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Siya Ke Ram 30th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Janak telling Sunaina about the good news. He says Kushadwaj will return soon by winning in the war. She gets glad and says she will inform Chandra. At Ayodhya, the mothers feed food to their sons. Sumitra says Ram is still sad. Ram says no, I m fine. Sumitra asks him to have food. Kaikeyi says Ram is worried since Praja Darshan. She asks Ram not to worry and have food. Janak tells everyone that Kushadwaj has been victorious and will be new king of that dynasty. Chandra greets him happily. She calls her daughters to tell about this good news. The daughters get glad. Sita worried as Kushadwaj will leave with his family then if he has to manage the dynasty as king.

Ram leaves from the palace on his horse. He recalls seeing the golden idol and that old woman. Ram hears

Jawali singing and goes in his area. The people dance and sing. Ram smiles seeing his Guru. Ram says he has come here hearing the music, he came to his ashram. Guru says whatever the reason, you have come, I feel glad seeing you Ramm did your father not send army with you. Ram says he does not know, I took permission from mothers. Guru says you have to know this world, how did it feel coming here from Vashisht ashram.

Ram says he was happy seeing his father and mothers. Guru asks is there anything you don’t understand, if you don’t get any question in mind, this is not possible. Ram recalls the old woman and tells about Praja Darshan. Guru laughs and says when Maharaj is present to know problems of Praja. Ram says but poor people were not allowed to come infront, are their problems not serious, father said King should be away from Praja to keep balance. Guru says this is necessary for king’s pride, but hearing poor people’s problems is important, everything is not fine in Praja, that’s why Praja is kept far. Ram asks what does king have benefit in this. Guru says everyone fear to face their failure, so they make rules, King is regarded Lord’s representative, king looks down as Lord, not a supporter. He says just one relative is true, relation with oneself. Ram says I don’t agree, parents and children’s relation is true. Guru asks will your parents answer truly if you ask anything. Ram recalls the idol. Ram says sure. Jawali says its not wrong to think for your right. Ram leaves.

Sita and her sisters talk about Kushadwaj leaving from here to become king. Chandra comes and asks why did they not sleep. Mandvi says we don’t want to leave. Chandra asks why, are they not proud of their dad, that he becomes king, she was waiting for this way, why are they sad, don’t they value their parents happiness. She says her decision is final, they all are leaving. Sunaina comes there. Sunaina tells Chandra that kids are not selfish, their heart is pure, you wanted to become queen, you remember queen’s duty is to unite people, not hurt them.

Ram takes the status in his hand and asks Kaushalya who is it. She gets tensed. Ram asks if she is hiding anything from him. She cries. Kaushalya recalls her little daughter. FB shows Shanta throwing colors on Dasharath and Kaushalya. Dasharath lifts her and they smile. FB ends. She cries. Ram says I had a sister…. And gets sad. Kaushalya says not had, you have your sister, your dad and my first child Shanta. Ram gets shocked.

Kaushalya tells Ram about Shanta. Ram says he will ask Dasharath if she can’t tell him everything. A girl is shown sword fighting.

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  1. actually ram act is so good

  2. Is that girl shanta ram’s sister

  3. Yes. Shanta is the elder sister of Rama , who got adopted by some other King .

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