didnt knw. Im just angry wit these creative team who are gving wrong information to young generation. I mean its better not learn rather than learning wrong.

      11. Firstly ravan movie and this can’t be compared
        And nabanita is right as far as I know
        If u ask me it is better to learn something skr is showing a new perspective and since skr started I feel a great connect with Lord ram and Sita. To me it has improved my analytical thinking understand prakriti sanskriti
        And I completely agree ravan was not fully bad and even in episode it is seen he was not a leader for nothing
        Yes religion teaches karma what goes around comes around
        It is for shanta ram and Sita justify it is ayodha karma Kausaliya tears that has become ram and Sita karma. But ram the greatness he accepted a curse even when what he did was not a mistake it was his leela. There might be no good or bad but there is dharm and a dharm
        To me he is maryada purushottaman his deeds have a meaning and I can see only good lord he is nothing else I am not just telling it’s 3 months since I immersed myself in analysing here and in IF and each deed has a greater lesson for life
        It is just not my principal but then people share opinions here and in IF too
        And that’s my understanding of ram if u are telling he was wrong in exiling her actually he took the blame vindicating her now and forever
        Btw nice talking to u
        I understand ur good intention but our PoV is just differant

      12. @sanju No way they are not at all showing siya ke ram here. This is also ram ki ramayan only. They are showing Sita as weak person. Sita was fainting again and again in pushpaka vimana. I mean seriusly?? Sita is so powerful that fire also did not burn her and she is fainting. She herself can kill Raavan bt she didnt to tat or she would escaped from ashokvan bt she waited for her husband because it his duty. And raavan never tied her in chains!!! And Im nt comparing wit Raavan movie to this serial. Its just however they changed the story they didnt forget the small things in orginal version. If they you change the original version, thn u should take care questions arise?? Just imagine this episode is seen some non- Indian. He will ask if raavan can touch sita then y didnt he misbehave with her? And Sita was staying almost 10 months there. And in past raavan has already crossed his limits wit many women. And why not with Sita? So this is y while adapting any story, writers should be careful.

      13. @mehndi di( in ur dp ) yeah some info of them are not even there in Ramayana. In that way they ate wrong.

        @sanju di :- I hope I’m not forcing u to use Smiley’s !!

      14. And yes malvi is right I wouldn’t deny it

    2. Di panchakanya is not sita.the “panchakanya”are ahalya,kunti,Tara,draupadi and mandodari.the five women’s are purest inspite of having more than one they are called panchakanya.

      1. @nabanita You are taking about another ref where kunti and sita considered same. Its like ahalya, draupadi, tara, mandodari. sita or kunti. I think tat will mentioned in wikipedia. All these panchakanya are avtars of Adi Shakti herself who has no start and no end and creator of trimurithis

    3. Firstly do u think disrespecting a woman is right when u compare ram and ravan u will get it but tomorrow exam so pls visit during weekend when we can discuss
      And pls check my comments down not reply to u okva
      Power mean emotional power her strength not that physically she can’t get tired she is human pls
      And Sita could kill ravan but then what about adharm it is not that it is an insult to ram a very wrong interpretation. And their fight was with evil killing it in minds of people too so 2nd exile. it would never have been an insult for ram and if us see Skr u will understand the respect he has for Sita and woman
      And maya Sita is one of reasons given for agnipariksha actually.
      See shifting a land have heard of it but logic is touch doesn’t means misbehave she could control him with a strand of grass. So she was gauri who let herself be abducted she was Kali too.
      U criticise Skr but compare with ravan movie I have not watched it so what was bad side of ram shown

      1. @sanju I am speaking about real ramayan where they never written Sita faniting in any version. I know you are fan of this serial bt Im follwer of our culture which is often misinterpratated. They are commercializing real story for own trps. Im nt against the serial bt against the creative team. And you are saying Sita is human, then if she is human how can she go for agniparikha. In recent world, they arewomen who are pati vrats . Wt if they go for agnipariksha, will they be alive??? In treta yuga , humans were more powerful and had long life. They never had cough, cold or fever as mentioned in Bhagavata purana so in tat case hw can I believe Sita fainting???

      2. U can call me veena @sanju And plz dont say Im disrepcting women for god sake. Im a devotee of Durga maa k. Im speaking reality. There may b ram and raavan coming to this world everytime. But women are always respected. Ram respect women or raavan disrespect tat doesnt matter. Women are already enpowerd by their birth not by society giving tat respect. Im just saying Ram and Raavan with same eyes. And Im nt arguing or fighting here. I just told the wt I leanrd. im sorry if I hurt anybody. @sanju And only eyes are seen in my photo so its k.

      3. No I don’t mean that I just tell what ravan is
        Viewing ram and ravan from same perspective I understand but it has a lot of difference
        Ok Di eyes only
        And no one here is hurt in fact page is dull without u guys
        And yay ur learning and I shared my opinion no offence Di
        Woman empowered by birth perfect Di I accept but then if she is not respected she become Kali
        I am stumped just kidding woman empowered by birth yes Di agree
        Veena Di nice name and nice talking too and u should come with frustration and distortion of epic skr makes too then only we too will analyse and can know opinion of people like u
        Thanks for bearing with ranter I am talkative
        Will u be coming back Di

      4. @sanju yes dear, we dont need anyone to show respect beacuse we are women. Actually we need our space to do wtever we want beacuse we r human. Nice talking to u too! Yeah I will come back if Im free.
        Thanks for bearing me too I may sound argumentative. sorry for tat

    4. @sanju And one more thing nabanita and me both are right. I will give u the ref now
      There is a sanksrit sloka
      Whre it says both kunti or sita as panchakanya.
      Ahalya draupadi sita tara mandodari tatha
      panchakanyah smareenethiyam mahapatakanasinh
      And another one sloka tar has kunti name inplace of Sita

    5. Ps don’t take me wrong pls some name can be given na and just a warning Di it’s not ver safe to keep ur face I don’t know if urs in a public site like Tu
      And I just replied to ur comment not that I wanted to be rude and all
      And ur always welcome here
      Waiting counterattack lol
      Nice speaking to u Di
      For faith is increased by doubts
      I decide to quit and when I see comment like ur ps then again I am back to commenting
      Sita man save me
      ?????????????malvi sorry forgot ur order dear just that smileys affect train of thoughts how do u guys do it
      @ mithrabrinda did u check out wattpad
      Vanshu and malvi??????
      Loyal fans

      Nabanita u are actually right but mandodari is placed whereas sometimes Sita is and as we know she is purer than purity itself

      Vedavati in her first birth gave up her life but her Sita trusts hari
      Our mythology are interesting na

    6. At Di Siya and ram can’t be shown without the other it is just other version ignored Sita but here she is highlight. Non Indians won’t go with half knowledge if they watch one episode they will keep track too here too there are many bangladeshis and Singapore we have Joshna and srinidhi from us Di. So if they want to know they will know. U might be wrong as few version say he did drag her actually is doesn’t matter much expect if it reaches wrongly but how do we know it will be a wrong example
      And her purity that is what agnipariksha and going inside Mother Earth nobody can question her
      Why not with Sita Di he can’t bcoz in the past it was not ram ke Siya I mean u urself said she is paanchkanya and in her chastity gave her strength for AP
      In the past for what he did as u so karma has given him curse na

      And fainting seriously agnipariksha was done by her purity. She was emotionally drained and then she again regained her steady senses. But as Sita who was with janak and ram it took time to understand illusion and true cheating
      Feminism means knowledge and all in no way means she won’t faint
      Actually though from her perspective they are showing what she lacked too as Prakriti
      And that’s what we want
      Sorry I got to go I have exams

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Ok ? di bye ? hv fun ? and all the best ? for ur exams ??✏ .. And I know ravan xant touch siya but in some version can’t misbehave with her so is a bit confusing dears but pls understand that skr is a mix of all versions and whatever shown want wrong. It is from sitayana not Ramayana okay ?.. Sorry if I really hurt anyone ?

      2. @sanju First Im nt speaking about feminism here. Im talking about real ramayan. Im not saying whoever faints they are weak. Im saying Sita did not faint tat too because of a small jerk. I did not read in any version.
        Even kali yuga many women are also chase. but they cant go for agni pariksha. But Sita was pure and Godess Lakshmi’s avtar so only she could so through tat agni.
        Finally I never read any version saying raavan pulled sita to lanka. Plz refer me tat version.

      3. And there many shocking facts of ramayan which very less people know it. I cant say tat here because i will b finished lol. Raavan was a brahmin and he knw all 4 vedas and 6 shastras tat represents his 10 heads and ruler of three worlds. But Ram was a kshatriya and king of Ayodhya tatz it.
        After this also brahmins pray a kshatriya Ram and burn raavan who is brahmin. So after this also i dont knw y many says Hinduism has caste inequality funny right

      4. In Kali Yuga Di do u really think so yes but Sita was beyond pure and she was separated from ram yet it was ram in her heart they made her do AP
        Ok I just told feminism bcoz from her perspective
        I am leaving the fainting matter no use to discuss Veena Di
        And about that version can u give me some time to come up with right details as I have read many but can’t remember exactly and I have exam so can I tell during weekend
        Thanks tu for posting fast today

        Btw does anybody here watch dahleez

      5. hey sanju its k i told my point and u told urs. and yeah i watch dahlezz and all the best 4 ur exams

      6. First I browsed the net to find bizarre facts and it is really stupid at times but kind faith is unshakable
        And u know what I have found no sense in burning ravan every year I mean we need to kill ravan in our minds
        And ram a kshatriya and the greatest King ever right na Di
        But ur point is different it’s about caste inequality agreed it’s just a few blind prejudices they need to surrender to God and think
        And ravan 10 head significance is really good in speaking tree don’t have link now will try to post but don’t know if I can
        Try to read it is really enriching

      7. Ravan is burnt but rapist roam free
        But then hanging is not a punishment it is just free from punishment what do u think Veena Di

      8. Yes dear these things are told to me by my grand ma I didnt read any where. But many things are there in our mythology tat will shake ur beleifs completely. yeah ur right there there is no use of burining Raavan. Bt i was saying the hypocrisy in our society about caste system.

      9. yes sanju comapred to kali yuga rapist I say raavan and duryodhan both were far better. What is the use of punishment? Rape has occured already to tat girl. So much physical and emotional stress. And society too. Preventing rape is imp than punishing rapist. That should be brought from childhood. And stupid media and movies are also influencing people’s mind

      10. Yes Di especially about Brahmins but yes change is there and in India level especially in colleges this fc and all these things are annoying
        Dahleez I am so sorry skrians jus a min. It is really good yesterday so emotional and abhay is martyr and asad too. It was the only sensible show in except mythological shows. Let’s see how the court drama unfolds
        Yash ??

      11. Yes indeed a very sensible show from star plus which has serials like SNS

    7. I agree ravan had that curse…even I saw the movie… See there r many versions of Ramayana the way they r showing and the way u r saying both were diff versions we can’t say anybody wrong… Bcoz we all can’t read same version… So learning diff version is also nyc…. U know I learnt from tanu that in Buddha Ramayana sita is ram’s sister and that’s a diff story…

      And in POV neither ram nor ravan is bad…. All that is bcoz of destiny…. Vo kahte hai na ek insan me +ve bhi hota hai -ve bhi… Whether they r positive or negative that’s upto our vision we can’t say that’s right and this is wrong as all the things had hpnd before.. We r just reading what has hpnd we don’t even know whether it’s true or not… But we believe in it….we people say valmiki Ramayana is true see in that he had shown positive side of ravan..

      I m saying that , our POV means there actually… Our vision means those things according to characters… There are many people in whose vision ram is wrong and there are many people in whose vision ravan is good…

      People who say ram wrong they see the thing that ram sent sita where she is nowhere wrong…

      The people saying ravan good they see his positive side …guys ravan too had a positive side but skr didn’t show that….but trust me ravan had a great positive side…

      I l say ravan good but his destiny made him like that….ram and ravana both did what they felt at the moment… Ravan had done a wrong thing but he did as a bro… When we l stand in their position and thing that time only we l know that they both were right at the point of view

      1. Yes priya wt ur saying is correct. Even I knw tat in one version Sita was Ram’s sister. And in another version I read Sita was Raavan’s daughter!!! Evn I couldnt believe. But Im saying If we take any particular version as serial, we should say a story without any contradictions. I was just saying If raavan can touch Sita, he can go beyond tat also. U are understanding naa wt I mean?

      2. Yes tatz y neither ram nor raavan should b worshipped. They both had good and bad in them like us. And the appreciation goes to Valmiki who wrote ramayan in the glory of Ram tatz y we feel Ram is perfect.

      3. Ram and ravan were kind of put in same situation and they differed in the way they reacted I like skr bcoz this is highlighted by the parallels they show

      4. Ya I understand what u actually mean…. And dear ram ko worship karne ke liye bahu sare reasons hai… If u read mine and sanju cmnts n may 5 u l come to know…

      5. There are also reasons that doesnt make one feel to pray Ram. He didnt stand with his wife when it was needed. Because of this Im saying Ram is wrong, I knw it was circumstances. But God is eternal from all this small issues. God can never bind under circumstances. Plz understand wt Im saying. They also came as humans to lead life like us. Its not tat U should not pray at all. It’s just tat they are also human. Ram and sita were capable of doing many things but still they didnt cauz they have to follow rules of human society.

      6. Exactly that’s why lead by example Veena Di
        And that is another sensitive issue and we will understand the essence and discuss when skr comes to it so pls not now
        But my answer would be same by taking blame for exile he vindicated her now and forever
        Priya Di ???
        I got ur point
        Di Enuku Hindi puriyadu but I understand what u meant
        When is school reopening

      7. The line blame for exile is said by shruthiravi Di but I found it apt for this

      8. Sanju now they said on june 9 dont know when exactly… Tdy pls visit tu ….ok tonight…. Okva???

  5. shrinithi Venkatesan

    I’m Shrinithi frm Coimbatore,Tn.shall I also join n skr family

    1. Hello welcome to this group !! Glad to have u havetobs of. Fun cutie 🙂

    2. Welcome to this family…….

    3. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Welcome srinithi akka I’m vanshu or Vanshika from Uttar Pradesh class 8th .. U r wlcm..u needn’t ask to join in our family ?..we heartily wlcm u.. ? ..

      And epi was terrible

    4. Sure srinithi hearty welcome in our family??????????

  6. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    I’m Shrinithi frm Coimbatore, Tn..shall I also can join in skr family

  7. Guys I had submitted my post now…. As I have become free now…. Sry I couldn’t come to chat tdy.. But trust me I didnt sleep strdy nyt my eyes r really welling up now bcoz of sleep… But I updates it just for u all….so pls read it guys… I think I won’t wake up early tmr.. So if my POV has been posted then pls give the links here anybody…pls …

    Gud nyt all…I can’t able to type anymore sry If there is any typos….

    1. Thats OK happy sleep 🙂

    2. Sleep well Priya…..Gud nyt..

    3. Hi priya..where shd we chk ur post..?

      1. Dear pls see down vanshu gave the links….????

  8. Can’t able to see sita like this.They are treating our bhumija like a slave.Ravan will bear punishment for his behaviour and head weight and how dare he treats ram’s sita like this.

    1. Yes feeling so bad !! Poor she !!

  9. dear…..dont blame Skr team….they shown right thing…..first thing is they not shown ramayan…they shown siya ka ram… they show sita’s eye of ramayan…they show whats she feeling when she in lanka….just see and wait….watch…they show all thing of sita’s eye ( just told one of main writter of SKR team)

    1. True ! I believe

  10. backstage masti wit ram…… youtube link…..must see and hear what say them….

  11. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Hi guys ? ? ? unbelievable unbearable unhappy unbelievable terrible horrible OMG,. These r sum words I got for this epi.. Ravan is not cruel he is d cruellest… Uski itni himmat!!!! Kaikesi asking ravan to marry sita;! Now doomed forever part… Chains for a goddess—-… Sulochana and mandodri were too worried..

    I thnk god for giving me high fever and headache ystrdy so I dint watch epi.. Bit listened to d whelming dialogues., I think I’ll gather courage to watch this epi in noon.. Gather courage.. How did u all watch this epi..

  12. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Hi ? dears I have written ff on mandodri n Sulochana but unfortunately won’t able to post today.. Will post n complete whenever get time..

    Links for part 6 priya di pov

    And I’m sry priya di as I didn’t comment on part 5,, but it was awesome ?

    1. Thank u so much vanshu for posting links I know no sry… But still dear…I won’t say again…pakka….

  13. What is retarded show this is and saying a lot considering how bad Indian TV shows are.

  14. Di I feel they damaged the epic. Sita was not so ill treated. She was never in chains and never dragged. Her condition was better than draupadi’s. Draupadi was the ! most suffered woman. Surpanakaha never thought sita as slave. Totally wrong. Sita was surrounded by rakshasi and tortured to marry ravan. But she was never threatened to die. Madirakshi did not act as pooja.pooja had the feminism of draupadi. But madi does not look like sita

    1. Dear sita , we can never blame anyone by their acting , this is just the beginning if u see more episodes then only you will come to know abt her acting !!

    2. I agree dear even I didn’t know that sita l be dragged and put chains n all…I didn’t see epi but I came to know with cmnts and wu… N ya draupadi is the suffered women and siya too in her period.. I don’t want to compare madi and pooja acting skills as they were best in their level… I mean they did their level best…

      1. Madirakshi acts too bad. She is not cute as draupadi. U r right sdear sita

      2. I agree pooja is so cute and sweet… But madirakshi is also nyc but her vanvas look is quite diff not like other sita… So u all feel she is bad…

    3. Vanshika crazy for skr

      I agree that pooja Sharma really did a nyc job but madirakshi is not that bad..

      1. Nothing can be done !! I don’t want to discourage anyone’s acting skills !! We might know what they are going through. Madirakshi was going thru several hand injuries including fractures but yet she came forward to act. Its an appreciating thing. Clap clap ?? But some may think this in a bad way !! So out of 10 at least 5 people should be supporting her from the bottom of the heart. And I’m proud that I’m one of the 5

    4. They are showing ravan evil to hatred to lust and that’s a new perspective
      Draupdi her suffering is easily relatable to today’s world too

  15. I knew this episode would invite a lot of criticism
    I don’t know if ravan touched Sita or not
    But if he touches or not her mind can never be improsoned
    At normal bracet parentheses crown and the same again
    Thks for info but then we are not going to change our opinion and stop watching the show

    Yesterday a very deep and powerful message
    Woman don’t wish to be Kali they are made to be Kali
    Compare the Sita in ayodha and the one in Lanka
    She observed Infact stared at each person she was not deterred she was janaki who knew what self respect was all about
    Her silence and stare made shoorpanakha quiver and this is best portrayal for ages

    Ravan a strategist but ram is mastermind planner and so he would succeed

    In ram I learnt the biggest lesson watching today episode self discipline
    Ram and ravan had been in a family similar but ram chose to make weakness his strength

    Sita her stare softens to sulochana vibhishan but it is no less

    Today I understood her loyalty braveness
    And my respect rose for her

    Today she was Kali and Durga to make a gauri ram has to come

    Best episode till date

    1. Maybe draupdi bcoz she faced patriarchy from the day she was born
      Here Janak loved janaki and ram held her safe vindicating her
      But then the fact ravan had was lust not love
      Skr gives me true essence of Ramayan and lessons for life Infact today’s episode laid foundation for that

      PS no comparison to other tv series
      Especially star mb
      Thank u

      Really I am still in the magic of yesterday episode first I was like what are they showing ?? But then when I looked deeper

      Ram today I realised he was karunamoorthy and CV’s ??

      Sita she stepped into Lanka and family has already started to break

      Revenge is short lived and upapandavas are an eg

      Today seeing shoorpanakha shanta was flashing in front of my eyes

      Ram gives justice to her

      I was think mandodari was a typical bahu but a new perspective today she was fearless and her chastity can do wonders


      1. I didn’t undrstbd d relation u said between shabta & u plz explain?

    2. I accept your words .

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        U r ryt di..

  16. Ram and Sita don’t lose faith on goodness and dharm as I always say they keep their virtue during distress
    And another lesson was observing Sita was doing it but we often just turn a blind eye to our surroundings
    Jai siya ram
    Sita doesn’t let evil win she doesn’t succumb to anything in Lanka and many will start respecting her in Lanka for this

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Agreed .. She’ll never admit defeat

  17. dear…..dont blame Skr team….they shown right thing…..first thing is they not shown ramayan…they shown siya ka ram… they show sita’s eye of ramayan…they show whats she feeling when she in lanka….just see and wait….watch…they show all thing of sita’s eye ( just told one of main writter of SKR team)…….
    plz cmmt ur opinion……….frnd

    1. Exactly it was the chief writer for Skr suryaputr karn and Ashok samrat

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Ooo so he writes cas also

  18. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Sanju di I agree with all ur comments.. I’m seeing the epi as m feelin well now

  19. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Ram Lakshman r still running!!! ?
    How Sita will reach ashoka vatika .. Will b disclosed in upcoming events episodes

  20. mind blowing episode

    1. Oho Di how are u I hope u are our mahe Di only coz dp is different
      If u are our mahe Di how is ur friend Sanjana

  21. Guys see my cmnt to veena Di..

  22. dear friends who study in tenth CBSE. Plesa plz plz plz pzl plz agree with this idea of mine. This is my first comment . I don’t watch skr as I love mb more than it. But I will visit telly updates to see skr updates. I am always seeing it. But I feel it spoils my studies though it gives moral values. So let us pls study here like asking questions and sending answers. Giving links for question papers, notes and summary video related to study. We shall study and also read. Like how u say the episode is nic etc…etc.. we shall share lessons and difficult questions if we have doubt we shall clear here. Before I used to visit only educational sites but now only regarding mb or skr. This plan is like hiring two mangoes in one hit

  23. dear friends who study in tenth CBSE. Plesa plz plz plz pzl plz agree with this idea of mine. This is my first comment . I don’t watch skr as I love mb more than it. But I will visit telly updates to see skr updates. I am always seeing it. But I feel it spoils my studies though it gives moral values. So let us pls study here like asking questions and sending answers. Giving links for question papers, notes and summary video related to study. We shall study and also read. Like how u say the episode is nic etc…etc.. we shall share lessons and difficult questions if we have doubt we shall clear here. Before I used to visit only educational sites but now only regarding mb or skr. This plan is like hiring two mangoes in one hit

  24. dear friends who study in tenth CBSE. Plesa plz plz plz pzl plz agree with this idea of mine. This is my first comment . I don’t watch skr as I love mb more than it. But I will visit telly updates to see skr updates. I am always seeing it. But I feel it spoils my studies though it gives moral values. So let us pls study here like asking questions and sending answers. Giving links for question papers, notes and summary video related to study. We shall study and also read. Like how u say the episode is nic etc…etc.. we shall share lessons and difficult questions if we have doubt we shall clear here. Before I used to visit only educational sites but now only regarding mb or skr. This plan is like hiring two mangoes in one hit!!!!!
    Give me a reply. It’s not for my own good but for urs too. Guys plsssss

    1. Actually only brinda is cbse 10th others all 11th

      1. Ur in which class Di??

  25. shrinithi Venkatesan

    thanks for accepting me as skr family mem I’m happy dat I gt a lovely family. I know a little bit hindi bcause I’m readin nd ryting xams

    1. Welcome to our family dear….sry for late welcome..

  26. I hv a ques.i found when hazrat Muhammad died he ws 63 years old,krishna ws 126 years old when he i didn’t find of ram’s age wheb he is written he ruled fr 13000years is it possible???!!! I mean how can 1 live so many years???!!! I found ds information in every sites & evrn in 1986 ramayan.

  27. Many r thinking skr showed wrong i think da at first told it’s frm sita’s perspective so what ws situation around her during her staying at lanka,her agjipariksha,her exile, her life with luv kush everything will b showj frm her perspective. We all know valmiki Ramayana ws about ram’s journey so there isn’t much description of sita’s skr had 2 take d help of other versions 2 show more about sita’s life there r uncountable versions of ramayan.none of d version is wrong.

  28. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    s there anyone studying 9 here because I’m also 9

  29. @ riya and priya Di u too
    Shoorpanakha wanted revenge and ravan got it done
    Shanta crossed the line of maryada and Sita and ram are the justice she gets
    Shanta gets justice of time for shoorpanakha it’s revenge
    Should I elaborate

    But riya isn’t it that after Sita and laxman dies after convincing hanuman who is immortal
    Ram will go inside sarayu river

    They years might be calculated differently check in quora website

    Priya Di one thing is true but his ego closed his eye of knowledge
    And he didn’t respect woman nor paid heed to advice and that brought his downfall

    Valmiki must be appreciated but then worshipping ram is not wrong. He lead a life by example which is a teaching

    Dhatri how many ids u have? I am in 10th only but am state board dear

    1. And riya shanta I mean the discrimination she faced as ayodha daughter

    2. Ya u r ryt dear but the truth is in skr only they r showing that he didn’t respect women but n some versions they show that he respects women a lot…

      1. Then how can he abduct Sita Di
        Is this call respect would ram done that if he was in ravan place
        Would have ravan accepted mandodari like ram accepted Sita after killing ravan
        My answer would be no whatever be the adulteration
        That’s all
        Thank u

      2. Ya agree dear…. But its as a bro none other option…but ya he is wrong at that time…

    3. I dnno.i found everywhere that he lived 11 or 13 th thousand years aftr sita went back 2 seemed really strange 2 me that how can a person live so long life.mayb he ws avatar bt still he ws human aftr all.that’s why i asked we count their exile time and marriage age normally what we count now.dn how his ruler time became sooo long time??it’s unmatchable.

  30. Sry sry guys I know no sry buttt,priya di don’t worry v ll b wtng in ho,I did nt come from 2 days naa from tmrw I ll regular I mean 4 -5 cmnts per day pls don’t expect more from me I missed u a lot

    1. Megs just do me one favour dear..pls visit today page i mean June 1 page i want to say to all of our hangouts frns one thing…i hope u l see and i l say to u wt u should do n all…pls visit it n notify me…dont ignore to see tdy page dear..pls i need ur help…

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