Siya Ke Ram 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bharat and Shatrughan crying seeing Dasharath. Bharat asks Kaushalya how did this happen, Dasharath was healthy when we left from here. He goes to Mandvi and asks her why is anyone not saying anything, why are they silent, answer me Mandvi, what happened here in this pure land. Everyone cry. Bharat looks for Ram and asks where is Ram. He asks Mandvi why is Ram, Sita and Laxman not here, their absence here is not natural, answer me. He asks Kaushalya to say where is Ram. He asks Guru Vashisht to say. He asks anyone to say.

Mantra tells Kaikeyi that Bharat has come. Kaikeyi gets glad and is eager to meet him. Mantra asks him to be careful, Bharat loves Kaushalya and Ram more than you, he does not know the truth, you have to tell him how he was getting cheated, else we can

do mistake being close to aim, if Bharat does not support you, no one will allow you to stay here in this Bhavan, you have to tell truth to Bharat. Kaikeyi says yes, I will tell him everything.

Mandvi tells everything to Bharat. Bharat gets shocked knowing the two conditions put by Kaikeyi. Mandvi cries and tells how Ram, Sita and Laxman left for vanvas. He gets fuming in anger and rushes to Kaikeyi. He goes to her Kaksh and calls out Rani Kaikeyi….. Mantra says Maharaj Bharat ki jai… he stops Mantra and says you won’t say a word today. Kaikeyi says Bharat, my son. He says don’t call me your son, you are not my mother. Kaikeyi and Mantra get shocked. Bharat cries. Kaikeyi says I know you are shocked, this happened in your absence, I was alone and waiting for you. He says your wait is over, I m infront of you, see how happy you made me now. She asks what are you saying, I did this for your rights. He says its sin, if you thought for my good, you would have not done this, you would have not hurt those for whom I can give up my life, because of you, Pita ji has left his soul, Ram, Sita and Laxman had to leave Ayodhya, and both Matas would be broken, all the family has sunk in sorrow, I m the cause of all this sorrow of family and Praja, your crime has proved this.

She says I asked for my rights, is that a crime, Adharm or sin, Maharaj gave me two wishes which I asked, what wrong I did. He says Pita ji gave you two wishes by believing that you won’t misuse them, he did not know you will use it for your greed. She asks greed? He says yes, you wanted to fulfill your greed by using me as shield, this battle was for your ego, not my betterment, and today you failed everyone in this battle, even me. Kaikeyi says no, I don’t know who provoked you against me, it was big planning against you after you left, I did this for you. She asks why did you not kill me after giving me birth, that would be better for me. She shouts Bharat.

He cries and says I felt I m very lucky to get father like Maharaj Bharat, elder brother like Ram, but today I have seen my bad fate that you gave me birth. Kaikeyi cries and says don’t say this son. He asks son? You called Ram your son, you loved him more than me, and Ram also loved you more than Mata Kaushalya, he respected you more, and Pita ji did not let you feel any difference in his love, you got more importance than Mata Kaushalya and Mata Sumitra in this Raj bhavan, if you can do this with him, then you will not be hesitant to sacrifice me for your victory too. She says no, don’t say this, your Pita ji has promised my Pita that you will become his heir, since then I dreamt one thing that you will become Kaushal Naresh. He says enough, the crown which should have been on Ram’s head, on whoever’s head the crown was imagined to be kept, its right to cut that head. He gets a knife and she shouts Bharat.

She stops Bharat asking him to leave the knife for Ram’s sake. Bharat calms down hearing Ram’s name and sits crying. He asks what happened Maharani Kaikeyi, I got little hurt and you took Ram’s name, the same Ram you was very dear to you, more than me, you have hurt him so much, why did you do this. Kaikeyi, Mantra and Bharat cry. Bharat shouts why….. and do you wanted to make me Ayodhya’s king, whose heart is filled with Ram’s name, no one will be more unfortunate than me, my father died and Ram had to leave for vanvaas because of me, if I wish, I could not give up my life right away, but what to do, you snatched this chance from me, you did such sin, for which I have to repent now. He says Put kaput sunne hai par na mata suni kumata/ son can be good or bad, but mother can never be bad, but he has seen the bad mother today. He says today I will end my relation with you, my repentance will start with my decision. Kaikeyi cries. He leaves from her Kaksh. Kaikeyi sits crying and says Kumata/bad evil mother….

Bharat comes crying. Guru Vashisht, Sumitra, Mandvi and Shatrughan see him. Kaushalya asks him what happened. He says it all happened because of me. She says its not because of you. Bharat says no, if I was not born, then Ram, Sita and Laxman would have not gone to van, Pita ji would have not left his soul in this sorrow, why did Lord not make my selfish mother childless, then for whom would she ask for vardaan, my mother made me a culprit in everyone’s sight by showing greed to make me a king, she did not ask for vardaan, she asked for a Shraap/curse. He cries.

Rishi tells Ram that whoever’s last rites will be done in this time, he will be going heaven. Dasharath’s last rites are done, and Shatrughan pledges to not leave the person responsible for Dasharath’s death.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

      actually all the 3 sisters look gorgeous in this new outfit….. bharat rocked the show….. mantra so sad….

  1. SKR fan

    Today’s episode was Bharatastic. Sujoy reu got so many lines to speak for the first time.
    All were in white dress except manthra, Shows her thoughts.
    Manthra is a good conspirator but no match with Shakuni. He is the greatest conpirator in Indian history.

    • Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

      true dude….. Saguni perfect….. to defeat him lord Vishnu self came…..

  2. SKR fan

    No siyaram scene today. No problem, I can manage without their scenes for few episodes as we won’t be able to see Ayodhya for long afterwards.
    I am a little bit confused regarding the precap in which shatrughn says he will punish the wrongdoer. I think he meant manthra, am I right?

  3. Ishita

    Ww u forgot
    Anyways episode was good
    And everyone this is a request from ww jay sanjanaa zara me and harpriya rachu
    That if any 1 is on twitter give ur ids
    So that we all can enjoy on a twitter group???

  4. Joshna

    Today’s episode was awesome was waiting for this episode. Bharat’s expression was fantastic. I am happy that that Kaikeyi got the punishment for ruining ayodhya . waiting for tomorrow episode .

  5. When maharaja dasarath died,no sons were with him..ram and laxman left vanvaas and barath,satrugan went such a punishment he got for his unknown sin i.e.killing shravan kumar mistaking for deer and also got his parents curse..from dis we have ti know dat god gives punishment according to our karma. Todays episode was emotional and ram will also advise barath not to neglect his mother.

    • Sanjana

      But if we repent for our sins
      We are blessed
      I mean how blessed he must have been to get ram as a son
      And yes completely agree with U

  6. Brindha

    Hi everyone. How r u all???? Episode was gd but a sad episode…… Bharat’s love for ram was clearly seen …..
    Bharat’s acting was superb today…… Right???
    I don’t have any more words to say abt the episode…. Superb acting by everyone…….
    Miss u all…….. Take care everyone…….
    Get well soon nidhi di….. Zara di….. Athira di….
    Gd night everyone………

    • Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

      hi bridha……. nidhi no information about her…zara is better now…… n yes BHARAT’S LOVE FOR RAM WAS STATED PROPERLY TODAY….

  7. Sanjana

    As Skr fan says the episode was bharatistic and fabulous
    Missed the episode as I was watching semifinal
    Will catch the repeat at 11:30
    Hope India wins
    Saare jahaan se acha

  8. SKR fan

    It’s very important post. Everyone please see it once.
    It’s hanuman first look.
    Danish Akhtar saifi on radio mirchi
    Ram and hanuman together.
    Raja Janak is back in action. Bijay Anand and yukti Kapoor offscreen.
    Madirakshi and crew member.
    Bhabhi devar together. Offscreen fun of madirakshi and Karan.
    Another offscreen pic of Mandvi and Shrutkirti.
    Ashish and Danish workout together.

  9. Sanjana

    Anybody watching the match
    Wrong question?
    I guess everybody watching match
    WW Di any news of nidhi Di
    Zara Di take care and how are u?
    Athira Di how are u?
    Are all your exams over????????
    Our comment pages seems slightly dull maybe due to match and sad episode☺️
    Mahe Di How was ur vacation??
    Akanksha Di nice dp how are u
    Long time?
    brinda how are you sis and I had asked in which board u are
    But I think comment didn’t get posted☺️
    Yazhini Di and Sita Di Jipmer is the best place for studying doctor Di?
    All the best for entrance Di ?and
    Yazhini Di u had asked about my studies
    Yay Di all going good?
    Ishita Di looking very cute in dp?
    Sorry for late reply and if I have missed any
    Nippy Di how are ur exams going??
    I guess Monday u have maths
    All the very best Di

    And Chris Gayle is out

    • Brindha

      Hi sanju….I am fine dear…… I am studying in CBSE board……. Can u tell me which board r u studying???? Is it samacheer kalvi?? Or some other board……
      Gd night sanju…..

  10. Manega

    Hi all. This is manega here. A new member. Kept reading all those comments tat all of u post here about SKR. But never intended to post any comments. So here is my first comment. Hope you all will invite me to this awesome group????

  11. Sumi

    I think everyone has Forgetten me . This is not fair. I was spending days with my family and relatives in my relatives house and when today I checked my phone I found that everyone has forgotten me. So unfair to me.

    • Brindha

      No sumi we didn’t forget abt u sis…..
      I was actually waiting for ur comment……
      And wt abt the os …. Are u going to continue writing it????
      Are u enjoying ur holidays????
      Wt r u doing in holidays????

    • jay

      No ………Sumi We haven’t forgotten U …….How R U dear ?…R U Enjoying Holiday with Family dear??????///

    • Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

      Oei not at all…… only today n yesterday i didnt ask about u in comments list…. i asked about everyday…… had been waiting for ur OS… though i dont understand it…… Okay Welcome back dear…. enjoyed well na?

  12. Sanjana

    Forgot to mention
    Skr bro after u said only I thought about the conputerised deer
    Thks for giving technical details along with links
    Reshma Di how are u???
    Mythilli Di and sumi seem to be missing
    Any idea guys

  13. Sumi

    I have heard zara di falls from stairs and nidhi di have a accident. Oh god !!! What is going right now!!!! Take care zara n nidhi di and get well soon . Come back soon plzzzzz. Can anyone tell me how r they right now. And why so less comments nowadays.

  14. Sanjana

    Missing all the people who are missing
    Will post some analysis tomorrow
    As for now busy with match
    Today’s thought
    Our desires are never gratified by indulgence on the other hand they only flame up like fire
    Forget how stressed u are remember how blessed u are

    Instill the quality of gratitude in u
    For it is the greatest of virtues

    Stay blessed and keep smiling?
    Loads of love and wishing u most and more in all ur endevours❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Pray for India pls

  15. Sanjana

    Among the greatest and most beautiful characters in the Ramayana is that of Shri Bharat, Lord Rama’s brother. During the time when Bharat was away from their home in Ayodhya, Lord Ram was exiled into the forest by his stepmother Kaikeyi, who was Bharat’s birth mother. It was her plan that with Shri Ram away in the forest, Bharat could easily become the king of Ayodhya. When Bharatji returned home and discovered that his beloved Shri Ram had been exiled, for what purpose and by whom, it was as if he had been struck by lightning. His anger and sorrow were indescribable. In fury he cursed his mother for even thinking of such a plan, let alone putting it into action! And he cried with anguish at the thought of his dear Lord Ram having to suffer so much on his account.
    Immediately, Bharatji- left Ayodhya for the forest to meet with Shri Ram, who was his life and soul, and bring Him back to Ayodhya. No mountain was so unshakable, no ocean so deep, and no sky so vast and endless as was Bharatji’s love for Shri Ram. Indeed, Saint Tulsidas has written that Shri Bharat was veritably the incarnation of pure Love.
    As he traveled to the forest to meet with Lord Ram, Bharatji said the following prayer:
    Aratha na Dharana na kaama ruchi
    Gati na chahaun Nirbaana
    Janama Janama rati Rama pada
    Yeh bardaana na aana.
     “I do not want wealth, nor righteousness, nor the fulfillment of my desires. I do not even want liberation. The only boon I ask is that in life and after life I have pure love for the lotus feet of Shri Rama.” From Bharatji’s prayer, we receive a very powerful message. We see that from his devotion to the Lord he wanted nothing, not even liberation! When we love, if nothing else, we expect to be loved in return. Beyond that, we want to be loved far more than we want to love. We want the world to love us, we want God to love us. But Bharat thinks different. He did not care whether Shri Rama loved him or not. As long as he loved Shri Rama, his life’s purpose was fulfilled.
    One can only wonder with awe at the greatness of these divine souls who can love with such purity!

    An analysis on Bharat

  16. Bhoomi

    As usual emitional episode ……
    Guys i m going on holiday 4 a week so cant see episode ….. So i request u to give the link of episode collage plzzzzz ………plzzz guys ……..

  17. Nice episode ! Mixed feelings happy-sad . I was little late today as I’was watching match today. I never expected this awesome performance from WI. They just rocked and bet the expectations of Indians. On the other hand feeling bad for the TEAM INDIA 🙁 but who bhi kisi Se kam nahi….reaching semifinal is never an easy one…. As some one said today’s episode was really Bharatastic ! 😉
    Bharat had enough guts !!

    • Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

      hi malvi…. true dear…. it was Bharatastic…. his guts was really awesome…… n ya INDIA lost….. so sad……

  18. Veronica crouze

    plz anyone tell me why did ram tell sita to give second agni pariksha?did he tell her to give it in ayodhya or in valmiki ashram?

  19. Nathan John

    Hi all.
    i m new to this group .
    But I used to enjoy all your writtings.
    and now me too wish to join u people

  20. Yeah sister barath’s love for ram is unmeasured. Many say that he is the incarnation of lord Vishnu’s Sudarshana chakkara. From ram and Barath today’s young siblings who are brother s must learn more

  21. Manega

    So cause I m new here wanted to make new friends??So does anyone else have twitter account here? Would like to add u all.. Anyway my id for Twitter is @manega1989. All can add me in this id too??

  22. are you guys on Facebook?if yes then please send me freind request.I am in fb with the name mantasha siddiqui.please send me friend request.

  23. jay

    Good Morning….Frnds…Loved Bharat…. Herocked while talking to kaikeyi ……..Suprrr Bharat…..

    Haiii Brindha, Mahe, Sumi…….& all How R U ?

  24. Nathan John

    like all me too very much exited to watch the upcoming episode.
    In previous episode barat performed well.
    hope in today’s episode shatrugnan is gonna shine.

  25. Nathan John

    I have heard that shatrugnan will move forth to attack mantra but barat will stop him on the name of ram .
    Eagerly waiting.

    • Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

      ya u r absolutely correct dear…. waiting for that scene eagarly….

    • Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

      ayoo….. forgot the rule…. here sorry n thank u is strictly prohibited…… n u should take care of ur health also…

  26. Sumi

    Thanks di that u have not forgetten me.No , I will be posting my FF tonight only. Don’t get confused , it is the same SS that I have written at last , I only decided to write it as an FF,

  27. anjali

    Hi GUYS I’m back after so many days. And can anyone tell me the tellyupdates links from where I can get lakshmila fictious stories or OS . Pls tell me .

    • Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

      Hi anju….. glad u r back…… for ffs by dia di it will be in Siya ke ram telly updates page……. sumi’s will be posted as ffs today only…

  28. hey guys!no one will tell I think why I haven’t comment four days why so less comment . I didn’t understand any thing what is happening no one is answering.
    please clear me and my questions.

    • Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

      haha…… we r extremely sorry everyone…. since ishi, zara, sara, jay di, haripriya and myself are in twitter we forgot to visit the page…… WE ARE EXTREMELY SORRY….. I promise to visit the page everydya……

  29. Hy, How R u all ??? I am fine Sanju……Yesterday in my college have a function that College Day…….Soooo I am busy in that…………….So only I can’t able to comment these days………& Haaaaa All Ur DP’s R Awesome……???

  30. Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

    Okay this is my 25th comment…… and tellyupdates Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please all my comments……. Sorry everyone…. i had been partial with u all…… promise to visit the page regularly…… and i had written 2 epi analysis of skr….. today’s i didnt…. bcoz bit busy…… i to need to enjoy right??? whenever i can will post a analysis……

    • Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

      missed u too….. i used to see ur comments in dehleez page with max….. really appreciate u dear…..

  31. sita

    Hi ? guys I did my exams well except biology. But I m happy ? with my performance in all other subjects n rest is in lord ram’s hand. So I ll be little bit free as entrance exams also na anyway I ll have some time to talk with all u guys?
    Yazhini how do u did ur exams dear

  32. Nathan John

    hi anjali
    like u me too a great fan of lakshmila.
    I started watching skr only after swayamvar.
    once I luckly passed through starplus and saw a lakshmila scene. that also lakshman saving urmila
    omg they killed it .
    later I made a search on them I learnt their biodata.
    like all I m a great fan of karan suchak.
    Whenever I search on lakshmila I will pass through India forum -lakshmila readers desk. there are lot of lakshmila os. superb to read it.
    l request anju to read it . not only anju but all .
    i promise it wil not disappoint u guys

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