Siya Ke Ram 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Siya Ke Ram 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita screaming in fear and getting away from Raavan. She takes a knife and warns him that if he tries to come close to her, she will kill him. She throws the knife and he holds her. He says you are also skilled in wars like those two Sanyasis, but this is useful infront of Raavan. He breaks the knife. She says there is still time, you stop, else Ram will not leave you alive. Raavan walks to her and says Mama Mareech has taken him so far, till he returns, you will reach Lanka. She runs and calls out Ram for protecting her. Ram and Laxman are still running through the jungle. Sita calls out Ram and Laxman.

Raavan asks her to shout in more high voice, they won’t come. She says you call yourself trilok Swami and cheated to kidnap a woman. He says this is not called cheat,

its called planning. She says I heard everyone is afraid of you, are you not ashamed to kidnap a woman, if you have power and any prestige left, then fight with my husband Ram. He says I will fight with Ram and kill him too, but after separating you from him. She calls out Ram and runs. He disappears and gets behind her. He holds her hand and laughs. She calls out Ram. Ram and Laxman are on the way. Raavan drags her. The diya blows. Ram’s feet bleeds. Ram tries reaching the ashram. Raavan takes Sita to his air chariot. She calls for help. Chatayu hears Sita’s call and thinks Sita is in some danger. The chariot takes off. Sita gets worried and calls Ram and Laxman for saving her. Raavan laughs.

Chatayu sees Sita in Raavan’s chariot. Sita sees Chatayu….. She calls him for help. She says this Adharmi Raavan is kidnapping me, save me. Raavan asks what did you do this Sita, you called Chatayu here for protecting you, you have made his death definite now. Chatayu lands in the chariot and turns to human form. Sita cries. Chatayu looks at her and protects her. He says Raavan, free Devi Sita. Raavan says foolish vulture, go and tell Sanyasis that my revenge got fulfilled. Chatayu says your motives can’t succeed till I m here. He fights with Raavan and gets beaten up. Sita worries for Chatayu. Chatayu tries hard. Raavan injures him. He gets his magical sword and hits Chatayu. Raavan cuts both of his hands. Sita cries. Raavan laughs.

Chatayu looks at Raavan angrily, and gets up. He goes to hit Raavan by his head. Raavan holds his neck by his sword and pushes him down the chariot. Sita cries and shouts to Chatayu. Chatayu apologizes to her. Raavan laughs and asks Sita to come, Lanka is waiting for her. She gets tensed. She removes her jewelry and throws down. Raavan stares at her and walks towards her. He holds her hand and drags her. She frees her hand. He eyes her evil way. She gets away and falls down. Sita faints. Ram and Laxman are still seen running in the jungle.

Sita gets conscious and recalls how Raavan abducted her, and Chatayu’s death. She sees Raavan infront of her. She tries to get up holding some wooden pillars. She looks down the chariot and goes to Raavan, while he stands facing other side. She takes his sword. He turns to her and sees her. She says I know you are doing this to take revenge for your sister’s insult, I accept the consequences, you can kill me and take revenge, but its against my Stree Dharm to go with you to Lanka, I will give away my life and save my prestige, I can’t accept this Adharm.

Raavan says you have lifted the sword, I m excited to see what will you use this for. Sita holds the sword towards her neck. He takes back the sword and says death is not a punishment, its freedom from punishment, I did not give you permission to die, the crime you and your husband did, you have to bear punishment forever. She says the Adharm you are doing, its result is just destruction. He says foolish woman, you don’t know me, I m immortal, powerful, supreme, trilok Swami. She says my father told me how Raavan’s ego has failed Raavan’s knowledge, I have seen it today. He says you gave me one more reason to hate you, Janak’s daughter I remember the insult which your father did in Swayamvar. He recalls the Swayamvar and Janak’s words. He says now you will bear punishment for your husband and father’s deeds, you have to bear this all your life. He laughs and says you are welcome in Raavan’s Lanka Sita, this is your jail, your new place is waiting for you. He shows Lanka to her.

Kaikesi does some yagya and names Mandodari. The fire on havan kund does not get high. She then names Sita, and much blazes glow. She gets shocked and says I have to inform Raavan soon. Sita is seen sitting sad under some tree in Lanka.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. RAVAN ???????
    Sita 😐 🙁
    Now I got to know how Ravan was highly worst to the core !! Poor Sita we have to see her like this till October. She have became weak now itself !! 🙁

    1. oh no, till October. are you sure

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Yes sarayu di.., v r sure?

    2. Dear malvi , one question , will lanka kand will get finished by October . Why r u saying that we have to see her till October. How did u know this dear , plzzz tell me !!!! kind request !!!

      1. Cz they will show raca badh in dusshera & dat is 11th october.till dn sita’ll b like ds.

      2. Hey sumi how are u dear
        Glad to see ur comment
        And are u in indiaforums
        My username is cluny123
        And have u started disliking skr these days if u are part of indiaforums Bcoz u comment in distortion thread right
        I might be wrong but then I love the os u posted here and even I have started writing a few ffs
        And there are wonderful analysis in IF na

      3. So all the best for 10th
        If I am not mistaken u watch skr mainly for ashish and Karan right

      4. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Cz di evry1 here knows it not only malvi di..v know coz ravan will be killed on dusshera.. Dats why they r dragging

      5. Sorry dear , I have not tellyupdates much now a days because I am highly disappointed with the way the Siya maa is portrayed in this show , sanju . Yes I am on india forums and thank u that u have readed my os. How r u dear ??
        And u know I cried buckets seeing the episode in which sita forced to lakshman to go to Ram. Karan made me cry so much , his expressions , his body language was seriously mindblowing. Yes, I watch this show only for Karan and Ashish wonderful acting.

      6. Di actually I got to know this from Priya di’s comment. She once posted that we won’t see siam till Oct 11

  2. Vanshika crazy for skr

    OMG omg OMG omg.. How can a person b sooo cruel,. Wish 2 take ravan sword and chop off his head in 1000 pieces… cruelly he killed jatayu.. So cruelly he abducted siya…ram is hurt ?? ye sab aur bardasht Ni hai…

  3. Ur r crct malvi. Sad to see sita there.I cannot imagine the condition of ram when he come know that sita was kidnapped by ravan.

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Yup di is very very super duper sad ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?????? unimaginable sorrow broke on siya Mata

    2. Actually they are still running. Donno when will they reach

  4. Emotional but a good job by Skr team
    Firstly check out my comment in yes update
    Secondly did u guys understand the symbolism of laxman rekha and did u realize and relate with our lives
    If no will put up a detailed analysis tom
    Coming to the episode…
    I realised one thing Sita was not paying for laxman or ram mistake she was paying for shanta sacrifice
    Compare the sisters insult
    Shanta she gets her justification and siya ram suffer for it
    Shoorpanakha it’s revenge isn’t it

    Now I understood The raghukul ke Maryada which Sita decided to protect proved to be a suffering for her as it was result of the wrong done with shanta
    The raghukul she knew had more to it

    Sita has grown up independently but she lacks knowledge on few things and that comes into fire from the swarm mrigh to rekha

    And today episode
    Ravan remembers Janak and that day this woman remained silent but today his death is definite

    And am actually surprised that Sita was ready to give up her life and did not think of ram even for a moment

    And thank god as I said she doesn’t drop her hairpin alone
    And vanshu dear this is mentioned in devdutt book

    And what a evil thought separating and killing
    What is the use of killing then pure cowardliness

    And Sita though whatever happened she acted well in the time of distress by throwing her jewels
    She was loved by Janak and ram and she didn’t realize the illusion and when ram saves her he accepts her in heart

    Overall a good episode with msg but then unbearable to see Ravans expressions
    Kinda my blood was boiling

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Di I already seen dat comment.. And ya my blood also boiling point.. I not c whole epi if I did I would have broken tv ? screen I guess.. Ya I hv read devdutt sita book ? u r talking about that only na.. Siya l give that hairpin gifted by ram to her.. Also shown in skr. Y siya hair open in promo then??

  5. So sad

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      So it is.. More than sad ? is worst di.. ? ? ? ? ? ??crying ??

  6. D same ques will b asked by ram 2 sita aftr d war dat why didn’t she kill herself rather dn staying at lanka???!!!isn’t it strange & ridiculous why a woman has 2 give her life if anyone kidnap or misbhv with her!!???still now nothing hs been chnged in our society.. Even now girls kill dmselves when anything bad happen with dm just bcz of people’s criticism.

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Yes di.. It never changes and is not gonna change ever I think. Wen man is insulted he kills others like ravan did.. And wen female insulted she suicide like siya ma did… Is so baddy and saddy ?? why society not understanding this.. Strange and stupidly surprising ??

    2. That’s why Sita let ravan cross his limit and brought about his destruction

  7. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Y ram not hear sita scream while sita heard mareech wen he l scream like ram??? Pls tell me.. N if jatayu wasn’t killed do u think ram would find sita earlier??? Tell

    Links for Mahabharata ff

    Pls comment if you want me to continue dearies

    1. I dn’t think so cz d information jatayu knew he gave all 2 ram b4 he died.ya even d same ques came in mind why ram didn’t hear sita’s scream while jatayu cud hear her.

    2. Ram will be lead to his siya either by jatayu or any force
      And mare each was a mayavi

  8. Guys i hv a ques.did ram really mean it when she ask sita why didn’t she kill herself?? Cz we all know he ws very compassionate. He always used 2 save others lives..dn how can he tell someone of giving up her life???did ram really fight with ravan just fr his family reputation??

    1. Not actually see understand the whole situation will try to clear ur doubt.
      Firstly ram wanted to free her of the relation as he knew ayodha the hypocrite society but did he forget her love was not shakable and agnipariksha happened which is not ur question
      He did his duty as a husband and as scion of ikshvaku but not like that he did it just for reputation as he was gloomed in sadness
      Are u clear or should I elaborate

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        I’m clear… No need to elaborate it di.. I can’t thank u ?…

    2. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Yup Riya di it’s true.. Ram said all of it.. He said all of it out of insecurity

  9. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Wat yagna is kakesi performing???

  10. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Ooo.. So siya has reached Lanka…

  11. madiji hands off

  12. Guys I couldn’t watch tdy’s epi…I think I can’t come to tu tmr…. My neighbour uncle passed away right now??? so I can’t able to come in hangouts too.. I can’t post my POV… I was just writing my POV but suddenly they said this news to me…he didn’t come to home till now..his daughter she is studying clg 2nd year?? sorry guys once I l become free I l post it….I can’t write it now pls….

    And I have one news for my hangouts frns… That’s a bad news… I l say u all once I become free….

    Hope u all understand….????

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Hmm hmm v understand priya di.. I also nt c tday epi.. Ooosh.. It is so sad ?.okay wen ur free u post pov..

    2. That’s OK di, may his soul rest in peace and attain the lotus fret of god 🙁

  13. Death is not punishment its freedom from punishment
    People who commit suicide should take note
    Take blame for ur mistakes move on
    What do u think
    even in my life I let my mind think of things such as suicide but how easily we give up
    Fight back is what ram will do and it bring positivity in our lives trust me

    Now i understand why elders say ramayan has answer to everything

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Hmm u r ryt as always sanju di..

    2. Ya sanju absolutely right…why do people think suicide is d only option 2 get rid of d problems???!!! Every person is surrounded by problems bt dat doesn’t mean they hv 2 kill dmselves.i know why people till 2day say dat sita ws weak & she tried twice 2 end her during d agnipariksha,dn when she went back 2 her mother though she ws strong all her life. Bt dat 2 incidents present her as a demure & weak person 2 d present ds case i like ramji.even he ws in he never gave up.when sita went back 2 het mother he ws broken bt still he did his duty as a king & father & lived happily with his children.

    3. Ram was not happily ever after
      And Sita she had to do it to prove they were Rams children
      Her duty was over and she went back to earth
      Check this link and u will understand Sita

  14. I am reminded of the line
    Bhoomi madhikatheriyadavan how will he respect bhoomija
    And in seedhayin Raman kaileyi says Raman raghukulam pugh uyartha pirindhavan which mean reach great heights
    and indirectly she becomes reason
    for that
    And Priya di I won’t be visting tu from tomorrow so tell me in hangouts whatever okva

    And malvi dear that was just opinion I didn’t even get any bad impression on u
    Stop apologizing

    Mithabrinda dear just login in website and some browsing will get u on track
    Do u still want help
    am not forcing u to join it is upto u

    1. OK di !! Happy !! Do its my requestb to u, don’t feel bad but pls put smiley whatever you type feels rude fr me ?

    2. ? was using pc yesterday so no smileys dear

      1. Personal computer

  15. Joy what’s happening no 11:30 repeat
    They have to stop dragging and be a bit quick for trps I guess

    1. oh dear……thanks for remember me….i am not active bcoz i had busy in some imp work…….but i allways with skr and tellyupdate…..i am big fan of skr…if its dragging or not dragging……..but why star plus change the reapet timing of skr???????? allways star plus unfair with skr………..cmmnt plz…….frnd

      1. That’s what I wanted to ask u have they removed one repeat as I wanted to watch yesterday but no repeat
        Donno dear

  16. Vanshu dear the next in skr just be bit slow I basically don’t know intricate war details and toe read at one stretch at time but confusing
    I mean no need the mega episode is my opinion dear

    Ww di all the best for ur 11th hope U see this

    sanjana dear I checked ur gplus page ur part of awesome groups like skr polls and fun
    Nice time browsing thanks to u

    Thanmathi what about reevaluation

    Deepali di so is she busy studying

    Nita di all the best may u become a auditor surely

    Nupur di all the best a great doctor u will be and am cent percent sure about it

    Meghs dear will add u back in circles soon

    Btw is supreetha di sunidhi di Bcoz she added me on her circles that’s why

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Ooo so,sanju di it’s dragging slow.. Actually the main reason I added war details is that I’m damn sure skr will show war in much detail.. I hv posted one part now.. But next parts will be fast forward okay ? pakkaaa.. Thnx for givin opinion

    2. Vanshika crazy for skr

      I put war details as I read in valmiki Ramayana … It’s much dragging there also


      1. Di but u can’t let go na then how will u get the group u want
        Am surprised such carelessness



    5. Supreetha (Soups)

      Hey…I’m not Sunidhi 🙂

  17. Guy’s do you enjoy star parivar awards?I think the star plus have to give the show name”YEH HAI MAHABBATE ME SAMMAN ME KIA HUA EK SHAM”……..plz don’t mind the viewers of YHM??????
    But if star plus determind to give all the awards to yhm so why they arrange parivar awards???????
    1.maharaj janak deserve the fav pita awarad equally with Dhara’s father but Judi decide to do so.
    2.ram sita was not nominated in Feb NAYA SADASYA category.why? (I also love swadheenta adarsh but it was unease with siam)
    3.all JODI dancing time is so long.but it is not done with skr.’s not fair ishita got 5 but many leading charactures does not get any award.
    Not agree with the juries.???????

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Agreed di…

      1. Hmm yeah I earlier posted but tu denied it !!/ but that’s OK . Anyway Skr zindavad !! Star plus zindabad 😉

  18. can anyone tell me why ram told sita to do agnipariksha

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Coz she has lived in ravan’s place for 10 months sp he asked her to gv that ppl not qn her. By they still qn her..

    2. Bcoz he don’t want anyone to raise questions on Sita’s purity. Many people will doubt her purity because of her stay with Ravan in lanka, Ram didn’t want this to happen , so he asked agniparisha .

      Why he asked second exile that I don’t know !!

  19. Sanjana(Sara)

    Hiii, How are you all?? Missed u all very much.i couldn’t comment since many days because of exam. Hope u didn’t forget me.
    Sumi di glad to see ur comment after so many days. Please post ur vanvaas ff in if. Cant wait anymore.
    Vanshika di ur lakshmila ff was just superb. I loved it. I read all parts but couldn’t comment. Really sorry for that.
    Veidehi di waiting for ur ff. Please post it soon.

    Welcome to all new comers. U all will not know me.
    I am sanjana from bangladesh. I’m in class 7 Giving exam.

    I agree yhm got most awards in spa 2016. Other shows also deserved those awards. But i saw in fb and other apps also most of the people voted for yhm. Everyone likes raman and ishita’s chemistry. Their acting. After the leap it has become even more interesting. Yhm got most awards because people love yhm most. I also wanted skr to win more awards. But now its over we cant do anything. It will be of no use to think about that anymore. Forget it please. And please dont take me wrong or think that i like yhm more. I like skr most then any other serials.i just wanted to tell u all that people voted for yhm thats why it won so many awards.
    Really sorry if i have hurt anyone. I didnt mean to hurt u.

    Coming to episode. I dont like any episodes now. I only read updates. I stopped watching skr since sita scolded lakshman?. Poor lakshman, he only wanted her to be safe.I will start watching again during war. Till then will only read updates.

    Bye all. Will come back at 5th june. Really sorry if i have hurt anyone.

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Sara u r back!!! No baba u didn’t hurt us .. Nyc that u loved my ff I’m glad.. Y r u worrying dear. Sister’s never hurt na dear.. All d best dearie for ur exams.. Will miss u ?

    2. Will update asap dear and will pm u for sure !!!

      1. I will send friend request my id is Cluny 123

    3. Don’t say so Sara I donno whether you will read this msg or not …. Bit its just a info from your sis. There are many hidden examples behind every scenes of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Sita scolded Lakshman just bcoz she had immense love on Ram, we may not know what was happening inside her heart. She scolded her just like how she can scold a son. But she also asked sorry to lakshman later. Like this you will come to know every example and taught thru Ramayana.

      I’m never ever forcing u to watch but that’s your wish !! I just wanted to convey it to my lil sis 😉

  20. Vanshika crazy for skr

    One more question… Sorry for so many questions.. Y did Lakshman rekha disappear??

    1. Haha no problem di no sorry…. Asking gud questions is a very good habit .. Its just bcoz the power can stay only once and Lakshman thot that bhabhi won’t cross. When she came out the main reason of the power went away how exactly when Lakshman made his first rekha.

  21. Terrifying episode. Last time when sita’s hairs were open it was before swayamvar.
    Raavan is so cruel. Feeling very bad for jatayu. Both the brothers sampati and jatayu gave up their wings for rescuing other’s life.
    First time Lanka view from the top. Eagerly waiting when hanumanji will put this Lanka into fire.
    Kekasi now got to know about Raavan’s death.
    Couldn’t be raavan killed even by brahmastra. I have heard that it can kill anyone.
    Didn’t ram and laxman see that huge pushpak plane flying in the air. It’s so huge everyone on the ground could have seen it.

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Ram and Lakshman wouldn’t have seen pushpak vimana as tavan took from other route bro.ravan couldn’t v killed by brahmastra according to vardan I guess.. And ya epi was terrific presentation

    2. Bro , brahmastra can not kill him because he has a boon that when he will get attacked on navel then only he can die because in his navel , amrit is present. And they have not seen it because they r far awary from ashram and ravan would have gone to lanka from that direction so that ram and lakshman couldn’t see him

  22. Logically ram and laxman couldn’t have seen him
    And vanshu dear I hopelaxman rekha doubt cleared

    Everybody check this link on why exile especially sumi dear I have exam tomorrow or I will post but then this would be more that satisfying

    @ vanshu I wouldn’t agree that ram was insecure he trusted her fully and he did that for he knew the society would question but he didn’t know that ayodha was so hypocrite and it was just a giving a perfect image
    To change the culture of ayodha they had to become victims
    And few source claim maya Sita was the reason
    And they were paying for what ayodha did to shanta
    It was karma of previous generation
    So he didn’t want her to be questioned was his intention but then what happened is what ram rajya is all about
    Let’s wait for skr to address it
    And the words he used he wanted her to go free actually he didn’t ask agnipariksha she chose it bcoz he didn’t want her to be insulted but then did he forget she was ram ke siya
    And who was insecure ayodha people they feared their woman would become free bcoz that was the kind of relation they had but that was not ram Siya
    He accepted her eternally and the golden statue was the slap for society
    He did not hesitate to send her but neither did he hesitate to prove his love and remained true to her
    He knew whatever it is she might be insulted so he said the words but she chose agnipariksha proving her loyalty to ram to the world but not necessarily to him

    And just agnipariksha was ur question not exile so I would stop

    @ hawa dearie is it ok

    U guys should check out book of ram by devdutt too

  23. Pls bear typing mistakes

    At Sanju it’s ok if u are not watching skr but then that’s the way Sita behaved to laxman not only bcoz she loved ram but she wanted his service for the good of world
    And her words were not only that from Sita point of view but as Lakshmi too
    The cvs have not actually spoilt her character it is just madrakshi has to improve her acting a bit I felt
    But yes the bhabhi devar relation a bit spoilt but then otherwise what is wrong may I know

  24. Feeling bad for jatayuvu….
    Nice episode….

  25. It was actually destroying Evil in minds of people on exile @ sumi
    Watched episode just now
    I could see adilakshmi a form of nature her Haran ram will pay back mercilessly
    Eventhough I said she decided to end life
    She kept on calling ram and that’s faith
    She didn’t lose her soul ram

    And ram was running inspite of blooding and how do we make a scene for simple wounds

    Though skr drags it has its essence
    But I won’t be commenting from now on due to exams

    1. Bleeding

  26. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Malvi di thnx for answering my qn. Sanju di I meant that ram was insecure coz ayodhya ppl wont accept sita.. And ya. V can bear typing mistakes di ??..

    Thanmati di… O so ur class application forgotten ????.. It’s ok u try again.. Will b fine ??.,

  27. Vanshika crazy for skr

    sanju di book of ram also by devdutt… Didn’t knew thanx for telling.. I know no thnx bt still na.. Love u ?

  28. think guys today Sita is not questioned bcoz of agnipariksha not bcoz of going inside earth

    I just watched epi and I felt Pooja sharma did a wonderful job during vastraharan
    Here it could have been better

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      U r ryt.. It was awesome.. I also saw epi.. That’s why pooja Sharma is also my favourites..

  29. Vanshika crazy for skr

    N ya golden statue of Mata was really more than a slap on society to teach them a lesson.. ??

    1. I am glad atleast someone reads my comment fully otherwise it’s disappointing
      Shukriya dear

  30. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Suchetana dear pls come soon.. Missin u

    1. Vanshu dear thks for agreeing cutie and acknowledging
      And who is suchetana
      Vanshu everybody are in hangout only 4 or 5 comment here u should try to join dear anyway school reopening everybody will be busy

      Ayo sorry misunderstanding ram insecure about ayodha OK

      God bless u
      Load of love sis
      Thks for next part of ramayan really informative

      And try to start new ff pls

      And btw any polls

      Completely agree this typing errors
      I typed Pooja and it was oops that came on screen

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        No thnx btw sis na.. Suchetana bhowmic is vaidehi name.. Its okay di no sorry and thanks again., I’ll try to join .. These typing errors r really boilin my blood..

      2. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Di I had posted part 2 of my quiz abt a week ago n posted links twice.. U checked???

  31. can anyone tell me the all reapet telecast time……

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      11 30 in noon

  32. guys vote SKR team in gold awards…..multipal voting counting……you can use any random id to vote… works…. plz vote multipal..and win our team…..skr nomminated 6 catagories…. link……

    1. Already voted 🙂

  33. Supreetha (Soups)

    Dears sorry for being away for this long…..I was at a place with no network and I got my results…thanks to all your prayers I got 93.67%
    I’m blessed to have Siya Ke Ram in my life and God’s blessings…I’ll be regularly commenting and posting stuff from now on 🙂

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Di y u forgot about our rule no sorry ??… It’s nyc u r back home ?., n congratulations ? for the results.. N I’m glad u’ll post something now ??☺☺

  34. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..
    1. Great bro u have brought the game of tamilnadu here
      Lol just kidding good job I have read a few of it

    2. krishnai aka ww

      Thank u dude………

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